Friday, July 21, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: Madewell Sale!

FINALLY. Right now Madewell is giving an extra 30% off sale styles (online and in store) with code THINKBIG plus 1.5% cash back with eBates! Here’s a list of what I like, with the addition of the Prague satchel which I couldn't get to show up in the widget, but it was too beautiful to exclude!



Wednesday, July 19, 2017

PSA: These LOFT Pants Are A Revelation.

M: I literally just panic shopped a new wardrobe for Texas. It's going to be so hot.

A: It hard to dress for humidity!

M: These Loft pants are surprisingly great btw:

A: Oh, so cute! I need to hit up Loft soon.

M: They are as comfy as pajamas and not jeans. I have too many jeans.

A: I don't have any pants that aren't tight. I might order them.

M: I have it in my head that tight is more flattering but I think I might be wrong.

M: Oh and I got these Anthro shorts for $20 to wear with an oversized linen t-shirt.

A: Anthro is dead to me. Ordered a pretty silk dress and they send me droopy pants. Nope.

M: I like the pants.

A: They aren't even my size!

M: 🙈

A: I hate Anthro tbh. Your shorts are cute, tho.

M: #victim

A: #ipaidforthis

M: The shorts are super comfy.

A: The Loft pants just arrived! Can I get an opinion?

M: Sure!

A: They are very, very much outside the zone of what I usually wear.

Turrible photo type I inflict on Marianne.

M: Oh I think they are super cute.

A: They're crazy comfortable.

A: Pants that don't try to cut me in half? The idea!

M: It's a revelation.

PS. Get 40% off everything at LOFT with code SUMMER17 plus 4% cash back with eBates

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): TJ Maxx Says It's Fall Now.

Because I am the creeping creeper than I am I have been busy rooting through the new arrivals at TJ Maxx to make sure no good bargain goes undiscovered. Thank God I'm here or you might miss out on this Charging Pom with Eyes. (But seriously, can someone please buy that? It's giving me the sads.)

Things over at TJM are confusing right now because the fall stuff is starting to roll in and my body is recoiling from the very idea. IT IS JULY RIGHT NOW. IT IS VERY HOT. BUT! WHAT ABOUT THESE RAG AND BONE LEATHER LEGGINGS:

I actually would love to own a pair of leather leggings and, while they seem wildly expensive for TJM, check out the original price. I mean, right? You are saving a bundle and owning those leather leggings will basically mean you're a French fashion magazine editor now.

There are a couple of bags I want to talk about, both of which are non-leather options. This is a Foley + Corinna satchel that initially confused me because I didn't know they made non-leather bags:

It's a really nice looking satchel and under $40, so hard to beat that. There's also a nylon version of the MBMJ Natasha for $99.99:

This seems seems slightly overpriced to me (the leather version was $144) but it just got listed so I'll keep an eye on it for future markdowns.

The other items I saw that I thought worth some thought were two really damn nice looking leather jackets by BCBG. This blush suede jacket is very on-trend and could be worn any season:

...when it's not 100 degrees. So, like, not right now but later for sure. I am personally eyeing this burgundy moto jacket which is my heart's desire, or will be in October when it's completely sold out everywhere:

PS. In other shopping news, if you download Shop Spring's new app you get 20% off with code SPRINGAPP20.

Don't Forget me.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Adrien: Vacation Mode.

I'm off work this week which mostly means nothing except I might sleep in instead of posting. It happens. Luckily I remembered to take pics from the outfit I wore last Saturday when Kate and I went to see the YSL show at the Virginia Museum. (If you live nearby you really should make an effort to see this show! So incredible.) ANYWAY, I wore this:

Not fashiony at all but nice than cut-off shorts, right? This dress is my version of Jeanz 4 Teenz!  I bought it in the teen section of Marshalls because of course I did. The brand is Thyme & Honey which is basically only a thing in discount land so I scampered over to TJM and immediately found the sister wife version of my dress. Huh. Well. 

Wait, come back here! I can do better. What about this cute space dye dress at Zappos? Or this Aster dress at Eddie Bauer which looks crazy flattering. Or, if you desire a little sleeve (though I agree with Marianne that we should just stop feeling bad about our arms!) I really love the simplicity of this cute t-shirt dress at JC Penney. And, if you are not a fan of space-dye but still want cute weekend dresses, check out Joe Fresh for under-$30 options. This lace print is cool, I adore this sweet floral and y'all know I love a stripe. Play clothes for everyone! 

