Friday, March 22, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: J.Crew Spring Tops on Sale.

Originally this entry was going to cover the entire J.Crew sale but I kept just finding tops I loved and you know what? We all need some fresh shirts for spring. Here's the deal: 30% off full-price styles + extra 10% off with code NEWNEW. Here's what I like: 

I have this and it's great on it's own but also makes a great cardigan-alternative.

I am not usually into florals but I am helpless in the face of Liberty prints. 

J.Crew has the best vintage-y graphic tees! This one is adorable. 

Are you my flowy red shirt? Maaaaybe.

Oh man, I can't not include this. Leopard you can wear to work! 

I usually side-eye sleeve ruffles but this is just so gloriously pretty

No, you do NOT have too many striped shirts. There is no such thing.

One pretty cardigan blazer to rule them all. 

Thursday, March 21, 2019

We Discuss: Spring Shopping, Part II

A: So! Madewell gave me two other tops to try on when I returned the pink one. I have pics.

M: Do tell

A: This has buttons up the back. The medium ate me alive but the sleeves were snug in the small. Cute in theory though:

M: That is not your shirt. It might be mine? Idk

A: I think it might be good on you

A: And then there was this:

A: But I don’t wanna be a pirate!

M: Ha I like that one too

A: It was too big but I also can’t with mid-sleeve ruffles. It was otherwise cute in theory.

A: Everything else in the store right now is Not My Palette

M: No that’s def not an Adrien shirt

A: I’ll try on pretty much anything though

A: But thankfully I wasn’t into what they got going on right now

M: Where are the clothes I want??

A: Right???


M: Eileen Fisher???

A: HA, I was literally just thinking that

M: That’s where I’m headed

A: Maybe it’s time

A: Evidence: Today I bought two grown lady 3-hook bras, hipster cut underwear and Birkenstocks.

M: 😭

A: Eileen Fisher is good quality

M: I know I just don’t feel ready

A: I’m getting close

M: It feels very Last Fuckable Day


M: 😭😭😭


M: I really wanted this pink Madewell anorak:

M: But instead found the navy version from last year NWT on posh for $60. Navy will be a lot more versatile but that pink sure is pretty

A: Oh, that is cute! Navy is definitely more versatile

M: I am on a STRICT no more olive green jackets diet for the foreseeable future

A: I just wore my Madewell olive jacket this morning after a long break.

M: I wore mine yesterday!

A: I saw that! TWINZEES

M: Aw

M: And I have that blush pink long bomber that I wear a ton. I DO NOT NEED A PINK ANORAK

M: The navy is very nice and I will wear it a ton

A: You DO NOT need a pink anorak

A: Navy is good!


M: I was about to be all goddammit Kim France because this looks like my perfect t-shirt, but it’s only $18 so I can’t really yell at her:

A: Wait, are you sure it’s not $218?

M: Trust me I’m suspicious

A: There must be a catch

M: probably made of paper

M: Tiny print on the tag about not getting it wet

M: Like a Gremlin shirt

A: Single use item

M: If you’re lucky

A: Obvs

M: But fuck it I need some t-shirts

A: This T-shirt is so cool you might not even get to wear it!

M: Unrelated I am wearing my pink leopard dress today and it’s wonderful


A: Yay spring!

M: I mean it was 32 degrees when I left this morning but whatever I look like a goddamn flower

A: It’s 56 and cloudy here

M: I am so ready to get out of the 50’s

A: The 50s are a bad boyfriend

M: The 50’s make you think it’s maybe warm when the wind doesn’t blow and you stand in direct sunshine and don’t move but it’s a LIE

A: I want to walk outside and IMMEDIATELY be warm

M: Yes! Like going outside is a reward for sitting in a cold office



M: Dis phone is broke

A: Hallow?

M: Excuse me I would like 17 chimps and dimp

A: For delivering pls

M: Hi seamless do u have a pizza

A: Popperoning

M: No pinesnapples

A: Why noe pinesnapples?

A: Anchovers?

M: Grosssss

A: No anchovers

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Review: Madewell Central Drapey Shirt

As promised, here's my review of the Madewell Central Drapey Shirt. You guys, I wish I had better news:

It looks cute, right? This shirt has a lot going for it - the cut is interesting, it comes great colors, and it's made with a good weighty fabric. I think it looks good in that photo but it's too big on me...and too small. Also, can I get shoulder implants? Is that a thing?  Here's a better example - like, if I had the shoulders to hold this jank up it would fall a lot nicer instead of making me look so square:

Also, I'd love to be able to wear it untucked because sometimes I just want to be flowy:

But, while it's too wide at the top, it's also magically catching on my hips. So, too big/too small. 

