Monday, October 21, 2019

Weekend Shopping Report: I'm Cold, Y'all.

A: I badly want those shearling Birkenstocks but I really should save for my trip

 *a few hours later*

A: Oops

M: Hahahaha

A: I made it less than three hours

A: Zappos sent me a 10% off code to apologize for breaching my data

M: Me too

A: I mean, what else could I do?

M: You were powerless

A: My toes are so cold, Marianne

M: Winter is coming

A: I am wearing a SWEATER today

M: same

So, yeah. I ordered the shearling Boston clogs and they should be delivered tonight! We shall see. The only other thing I bought over the weekend was a set of flannel sheets from LL Bean, which doesn't count as fashion, but I am COLD. Did I mention that? 

Wait! There's one other thing. I ordered a few pairs of the lightweight ankle socks from Bombas (my favorite) to see if they'll be the perfect no-show option for ankle boots. I will review them later this week after I've had a chance to try them out. If you've never tried Bombas, you can go through my link for 25% off your first order. (Full disclosure, I also get a shopping credit.) 

Friday, October 18, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: Okay, Fine. Madewell Sale!

I swear I've been trying to lay off Madewell (WHY CAN'T I QUIT YOU?) but they are offering an extra 30% off sale items with code BESTNEWS and you know I can't resist that. Here's what I like:



Thursday, October 17, 2019

We Discuss: Targeted Ads and Perfume. And Birkenstocks. And The Patriarchy.

M: Today in targeted ads: “American Eagle Has My Number” or “Why Do I Want This?”

A: That’s quite fashion forward for AE!

M: They have a lot of cute stuff.

A: I can’t even look

A: Though, I took out some of my winter clothing from storage and walked it right over to my thrift store pile, so maybe I should

M: Hahahaha

A: I keep getting served up $500 boots

A: Correction, $700 boots:

M: Wowza

A: Facebook serves these up to me DAILY

A: Do you think I’m rich, FB? Why the torture?

A: In other expensive shoe news:

A: *Sad puppy noises*

M: Soffft

A: Yeah.

M: Did you??

A: No, I just want them. My toes is code.

M: I wore my furkinstocks to Madewell and Anthro and all the girls lost their minds. Meanwhile my gay husband who works in men’s fashion is threatening to burn them 😂

A: Hahaaaaa

A: They are true man repellers

M: Truly

M: It’s hilarious

M: The patriarchy is threatened

A: You’re doing it right

M: Nothing says “I don’t care if you think I’m attractive” like these shoes

A: 🙌🙌🙌


A: Today in targeted ads: "Don't You Want To Smell Like a Celebrity?"

A: It’s Michelle Pfeiffer’s clean line

M: Ah!

A: Or, I might just buy the Le Labo Ambrette 9 which I recently re-discovered via sample

M: Oh yes

A: It’s very clean and soft

M: I recently got a sample of Le Labo Another 13 and I haven’t tried it on yet but it smells really nice

M: I can’t remember if we tried that one

A: We did and you didn’t like it!

A: Heh

M: haha

A: But our noses were broken probably

M: Well yeah

M: I probably won’t like it on

M: But also I am realizing that trying them on paper was probably dumb

A: I thought it smelled masculine

M: Because they warm up on your skin and change

A: Yes

A: I am curious about the Tonka 25

M: Sounds vanilla-y

A: It is described as woody, which I usually like, but vanilla can go either way

M: Try it and report back!

A: Wait, i just texted Kate because she got a bunch of samples recently and confirmed it’s vanilla-y

M: rats

A: I don’t hate vanilla, just not sure it’s my thing

M: I like it but it gets way too sweet on my person

A: Any fragrance that’s too sweet gives me headaches

M: same

A: I am still mad that Jo Malone Nutmeg and Ginger has been discontinued. Jerks.

A: But, the Ambrette 9 is really nice - a good warm clean skin smell, if that makes sense

M: totally

A: Or maybe I will just stick to smelling like Method body wash and ennui

M: 🤷🏻‍♀️

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

That Time I Won a Contest, Part Three.

Confessional time: Remember that awesome red LV Epi Speedy of mine? I loved that bag a lot but sold it a while ago because I needed the money more than I needed the bag and, honestly, I hadn't been carrying it as much. I've always kind of missed having an epi leather bag, though, so the rest of my Poshmark prize credit bought me a not-quite-vintage Epi Alma PM:

It's more of a lady bag than the speedy and it's smaller, but I carry less stuff around these days. It's just the right size for a wallet, sunglasses, makeup bag and my kindle. And oh, it's so satisfying! Something about having a really structured handbag just sparks all kinds of joy. I probably wouldn't have spent my own money on one, at least not right now, but it was totally worth blowing my contest winnings on something like this.

The dome satchel is pretty timeless but you don't have to spend a ton of money to get something similar to an Alma. At TJ Maxx I found this sleek black dome satchel and this Kate Spade satchel is super nice and quite similar. For well under $100 Aldo has a good looking version and hell, even Target has a version! I'm telling you, this is a classic.

And that's it! The Poshmark contest credit is gone. If you missed it, here's part one and part two.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Review: Helly Hansen Boyne Parka.

Hello! At last count I have ordered three (3) different Helly Hansen raincoats in an effort to find one (1) that I 100% love without hesitation. The first one was the Welsey II trench which I reviewed here, but I've also included a couple of updated shots in this review for the purposes of comparison and also because I don't think my original photos are very good. I also ordered the Lyoness II coat somewhere in there and didn't bother to review it before returning because it wasn't a good fit. 