Real talk for a second. Even though I'm always telling you to wear a slip under dresses, this one is really too short for that. I generally wear Hanky Panky thongs but without a slip it can lead to the dreaded thong-suck. You know what I'm talking about, we've all seen it. So, my solution is the Vanishing Edge underwear by Soma. They have some cute options but mine are mostly this un-sexy style in a neutral color. You have to kind of place the edges but once you do they do not budge and do not show. (Note: these are not the undies to wear when you'll be sitting all day because those little silicone lines will eventually hurt you.) Details: 

I'm wearing my favorite Giles & Brother fish hook pendant which is long sold out but this beautiful little version by Miansai is on sale! I also dig this G&B Cortina necklace at TheRealReal. My bracelet is Lisa Freede and is really similar to this Vita Fede version but man, that is expensive. I'd go for one of these Lucky Brand bracelets instead.

Shoes and bag! OH MY GOD THESE BIRKENSTOCKS. They are the Gizeh in copper and by the time I'd saved up for them they were all sold out. You can still find the copper in the Arizona and Madrid style but sizing is really limited. I ended up buying my pair (new in box) on eBay which thankfully worked out great. You can also still find them a few places in silver, which I dig. Anyway, they are a revelation. The soft bed leather Gizeh is REALLY nice and I have basically worn them daily since they arrived. I love them.

My bag is an old MBMJ and it's still the bag that gets the most compliments. There's still this bright blue MJ hobo at Nordstrom Rack! Just saying. You could also be fiscally responsible and buy this Liz Claiborne version instead.

That's it for today! Have a good Monday everyone.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: That Nordstrom Sale.

Look, I know. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale hasn't even technically started (unless you have a card, though please see my pro tip* at the bottom) and you're already tired of it. I KNOW. But, if I don't talk about it then I'm not doing my job, so I'll just talk about the stuff on sale that I have bought myself or at least have have tried out. Solid recs, I promise!

First, the main thing I buy at this sale is underwear because that shit is expensive and doesn't always go on sale except in weird colors. Everyone except me loves this Natori bra but this one is more my speed:

Also, if you want a pair of pretty underwear that is just nice underwear, the Natori Bliss Perfection are nice and quite comfortable. I also stock up on my favorite Hanky Panky thongs because they are NOT CHEAP BUT I LOVE THEM:

I know, I know. But I love them. There is no substitute. There are also many fine Spanx products included in this sale, including these faux leather leggings that Marianne loves to death:

I bought a pair at the end of last winter and found them a bit challenging. Maybe you should buy a pair while they're on sale and we can figure them out together? I also have these Spanx denim leggings which work great with tall boots and y'all know that Spanx tights are the absolute best. I have four pairs.

Speaking of Marianne, she bought this amazing Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack last year in a really nice tan with fringe and now it's back in a crazy metallic, an unspeakable velvet, a really gorgeous olive nubuck and this dreamy, dreamy grey color:

It made me gasp, I won't lie. I just freaking LOVE IT. WHY. YOU GUYS. UGH. I will move on. 

There is a bunch of Madewell stuff available including jewelry! I don't have this particular pair of earrings but I love all the Madewell jewelry I own and I would very much like these hoops in my life:

Now, let's talk about these Zella high waisted leggings. They are black leggings. They do not have mesh, they are not fancy. They are, however, very good quality and very comfortable and I wear my pair to the gym but also in life because that high waist just holds alllll my winter fluff in and I appreciate that:

There are some fancy Zella leggings and crops included in the sale if you need more excitement in your legging wardrobe but my eye was caught by these Zella Soul 3 pants because they look so comfortable! Not everything has to cling, you know? 

In the beauty section I got really excited about the Jo Malone mini sets though this one is by far the best one:

You get Wood Sage & Sea Salt and it's my absolute favorite! The other set is all about florals which are lovely, but not for me. 

Finally, if I got you all curious about Diptique candles, this little set is a really great way to try some out some of the most popular scents: 

(Or, you could gift them out at the holidays but what fun is that? Dammit, it's July. Treat yo self.)

*PRO TIP: I saw this posted on a couple of blogs last year and it worked to get me access to the sale early: A generic code you can use: 3012, last name as NORDPRD and billing zip code of 80111 and then you can use another method of payment.

