Friday, April 19, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: Play Clothes.

Time for play clothes! (Not the drapes, y'all.) When the weather gets warm and sunny I just want to be outside in fun, comfy clothes that are NOT work appropriate. Here's a little collection of what I like right now:


Thursday, April 18, 2019

Blog Science: I Got My Brows Microbladed.

I got my brows microbladed...for science! Okay, not really. I got them microbladed because my brows had gotten thin and patchy and I was tired of filling them in every day. Could I just not? Sure, but without brows I look older and a bit washed out. Plus, it was a birthday gift to myself and I was dying to try the local artist who my (awesome) hairstylist recommended. Her brows looked amazing and I wanted in, man. 

If you aren't familiar with microblading, it's a semi-permanent tattooing procedure using a hand-held tool and pigment to lightly scratch hair strokes into your face. It sounds great, right? No? Ha. Screw it, let's do this. Here's where I started:

When I was young I had really nice, thick brows. Then the 90s happened and we all waxed our brows into oblivion. I blame Drew Barrymore. I grew them back in but in the last few years they've gotten patchy and thin. Just vanishing off my face. I was REAL TIRED of filling them in so I made an microblading appointment in January. 

Microblading is a two appointment process. During the first appointment she measured my face and spends quite a lot of time drawing in my new brows with a grease pencil.  Once I approved, the numbing cream went on: 

Then the microblading started. The tool makes a scratching noise which is weird as hell. The first pass didn't hurt. I could sort of feel it, but it didn't hurt. The next pass? It definitely hurt. Even with more numbing cream, I could feel it. It wasn't excruciating, but I was glad when it stopped. After she was finished she put a bunch more pigment on top and I sat around and let that do it's thing:

I texted this pic to Marianne with the caption, "So natural! I love them!" Finally, I was cleaned up and sent on my way with a strict list of care instructions - Do not get them wet for two weeks. Do not sweat for two weeks. Do not touch. Do not pick. Be good. Here's what I looked like right after my first appointment:

Pretty nice. They got darker and less crisp as they healed. Here's how they looked a few days later:

Over the next two weeks they flaked and scabbed and I will spare you those photos. It was a process. It's also an enormous pain in the ass to keep your eyebrows dry for two weeks but I did it. My next appointment was seven weeks later. By then, my brows looked like this:

They were okay but I was antsy to get this whole thing finished. The second appointment is a touch-up because the pigment doesn't always completely take or it fades or spots get missed. All of this is corrected in the second appointment. I was so ready for it because, while I was enjoying my new brows, I wanted MORE. I walked in all, "Remember how I said I didn't want them too bold? Ignore that. I want more." She laughed and said everyone says that. 

The second appointment was much shorter. She listened to my requests that my left brow be brought in a bit to match my right (which is my "good" brow) and she bumped it all up a little bit. This is how they looked a few days after the second appointment: 

I am super happy with them! They look really natural, which is exactly what I wanted. I am not really into super groomed, sharp brows. Here's a before and after for comparison: 

Quite a difference, right?  It was a process but now I get 12-18 months of just having nice brows. Sometimes I use some tinted brow gel but mostly they're good on their own. I am still digging my right brow (on the left in the pic) more but there's a small scar through my left brown that makes it a bit wonky. I swear I have never looked at my eyebrows this much in my entire life. 

Questions? Concerns? 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Outfit of the Day: Stuff I Forgot About

Hey, an outfit! I still haven't dragged out my summer stuff so I am doing that awkward thing where I am still mixing winter stuff in with whatever happens to be in my closet. Like this: 

I bought this top at TJ Maxx while visiting Marianne back in January. It's suuuuuper cheap but seemed like it would be fun for spring/summer. It's...okay? I think you can do better, tbh. Like, this leopard tee feels a bit lighter and this one would be great for summer. Also, how cute is this leopard blouse at LOFT? 

My red jeans are from Banana Republic and I like them, but they're feeling pretty wintery. I'm currently digging this pair of bright pink-red release hem jeans as a summery option and how cute is this pair of red Paige culotte jeans? Damn, I wish I hadn't seen those. Soon it'll be all dresses, all the time anyway, right? 

