Thursday, April 9, 2020

Outfit Of The Day: WFH Outfit and a Review!

YOU GUYS. THE SALES. THEY ARE BREAKING ME.  I had a bad week last week and let my guard down and some stress shopping happened. It just did. I will tell you about it but first, my WFH outfit:

I am still wearing jeans because... austerity measures. Leggings are a slippery slope! These are an older pair of Madewell skinny jeans that I thrifted and they are thankfully very stretchy. My top is the Zephyr Tee from Athleta. It's expensive, but y'all. It's comfortable and light and looks dressy. I also have the Zephyr shell. I love that whole line. Easy to care for and always looks sharp, even if you're wearing silver Birkenstocks. (I mean, metallic makes them fancy, right?)

Quick details! I'm wearing a Target necklace from last year but this one has a similar vibe and this one is the same shape, more or less! My evil eye earrings, which are hard to see, are Lulu Frost and are sold out!  This similar pair are super cool and I LOVE this pair as well. Now, let's get into it. I recently sold a couple of bags on Posh and felt like maybe that meant I could finally give into the Lo and Sons sale and give the crossbody a try: 

I mean, 40% off plus 15% off with code SUPPORTSMALLBUSINESS? I AM NOT MADE OF STONE, PEOPLE. I have been trying and failing to find my perfect smallish-but-not-too-small travel bag and I think this might be it: 

This is the Lo & Sons The Pearl crossbody. It comes in two different leather variations and a lot of different color/hardware/lining variations. I went classic and got the smooth nappa leather in black with gold hardware. I immediately loved it! It's well-made, looks expensive, and is carefully designed. It's got three compartments (two that fully zip), a bunch of little pockets inside and it holds a surprising amount. It comes with a crossbody strap and a wrist strap to convert it to a clutch but y'all know what I did almost immediately: 

That's right. The camera strap from my little Madewell transport bag works beautifully with The Pearl. I was SO HAPPY. This gives me so many great option if I'm ever allowed to leave the house again. If you're thinking about this bag - now is the time. And, one final thing: 

This dumb Chaser t-shirt needed to be mine because Last Call was basically giving it away. (They also have this one but I resisted.) Yes, it's pre-shredded and paint speckled but how could I not? The minute my last meeting ended, this shirt went on and stayed on. And with that, I am done. No more retail therapy for a while! My new hobby will be going through my closet and listing anything I'm not wearing anymore on Poshmark. One in, one out. Or three in, one out. Whatever.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Stuff I Like: Quarantine Fitness.

Hi y'all! If you follow me on my personal Instagram account you know I've been working out in the worst gym ever:

(yes, that's the same wall I use for my outfit pics!) 

Welcome to my spare bedroom. It's everything you don't want in a gym - tiny, not much equipment, full of judgmental cats. Since January I've been working (online) with a coach to get back all the muscle I lost last year when I hurt my shoulder. I was just staring to make real progress with my lifting at the gym when the Coronavirus hit and now I'm working out with not much equipment in a very small space. I know I'm not alone in this so I thought I'd share some of what's been working for me.


This is my yoga mat (which I talked about here) and it's still really good! It gets a lot of use and is starting to show some wear, but it's still going strong and I would buy another one. I use it for yoga, obviously, but also use it to protect the floor when I do kettlebell workouts.

When the gym closed I panicked and started pricing weights. They are...SO expensive. I settled on an adjustable kettlebell which was not inexpensive, but gave me a weight range between 5 and 40lbs. Not ideal, but DEFINITELY better than nothing. I was worried about the quality and even more worried when it showed up damaged. (The plastic piece that stabilizes the plates was cracked in several places.) I got a refund and was told to keep it so I've been using it anyway and I'm so happy to have it. It's good for deadlifts, squats and rows, not great for swings or anything too vigorous. I don't know that I can really recommend it but it's sold out anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter. If you're going to invest in weights, I'd just get regular kettlebells or dumbbells.

I also bought a set of inexpensive mini-bands which are fine for arms but I wish I had a bigger range - they're kinda wimpy for lower body. This brand - Arena Strength keeps popping up online and looks like a solid product for legs. Let me know if you've tried them!

So, to recap: My space is limited and my equipment kinda sucks but the workouts I'm doing are good and I can do quite a lot with what I have, plus bodyweight exercises. Which brings me to...


