Friday, May 22, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: Outdoor Voices Is Tempting Me.

Aw crap. By now you all should know I have a bit of an athletic wear...problem. I obviously love Athleta but I've recently been taking an online look at Outdoor Voices, which appeals to me by NOT  being so sporty, if that makes sense. Similar to Athleta, Outdoor Voices seems like clothing you can wear not just for exercise, but also to living your life. I like that it's minimal but the design is still definitely there. I haven't (yet) ordered anything but it's just a matter of time. If you're a first timer too, you can get 20% off your first order by using my link (full disclosure - I also get a credit.) Here's what I'd buy in a hot minute:

Thursday, May 21, 2020

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): More Athleta On Sale.

Athleta has some new mark-downs, which is always exciting (if you're me) but first I wanted to report back on my Open Road Shell:

Since it's done nothing but rain all week I've had ample opportunity to test out my new rain jacket and I'm happy to report that it's the best. Cute, actually resists water, lots of pockets, quite comfortable. It's a winner. They still have it in a few sizes so grab one if you're tempted! Definitely worth the money. There's also the Forecast Rain Shell that looks like a longer version. Now, on to the sale:

Jumpsuits are everywhere right now! This looks like an easy entry into jumpsuit land.

This comes in a bunch of good colors and looks like a perfect WFH layer, right? 

I always forget about accessories! How fun is this cognac camo backpack? 

Even I am shocked I don't already own this snake print sports bra. It should be mine. 

I desperately need shorts and this pair looks breezy and has a 4" inseam. And pockets! 

A good, simple workout tank that comes in a bunch of colors. 

Only a few sizes left but listen. Get one if you can. Best hoodie ever. 

I love both of the leopard prints this suit comes in and it looks like a non-dowdy fit, right? 

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Outfit of the Day: Summer For A Minute.

Last weekend was glorious - the sun came out and it was hot. HOT-hot, not just spring-hot and I was all, IT IS HERE and put on sandals and shorts and was good to go. GOOD TO GO. Hahaa. Just kidding. Now it's in the 50s and raining. Cool cool cool. But, I did take an outfit photo: 

Sigh. So, this is that Wilt tee that I paid too much for but really love. I posted about it last month and hope a few of you bought it before it sold out! There are a few floating around the internet - here's one in the black colorway and you can get the same cut in solid colors as well. There's also this similar dip-dyed Wilt tee but it's still full price. 

Now, for these shorts. They're Madewell high rise shorts that I bought in March when they had them half off or something. They are...fine. Sincerely, they fit, I like the longer inseam and they aren't offensive but you know what? I am just going to say that maybe high rise shorts aren't my thing. Here, I fake-tucked so you can get a better look:

Hm, yeah. That high rise isn't what I want from denim cut-offs. With that in mind, I crawled back to my old denim shorts standby and ordered this pair. Yep, I broke my fast fashion rule for a pair of cheap denim shorts, but Old Navy does it best and I have learned my lesson. I might also have to order this button-fly pair but we'll see what happens. Also, just for fun I checked out Target's offerings and found this pair, which is mid-rise, comes in two washes and is on sale! I am just not feeling like paying a lot for play clothes right now and I'm betting you feel the same. Now, details:

The last time I posted this top I had a couple of people request a view of the drop hem from the back, so here you go. Be careful what you wish for. Now, jewelry: 

I'm wearing a labradorite pendant from Target from a few years ago. Currently they have this one that I think is really cool and this one has a similar shape. My little silver wings necklace is by My Precious Studio. (She's not currently shipping, but check back! Tere's jewelry is great.) 

That's it for today. I hope it's sunny and warm where you are. 

Monday, May 18, 2020

Monday Mood: My WFH Uniform.

As I'm settling in to week 10 of working from home, my outfits have also settled into a sad kind of uniform. I still try to add in a bit of flair every day - earrings, perfume, mascara, something to make me feel like a real human person. But, my day-to-day outfit is pretty much always this:

Man, do I love a t-shirt. Most of my Everlane tees have become sleep/lounge wear at this point but my Madewell Whisper tees (or get 3 for $45 here) are generally what I'm wearing every day. They are comfy and come in a million colors and the v-neck is just right. I also love the split hem- they just fall better.

I still occasionally shoehorn my ass into a pair of jeans but mostly I'm wearing Athleta pants - my new pair of Brooklyn ankle pants or my Chelsea cargo. They're super lightweight, have pockets and they don't cut me in half while I'm sitting at my dining room table desk. My favs are not currently marked down but the similar Uptown Ankle Pant (which I haven't personally tried) is on sale!
Also, with summer weather coming soon, I'm considering Athleta shorts - I have my eye on Camo Farallon Short, specifically.

My shoes around the house are pretty much always Birkenstocks, though as the weather has warmed up, I've switched from my shearling clogs to my Arizonas. I sincerely can't recommend them enough. Classic, vaguely hideous, the absolute best.

Will I ever go back to wearing a real bra again? I mean, probably. But lately it's been all True & Co. no-wire stretchy action around here. The ugliest one is the absolute best but I also love this one with skinny adjustable straps. They're both on sale right now too!

Of course there's a hoodie involved, usually the older model of this one from Athleta. Its just the right amount of comfy and cute and pockets! Always pockets, because you just never know.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: Cheap 'n Cheerful Old Navy.

Right about now is when you realize you need some summer clothes but there's no point in spending real money on it, right?

I've always loved Old Navy for things like cut-off shorts and cute cotton tops and right now (I mean, kind of always?) they have some deep discounts. Today only, get 25% off your order, (no code needed) plus an extra 15% off if you have an Old Navy (or BR, Gap, etc) card with code EXTRA. Here's what I like: 

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Stuff I Like: Summer Foot.

Hey y'all, Marianne here. Like most of us, I'm stuck at home, can't get a pedicure, and my feet were looking one step away from hooves. This is what found me browsing Amazon late at night, meticulously reading reviews (and borderline gagging at pics) for foot peels. Everyone knows Baby Foot at this point, right? I started there, but at the time shipping times were seriously delayed and I needed to shove my foot in a bag of goo ASAP. Enter Summer Foot.

It had good reviews and could be here in 3 days, so I one clicked that with a quickness. The box arrived and it was your typical bag full of goo that you tape around your feet. I took the advice of the reviews and soaked my feet in hot water before and they slid them in. Cold! Gooey! I was surprised that it said to leave them in for 1-2 hours, and cursed myself for starting so late. I made it 1.5 hours.

A lot of the reviews said to continue to soak your feet every other day and YOU GUYS. I am giving a HUGE TRIGGER WARNING for this next image. If you are grossed out by peeling skin, AVERT YOUR EYES. Also apologies for the quality, it's a screenshot from Marco Polo because this is how we are making our own fun.




I know! That is the entire bottom of one of my feet! So gross and SO satisfying!

I was going to show you an "after" photo of my feet here, but last time I did that I feel like I ended up on a foot fetish website somewhere. You'll have to trust me that they are smooth, soft, and pink and look better than they EVER do after a manicure. I am ordering another peel just to keep on hand because this stuff is the business.

The End.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

BUY THIS (Because I Just Might): Alex Mill.

I'm always looking for a clothing brand that feels like "me" because, while I like to mix it up, I'm also very much a creature of habit and I really wear the things that work for me. Over and over again. It's fair to say I have a uniform and if an item of clothing is too fussy, requires too much work, or is uncomfortable, it probably won't last long. I like simple clothing with interesting details so I'm always looking for a brand that does that.

Recently, a friend introduced me to Alex Mill and the more I look, the more it feels like a brand after my own heart. Alex Mill is a collaboration between Alex Drexler (Mickey Drexler's son) and Somsack, who designed for J.Crew and Madewell. I mean, how could I not love it? Anyway, they are having a big sale and I am losing my mind:

This popover is such a dreamy summer top and I particularly love the gray lilac color:

It reminds me of my blue J.Crew popover but the color is much more fashion-forward. There are a ton of t-shirts on sale and they looks amazing - lots of soft, drape-y slub cotton styles, which is my favorite. However, I am VERY into this striped slub boatneck tee:

Oops, I just bought it. It is going to look great with high waisted cut-off denim shorts and my white Birkenstocks, right? Maybe my fishhook necklace? Summer outfit: sorted. Speaking of summer wardrobe goals, these are exactly the kind of pants I could live in all spring and summer:

I also love this wide-leg style that comes in a couple of really pretty summer colors and also this cobalt denim which is, of course, what I'd get:

I am always looking for an elevated sweatshirt and this one looks like a perfect thing. That drop hem,  Are you kidding me! And comes in four colors, including a stripe but to me, the gray is perfection:

Now, we will eventually get to go out into the world again and basically all you need is this perfect wrap dress:

Sizing is really limited but I couldn't not include it. Wait! You also need this Tie Cuff Balmacaan Jacket:

Because those tie cuffs make it look high-end and you deserve some high-end details in your life. I also love the giant pockets because POCKETS!

Phew, I need a nap. Anyway, if you're tempted you can get 15% off your first order by joining their email list. The discount works on sale items and shipping is free!