Friday, April 9, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: Madewell Sale Picks.

Madewell is offering "up to" 40% off with code SPRINGITON on a very specific selection of items, most of which I want, which is unsurprising. Here's what I like best: 

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Stuff I Like: Last Minute Edition!

I am down to the wire on my move but I've been saving up a few things to tell you about that have been making me happy lately. Here you go:

This Book That Is Another Austen-World Winner
You guyyyyyys. If you're an Austen fan (specifically Pride and Prejudice) this is one for you. The Clergyman's Wife by Molly Greeley follows the story of Charlotte Lucas after she marries the dreadful derp that is Mr. Collins. It's a quiet and devastating little love story and is so beautifully written that I forced myself to put it down after each chapter to make it last longer. (I then immediately started reading her second book, which is about Anne de Bourgh.)

This Silly Gadget That You Definitely Need
My favorite body lotion has been Aveeno for years. it's just so good, it doesn't smell gross and it's really thick and moisturizing. However, because it's so thick, the pump stops working when the bottle is still 1/4 full. This drives me batshit crazy and I end up pulling out the pump and thumping the bottle against my hand and...globs of lotion everywhere. I HATE THIS SO MUCH. So, when the Internet was like, don't you want this dumb thing that you can screw onto your lotion and flip upside down? I was like YES I DO and bought it so fast. It arrived quickly and it's WONDERFUL. Literally just does what it claims to do. You can of course use it for honey and other foodstuffs but I am here to tell you that this is how you get the last bit of conditioner or lotion out of the bottle. it's worth every penny. I bought it directly from the website but you can also get it on Amazon

This Eyeliner That Might Replace My Favorite
My favorite eyeliner has been Urban Decay 24/7 for a long, long time. It's not cheap though and lately I've been running very low on a lot of my UD liners including Stash, a golden olive green color. So, the last time I was at Target I picked up a NYX Epic Wear Liner Stick in All Time Olive and y'all, it's really good! It's a waterproof gel-type liner pencil and the color is beautiful. My only beef is that the lid is crap and won't stay on, but I switched it out with an old UD liner lid and now I'm good to go. The best part: $8 instead of $22. I am not wearing a ton of makeup these days but I do like my liner and mascara, so this has been a fun cheap-and-cheerful find. (I want more colors, naturally.) 

This Netflix Doc About The Meaningful Things We Wear
A friend of mine texted me about this new documentary series on Netflix called Worn Stories and I absolutely love it. (Thanks, Francine!) Every episode follows different people's stories based around one pivotal item of clothing. It does a great job of being diverse and deep but also kind, which is definitely what I need right now. It's based on a book by Emily Spivack which of course I want to read as well. Enjoy! This series is a delight. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Review: Helly Hansen Kirkwall II and Belfast Raincoats.

As I mentioned last week, I panic-purchased two Helly Hansen Raincoats from Amazon - the Kirkwall II Raincoat and the Belfast Long Rain Jacket (they also make an insulated version) both in navy blue. 

I sized up for both and hooray, they both fit! And I liked things about both of them! And didn't like things about both of them! 

First, the Kirkwall II

This is a classic trench-style raincoat and it's extremely well-made and most definitely waterproof. The navy was a good, dark blue and it had rose gold snaps which I though gave it a bit of style. It fit me well and I liked that the sleeves has a snap so you can tighten up the cuffs. The hood is also perfect - not too shallow, not too deep, just right. 

Here's what I didn't like: the front snap pockets are the only pockets. WHY ON EARTH. No cozy hand pockets, no inside pockets, nothing. I also found the tie belt a bit short and it's irritating that the front closes with snaps only, no zipper. Result: I returned it. If it had hand pockets I probably would've kept it but every time I tried it on I attempted to put my hands in non-existent pockets. Nope. 

Now, the Belfast:

This one is more of a sporty style with an A-line cut. Overall excellent quality, it has fleece-lined hand pockets (THANK YOU), velcro cuff adjustments, and a sizable front zip pocket that easily fits a cell phone. Also, similar perfect hood - deep but not too deep. That white zipper, tho. I wanted to like it but it felt jarring every time I saw it and I wasn't crazy about any of the other colors offered for this jacket. Result: I returned it. If it had been on sale I probably would've kept it, but to pay full retail, I should absolutely love it. (I'm going to keep an eye out for a sale on this one.) 

I should say that even though I didn't end up keeping either of these rain coats, I do really like Helly Hansen! I love my Boyne Parka and I always keep an eye out for discounted styles on Nordstrom Rack. This HH short rain jacket looks like a good spring option, right? 

