Monday, January 15, 2018

We Discuss: Things We Did NOT Buy Last Week.

M: Week one! Things I wanted to buy, but didn't:

Meow Meow Tweet deodorant
- New sheets (Target chambray to be exact)
- Those open-toed Lotta clogs
- These dumb Birks I can’t even wear yet:

- This stupid dress that I will totally buy if it ever stays in stock long enough: 

A: Oh man, I love that dress! And Meow Meow Tweet...deodorant?

M: Everyone keeps telling me antiperspirant is going to kill me but I just can’t pull the trigger.

A: I just keep slathering it on. No curr.

A: Okay, me. I have not bought:

-A bunch of stupid things on Poshmark including a bag I ALREADY OWNED AND SOLD
-A pair of boots I, um, ordered and then immediately canceled:

- That doesn't count, right? Seriously, what is wrong with me
That pointy Hourglass lipstick I still want and look at and put in carts and then flee
- One of those electric pedi foot file thingies

M: I did get two new shirts this week but it was for a shoot and I had to.

A: I mean, you didn’t buy anything so?

M: Full disclosure. Not stuff I would have bought for myself but I’m wearing the sweatshirt today:

A: Cute!

M: I know we are NOT shopping but this would be pretty on you:


M: 🙈

A: It’s on sale and everything

M: I know

M: I shouldn’t have shown you

M: I am bad

M: But!

A: Mean lady

M: It’s short sleeved. It will be there in February.

A: Hmph

Friday, January 12, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: I AM NOT BUYING THIS STUFF. (But I want to.)

I am days away from my birthday and I'm on a no-buy so it's been tough to reset my brain. Like, my brain is all "I want that! It's mah birthday!" and I have to grab it by the snoot, look it in the eye and say "NO!" very firmly. Over and over again. Here is a list of things I'd certainly like to buy myself but I WILL NOT BE BUYING MYSELF. You are welcome to carry on as you please:



Thursday, January 11, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Nordstrom Rack is Ridiculous Right Now.

Like the truffle pig I am, I went rooting around in Nordstrom Rack's clearance section looking for rare bargains just for you guys because I am not allowed to buy things right now. What did I find? A metric TON of Soko jewelry! I was like"Ooooooh shit" because I love my new pendant so much and I WANT ALL THE THINGS. WHAT A STUPID MONTH FOR A NO-BUY. 

Anyway, just because I'm a stupid idiot doesn't mean you have to be. I mean, lookit this necklace:

I want it allllllll. They're so beautiful and also ethical, you guys! I also found this Botkier tassel pendant which I couldn't not include because I'm still into tassels and this looks like a good one:

It ain't Soko, but I still really like it and it's rull cheap. SIGH. I moved onto bags after that because why not just punch myself in the face for fun? I didn't actually find anything to get hysterical about but I do think this Frye saddle bag is quite minimal and cool:

That's nice, right? So sleek. I also found this cute Marc Jacobs chipped stud pouch in a good teal color:

There’s also a zip phone wristlet in the same color/style. I don't need these things but I super love the distressed stud detail.  And, if you’ve been looking for a new laptop bag this Marc by Marc bag is $51 and fits a 15” laptop. Apparently it’s faux fur lined? Heh. But seriously, I dig it:

The shoes section is a disaster (new slogan idea: Where weird Birkenstocks go to die!) but I did find something good amongst the (also mostly weird) clothing! In case I didn’t convince you earlier this week to get an Eileen Fisher gin cardigan, perhaps this will help? 

This isn't technically in the clearance section but it's still quite well-priced for the quality and fit. I also found this purple cardigan which is even less $$ and is cut a lot like mine:

So cute and basically perfect for drinking gin in a ditch or whatever you like to do while wearing a big soft cardigan. I don't judge. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Our Favorite Beauty Purchases of 2017

I feel like 2017 was the year where I just used a million sample sizes of everything and didn't actually buy much in the way of new, full-sized products. Despite that, I still have a few stand out favorites from 2017, starting with this one:

I bought the Pixi/Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse last March (review here) and despite thinking it wasn't necessarily a bargain for the amount you get, both cleansers are so freaking good that I just keep buying it again and again. Plus, I love that I can get it at Target. Easy! 

Dermaplaning is the best, y'all. I highly recommend getting it done professionally (so nice) but you can also totally do it yourself. I super love these Shiseido razors - they're dirt cheap and work really well. (Also, apparently they're super absorbent? I think the seller mixed up her copy.) ANYWAY, Marianne loves the Tinkle razors but I wasn't as crazy about them. Either way, you can totally do this. If you need help, watch this video

I have tried a lot of different skinny eyebrow pencils over the past year but I always come back to Anastasia Brow Wiz in caramel. It's just the right color - not too red, not too brown, not too ashy and it lasts ALL DAY. I don't know why I even bother with anything else. 

Allllll the DavinesCurrently I’m using OI All in One Milk,  Volume Boosting Mousse, and Minu shampoo which keeps my color bright. Basically, I love every Davines product I've tried and want more. It's a problem. They just smell so good and they work well for my hair and I love the packaging. It doesn't hurt that my salon carries the full line. Ugh. 

And here are Marianne's favorites:

After trying several other eyebrow pencils I have come back to Benefit Ka-Brow and my brows have never looked better. When I bought it, it came with a full sized High Brow, which I have never tried for some reason, in spite of having received and given away multiple samples. And y'all! It's good stuff! Makes my brows look crisp and it works as a highlighter for the lazy (i.e. me). 

I switched from my prescription retinol to Differin and that stuff is legit and like $12 at Target, no prescription needed. (Agree! This stuff is the real deal and totally Mean British Lady approved. -A) 

I also decided I wanted to find a signature scent this year and after trying several (including the mystical desert scent I talked about before) I have settled on Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme. Santa (me) put a rollerball of it in my stocking and I'm addicted. On me it's this perfect mix of spicy and warm and a little bit sweet after a few hours and I'm totally going to ask (buy myself) for a full bottle for my birthday. 

That's it! But just in case you want more and have literally nothing better to do, my 2016 beauty favorites are here and Marianne’s are here

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Adrien: Pulling It Together.

Oh my God I wore a dress, y'all. I did it! I wore an actual work-appropriate outfit to work even though it was really, really cold out. Here it is:

I'm wearing my Loft swing dress which is super boring but really good for layering and stuff. It's sold out but Loft currently has this version and also this swing dress in dark green both with cuter sleeves than mine. However, if you just want something basic, check out this one at the Gap. It looks cozy, right? Now, you're probably wondering if I'm doing that coy blogger looking-over-at-nothing pose up there. I AM NOT. I am looking at something! I am looking at this:

Say hi to Lucy, my new little photobomber. (Daniel is currently hiding in my closet listening to The Smiths because he didn't ask for a little sister and isn't into sharing his stuff. He'll come around.) Okay, back to this jank:

To prevent frostbite I'm wearing a pair of really thick grey sweater tights. They are threadbare so I'm looking at this pair at the Gap or maybe something nicer like this pair from Natori. My carnigan gin sweater is Eileen Fisher and it's the BEST THING. I got it at Off Fifth a few years ago and immediately had buyer's remorse but then worn it a ton and it still looks new. 

EF is not cheap but if you want a good drapey gin canigan for life, this is the way to go. This one at Nordstrom is 40% off and couldn't be more versatile. There's also this one that's slightly more but comes in four colors! Finally, I found this EF cardigan at Nordstrom Rack for even less dollars than the first one. Just consider it. On to the details:

Literally the best part of this outfit is the Soko Paddle pendant Marianne gave me! She saw me admiring hers the last time I visited and decided I needed one too. It's so good! Weighty and quite striking but also nice to play with. I am eyeing some of Soko's other pieces including these earrings and this talon cuff. (The best part? Soko is a woman-owned business that ethically employs marginalized artisans.)

Look at me wearing tall boots for a change. These are my Loeffler Randall Matilde boots that I've had for ages. I bought them on eBay which is what I recommend, especially the older version made in Italy. This pair looks like a really good deal! I know the low wedge boot is probably a bit dated but they're really damn comfortable and the leather is amazing. In other tall boot news, this pair at Madewell looks great and is on sale and so are these Frye Melissa boots. Tall boots are just taking a breather right now, but they'll be back.

I've talked about my bag a lot lately so I'll just say this: It's great, it's on eBay. Get one if you can. If you are just thinking you want a nice black satchel, the TJ Maxx clearance section is pretty great right now. This one (and this one) are both serious bargains! Also, someone buy this red doctor bag! I love those weird brand Italian bags.

