Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review: MBMJ Baby Groovee Satchel (and an outfit!)

Fall shopping! I've been shopping like I was shot out of a cannon. That made sense in my head. One of the main things on my list was a burgundy/oxblood bag and even though I am sure it's a color that will work really well with my fall/winter stuff, I still didn't want to spend a ton on a new bag no matter how beautiful.  I hit up eBay and ended up with this little nugget:

MBMJ Baby Groovee

I know I'm boring with my Marc Jacobs fixation but he does such interesting colors so it just made sense to go that route. I'd first fixated on the larger Classic Groovee satchel while watching Orphan Black because one of the characters carries it. I was going to go with that size but it's really...large and I was afraid of it looking like luggage on me. The Baby Groovee looked too small but the deals on eBay were really good and I found one in good condition in the exact color I was hoping for. Whee:

It arrived and while it is a small bag, I had no problem shoving in my wallet, makeup bag, sunglasses case, kindle and other little bits. It's a perfect everyday bag as long as you don't need to carry the world around with you. The only downside is that it looks kind of awful when worn using the longer strap. It just turns into a sad leather pudding lump. Womp.

Okay, now my outfit:

 I'm wearing my new Banana Republic moto pants but you can't see the cool details AT ALL which kind of sucks. I really like these pants - they're comfortable, hold their shape and are more interesting than your average pair of work pants. The padded knee detail looks really cool IRL but you'll just have to take my word for it.

My t-shirt is some sad old Gap thing, my leopard flats are Madewell Sidewalk Skimmers (new version) and my belt is from Target. I'm doing double-leopard today and I'm not going to apologize for it. The more the better, I say.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

BUY THIS: Banana Republic Sale.

BR has already gotten enough of my money this month but right now they're having a killer sale. Please take advantage of it, because I can't.  They're giving an extra 50% off sale prices with code BREXTRA50 plus 2.0% back with eBates (my referral link.)

Here's what I'd get if I had any money left:

Didn't quite work on me, but ugh so cute:

This top looks cute and the price is great:

My favorite striped tee!

This looks like it would be the perfect little fall jacket:

Monday, September 15, 2014

I Accidentally Bought Fall.

L: I have an Anthropologie downstairs from my work and it is BAD. I really like their fall collection. I went in to return a shirt and accidentally bought two dresses, a necklace and a sweater poncho! I swear I will wear this dress  (it's so good for a curvy figure!) even IF I don't get the horse ranch it so clearly deserves to be worn around in. And despite the fact that I no longer own any lanterns:

painted plaid dress


L: Pretty sure they're gonna FedEx me the horse?

A: It is cute as hell even without the horse. I continue to buy All The Things from Banana Republic.

L: You show me yours I'll show you another one of mine. Did you get the perforated leather skirt?

A: I did. And I bought a striped top (SHUT UP) and the faux leather trim cardigan. And a belt.

L: The only shirts I ever want to buy are striped shirts and I forcibly make myself choose a different patter. I LOVE the stripes. All of them. I bought this because sometimes I like to pretend that I'm an art teacher with an edge:

Characteristic Maxi Dress

L: And when we are having fake class outside in the fall, I will throw this on top of it:

Chainlink Fringed Poncho

A: OOooh, that dress is lovely!

L: How stripes are for you is how pajama-like clothes are for me. I just want to feel like I am wearing PJs 24-7. That dress is like comfy, cozy jammies.

A: I don't do maxi dresses but I totally get the appeal.

L: But they give the illusion of height (assuming someone who is 5'2" - ahem, me - is wearing platform shoes underneath!)

A: I can't stop. I just bought Marianne's Frye flats. Half off!

L: Don't you say the words cheap Fryes to me or I might have to forego October's rent.

A: What? Nothing.

L: Right now I am thanking my lucky stars that they did not have these in a color that I wanted.

Frye Karla
A: Ooh, those would look good with the dress you just b...nothing.