Now, obviously I have someone writing workouts for me, which helps a lot. If you don't know what to do and can't spend the money for a coach, there are tons of free and low-cost options out there. I can't tell you what the right workout is for you, but here are a few I know about:

For a crossfit/bootcamp type workout, the WOD Women account on FB is posting a no-equipment workout every day. (You can also get a weekly plan at their Barbell Beauties site.)

If you do interval type workouts, I highly recommend the SIT app. It's free and super simple - just an interval timer that keeps track and beeps to let you know when to move and when to rest so you don't have to keep stopping  and resetting your phone's stopwatch.

I also really like @achievefitnessboston because they know their stuff and are excellent at breaking down exercises. They've been posting some fun at-home moves you can do with little or no equipment on their IG, so definitely check them out. They're also doing virtual classes for $9 each which I haven't tried yet but I suspect it's probably worth it, based on the kind of content they post on IG. (Plus, they just seem like nice people.)

Also, I was able to sign up for the Peloton app for a free three-month trial. Aside from cycling workouts they also have fitness classes, yoga, and outdoor walk/run classes led by instructors. I've done a few of the fun/power walk options which is nice when you need to get outside and want to do more than take a stroll. I also tried a few of the Peloton yoga classes but didn't care for them because they're what I call, "fitness yoga." Meaning, poses without the intent. The whole point of yoga is that its moving meditation so when you take that out it just feels like you're doing weird things with your body. It wasn't for me.

If you don't have a local yoga instructor doing streamed classes (my first choice) I really like Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. She has an enormous catalog of free yoga classes for all levels and her dog is really cute. What more could you ask for? Other than in-person classes where they clean the floor because you keep forgetting? Ugh.

I'd love to hear what you guys are doing - apps you love? Equipment to recommend?

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

We Discuss: Denim Check In.

M: I have declared that Monday is “check in with your jeans day”

A: Um. Have fun with that


M: I can’t buy all new pants AGAIN when this is over

A: I just went to the grocery store which is enough suffering for a Monday

M: 😂

A: You look cute, though


A: Ugh, FINE

A: Don't I look happy? 

M: 😂

A: There was a bit of...shoe-horning

M: Mine left red marks. Humbling

A: Jeans. So rude. 


Outfit deets! 

Adrien: Jeans: Madewell Mid-Rise Skinny Crop (similar style) Top: Athleta Pure Luxe sweatshirt, Flats: Everlane (but maybe buy these instead), Necklace: Dean Davidson (similar on sale

Friday, April 3, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: J.Crew Is desperately on sale.

J.Crew is having a slightly confusing sale - up to 80% off original prices plus 40% off (almost) everything else with code SPRING. With the realities of life right now, I've picked out some cute-but-comfy house-bound cuteness for you guys because I cannot order ONE MORE THING for myself:

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Outfit of the Day: Leggings are Pants!

That's right folks, you heard it here: leggings are now pants. Forget everything you've been told and just wear your damn leggings if you want to. This is an outfit that I wore earlier this week - I am definitely wearing just a handful of my most comfy favorites but I also try to wear a little bit of jewelry and makeup every day just to keep from feeling like every day is a sick day, you know? 

I mean, this is one step from jammies if we're being honest (I am wearing a bra.) My lightning bolt thermal is from Anthro but it's sold out! This Blondie sweatshirt is the same brand and looks pretty cozy too. For something similar to my tee, I love this lightning bolt sweatshirt and this one is really cute too. This one is too much money but ugh, I love it. 

I threw my long Athleta hoodie over everything because it's been chilly lately. I love this hoodie so much but I've never worn it as often as I have in the past two weeks. It's an older version of the Triumph Long Hoodie but I also have the shorter version and it's great too. (BTW, everything at Athleta is 30% off today which is KILLING ME.) In this case, I wanted ass coverage so long version: 

It has zippered pockets for my Chapstick and a nice cozy collar. Oh! And my lipstick is Kosas Fringe which is just so pretty - an easy-to-wear red that is buildable. It cheered me up immediately. I then changed into sneakers so I could go out for a walk:

They are Nike Free RN, if you care. NOW, my leggings! These are the Athleta Salutation Stash Pocket II Gravel 7/8 Tight (whew) and they are super comfy and very stretchy and the side pockets are big enough to hold my 8+ iPhone. They are also VERY high waisted: 

It just keeps going! The only beef I have with these leggings is that the waist band rolls down, but I'm short-waisted so I just live with it. They're great for yoga with cats and for marching around your neighborhood while not petting the local pups who don't understand why you don't want to be friends anymore *sob*. 