It's so cute, though! I want to love it but it's just not a good fit for me. And, when I tuck the front, this is what it does in the back: 

I guess I needed a medium but that would have been a lot of volume when I am already feeling overwhelmed. I love this top in theory but it's not for me, so I returned it. While I was in the store I tried on this shirt, which is one of Madewell's most popular styles, but ran into the same issue - the small was a little tight in the sleeve but otherwise a good fit, the medium ate me alive. I think maybe I just need to give up on oversized fit and perhaps try something like this top

I hope those of you who bought it had better luck than I did! 

Monday, March 18, 2019

We Discuss: Spring Shopping, Part I

M: Have you tried the Everlane scoop-neck linen tee?

M: I cleaned out my t-shirt drawer pretty aggressively and now I really need to restock, and I like the scoop neck

A: They look nice but I haven’t tried them.

A: I’m pretty sure Kim France posted that she likes them

M: Yeah I saw that

A: They look slightly dressier which is nice

M: yeah and I like the neckline as an alternative to the v-neck

A: I like a scoop neck but find some of the fancier t-shirt brands (James Perse!) to be aggressively low. Like, hey, I can see my bra.

M: yeah

A: This is partially because I have no shoulders

M: I feel that

A: At some point we should do our spring wish lists. Yours is not allowed to included drawer pulls or light fixtures.

M: hahaha

M: I don’t even know what else I want

A: My list is, like: t-shirts, Birkenstocks, cut-off shorts. The End.

A: Apparently I don’t care about work clothes anymore ever

M: Yeah I mean, same

A: I do want a new pair of Birks and this year I’m going to FIND my shorts

M: I saw some recently that were expensive but looked very promising, let me try and remember

M: We are ignoring the fact that a Kardashian owns this brand okay

A: Um


M: I know those are sold out but they look promising!

A: I can’t do a 10.5” rise, girl

M: I believe they are these:

A: They will be up to my boobs

M: Haha yeah it’s aggressive

A: I am too short waisted for those but they do look good

M: I like denim Spanx basically

A: I’m hoping Madewell comes through for me

M: Their shorts have never worked on me

A: Not on me either but I want to believe:

M: Those have an even HIGHER rise

M: 11 3/4!

A: I JUST saw that


M: hahaha

A: They are basically strapless overall shorts

M: That’s what always gets me because they end up being so short on me

M: But in the pic they look long because my eyes are distracted by all that zipper


M: Welp after reading reviews on those Kardashian shorts and finding a pair on posh for $40, looks like I’m trying them

A: Well! I hope you love them. I am going to keep searching.

M: Worth a try I reckon.

M: I measured my go to Pilcro shorts (that are basically disintegrating at this point) and I think they will work

A: Oh, that’s smart. I just need to go try things on in person, probably. My favorite ON shorts do not fit me anymore I think they shrunk because what else could the reason be

M: I’m sure that’s it

M: Trying things on is MUCH more responsible than what I’m doing but WHEN WOULD I DO THAT

A: I mean, it’s not like you have much going on

M: So relaxed!

A: You’re only selling a house, renovating a house, raising two kids and working a demanding full-time job

M: Cool cool cool

A: 90% of the cut off shorts on Anthro are high rise

A: But maybe these?

M: Those have promise!

M: I find I need at least a 5 inch inseam but I’m taller than you

A: The price makes me mad but what can you do

M: I like her shirt

A: Yes! Me too


M: Bad news dude: the Kardashian shorts are great (for me)

M: And so is this stupidly overpriced Spell and the Gypsy shirt:

M: I mean it’s not bad news except for my bank account

A: That is so cute!

M: So pricey tho

M: But I got them both cheap

M: But seriously, great cut and the denim is heavy and substantial

A: Stop making me want them

M: I’m sorrrrrry

M: I guess they do know what a girl with a big ass wants in a pair of shorts

A: 😒

M: Sorrrrry

A: I just don’t want the Kardashians to be right about anything.

M: I know dude. I know.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: SPRING SHOES OMG.

I am officially sick! of! boots! y'all. SICK OF BOOTS. I want spring shoes - sandals and slides and NO socks. I am already scouring the earth for my next pair of Birkenstocks, which means boot season is over. Here are Marianne and my favorite shoes for spring:



Thursday, March 14, 2019

Stuff I Like...For Taking Care of My Stuff.

