Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday #GoHugo

Hey, look what I got:

If you want one of your very own, get clicky here. All funds raised will be paid directly to Hugo’s medical expense fund.

so fashiony!

But hurry! Tomorrow is the last day. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

BUY THIS: All The Dresses. All The Sales.

I’ve become obsessed with dresses lately because I hate everything in my closet and I want new things badly.  I want ALL THE DRESSES and it seems like they're all on sale and taunting me. IT IS MEAN.  For instance:

Madewell - 40% off sale styles with code ENDLESS (3.0% back with eBates)

Asos - 10% Off $75 + Free Shipping with code RMNJULY (4.0% back with eBates)

Nordstrom - Anniversary sale, always free shipping (10.0% back with eBates!)

Boden - 15% off + Free shipping and returns on $50+ with code 3J5S (2.5% back with eBates)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Girl Power.

A: Lili. Please help me understand what's happening here:

source: The Sartorialist

L: I'm fairly certain that she forgot she was in her pajamas and put on her "goes with everything" platform gladiator...sandals?

A: Those sandals are giving me the Sads. They need their own SAD lamp.

L: They look vaguely like those orthopedic foot cozies you get when you break something.

A: I don't think you meant to use the word "vaguely" right?

L: Good point. I'm using "vaguely" in this case to mean, "sweet mother of god you can't be serious." Though, I sort of like her pajamas clothes a smidgen.

A: I don't know about the plaid jumpsuit thingy. I guess she's making it work? But...the lady bag.

L: Oh I hadn't even noticed her bag! Camouflaged by her plaid. If I were her I would've totally gone "cool" fanny pack instead.

A: I just convulsed. In a bad way.


A: Actually, you're trying to get in her Italian head. SO REALLY, THOSE SHOES.

L: Yeah, that sole is part of the nineties that should've stayed long dead. What is that, foam core?

A: I remember proudly buying a pair of black foam platform flip flops in the nineties.

L: I still miss thinking I am really three inches taller than I actually was because of all. the. platforms.

A: It was a good time, wasn't it?

L: I really do miss that part. Oh, and the empire waist dresses. I was all boob and faux long legs!

A: Oooh, those were the best. Zigazig ah, etc.

L: I think if our girl had a sunflower print on that grown-up onesie of hers, she would be the Sartorialist-est. Maybe throw in a jaunty Singles hat.

A: *faints*

L: Don't worry, the SHobbit will catch you!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Review: Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer

Oh yeah, that's right. I did it. I totally up and ordered that crazy expensive concealer and I did it FOR YOU. FOR SCIENCE. FOR HUMANITY.  Or, because I will basically do anything to hide my epic under eye sadness. I ordered it online because I'm lazy and I hate not using eBates. At the time, Saks was offering 8% which translates into $5.60 back in my pocket, so I ordered from Saks. (I know I'm a pain in the ass about eBates but it's so good, you guys.)

ANYWAY, so I ordered this painfully expensive concealer and it arrived and oooooh:

I am so fancy!

The packaging is super-nice, as it should be. It's a sleek black metal tube with a blue gem-like thing on the cap and when you put the cap on it closes with a satisfying click. Also, you get a ton of product so I have no doubt this will last me a couple of years. I tried a few methods and decided it works best if you apply a good base of eye cream and then gently pat the concealer on - pat pat pat pat like a crazy person. You don't have to use much and it covers really well. Here are some (INCREDIBLY HORRIFYING) close-up pictures of my face before and after applying Clé de Peau:

Before. Yikes.

After. Slightly less yikes.
I think we can all agree that things are much improved in the second photo. Nothing on earth is going to completely cover my dark circles but I can certainly improve the situation and Clé de Peau concealer does a really good job. It does crease a tiny bit, but I just pat it down and it stays put all day. It's a straight up concealer with no illuminating properties, so I've been using a brightening eye cream under it. In this case, Origins GinZing.  I've also tried layering it over the Magic Lumi pen with good results. 

Here is my entire "after" face with alllll the makeups:

The lighting in my apartment is... not great, but you get the idea. I also use this concealer to cover my dark spots and that monster zit on my forehead. It's good stuff! (I would post my entire pre-makeup face pictures for contrast but I don't want to make anyone cry. That is not what this blog is about.)

SO, pros and cons of the Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer.


- long wearing
- covers like whoa
- a little goes a long way, so will last forever
- you get a substantial amount of product
- nice packaging


- crazy expensive
- very limited color selection (I'm wearing "beige")
- not illuminating or full of super-special ingredients
- does not come with a free tiny unicorn

That's my review! I hope you guys appreciate the mental anguish I suffered in posting my pre-makeup undereye horror. Please, do now discuss these matters in the comments. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Adrien: Ermahgerd. Pernts.

I'm not really sure why I grabbed this particular pair of pants to try on at J.Crew. I do like the olive drab color, but the giant utility pockets are generally not a good look on me and J.Crew pants in generally don't fit me at all. But hey, sometimes things happen:

They are the Skinny Washed Twill Utility Pant (so many words!) and they're really on sale right now (SALEFUN for 40% off, eBates yadda yadda) and I love my pair a lot. They're casual but not boring and I can just get away with wearing them to work. 

My blouse, which I've worn a few times already on the blog, is Olive & Oak. I can't find it online, but they make lots of cute tops. (I found mine at Marshalls.) My bag is a MBMJ Hillier Hobo and my shoes are Chie Mihara. I've been wearing them a lot lately! My pair is old, but I'm always looking at Chie for ridiculous-cute shoes

Here's an unnecessary close-up of my House of Harlow necklace. My exact color isn't online anymore but it does come in orange and blue

Here are the pants some more in case you just can't get enough:

Whee. Pants.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Weekend Window Shopping: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Hey, it's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale time! This is a great sale because it's not all the sad rejects from summer, instead it's tempting, shiny new fall stuff that's marked down temporarily. Here are my picks:

This right here is a very good deal. Mackage coats are really, really nice. 

This one is going to go fast. Great price!

Don't these look perfect?

These are SO worth spending some money on if you need boots. Dewit.

Pretty! So pretty!

I generally stock up during this sale. The HP thong has no equal.

This is a decent price considering the Touche Eclat by itself is $41.

 I love Jo Malone. This one hurts me a little.

Have a great weekend! 

Friday #GoHugo

Hey, look! David Gandy managed to stay clothed long enough to pose for a GoHugo moment.