The back has some interesting button detail action, which saves it a little bit, right? More details: 

Allll the labradorite, as per usual. My Dean Davidson tassel and Argento Vivo pendant (similar). 

I'm still carrying my Marc Jacobs Paradise Rio satchel. There's a pretty grey one on the RealReal, just FYI. Speaking of pretty grey things, my boots are a Madewell purchase from last summer (the Regan style is similar) and y'all, I struggle with these boots. I thought they'd go with everything, and yet? They don't seem to go with anything. Maybe it's the pants? I don't know, I changed them before I left the house: 

And then I added my Veda jacket because it makes me happy every single time I put it on: 

And listen, I am not trying to talk you into a grey leather jacket but if you're dying for one, this one at Barneys is not really a bargain but it is very cute and 40% off. There's also this faux BB Dakota version which is a much better price. I'll stop now. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Madewell Sale on Sale!

Ugh, you guys. Madewell is offering an extra 30% off sale items with code SPRINGFLING. Sales like this make in insane. Here's what's in my fantasy cart:

 Jeans, always. I love the wash on this pair of Boyjeans! 

Okay, this is really for Marianne. Totally Elio's Mom style.

This is not my usual palette but I keep eyeing it. So pretty. 

Now these? These are for me. 

This looks like the cute striped cousin of my red wrap top. 


Le Sigh. I love this jacket so much. 

Monday, April 15, 2019

Stuff I Bought: A Few Online Orders.

I bought a few things online! What a surprise! I should probably wait until I can actually review these things properly but whatever, I want to tell you about them anyway. 

Marianne has been going on and on about the amazing Madewell Whisper tee and I had to know so I ordered one (along with the next item which has not yet arrived.) Anyway, I got this one:

It showed up on Saturday and I put it on and wore it the rest of the weekend. Marianne is (as usual) right about this one - it's thin and drapey without being transparent, has a good v-neck that's deep but not wide, and a vented hem which makes doing a half-tuck easier. And best of all,  it's not expensive! The color I got is $9.99 right now but even full price it's under $20. I am hoping to buy a few more to get me through the summer. Obviously you can get them at Madewell but Nordstrom also has some colors and Shopbop has black, white and grey

The part of my order that hasn't shipped yet: 

Oh yeah! I wore out my last pair of leopard calf hair flats from Madewell so I snapped this pair up during the most recent sale. I just don't feel complete without a classic pair of tan and black leopard flats. They were slightly backordered but I should have them later this week.

Also, about to arrive from the Gap: 

Yep, I posted about these last week and they're now 40% off with code APRIL. I ordered both pairs with the intention of keeping one. (Or both if they're amazing. Or none if they suck.) I will review them soon, good or bad. Fingers crossed! What have you ordered recently? 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: Anthropologie Sale!

Anthropologie is offering 20% off on dresses, skirts and heels! That obviously includes my Juno dress but I also found a few other nice things that look promising:



Thursday, April 11, 2019

Blog Science: I Review Everlane's Linen Scoop-Neck Tee.

Marianne and I were both super curious about the Everlane Linen Scoop-Neck Tee especially since we both really like their basic cotton v-neck. I went ahead and ordered one for blog science and it arrived quickly. At first glance, I really liked it: 

I ordered a medium and it fit perfectly with a loose, but not oversized, drape. I was delighted at it's lack of boxiness! The material is a super lightweight slub and felt really nice. The fit is ideal: 

But then I looked in the mirror and, y'all. This shirt is completely transparent. Now, I like a sheer-ish slub tee but this one is REALLY sheer: 

I'm wearing a nude bra, of course, and was like, oh, cool cool maybe it's fine and then I saw this: 

That is the little gold coin decoration on my Natori bra shining through. You guys. If I can see my bra decoration through the shirt? IT IS TOO SHEER. I mean, I guess I could wear a cami under it but who wants to wear two shirts in the summer? Not me. It totally negates the purpose of the summer-weight linen. Ugh, Everlane. Why? I will say, there are lots and lots of glowing reviews for this tee on their website so maybe I'm just the only one who doesn't dig this level of sheer. Anyway, I guess will be returning it because nope.