Friday, March 27, 2015

Weekend Window Shopping: Awesome Flat Sandals

It's currently 46 degrees and raining right now. It might snow tomorrow. I am bereft of spring! BEREFT, I TELL YOU. The only solution is to pick out some new sandals right this second. Here:

Friday #GoHugo

Why yes. I will absolutely go your way, Lenny Kravitz. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Adrien: Can't Win Them All.

Sometimes an outfit works in my head but doesn't work in photos and sometimes it just doesn't come together in time and I just have to go with it. This one falls in the second category. I might have scrapped it but I wanted to show you my new coated denim jacket, which I really like a lot. I think it'll work over a spring dress or just with a t-shirt and jeans. Here I'm wearing it instead of my usual sad cardigan nonsense:

This jacket is my new favorite thing. I like that the coating makes it seem slightly less casual than your average denim jacket. It's very dark blue but I think I could wear it with jeans without looking like I'm wearing a Texas tuxedo. (Maybe?) I'm wearing it with a striped Banana Republic shirt and black 7 For All Mankind slim cigarette jeans. My shoes are old Chie Mihara (they make the best red shoes.) Close up time:

This necklace is Lulu Frost for J.Crew and I love it even if it's been shedding stones since I got it.  J.Crew does well with the cute tassel necklaces. This one is cray. In a good way.

My bag is a Marc Jacobs pocket satchel that I rescued from eBay. It's impossible to match the odd color, but if you're on a super-budget and want a green satchel, Target has you covered. (If you're not on a budget, check this one out. Dang, Marc.)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): More Piperlime Nonsense.

Another 30% off from Piperlime with code SPRINGCHIC (plus 4.0% cash back with eBates.) There are some exclusions but I was able to apply it to these beautiful things (which are already on sale) that I'd buy in a second if I could:

Kate Spade New York - Regal Plume


I'm really going to miss Piperlime when it closes...


source: The Sartorialist

A: Really. REALLY?

L: I assume these are the back legs of a horse, yes?

A: Definitely hoofy.

L: OK, I'm going to have sympathy for a moment: I never get things hemmed because I'm lazy but also SHORT.

A: Do you let your pants drag on the ground all up under your shoes? Because this is an epidemic:

source: Trendy Crew

source: The Sartorialist

L: Sadly, I can't say I don't do that (more with maxi dresses than with pants). But I can promise you I am not making a statement by doing so.

A: I am abnormally concerned about the filthy hems of fashion people. I DON'T NEED TO WORRY ABOUT YOU TOO.

L: I should probably also tell you that I don't launder my clothes as often as I should. Not even the floor draggy ones. And the New York City streets? Who knows what happens on them.

A: I am very, very bad about dry cleaning things, it's okay. I just can't stand the long-pants hoof. AND, it's distracting me from this disturbing trend:

source: Trendy Crew

L: Is that a.... sports bra.... under there?

A: I didn't even notice, all I see is her gigantic shoes.

L: No doubt going for that timeless, pre-spring 2015 look.

A: I'm already looking at Fall 2016. Pre-Spring 2015 is sooooo Fall 2013.

L: Ain't that the truth.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Adrien: Spring Wish List.

As per usual, I want All The Things. It's that magical time of year when I desperately want spring clothings but a) everything in the stores is a super terrible shade of fleshy pink and b) it's still 43 degrees outside. Mother eff.

But! I still want and I'm trying to be strategic about it. I AM TRYING. Here are the things currently on my spring wish list (and you'll notice a lot of it is the same as what I wanted last year. At least I'm consistent.)

One Really Great Pair of Shoes.

I freaking love these:

Chie Mihara mystery shoes
So so much. Enough to save like a crazy person to buy them. There's just one problem - they only exist on that one website and they're sold out of my size. They have a (way more expensive) yellow-heeled version but my heart wants red and only red. This is not a real problem, I know, but I love them and I can't have them and it's irritating.

Easy Floaty Blouses.

Maeve Pintuck Peasant Blouse
If I had a uniform, it would be this - skinny jeans, floaty blouse, cute shoes, jacket. I am having a hard time finding blouses I like that don't cost eleventy million dollars. I am okay with synthetics but I am not okay paying eleventy million dollars for synthetics.

More Everlane T-Shirts

Everlane Cotton V
I love my plain white v-neck t-shirt a lot and now I want all the glorious sad-hipster colors too.

A New Casual Spring Dress. (Or Two.)

Relaxed Holiday Dress

I have a couple of casual dresses from last spring/summer that I think are about done, so time to find replacements. I want to find some easy, cute options that are also decent quality. Boden comes to mind, I just need to bite the bullet and order a few. This pintuck dress looks like it would be a great easy summer option and the t-shirt dress has been tempting me for a while.

Cobalt Blue Jeans
Jen7 Skinny Jeans
I've been seeing bright cobalt blue jeans in the stores lately and I am pretty sure I need a pair. Maybe this pair of Hudsons. That is all.

A Neutral Hobo-Style Bag. Specifically this one

Too Hot To Handle Hobo

I know I just talked about this bag but I'm convinced it's the the perfect spring-summer version of my black Hillier hobo. Slightly obsessed.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Weekend Window Shopping: Off 5th Finds.

Do you guys ever troll the Saks Off 5th site? They don't generally do discount codes but the automatic percentage off discounts are pretty freaking great right now and code SHIP75 gets you free shipping with a $75 purchase. And, don't forget 4.0% cash back with eBates. (My referral link.) Here's what I am digging for spring: