Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Weekend Window Shopping: Black Friday is for Amateurs.

(This is a bit early, but I'm taking the holiday weekend off! Hope y'all have a good one.)

I don't really do Black Friday, at least not in person. I don't wait in line at the crack of dawn for a deal, I much prefer the Internets to do my work for me. I do, however, like black things.

Who Wore It Biggest?

A: Lenny Kravitz is… cold? Or did he shrink?

L: He's chilly! And he's cool. The man can do no wrong in my book.

A: I adore him but he looks like a crazy person. Does he think he's Pharrell?

L: No way. He's so much cooler than Pharrell it hurts. And I love it. Admittedly, he's walking an Olsen-twin line here, but I'm just gonna thumbs up anything he does fashion wise. Plus, Marianne TOTALLY made a scarf that big and gave it to me. Perhaps I'm biased?

A: According to the Internet he is a tiny person, but still. Maybe Marianne made him a giant scarf too?

L: Giant blanket scarves are the new Smokey the Bear hat.

A: I guess. I still think he looks like he shrunk.

L: I think I found the lady who knit it:


L: Mad knitting skills.

A: *high five*

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Adrien: New Coat and Stuff.

First! I've had two different people tell me about the great deal over at Amazon right now. 25% off shoes and bags, which includes brands like Frye, Chie Mihara and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Lordy.

Okay. Now an outfit. These photos were taken by my sister a few weeks ago when we met for lunch. Remember when I almost bought a pencil skirt from BR that had zipper pockets? Yeah, well turns out I have one of those. I got it from Ann Taylor last year and never wore it. Derp.

It has faux leather panels on the side that of course you can't see. I'm wearing it with my J.Crew Tippi sweater which I adore but I'm not sure it's really working here? Hmm.

If I scrunch it up I look like a tree trunk but if I pull it down I hide all the cute zipper detail. There is no answer. It was cold that day so I was wearing my new RACHEL Rachel Roy coat that Nina found for me:

It's really all about the details with this one - the shiny gold buttons and pointy bits on the zipper pulls:

It's a really cute coat but not warm at all, so the current sale price is about what it's worth. Honestly? Your money would probably be better spent here.  My scarf is an old one from Ann Taylor but this one is a really cute similar option, or this one

Down below I'm wearing my Loeffler Randall Matilde boots (on sale!), carrying my red LV epi speedy (need a red satchel? Yes you do.) and my bracelet is Giles & Brother.  The end.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Buy This (So We Don't Have To): Neiman Marcus Last Call Sale.

Last Call is one of those sites I always forget about, but when the bargains are good, they are GOOD. They always have a code floating around but usually they’ll just automatically apply whatever deal is happening. Right now it’s an extra 40% to 60% off EVERYTHING (which means 40% off regular stuff, 60% off of sale stuff.) Plus, you can get 3.5% cash back with eBates. AND, I was able to use code LCFALL12 for $10 Off $50+ Plus Free Shipping on $75. Whee!

This is a great site to pick up a few, um, gifts for that certain you in your life.

Giveway Winner!

After cleaning up the comments a bit (removing deleted comments/duplicates) there were 70 entries for the MBMJ Teri bag. I used to chose the winner and here is the screenshot:

The winner is comment #4 - skyscraper! Skyscraper, you didn't provide a contact address so you have 24 hours to contact us at

Thanks for entering, everyone!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekend Window Shopping: I'm Freezing my Ass Off.

It turned sharply colder this week and I pulled out my trusty old puffer jacket, took a good look at it and recoiled in horror. It's really old and really, really sad, y'all. So, this weekend I will legitimately be shopping for a new one. Here is what I found for inspiration:

Friday #GoHugo

Jamie Dornan isn't really sure about the jacket he's wearing but he is sure that Hugo is the best.