Monday, October 12, 2015

Adrien: Blue on Blue on Blue

So, I have this thing where I know certain outfits would look much better if I would tuck in my top and wear a belt but a) I never have the right belt and b) I don't wanna. (There is also a c) but we'll get to that in a moment.)

Here I am wearing my excellent new Boden Ravello top which I'm pretty excited about. It goes with everything and also kind of nothing, which is fine with me. I'm a fan of a big, colorful print top. This one by CeCe by Cynthia Steffe is just so pretty and this Libertyesque print at Topshop is kooky good fun. And let's file this gorgeous Max Mara top under "Dreams, In Your."

I'm wearing my ancient J.Crew locket necklace and when it dies I'll be eyeing the House of Harlow version as it's replacement. Or maybe this "all the things!" option? Heh. I'm also wearing my MBMJ leather hinge bracelet. There's really nothing even remotely similar but Marc does make a cool leather cuff.

Because I needed a layer, I added my coated denim Banana Republic jacket. This makes for a lot of blue, I know. This whole outfit would look somewhat better with this military zip jacket or WAY better with a cropped leather jacket but what can you do? I was cold. And since I promised, my c) is that these jeans, a favorite old pair by Shockoe Atelier, are currently being held closed by an elastic band. (I was somewhat thinner when they were purchased and I cannot quit them. You do what you have to.) They don't make lady jeans anymore but this pair of AGs will get you there. 

My shoes! I almost forgot. They're Madewell Sidewalk skimmers and I love them. That color isn't available anymore but Sam Edelman has you covered and so does Banana Republic. Everyone get blue suede flats! You won't be sorry.

Hey, don't you want to buy that MBMJ bag? It's in the shop right now. Just saying. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Weekend Window Shopping: Clog Things.

Clogs are polarizing. People either love them or don't get them at all. I, obviously, am a fan and so is Marianne. I just bought this pair of eggplant Lotta t-straps and I am really excited about all the dorky ways I can wear them this fall. I mean, even Old Navy has a knockoff! Clogs are terrible and cool and here are some options for you to love/hate:

Cute Boy Friday: It's Time to Talk About David Bowie, Part I

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge Bowie fan and have been ever since I was a little kid thanks to my older sister. He's the one thing we can always agree on. Now, I wasn't sure he really qualified as "cute" but man, check out this awesome 60s glower:

Bowie bershon! I love it. He's adorable. And really, he's just so interesting and striking and those eyes:

Who else but David Bowie could have a mugshot this incredible? I mean this is INCREDIBLE:

Ugh, so freaking cool. This is from the same era as the mugshot during the shooting of The Man Who Fell To Earth (and later used as a cover for Rolling Stone):

But, I think it would be a mistake to discount how freaking great he looked after he got clean. His tanned, blonde popstar era TOTALLY WORKED. 

That hair is kind of amazing. I think the most beautiful he ever looked was in the movie Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (which is really good if you haven't seen it.) 

Daaaaang, right. Yes. One more very striking photo from the 80s popstar era: 

Next week I'll move on to modern-era Dave. (And maybe skip the Goblin King stuff because I am real tired of that being a certain generation's intro to Bowie.) 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Adrien: Wait, I Have This Dress.

Hi! This outfit is fairly simple but I have a lot to say about it. Lucky you. First, remember the Boden Janie dress? The one I bought and wasn't sure about and then returned? GUESS WHAT. I actually already own one quite similar:

Yes, that would be a striped cotton dress with 3/4 sleeves. Mine is by People Tree, makers of cute striped cotton dresses. I do love a striped dress and right now they're not hard to find. This Gap shift looks like a great transition piece (yay long sleeves) and I've been coveting this adorable Madewell dress because who wouldn't look cute in that? And oh, I wish my budget allowed for this glorious DVF number because I'd wear the HELL out of that dress. All this to say that I keep catching myself buying things I basically already own. Which brings me to the boots:

Yep, those aren't the new pair of Loeffler Randall Marit boots I just bought. Newp. Those are a pair of cognac LR Matildes I found on eBay for a steal. They fit me better than the Marits and the darker color works better with my wardrobe. So, yeah, sometimes I buy the thing I think I want instead of waiting for the thing I actually want. Mistakes happen. (If you loved the Marits and are a size 7.5 -8, I have them listed in the shop.) If you just want a non-fancy pair of tall cognac leather boots, maybe these Corso Como? And limited sizing on this Land's End wide boot, but isn't it perfect? 

I'm carrying my elderly MBMJ Hillier hobo which is still hanging in there. I will eventually replace it, but might go with the Too Hot To Handle style instead. Bag Decisions. And details:

My Cluse watch is still getting a lot of love and I recently started wearing my Lulu Frost for J.Crew tassel necklace again because I need a big necklace that won't get lost in the stripes. J.Crew is short on tassels right now but Lulu Frost still brings it! In the sliiiiightly-less-expensive category, I love the smoky gunmetal version of this Kendra Scott tassel. And hello there, eleven dollar necklace.