L: I'm going to send my landlord this link with my rent stub and $0. "Sorry, I have no more dollars. Love, Lili."

A: I'm sure your landlord will completely understand.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Weekend Window Shopping: Red Flats.

Ohhh, it's that time of year. The time when I most crave new things to wear and start discovering holes in my wardrobe as the weather changes. You know what would've made my outfit perfect today? Red ballet flats. Guess what I don't own? Red ballet flats. Let the search begin:

So cute! So incredibly on sale!

Frye Emma Hammered Stud

Very pointy and such a good, satisfying red:

Ivanka Trump Tizzy Pointed Toe Ballet Flat

Miz Mooz always has great saturated color:

Miz Mooz Whitney

Dumb name, cute shoe:

ModCloth Fluttering Footsteps Flat
Oh, Frye. You slay me:

Frye Carson Woven

File under: Only In My Dreams:

Valentino Studded Ballerina Flat

Friday #GoHugo

Henry Cavill has suited up to support the most awesome little fighter I know:

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Adrien: This Really, Really Old Thing.

This dress is not my favorite but you'd think it was considering how often I wear it. It's been making appearances on LGFTB since the beginning of blog time, which means I've been wearing this odd little snakeskin print BCBG dress for five damn years. I mean. It's not even that good! It's not terribly flattering, the rear view is...odd. And yet? It's probably the easiest dress I own. It's washable, comfortable, goes with almost everything. I wear it A LOT so clearly something is working in it's favor.

BCBG is really the best for this sort of dress. This one has a snakeskin print! Hee.

I thought I'd liven it up by throwing a sad old cardigan over it. (Truly, if Banana Republic still made this cardigan I'd buy it in ALL THE COLORS because I love it so much.) I'd say this one is similar it me or do those photos show everything but the cardigan? Suspect...

One nice thing about this dress is that it really works best with bold accessories. I highly recommend a giant tassel necklace. My bag is vintage LV but I think this red satchel is really damn fine. 

If you have absolutely nothing better to do with your time, here are a bunch of times I wore this dress on the blog. God, my hair.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Adrien: Autumn Wish List.

Blarg. Autumn. Everyone's favorite season but mine. I'm a summer person who loves the sunny, humid weather everyone else hates. But, I do like fall clothes quite a bit. The color palette is more my speed and I sure do like boots a whole lot. So, thinking towards fall, here's what I'd like:

A wine/oxblood bag.

Vince Camuto Sloan Satchel
I want something in a not-quite-purple, not-quite-brown color. Probably a satchel? I'll most likely go to eBay but ooh, this little nugget is my dream.

Straight leg jeans.

7 For All Mankind Kimmie
I have a lot of jeans but I am lacking that one go-to pair of straight legs that I can wear with everything. Not a skinny jean, just a straight leg style that fits perfectly.

Something moto.

BR Sloan-Fit Moto Pant
I straight up already bought these pants, so yeah. This is something I can cross off the list already.

Something with leather (or faux leather) trim.

Faux-Leather Trim Open Cardigan
Uh, yeah, so I bought this cardigan and the faux-leather pencil skirt because the Banana Republic deals were too good to pass up. I'm not sure if I'll keep the skirt, but I dig it.

Cognac tall boots.

Loeffler Randall Matilde
My heart wants another pair of Matildes but that's going to be an eBay purchase if I can find them because they're way too expensive new. I'm also fond (naturally) of this ridiculously expensive pair of Frye boots.

Chie Mihara shoes.

Chie Mihara Fix
This is a big one and might be an either/or with the cognac boots. I have several pair of Chies that I love and adore and have worn the hell out of. They're so good and so GD expensive. Luckily I've been unmoved by the past few collections, but this fall they have a couple of styles that are beautiful.

J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket.

Downtown Field Jacket
I already have one in olive that I love and now I want one in black. Do I need two? Absolutely not. Do I want two? Absolutely yes. I'm not sure if I'll actually go for this, but it's tempting.