Monday, February 8, 2016

Evil Youth Hair.

M: I used a Leonor Greyl masque last night and two people have told me my hair looks like a shampoo ad today. Damn them.

A: Those bastards

M: It is really shiny and bounty. Those assholes.

A: I love the volume shampoo so much. $50 shampoo jerkwads.

M: They are the WORST.

A: The French think they so fancy.

M: Seriously it looks like I just got my color refreshed. This has to be made out of something evil.

A: It’s made out of baby unicorn blood and puppy tears. I hope you’re happy.

M: So bouncy. Youth hair.

A: Now I kind of hate you.

M: I’m not even sorry.

A: I understand


A: Your harrrrrrr! You are the worst.



Friday, February 5, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: Outer Space.

I am so weirdly obsessed right now with a Milky Way print and stars in general. Just anything:

Cute Boy Friday: Maybe NSFW Or Something.



M: Tom Hardy. I like.

A: For serious? I had no idea he has all that going on.

M: Hmmmhmmmmm.

M: I’d hit it.

A: His face is not doing much for me but I am definitely paying attention. And on the subject of tattoos:


A: I wonder if that even says anything? I don’t care.

M: Nope



M: Woof

Thursday, February 4, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To) Barbour Quilted Jackets.

This is killing me a little bit because even though my style doesn't really run equestrian, I do love a quilted Barbour jacket and there's a nice stash of them IN MY SIZE over at Sierra Trading Post. The sizing is very limited (you'll do well if you're a size 6) but the sale prices are good and there's usually a code floating around. Right now ALMOVE6 should get you 15% off but their codes expire quickly, so if that doesn't work, check Plus, don't forget 2.5% cash back with eBates. (My referral link.) Check it out:

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Adrien: And Now It's Raining.

More weird weather! It's warm and raining so I don't feel like I need to bundle up so I went for my favorite LOFT dress with short sleeves: 

This is the LOFT Leopard Flare dress and it's a good one. Still available in a few sizes (and very on sale) but definitely size down per my review. LOFT has some good a-line options. This Stripetop dress in particular is calling my name and the cute Spacedye dress looks to be the exact same cut as my leopard dress. Not that you can see much of my tights, but I want to mention that when I don't need Spanx I wear my Commando matte opaque tights because they have a lovely non-constricting wide band of stretchy stuff instead of a waistband so they don't cut in at all. I love them. 

I added my ancient Gap tuxedo jacket so I don't freeze to death which reminds me that I really should look for an upgraded version. (It's seen better days.) Jackets are a hard fit for me, but this one by Juicy Couture looks really good and this Rebecca Minkoff is beautiful except for the price. Finally, this Mural jacket at Nordstrom is definitely worth checking out for the price alone!

A close-up for some shiny lapel action. I'm wearing the cool Madewell Ensign necklace that Marianne gave me for Christmas along with two G&B skinny railroad spike cuffs, and a skinny Pied de Biche cuff that Kate gave me for my birthday! I have nice friends. 

Same old awesome MBMJ Mag Bag in Fool's Gold. There are a couple of different styles on eBay in this color - a Faridah in decent condition* and this satchel which looks to be in great condition*. If eBay isn't for you, go with something like this structured gold satchel from Kate Spade.

Finally, I'm wearing my cuoio Loeffler Randall Matilde boots because they needed to feel loved:

I will again stress that the older version of this boot made in Italy is better quality than the newer ones which are made in Brazil. If you're not weirded out about secondhand boots (and you wear a size 7) pounce on this eBay auction*!  

*None of the eBay auctions are mine so please proceed with caution and ask questions before bidding!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Deep Text Thoughts About Important Topics.

A: They were out of her size, or?

M: I kind of like it

A: It's cute but it’s eight sizes too big

M: All sweaters are gin in a ditch sweaters these days

A: Don tounch her gin swedder

M: I sed don tounch it

A: I’m not tounching anything

M: Go way

A: Wut is carnberry saus

M: Now I want chips


M: Yisss

A: Come to my house! Gin and chimps and dump

A: *dimp

M: I don wan chimp dump

A: Shidt dood

Monday, February 1, 2016

Adrien: It's Still Winter.

I generally dress for the weather but I have my limits. Last weekend we got a foot of snow and this weekend it was in the 50s and 60s and I saw a girl stumbling through a filthy pile of slushy snow in flip flops. IN FLIP FLOPS. I mean, I know it's warm but it's also still WINTER.  So:

I started with my Heavyweight Tee from Everlane which I like because it's warmer than just a t-shirt and holds a good traditional breton top shape. They also have this boxy striped tee which might be a nice option come spring. For now, heavyweight works great for warmish winter days. I'm wearing it with my black high waisted Banana Republic jeans. Banana might be weird right now, but the denim is pretty solid.

I'm wearing the same old BR necklace I've been wearing but this little House of Harlow pendant is nicely similar.  Giles and Brother skinny railroad spike cuffs are on my wrist. Then I added a bag:

This is my Cambridge Satchel Co twist lock bag in oxblood and it's the perfect weekend crossbody. (FYI, Cambridge has a great sale going on right now. I'm sorry.) If you're looking for something similar but less pricey, the pushlock version is less expensive and this one by the Leather Satchel Company is on sale!

Because it's still winter, I wore my new Barbour scarf and my old reliable J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket. (Why doesn't J.Crew make a lined winter version? Something like this. Or I could just buy a Barbour, I guess.) Please note the lack of flip flops. 


I saved my boots for last! They're my UGG Lynnea clog boots. I almost sold them last fall but then I tried them on and decided they still sparked joy and whatnot so I kept them. They're fleece on the inside, which is lovely:

You can probably find a pair on eBay (which I linked above) but there are other options. First: I am IN LOVE with this French Connection pair. Ugh, so good. Anthro also has a couple different clog boot options though sizing is really limited. This Dankso pair isn't quite my style but I'll bet they're comfortable and the Lotta from Stockholm site has some cute boots as well. Ugg apparently doesn't have a Lynnea update but this pair of Ugg ankle boots looks similarly cozy and a big old hell yes to this cute pair as well. It's still winter, after all.