The stripey cat came by to say hi. The end! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

We Are Family.

**Even more amazing new things in the blog shop! We are losing our damn minds.**

M: I need a couple of long sleeve t-shirts. This is my ideal:

T by Alexander Wang Classic Long sleeve Tee

M: It's perfect. The scoop neck, fitted through the arms and shoulders, swingy at the bottom but not too voluminous. ALSO ONE HUNNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE AMERICAN DOLLARS.  Help.

A: SAY WHAT NOW? Have you tried the Everlane Ryan long-sleeved tee? It's not swingy, but it's only $30.

M: Hmmm I haven't. I want something that won't cling to my...lumps.

A: I swear, finding the perfect t-shirt is nearly impossible.


A: Just for funsies I checked Anthropologie. This is listed under "everyday basic tees" for real:

lagoon linen tee


A: No?

M: I refuse.

A: Madewell has a few possibilities:

Madwell Anthem tee

Madewell songbook dolman tee

M: God Madewell has my NUMBER this fall.

A: I love this dress in all it's super-plainness:

Madewell gallerist dress

M: That's a good one. I ordered this because clearly what I need is another olive green coat for my collection:

madewell et sézane® beckett hooded jacket

A: I love that! Leather trim! Be still my heart.

M: See? TOTALLY different than the three olive jackets and one vest that I already have.

A: Well, now you have a little family. A little olive jacket family.

M: We are very happy together.

A: How many pairs of boots is a family and how many is too many pairs?

M: Well that's a trick question.

A: I mean, is what I have a family or, like, a commune?

M: Maybe a friendly cult.

A: My Kool-Aid is a white wine spritzer.

M: Oooh I'll take one.

A: Cheers!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Banana Republic Bags on Sale!

**Added a few new things to the blog shop!**

FINALLY. Finally Banana Republic has a 40% off code with no exclusions: BRCARD. (It's early access for cardholders but no fear if you're not. I'm guessing the "everyone" code will come out tomorrow.) This means you should probably buy one of the really cute new bags they have because I have no justification. At all. Dammit. Just do it. Do it for science.

 First, this tote is pretty damn ridiculous. The color is gorgeous and it's a minimalist dream:

Larkin Tote

How could that not improve your daily existence? It might, is all I'm saying. And HEY, how freaking cute is this little crackle stripe:

Mini Larkin Crackle-Stripe Tote

SO EFFING CUTE. I sincerely want this little bag in all it's crackle striped glory. It would go with everything! It's winter-white! It's sporty but sleek! And it has a Larkin tote cousin with a blue stripe! SIGH.  Finally, if you've been looking for something smaller, I'd definitely consider this little crossbody:

Double Pouch Crossbody

It also comes in olive, camel, grey and black but I really think the oxblood is the very best option because duh. Oxblood. I should also mention that code BRSALE will get you 40% off of sale items including this cute drawstring bag and literally no other bags. Hmmm. Striped shirt, anyone?

PEE ESS, don't forget to use eBates for a whopping 2.0% cash back! Hey, it adds up. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Adrien: Monsoon Season.

What the crap with this weather. While I'm glad we didn't get a hurricane I sure would like to see the sun eventually. On Friday morning it was pouring down rain and it's a bit of a hike from the parking lot to my building, so I dusted off my Hunter rainboots and the resulting outfit cracked me up. Why not take photos of this mess? Sure:

I'm wearing my Everlane Heavyweight striped tee which, while not the most flattering piece of clothing in my closet is basically perfect at being exactly what it is: a boxy breton style top best worn over skinny jeans. I love it. They also have a new Boxy Striped Tee which of course I want because why wouldn't I? It looks cute on Grechen. Everlane totally has my number.

Ha, I look like I should be grouse hunting or something. I'm wearing my much loved Downtown Field Jacket (Downton Field Jacket? I KILL ME.) and my new Cambridge Satchel twist lock bag. I promise there isn't a dead bird in there. The medium oxblood bag isn't in stock right now, but this little wine crossbody at J.Crew would be a very nice substitute. Or, just get Marianne's bag.

So tiresome how I keep wearing this Cluse La Bohème watch and Beaded Cone Pendant Necklace. I will try to mix it up one of these days. No promises, though.

My boots are classic green Hunter wellingtons like all the college girls wear now, though I will say they've been a solid purchase. I've had them for five years and they've held up through rain, snow and mud. In the winter I keep them in my car to wear before/after muddy bike races. Hunter has gotten very fashionable and now offers a glossy finish and fancy patterns and colors. Whatever works for you crazy kids. I only wear mine when I absolutely have to but I do enjoy watching the students clump around in them any time the skies look vaguely threatening.