Monday, January 8, 2018

We Discuss: Blog Resolutions

I really agree with all of this except I still love their t-shirts, twisted seams and all.

A: Yeah, I'm basically done with Everlane. Mostly. (But YAS TO THE COTTON V T-SHIRT WHICH IS THE BEST FOREVERRRRR.)

M: That last attempt, trying the wide leg pants, that was it for me. I do still like my almost 4 year old cropped trench. And the v-necks are perfect on me.

A:  I like my weird boots and I still wear the shit out of both my cashmere sweaters though the older one is definitely better.

M: I wish those had fit me but the sleeves are always too short.

A: I'm just tired of buying a vision that isn't built for my body type.


A: But they always get me, Marianne. I fear they're not done with me yet.

M: The fit just isn't there, for me.

A: Oh, it's not there for me either but I still want to believe.

M: Other than the t-shirts I'm making this my new years resolution.

A: Oh shirtballs. Now I feel like I have to make this my blog resolution.



A: We can still buy Everlane t-shirts, right??

M: ONLY the t-shirts, and no new or weird cuts.

A: Yes ma'am. Our blog resolution: No Everlane*

M: Deal. Ooh I want to make more.

A: Yes! MORE. Can you save me from myself? Give me one pls.

M: Let’s think. What’s your trap? What’s mine?

I did not buy these.

A: With makeup it's holding on to products longer than I should. With clothes - I don't even know anymore. Maybe wanting to "upgrade" things I have that are already fine? (See: Madewell Chelsea boots). Wearing current stuff too much and not rotating in my older clothes? Buying stuff because its a good deal rather than because I need it? All of that.

M: Maybe we resolve to do two no-buy months this year? And to clean out our makeup/skin care.

A: Okay! That works for me.

M: Or we could do one month of no-buy and one month where we don't buy anything new, only consignment or secondhand...I don't know.

A: Oh, I like that idea too

M: Okay but the no-buy doesn't apply if we're out of stuff, right? I am out of my face wash. I mean it's just Cerave so not some big deal but I don't want to get in trouble.

A: I think that's fine, I'll add it. Do we need more resolutions? We have:

  • No Everlane*
  • One No-Buy month (January)
  • One secondhand-only month
  • Clean out our makeup/skincare

M: What if....what if we did the no buy RIGHT NOW. I have GOT TO STOP LOOKING AT SALES OMFG.

A: ME TOO. PEE ESS there are earrings that match the Soko pendant:

M: Oh I know! But I already have some similar hoops that are sold out so I didn’t include them. I love them though.

A: Oooh, those Madewell hoops are great. And I’m still thinking about your shearling Birkenstocks. I don’t hate the mink color.

M: The mink color is cute!

A: The problem is that Birkenstock is excluded from all discounts and promotions. Also, are we starting the no-buy right now this second? I can't remember.

M: Oh right. Are we? We should. But you need warm feet too.

A: Okay, I do actually need something for my feet I am FREEZING.

M: Maybe we each get ONE get of of jail free card during the no-buy??

A: Please, yes! A no-buy in January with a ONE item allowance. Mine will be shearling clogs because just talking about yours makes me want to die with cold-foot envy.

M: I love it. I am keeping mine in my pocket because I can't think of anything right now.

A: Am I doing the right thing with the color? Apparently the "mink" is similar to the UGG chestnut and not so orange in real life:

M: I like it, I almost went that direction but obviously chose the black.

A: I am going to order them for science.

M: Yessssssss I am missing mine today. Wearing stupid boots instead.

A: Winter - still the worst.

Our 2017 Blog resolutions:

  • No-Buy in January (see the rules above) 
  • No more Everlane*
  • A month** of only buying secondhand 
  • Clean out our makeup and skincare*** 

January No-Buy! The rules:

  • One Get Out of Jail Free purchase
  • Replenishment of existing products is okay

*Except for the plain v-neck tees which are rad
**Month TBD
***Except my Chanel Rivoli lipstick which is, like, 7 years old but they discontinued the color and it’s the perfect red. Hush, Marianne.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: The Best of the Madewell Sale

Okay, that headline is a lie. There was some "best of" stuff on sale at Madewell with the extra 40% off code YESPLEASE but a lot of it sold out immediately. My favorite coated jeans? Sold out. The green suede Walker boots? Sold out. However, there's still some really great stuff available (lots of jewelry!) but it's going fast: