Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Adrien: ...And The Living Is Easy.

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Ah, summertime. I've had a few days off and thought it would be fun to show you an outfit that I've basically already posted, but too bad. This is what I wear pretty much any time I'm not at work:

I'm going to have to burn this Olive & Oak blouse at the end of the summer! I wear it a lot. This is a gorgeous similar version from Joie and this one from F21 would be my budget pick. My roll-up shorts are Lucky Brand and they're fantastic. Good quality, soft denim. I've been wearing them a ton. I didn't get a closeup of my necklace but it's basically this one. It's pretty, I should wear it more. 

 My usual accompaniments, Lotta from Stockholm peeptoe clogs (I want this pair next!) and my MBMJ Too Hot To Handle Hobo (on sale finally!) Also, Daniel who is priceless:

That's it! Off to enjoy my last day of vacation...

Monday, July 6, 2015

Adrien: I Try On Tops At Anthropologie.

Quick note: My photos should be clickable now! Hopefully I did it right. 

Sometimes I like to go to a store and just try a bunch of clothes on even if it's stuff I can't afford or that I'm pretty sure will look bad on me. You never know! Sometimes a top that looks great on the rack looks terrible on and sometimes a weird foldy thing will magically become good when you put it on a real human body. You have to try stuff on. Last week I swanned around Anthro grabbing whatever caught my eye (it's fun! You should try it!) then I took pictures. I feel like my face says a lot about what I think about the results.

First of all, the shorts I'm wearing are also Anthropologie and they were pretty cute and comfortable. They're the Pilcro Hyphen Chino Shorts. The striped tank is the Puella North-South Swing Tunic and it's on the sale rack for a reason. I'm wearing the small, or rather, it's wearing me. Too much of everything:

Next up is the Maeve Enna Tank which I think is pretty cute, just didn't quite work on me. It probably needed tucking in or something:

I did like that it isn't tunic-long and it comes in a bunch of different patterns. Worth checking out when it's on sale. Then we have this crazy badonk, the Meseta Tank. I'm not sure who this would look good on but it's not me. I have small shoulders and the yoke was REALLY small. It was strangling me:

It also made me look pregnant, so no thank you to that. I moved onto the Mazie Tank and I think my face says it all:

What am I hiding under there? My shame at wearing something way too young for me. Cute in theory, but not for me. Finally, I found this lone Velvet by Graham and Spencer Avocet Henley Tank on the last chance rack. It was not on sale which is too bad because I really liked it: 

Even better with a bit of shame-tucking:

I should finish by saying that I didn't buy anything but the shorts and I will probably return them because I still have those green BR shorts and they're too similar to keep both. I am a failure at shopping, you guys. I have no idea why you take any of my advice.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Weekend Window Shopping: Make 'Em Go Ah Ah Ah...

Fireworks things! Sure! Don't overthink it:

Cute Boy Friday: Gosling Time.



Thursday, July 2, 2015

Adrien: And Then This Happened.

Hi! One more outfit this week because I wanted to wear a new top I just bought at TJ Maxx. I think it probably belonged in the teen department and it has that weird drop hem (stop that) but I love the print so much:

It's the Key Hole Tank by Rxb. Here's a closer look! If you look hard enough a sailboat might appear: 

Cute, right? It does have a little keyhole opening in the back but you can still wear a normal bra. I don't buy tops that require fancy underpinnings because who has time for that crap, right? Right. My necklace is a Giles and Brother Hook Pendant.

Details! I am wearing Ann Taylor white jeans that accidentally got thrown in the dryer so they have some stretching out to do. (Eep.) My bag is a Marc Jacobs collection pocket satchel via eBay but this green Furla satchel is a nice update and this little Target number is a great bargain compromise! My sandals are Chie Mihara and I've linked to the updated version a few times. (PS. They're on sale.)

I couldn't not include this one because someone has fallen out and it's not me. Overwhelmed by fashion, I presume. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Barneys Crazy Sale.

YOU GUYS. Barneys Warehouse is currently giving an automatic 60% off of sale stuff plus 2.5% cash back with eBates.  I've pawed through some of it and by far the best deal is these beautiful Loeffler Randall Marit boots:

Loeffler Randall Marit

Original Price $695, sale price $151. SERIOUSLY. They are a final sale but that is an AMAZING price for gorgeous boots. My limited experience with Loeffler Randall finds them to run slightly narrow but otherwise true-to-size. Also, they tend to run a bit slim in the calf, which is why I like them. This PRICE. YAY SUMMER. They also come in black but sizes are going fast. 

But wait! There's more! This adorable little MBMJ red messenger is just $123:

Dew it, y'all. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Adrien: Summer Wanty.

I was going to do a round-up post about the stuff I bought in June, but do y'all really need to hear about my Birkenstock Gizeh obsession again? I kind of think no. I will say the most impressive thing I bought in June was this:

Sunday Riley Good Genes

SERIOUSLY. I know this is enabling and mean but if you want your face to glow like an angel get on down to Sephora and get a sample of Good Genes. It's really all that, I promise.

Moving on, I thought it might be more fun to talk about the stuff I WANT to buy. The more I try not to shop the more stuff I seem to want. First, Marianne has these Pilcro shorts:

Pilcro Distressed Denim Roll-Ups

I love them. I tried them on (size down!) and they are everything you want in a distressed jean short except they're not on sale. I'm waiting, Anthro. What is on sale is these earrings which I think would look pretty in my ears:

Athropologie Carillon Earrings

Then, Kim France posted this beautiful top:

jm drygoods™ short-sleeve san vicente tunic top

OH MY GOD I WANT THAT. It would look great with the shorts! I cannot afford it in any way but this embroidered top by Lucky Brand is something I've had my eye on and might fill that niche. And... not yet on sale. (Edit: It's now on sale!)

In the Continuing to Torture Me file are these Chie wedges that I posted last week that are now marked down to $152 but only in certain sizes (read: not mine):

Chie Mihara Rupas Wedge Sandal

WHAT IS THAT. It's for the best, but really. Shopbop has them even cheaper but they're final sale which, nope. Alas, Chie Mihara. And finally, lest you think I'm no longer a grown person I have been stalking this DVF dress hard:

Diane Von Furstenberg Naoki printed wrap dress
It's marked way down but not quite enough for me, so I'll keep an eye on it for now. It also comes in a blue colorway but that one is more expensive and my size is sold out anyway. Eyes on the green prize. Eyes on All The Things. Sigh.