 Hey! Here it is all together. Whee. I am basically Athleta's bitch these days, but it's all the comfiest stuff I own, so that's how it goes. Details:

 I'm wearing an old necklace from Banana Republic (I think?) but this lariat necklace has a similar feel. My smaller necklace is my usual labradorite pendant similar to this one. (PS. the Dean Davidson tassel necklace I always link to is finally on sale!)

And lest I forget to talk about my MVP - my Birkenstock shearling clogs. Y'all, I cannot say enough good things about these clogs. I've worn them around the house every single day since I bought them and they have kept my feet comfortable and cozy every single day. They're sold out in this pale gray color but there are a few sizes left in a fun metallic silver! Zappos also has them in black and tan in a few sizes. They aren't really a purchase you're looking to make in April, I know, but keep them in mind next fall. 

That's it for today! I hope y'all are staying healthy and happy. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Lotta Sales, Y'all

There are so many good sales happening right now which you probably mostly know about, but here are a few that might not be on your radar:

I mentioned this yesterday but it bears repeating: Lo&Sons has 40% off plus an extra 15% off everything with code SUPPORTSMALLBUSINESS. I have the Hanover backpack in both sizes and it's outstanding. I also seriously love these little zodiac bag charms! Plus, this little crossbody (which I DO NOT NEED) comes in a huge array of colors and leather variations.

Skinstore is having a flash sale! Receive 30% off your order with code COUNTDOWN, but be quick! Discount drops 1% every 3 hours. There are exclusions but still lots of great brands on sale, including Peter Thomas Roth, First Aid Beauty, and Mason Pearson.

A reader just clued me in that CB2 has a Take Care Tuesday sale which includes 30% off candles, robes, spa essentials and more with code REFRESH30. This sale includes Grown Alchemist products and some really nice looking candles.

HERETIC Parfum is giving 20% off sidewide with code CALM20 which is pretty rare! I obviously love my Dirty Lemon but if you're unfamiliar with the brand, I'd use it on one of the discovery sets.

Monday, March 30, 2020

We Discuss: Need, Want, NOPE.

M: Oh damn I LOVE these in the brandy color:

A: Ooh! Those are so pretty

M: Dang

A: I have enough Birkenstocks but I always want more

M: The limit does not exist

A: Lo&Sons is also having a great sale which is killing me

A: Even though I don’t need a thing

M: Don’t need no bag to go nowhere

A: Nope, but 40% off plus 15% off everything (code SUPPORTSMALLBUSINESS)



A: I know

A: But for why

A: I have two Hanover backpacks already

M: Yeah not even looking. But shoes! Always shoes

A: Absolutely

M: Also tempted by these Madrids, because I only have that style in the EVA version but like them a lot:

A: Oh, dang, I like those too.

M: Cute, right?

M: To wear NOWHERE I need to save my money for I don’t know what

A: I knooooowwww

M: It sucks

A: But, if there’s a color you really love, consider buying it because they will sell out and never show up again (I have learned.)

A: Sorry, End Enabling

M: Yeah that’s my fear

M: Seems like Anthro has some good stuff

M: But haven’t checked to see if it’s exclusive

A: They aren’t!

M: Good to know

A: I had a pair of Madrid years ago that I stole from my mom and totally loved them

A: But, the Eva version didn’t work for me

M: It’s a great style

M: That I feel like I lack 😂

A: Well, now I want them too so thanks

M: Happy to oblige


A: Please talk me out of these terrible pants:

M: Adrien

M: You are calling them terrible

M: Because they are

A: Thank you

A: I have sale blindness

M: They look like something No Doubt era Gwen Stefani would wear with a wife beater tank

A: Hahahahaha

A: I liked No Doubt-era Gwen Stefani

A: which should surprise no one

M: Sure, but do you want to dress like that NOW

A: Who will even see me?

M: Adrien


M: I’m glad we had this talk

A: You are a good friend


A: This just in: Everlane is garbage


A: Some of their part time workers tried to create a union in December and they were all fired under the guise of Coronavirus layoffs

M: What absolute trash

A: Fuck these assholes

M: Done forever

A: They are getting raked over the coals on social media


M: Good

M: Like so many people, when they started making real money their ideals flew out the window

A: They are worse than fast fashion b/c they pretend to be all transparent

M: Exactly

A: I’m glad that Madewell is now fulfilling my t-shirt needs

M: Oh, me too!