Thursday, January 14, 2021

No-Buy Strategies (That Mostly Work.)

 When Marianne suggested a January no-buy I was on board immediately and then was like, WAIT. January is my birthday month and Madewell just sent me $25 off any order over that amount (which sadly does not include the Kule strap I like because of course it doesn't.) I can't promise I won't use the discount before the end of the month but so far I've resisted. 

One strategy I do successfully use during a no-buy: I make a list of everything I want to buy (whether fleeting or obsessive) and when the month is over, I take a hard look at the list. Mostly I find that a lot of the items are things I no longer want. Mostly. Here's my list as it's stands right now:

I am very N+1 about boots so there's always going to be a pair I want. Currently I'm obsessed with the above Blundstone Chelsea boots or maybe the "dress" version, which are a bit less chunky? Anyway, I want Blundstones. (Thanks, Ashley.) They seem like a more rugged version of my current everyday Chelsea boots and I don't see the problem. Stop looking at me like that. 

I'm dying to try this serum foundation from The Ordinary which I only know about because Marianne texted me about it. (She wants it too, obviously.) Has anyone tried it? I don't need foundation but it's under $7 so I really want to give it a try because it sounds pretty dreamy. 

I have never been that interested in Betabrand pants until I saw these Journey pants. They are designed for travel, which I sincerely hope we're all able to do again soon, and have a bunch clever pockets which is my Kryptonite. Ugh. They seem cute and comfortable. One day maybe.

I am generally happy with the dumb plastic band that came with my Apple Watch and rarely switch it out but Nordstrom Rack was like, don't you want this one that reminds you of an Hermès Cape Cod watch? SHUT UP NORDSTROM RACK. Also, yes. Yes I do want that. 

And finally, I've become re-obsessed with Heretic Parfum, which is dumb because I still have and love Dirty Lemon (which is inexplicably marked down on the site. I swear to god if they discontinue it...) Mostly I'm interested in getting a discovery set so I can explore more of their scents, which doesn't seem like an unreasonable thing to want. Next Month. PS. Credo carries Heretic and they generally have some kind of coupon code going.

That's it for now! I'm pretty sure the list of things I want and can't buy will grow and change. What's on your list? 


  1. I'm going to wait for summer for these, since I can't wear them now and they never go on sale, but I reaaalllyyy want copper Birkenstocks. This year I will pull the trigger.

  2. I've found that unsubcribing from marketing emails reduces my wanting and spending. I just ordered from Madewell and Loft (from your recommendation!!) and now every time they email me I go shopping and putting stuff in my cart! I am weak so this is just too much temptation!

    1. I've been trying to unsubscribe from a few mailing lists every day, but I can't completely because it's hard to write about good sales if I don't know about them. (Basically, the blog enables me as much as it does all of you!)

    2. That totally makes sense! Occupational hazard!

  3. I tried The Ordinary’s serum foundation and HATED IT. It went on patchy and the pigment seemed to settle and migrate on my face. It was awful no matter what I did. But that’s just me. For $7, it’s worth a shot (after your no-buy ends) if you end up loving it!

  4. Sierra Trading Post is the best place to buy Blundstones if you are patient, they sell their 2nds. They go in and out of stock but you can put on a stock alert. Shipping is free to store and they used to offer frequent 25% off sales. Haven’t seen any of those since the mess began. Oh, and know your size as the sizing is Australian.

  5. I tried the serum foundation. Now, important information is that I have eczema and hate most makeup because it makes my face miserable. And yet, I keep trying. I did not hate this foundation. It felt light and only bothered my skin slightly which is a win. Now, I am most definitely not a make-up expert so maybe the other commenters are right and it is not good but it worked for what I wanted it for--making me look slightly less awful on Zoom. Make of that what you will.

  6. I also want a pair of pull on Chelsea boots, but haven’t gone as far as seeking out my perfect pair bc I am BROKE. Also, yesterday I decided what I must have is a graphic tee for a band that I love and I spent some time yesterday looking foe the perfect one. If you have any recs for sites that have good graphic tees, I welcome your suggestions!!