NOW. Now we are at coat #3. This one is the Helly Hansen Boyne Parka and I linked it last week in my Nordstrom Rack post before immediately buying it: 

Y'all. I'm just going to spoil this review by saying THIS IS THE ONE. It's so good. I love the color and the length and fit is perfect. For reference, I'm wearing a size medium. The color (unfortunately named "beluga") suits me as well. 

The best part? it has the benefit of being lightly insulated with PrimaLoft. It's not winter-coat level insulated but it's also not a thin raincoat either, so a perfect in-between kinda thing. I also love that, while waterproof, it doesn't look like a raincoat. And it's got style: 

One of you also has this coat and we were bitching on IG about the strings in the back (like, why?) so I did some research and here's why. I love that the look was co-opted by the Mods in the 1960s! So cool! So fashion. Now, let's get practical. This hood, you guys:

Yes, I look like a dork but the hood is good and really deep AND it has an extension piece that folds forward. I don't intend on wearing this on a fishing boat so I don't know that I'll ever need that much hood, but I like it. 

I also love the dual pockets - fleece-lined side pockets to keep my hands warm AND big front pockets with a snap for my giant iPhone. Ideal. Honestly, the only thing I don't like about this parka is the lack of an interior zip pocket. All coats should have one! All the damn men's coats by Helly Hansen have one! The patriarchy doesn't want us to have inside pockets and it's really irritating. 

The light was weird when I took these but here's a closer look - the color is a really good greyish-army green. Now, for comparison, the Welsey II trench:

I really like a lot of things about this trench coat but looking at the photos it's clear to me that it doesn't fit me well at all. I think I was just enamored with the copper zippers. It's also a damn mess if you want to leave it open: 

...but that is pretty much what you deal with when you go for a double-breasted style. I love a trench, but for my purposes I much prefer the Boyne parka

It also comes in a very on-trend mustard brown color and is available in plus sizes! Nordstrom Rack has some other HH styles that are well-priced as well. (And thanks, of course, to my best Philadelphia friend for introducing me to this brand!) 

Friday, October 11, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: J.Crew Sale Craziness.

Woot, J.Crew is having a really good sale, y'all. They're offering 40% off full-price and 50% off sale with code GOBIG. There are a ton of exclusions b/c J.Crew is a bad boyfriend, but still! My favorite Going Out Blazer is included in the sale, as is the very popular Sadie Sweater-Blazer. Here are some other things I would very much like in my closet:

Oooh, y'all. It is DEFINITELY gin cardigan season. I love this chunky monkey. 

This herringbone car coat is just quite the perfect thing and feels very London to me. 

OH YEAH. Things were feeling a little sedate there for a sec. Fixed it. 

So simple, but so iconic. I unapologetically love this. 

Whee! I can't wear this amazing color, but I hope you can. (It comes in red too!)

Listen, you definitely need one really crazy statement necklace in your wardrobe. Because:

This is a very basic black dress. Add that necklace or those leopard boots? You are FASHION.

Oh jeez. Why you gotta be like that, J.Crew? I HAVE BAGS I AM GOOD. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

We Discuss: Want vs Need

M: I just got a $100 Zappos gift card. This is the universe telling me to buy the furry Arizonas, yes?

A: Yessssss

M: I ordered them immediately

A: Excellent. There’s nothing like a free money purchase

M: I mean I still had to pay $50

A: Shhh

A: I’m getting a state tax rebate check in the mail today so I ordered another Helly Hansen to try

M: Ha! You are hilarious with this raincoat journey

A: I must know all. For blog science.

M: Ordered at 5pm and they will be here tomorrow. Damn



A: Love! Did Zappos walk in and put them on your feet for you?

M: Basically

M: I am Team Birkenstock obvi but can’t decide if these are for outside of the house

A: Oh, I would

M: I will

M: Chris made a face

A: Haaaa

A: Boys don’t know

M: So true

A: I still want shearling clogs

M: They are so good

A: I also want Everlane The Day Glove flats

A: I also want burgundy Madewell boots

M: Heh

M: I have bought the two pairs of shoes I wanted for fall and feel pretty good

A: Please note: I don’t NEED ANYTHING.

M: I still want my perfect turtleneck and a solid black pair of skinny jeans with no holes. Maybe coated

A: Madewell has the coated jeans again! Also, these:

M: Cute!

A: Love. Do not need.

M: You don’t but they are cute

M: I mean I don’t need jeans except I truly have like one pair of non distressed denim

 A: Black jeans are my work trousers these days.


M: I definitely painted my toenails in the Target parking lot this morning so I could wear my new shoes

A: That seems risky

M: Quick dry polish

A: I would have gotten polish all up in that shearling and there would be crying and scissors involved

M: Oh I took them off to paint!

A: I meant when I put them back on

M: Yeah I drove with the air blasting on my bare feet and they were dry when I got to work 😂

A: Living dangerously! But your feet look real cute.

A: I love that you were like, “I don’t know if I’m wearing them out.”

A: *immediately wears them out*

M: Heh

A: Birkenstocks have completely ruined me

M: Same honestly

A: I’m okay with it, I just wish their boots were cuter

M: Me toooo

A: They sorta look cute but when you see the overhead shot, it's a hard no:

M: Yeaaaah no

A: A line has to be drawn somewhere!