Wednesday, April 16, 2014

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Shopbop Friends and Family sale!

Shopbop is having their Friends and Family sale right now which is hurting our soul. Please score some deals for us! Code INTHEFAMILY14 gets you 25% off plus 3% cash back with eBates. (referral link.)

Adrien's picks:

Summer is coming and I'm obsessing about great accessories I'd like to pair with shorts and t-shirts.

(I know I'm a total railroad spike bracelet pusher but I can't say enough about how much I love these cuffs. I also think this one is beautiful.)

Marianne's picks:

Okay, I do not have any shorts or t-shirts that fit me and this caused embarrassment last weekend at the park. So I'm not allowed to buy anything unless it fills the casual hole in my wardrobe. My picks:

Note: We do not recommend you buy this because what in the HELL. 

Can't Reach.

A: Everything about this made me roll my eyes so hard I think they got stuck in my brain:

"I don’t remember what I was shooting but I love how my assistant Camilla caught the line
 of my skinny Gap jeans and slim Aspesi coat,  and sleek New Balance sneaks (all Navy color(?))."

M: I think he's shooting a parking meter and wondering how he'll get his quarter in there.

A: Thank you! I just snorted so hard my eyeballs came back around.

M: "What is up there on the top shelves? What mysteries do they hold?"








M: Keep trying, buddy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Adrien: Basic Stuff.

Nothing really new to see here, but this seems to be my thing lately - fitted pants, loose blouse-y top, a cardigan to ruin it all, and the usual accessories. This outfit was from Monday which says a lot, I think.

My top is from Ann Taylor from last year and it's been a workhorse. Something about a black and white patterned blouse just seems so easy to me. My friend Lara recently raved about this one from Target and I'm curious about this one. (It could go either way, right?)

I got my first pedicure of the season which meant dragging out my favorite awesome Lotta From Stockholm clog sandals. Whee! I wore them so much last summer that I'm contemplating another pair. But, I think the Toms strappy wedges will be a better choice to fill my summer wardrobe holes.

My bag is the MBMJ Hillier Hobo in raspberry and my bracelets are my beloved Giles & Brother skinny railroad spike cuffs

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tomorrow We'll Talk About World Peace.

A: Did you get that MUFE foundation? I got a sample of it and I'm trying it today.

M: What do you think of it? I think I need to go back to wearing primer now that it's warming up. My skin is a mess again. Sigh.

A: I also got a sample of the Stila Stay All Day foundation. I like the way it  feels but it didn't even Stay All Morning. The MUFE looks good, it's dewy. And ugh, I should probably get some primer.

M: I want to go back to the Smashbox but it's too dark until like July. Ugh PRIMER. Didn't you have some you liked fairly recently?

A: Yeah, the Illamasqua stuff but it's really expensive and it never came back in stock on Sephora. I might have to stalk it elsewhere.

Illamasqua Hydra Veil

M: Oh, boo. I've used one from Lorac, which is nice but basically straight up silicone. Then I switched to the last of my NARS pro prime, which I stopped using because I thought it was breaking me out. Got three zits. Then I tried a sample of POREfessional and I like it pretty well. I don't know.

A: Why can't I just be a no-makeup hippie?

M: Now my friend Kelly is telling me what I really need is a setting spray. Makeup makes me tired sometimes.

A: Oh for fuck's sake.

M: Setting spray! It sounds like total bs.

A: It really kind of does.

M: But she uses it every day and says it makes everything stay put. SIIIIIIGH.

A: Man, I just. Can't.

M: I am weary.

A: I do not have time for one more makeup trick. I just don't.

M: Next tip: Put on all of your makeup, wash it off, then put it on AGAIN. Repeat until you go insane.

M: Oh I've fallen deep into a Wayne Goss rabbit hole help.

A: Me too! I watched four or five of them before I pulled myself out. Shit is compelling and makes me so confused.

M: He says this setting spray is good:

Skindinavia Finishing Spray

M: I just had 12 windows open with products and closed them all.

A: I do not UNDERSTAND setting spray. Is this instead of powder? Instead of primer?



M: MAYBE???!?!1

A: I am thinking maybe I'll just dunk my head in a vat of polyurethane after I put my makeup on. That should do it.

M: I'll have my husband hit me with some Pam and a can of air on my way out the door.

A: There you go.

(The Next Day)

A: I tried that Goss boy's tips on concealer and shit still creased.

M: I tried that foundation trick and it looked good until about 3pm when my face cracked and fell off. Not good for dry skin.

A: The powder-first one? It failed to Change My Life.

M: I think the Smashbox foundation is the way to go. I'm excited.

Smashbox Studio Skin

A: Me too! I'm not sure why I ever doubted it.

M: Me either. I LOVED it. I'm dumb.

A: There's always the hope of The Next Best Thing.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekend Window Shopping: Crossbody Bags.

I know I just bought a bag (and I won't be buying another any time soon and, in fact, I'm selling one) but something about spring makes me want a cute crossbody bag, even though I cart around too much stuff to make it practical. Here are my favorites:

Boys R Dumb.

A: We need a cute boy entry, I suppose. I'm off dudes.

M: Ugh, men. Someone was saying that Captain America was hot but I was not impressed.

A: Meh, he's too vanilla for my tastes but, um:

M: Derp face.

A: Right? Ruins it.

A: I did recently stumble upon a Belstaff ad featuring David Beckham. It was real good stuff.

M: He's reliably amazing.

A: He would like to make you lunch on a completely filthy grill:



M: He's wearing an awful lot of clothes, you know.

A: Here you go:

M: There it is.

A: Happy Friday.

M: Goat dancing twins kissy face martini glass.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Adrien: MBMJ Globetrotter Kirsten Review! (And an outfit.)

I had a really bad week last week. The kind of week where the only thing that might make you feel better is to buy something unplanned and expensive even if you were saving that money for something else. In my case, I bought that Marc By Marc Jacobs Globetrotter Kirsten bag I posted about last week, the one that sold out almost instantly. (Yes, I contributed to that.) I was tipped off by Nina, of course, and I pounced before I even thought about it. YARS. MINE. Then I was convinced I should've gotten the satchel version instead, but you guys:

Could you return that? Are you that strong? I am not. That COLOR! It really looks like that in real life, super royal blue, deep gold hardware. It's bigger than my beloved Hillier which I really like, because I can shove my Kindle and a travel umbrella in there and there's still tons of room for my other stuff (wallet, keys, eight kinds of concealer, etc.) It's not super heavy and it looks great worn crossbody, which I neglected to get a photo of because derp. It's on sale at Nordstrom (plus 6% back from eBates) and I highly recommend. It's a great bag.

Okay, now for the outfit! I've been slowly rotating last year's spring stuff back in and it's so nice rediscovering clothes I forgot I had. This dress is from the Gap and was such a find. (I do love a kooky animal print dress. How cute is this one? Um, not this one.)

It's not summer-warm yet, so I am appreciating my boots for their coverage. These are an old style of Frye which I've been wearing a lot lately (Frye Jane is similar and on crazy sale!) My old giant tassel necklace is from Ann Taylor but this one is kind of amazing

I threw my cardigan over it all because that's how I do. This bag, you guys. I love it.