PS. I sent these pics to my friend Kate who dryly reminded me that I'd purchased a rain jacket from Athleta last spring. A jacket I'd completely forgotten I even own. (My bestie Kate: Saving me from myself for more than 20 years!)

Friday, April 2, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: Crazy Sale Time at J.Crew.

It is my duty to inform you that J.Crew is giving an extra 50% off last chance sale styles with code SHOPSALE. Now, sizing is limited and it's mostly final sale but the deals are outstanding. Here's what I love:

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Stuff I Like: April Edition!

This HGTV Podcast That Marianne Is Hosting(!)
You guys! Marianne is now the host of the HGTV Obsessed podcast! I am ridiculously excited about this because now I get to learn all her tips and tricks without having to constantly her text pics of various spaces in my house all, "what do I do with this?" She's a natural and in today's episode she interviews the winner of Design Star: Next Gen. Listen! Subscribe! Review! Five stars! (I'm so proud of her, y'all.) 

This Gua Sha Set That Is Making My Dumb Face Happy
I know I'm late to the game on this but oof, the pandemic/moving has NOT been kind to my face or my brain. I finally caved and bought this beautifully packaged rose quartz Gua Sha set and watched a bunch of tutorials (this one was great) and now I'm giving my face a gua sha massage every other night. It's supposed to aid with puffiness, and ease tension (I got it!) and help with circulation. I tend to use the roller in the morning and the stone at night. I haven't noticed any obvious changes yet, but if nothing else, it's relaxing and it feels amazing. If you just want to try the stone, this one in jade gets very good reviews. 

This Book Which Wrecked Us Both (in a good way)
Marianne is such a book enabler. She was raving about the book she was reading, In Five Years by Rebecca Serle, to the point that I just gave in and bought it because I had to know. I don't want to give anything away, but it starts out feeling like romantic comedy and quickly becomes something very different and more meaningful. It's about friendship, and love and finding your own path. I recommend reading it with a best friend and then obsessively texting each other about it. It'll wreck you, but it's worth it. 

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Outfit of the Day: Springtime Stripes.

The weather has taken a springtime turn so I've been digging around in my off-season clothing bins for something to wear. My favorite thing that I bought last summer is definitely my Alex Mill boatneck tee:

They currently only have this tee in solid colors and I'll probably buy another one because it's the BEST - I just love how slouchy and easy it is to wear and the quality is excellent. I also love the look of their long sleeved striped tees - this one is pretty traditional and this one has cute puffed sleeves

Here's a weird closeup of my pants which are, of course, Athleta. These are the Brooklyn Ankle Pant and I wear them an embarrassing amount. I'm not crazy about the colors they're offering this spring but I do really like this navy windowpane print. These are the kind of pants that are great for work/work from home and for travel - they are comfy, they don't wrinkle and they dry super fast. Oh, and I'm wearing my thrifted Sanita clogs that are not particularly cool, but they are really comfortable and clompy. 

I tried on my Universal Thread denim jacket with trepidation but, oh thank God, it still magically fits. I bought it several years ago and Target still has it (or one just like it) and it's such a deal, you guys. Just so classic and not too cropped. And under $30! You can't beat it. I'm not going to lie, I've always been tempted by Madewell's denim jacket because I love the copper buttons, but so far my Target version has served me well. 

I'm wearing double the necklaces for double the intimidation. (Thanks, Tika!) My Dean Davidson tassel, which is sold out but check out this gorgeous labradorite lariat necklace! Eep. I'm also wearing half of my layering set from Madewell which is also sold out but they have this set which is so pretty. That's it for today! Now back to obsessing over raincoats. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

We Discuss: Raincoats and Deli Ham.

M: These model shots are KILLING ME

M: Each is funnier than the last

A: It’s a cute raincoat even if the models want to murder it and us

M: Truly miserable

M: I like the Sea Salt one you linked

M: Oh here you go


M: The pink set looks like deli ham

M: Or some kind of fleshy fruit roll up

A: Nothing says rainwear like a ham slice roll up

A: Or, you can go with the black set aka Cheap Garbage Bag

M: Yet somehow actually expensive!

A: Is Fashion. 

PS. Just because I know you're all on the edge of your seat with anticipation, I panic-ordered two Helly Hansen raincoats from Amazon that I'm 90% sure won't fit me:

Cute right? I'll review them when they arrive. No worries that I'm between sizes for HH and they definitely will be too big. All part of the service. Fashion!