Hopefully it still works! I was able to put things in my basket and I don’t have a Nordstrom card so give it a try if you don't want to wait for July 20th Good luck!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Marianne: Stuff I Like (Part Two!)

This Music That Makes You Think You Live In a Movie
We all watched Big Little Lies, right? Do I need to boss you guys into watching this show?? Listen, it's so good though a little depressing. One of the best parts is the music, it's all so perfect and atmospheric and delicious, so go right ahead and fire up this soundtrack on Spotify or Amazon or Apple Music OR WHATEVER UGH THIS IS EXHAUSTING. I like to put this on when I'm working or cooking dinner and pretend I'm a Rich Housewife With Secrets. I credit this soundtrack with introducing me to Leon Bridges, who I now have a meaningful relationship with.

This Salad That is All I Want To Eat
So here's the thing: there is not much that is better in the world than sweet corn in the summertime, especially here in the southern US. I have tried many, many corn salads and I think this Cilantro Corn Salad is my fave. It's bright and fresh and has a great combo of flavors and textures. Do not under any circumstances skip the avocado but add it right before you eat it. I like this with some grilled salmon. If you're calorie counting or weight watching it's a really healthy, filling meal that makes great leftovers (but again, add avocado to your serving right before).

This Book That is Sad But Important
This book, y'all. I'm only halfway through Hunger by Roxane Gay and I both can't stop reading it and also need breaks from it. As much as I love a fluffy book I think it's important to sometimes read things that are hard and that give people a voice. This is one of the latter books. Even if you've never struggled with your weight, actually maybe especially if you've never struggled with your weight, you should read this.

This Murder Podcast
I can't BELIEVE I didn't talk about this last time, and I know most of you guys probably already know and love this podcast, but I do what I want so listen up. My Favorite Murder podcast is a damned delight, which is a weird thing to say about a podcast with so much, you know, murder. The only drawback is it makes you think about murder a lot and maybe get a little paranoid. And maybe say awkward things about murder to strangers on elevators. It may not make you many friends but whatever.

This Show About Privileged White Dudes That I Like Anyway
Since I wrote you last, I finished Girls, and was okay with the ending. I was ready for it to end but didn't love the endings for anyone except Ray. Anyway! I still have my HBO trial so I jumped right into Silicon Valley, which is possibly the polar opposite of Girls. And I like it even though I hate almost all of the characters. It has really helped my foster my Kumail Nanjiani crush however, which I very much appreciate. Anyway I think a lot of my hatred stems from the fact that I can't go back in time, learn how to code, and be a billionaire? I think that's how this works?

Yay stuff!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

We Need A Pact.

A: If I were to fall for Everlane’s boxy trap again, what color hoodie should I buy and return?

M: Don’t do it.

A: But it looks so effortless and cool on the ten foot tall model.

M: You do not need that sad boxy hoodie. No.

A: Thank you. I don't know why I keep trying to kick Everlane's boxy football.


A: I CAN'T HELP YOU. I canceled Sephora Play and Birchbox AND Box of Style and then immediately signed up for Allure's Beauty Box.

M: I swear I have combed their site and I can't figure out how to cancel it. If you catch me subscribing to any more of these beshitted boxes, please throw a net over me.

A: PS. Allure is sending me sea salt spray.



M: We need a no subscription boxes pact.

A: Yes ma'am. Um, I did a little research and I'm so sorry you have to call them I'm sorry.


A: You have to use a telephone.

M: 😭 😭 😭

A: I’m sorry.

M: Those assholes.

A: It looks like I'm also getting a neutral lipcolor in the Allure box.

M: I'm making a face.


A: I did not buy the dumpy Everlane hoodie. Sometimes I listen.

M: I give them such a hard time but then I see this outfit and I want it even though it is horrible for my body type.

A: That would look like crrrrrap on me. I just can't do the thing they do.

M: It's so modern and fresh head to toe and UGHHHHH.

A: That's how they get you.

M: That model is INCREDIBLY thin.

A: Everlane is my kryptonite.

A: I finally used my credit and bought this Everlane tank.

M: I like that!

A: Me too! Maybe this will be the thing I actually keep (aside from their v-neck tees which I still love.)

M: I am Devoted to their v-neck tees.

A: Me too. They'll probably discontinue them.

M: Not boxy enough.