Hello! For this post about Stuff I Like I'm going to tell you about stuff I like to use to take care of my stuff. I am definitely going to be bossy and I might yell a little but it's only because I care about you and I suspect you might be washing your jeans. Here we go:

First, don’t hang your sweaters. You'll stretch them out. Just fold them and put them in a drawer or on a shelf. Also, did you know you can handwash cashmere and wool? You CAN. It sounds like a pain in the ass but get some no-rinse handwash detergent (I really like Eucalan) and it's super easy. Add a little bit of soap to tepid water and let your sweater soak. Then swish it around a bit. Don't wring it out like a maniac! To get the water out without ruining the shape of the sweater, roll it up in a big towel. Then lay flat to dry and you're good to go. I promise you won't ruin your sweaters - I do this all the time with cashmere and merino wool.

Now, let’s please talk about your jeans. Stop washing them. Seriously, stop it right this second, especially your darker jeans. Stop. Stooooopppp.

Okay, fine. You can wash your jeans but only after maybe 6-8 wears. More if you can stand it. Washing your jeans will fade them out quickly and OH MY GOD DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DRYER. When you wash your good denim, use way less soap than normal, wash on cold and hang to dry. Really, you should be hanging anything you care about to dry. The only clothing I put in the dryer are pajamas, around-the-house loungewear, basic tees and socks.

Also, while I don't hang my sweaters, I do hang my jeans. (I am very Parker Posey in Party Girl about my denim, apparently.) In general I am partial to wooden hangers (IKEA also has good ones) because I think they look nice and they don't leave dents in the shoulders of my shirts. I also like flocked hangers for slippery things.

Athletic Wear
Athletic wear should always be hung to dry because heat breaks down spandex and you paid too much for those cute Athleta leggings to wreck them. I also recommend an occasional soak in something like Rockin Green, which has saved some of my athletic wear that had stink I couldn’t get out. (My link will get you 10% off.)

First, find a good shoe repair place and take your favorite shoes and boots to get reheeled every season. It sucks upfront but your shoes will last much longer. Also, I now have a deep and abiding love for Dr Martens wonder balsam. It's a clear shoe conditioner and protectant and I put it on all my leather boots. I also usually have a small shoe polish kit because scuffed up shoes ruin a look. Take care of your shoes and they will last longer.

General Clothing Care
My basic rules are this:
  • Hang most of your clothing to dry
  • Hand wash your nice sweaters
  • If you machine wash your bras, put them in a lingerie bag
  • Don't wash your clothes every time you wear them (unless they really need it.) 
  • Shout wipes are magic but unscented baby wipes will also take care of a lot of stains
  • Add some white vinegar in with your laundry now and then. It's cheap and effective
  • Take your shoes to the shoe repair place once a season
One More Thing
Get a handheld steamer! I just bought this one (mostly for Poshmark purposes) because steam will not only get out your wrinkles, it also freshen clothing and kills bacteria. Apparently you can also spritz your clothing with cheap vodka to deodorize but I haven’t tried that yet. I’m sensitive to scents so I don’t generally use products like Dryel or Febreeze, which just seems like it's covering one smell with another. Vodka on the other hand...

Bonus: This episode of Every Little Thing about the "thrift store smell" was fascinating! Highly recommend.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

My Skincare Routine (aka Pretend This Is An Outfit Post.)

You GUYS. I have a cold and I am a dragging miserable wreck in the mornings and I can't seem to get my shit together enough to take outfit photos. Plus, I hate winter and I'm sick of all my winter clothes. The end. Things are going great.

Instead, I'm going to tell you about my skincare routine. The last time I posted one was in 2015 and wow, that was a long time ago. I was 43 which seemed old at the time. Hahaha..sob. Some things have definitely changed when it comes to the products I use but I still double cleanse because it's been such a game-changer. (The idea being that the first cleanse gets off your makeup and sunscreen, the second cleans your actual skin.) Okay, here's my crazy old lady routine:



Occasional use products:


Obviously my main two favorite brands are Sunday Riley and Kiehl's. Sunday Riley I love best for their facial oils and Kiehl's just makes good, straightforward products that work well for me and that aren't crazy expensive. Also, they're generous with samples and make travel sizes of most of their products so you don't have to spend a ton to find out what works for you. They also have great little kits! This is the one that got me hooked.

Any questions? Comments? Criticisms? I can take it.