Wednesday, October 18, 2017


I'm going to try and keep this intro short and get right into more stuff I'm loving at Target, this time tackling shirts, sweaters, and maybe a dress or two. Onward!

I know I already posted a poncho but I like this one even MORE:


How cute it this? Makes me almost excited about fall. 

Perfect gin sweater: 

Belted sweaters don't really look great on me but that's not stopping me from liking this: 

Pretty sure this would be awful on me but I want it on my body anyway: 

Looks soft AF: 

Deeply on clearance and cute under a cardigan:

Teeny tiny star print! 

A good plaid and butt-covering: 

Kind of Mandy Moore in This is Us in a way I enjoy: 

This long fleece bomber is kind of amazing and looks expensive: 

I can't justify another anorak but maybe you can? 

Oh my god, someone stop me! In my next post I'll tell you what I actually bought. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Adrien: Basically My Dream Outfit.

Disclosure: I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. 

YOU GUYS. I have found my perfect casual outfit and I want to wear it every single day until spring:

I KNOW RIGHT. Thanks to Marianne, I immediately went to Target to check out these Mossimo camo jeggings which are so ridiculously good. They are suuuuper stretchy which could get annoying but so far they're really comfortable and super cute and under $30. Can't beat that. If you can't do Target clothes or don't have access, this pair at JC Penney is also cute and really inexpensive. If you want something a bit less Jeanz for Teenz, I'd go with this pair at Nordstrom

Okay, let's talk about this Daydreamer sweatshirt. I originally found it when I was linking up this entry. At the time I thought it was a bit on the nose but it still made me happy, because Bowie. It popped up again and again. It got marked down. It got marked down more. Finally I just freaking bought it. And you guys? I LOVE IT. So ridiculously soft, perfectly slouchy, stupidly direct. It's still available in size small (I'm wearing a medium) and I highly recommend it at the sale price. Daydreamer also makes a Def Leppard sweatshirt and a lot of really cute tees. I mean, ugh. They have my number and keep calling me. 

I'm going all city with this look so any excuse to wear my new Everlane boots, which I'll talk about in a minute. First, details:

I bought this little pendant from Banana on clearance because it reminded me of one that Francesca wore on Master of None. The two little gold bars are delicate but still make a statement. Unfortunately it's sold out but this one by Freida Rothman is really good and this one is a bit more spendy but looks like a dead ringer for Francesca's necklace. I'm also wearing my Alexis Bittar cocktail ring because why not. This one is pretty similar but it's no snake ring. Bless that weirdo. 

Same ole MBMJ hobo bag because that's the way I roll. I do occasionally look at other bags, I promise. I love the stud detail on this Minkoff hobo and this woven leather Cole Haan bag is really striking, though the sleek plain version is more my speed. My boots are, as I mentioned, my new Everlane Street Ankle boots. They're breaking in well and I'm really happy I bought them!

One more view of the camo print and boots. I love this combo a lot. Have you checked out the Mossimo jeggings yet? Part two of Marianne's Target recommendations is coming tomorrow...

Monday, October 16, 2017

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): My Maxx Favorites.

Disclosure: I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. 

One of the best/worst features of the TJ Maxx website is the ability to ❤️ items you like and then view them all in one tempting spot. I have...uh...65 items on my favorites page right now. Is that a lot? It seems like a lot. Anyway, here are a few things that I think are super-tempting but I can't buy everything, you know?

I love Barbor scarves and this one is adorable. (And almost sold out!) 

This MBMJ tote is a minimalist's dream and there's a pouch to match! Both are clearance-priced.  

I love delicate jewelry like this layered necklace that won't compete with a winter scarf.

Oh, hello there, wool/cashmere Theory poncho with cute detailing in the back. 

This is a gorgeous red leather satchel that looks super high-end but is $149.99. 

This Betsey Johnson leopard coat is just freaking adorable. Compliments galore. 

These cozy perfect slippers are $20 and they are CUTE, which slipper usually aren't.

I love a cheerful patterned umbrella to break up the bleakness of a rainy day.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Marianne: Guys, we need to talk about Target.

Disclosure: I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. 

This post is not sponsored but Target, you're the tits. Call me!

Heyo, Marianne here coming at you with a hot tip--actually three posts worth of hot tips because I can't help myself. I don't know about you, but I have been READY to do some fall shopping, only to be terribly disappointed by all my usual haunts. I've taken to stalking past season Vince on eBay because nothing new appeals to me (or I just can't afford to buy much of it--looking at you Madewell, though I still want this damn bag. My usual go-tos like Loft are just not doing it for me. Like, no.

Anyway! I've been selling a lot of my clothes but not replacing them and for the first time possibly ever I am in the position of not having much to wear. Yesterday I hated my cobbled-together outfit so much that I stopped at Target and bought some emergency pants (more on that in a sec) and guys WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT TARGET.

Target! I know people have been shopping there forever but it's never really done it for me. Stuff never fit me great, it felt cheap, and it was the kind of trendy that felt dated before the season was even over. But not any more!

One of my friends rolled into work looking like she walked off of the Madewell site and it was ALL TARGET. Their new line A New Day is just insanely cute and there's a ton of Mossimo stuff that looks amazing too. So, this is the first of three posts jam-packed with things that caught my eye, and in my last post I'll show you what I actually bought.

I never really got over those damn J Brand Houlihan Pants (J Brand fits me terribly) so these pants are appealing to me...I just can't decide between the blue or the burgundy:


I am also really feeling these camo pants and not sure how I feel about that. Also these jeans were surprisingly soft and not too thin (the thing I hate about cheap jeans):

But, I also like the raw hem on these. You know what would be real cute with those skinny pants? This excellent drinking-gin-in-a-ditch poncho:

But again I ask you WHAT COLOR. I am also 100% going to buy this hat:

Because I love a good hat, it's wool, and it looks like you paid a solid $50 more for it at Anthro. Last, but not least, back to those Emergency Pants that I bought. These Mossimo High Waisted Jeggings are SHOCKINGLY GOOD:

I have bought and later sold three pairs of olive green skinny pants over the last couple of years and I just couldn't ever find The Ones. These pants are damn near perfect, especially considering they are under $30. I sized up because it's Target and I didn't want them to be skin tight, but they do stretch out and I probably could have stuck to my regular size. They are a bit cropped on me because I'm tall, but they look cute with booties so I don't care. They are SO SOFT and I am probably going to buy moooorrrre, like the ones linked above (dare I get the camo? DARE I?).

Okay that's a lot of words about Target and all I really talked about was pants, a poncho, and a hat! Stay tuned for my next post where I branch out into SWEATERS...yay.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Adrien: Why So Weathery?

Disclosure: I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. 

I really love summer weather but when it's mid-October and still in the 80s I start to get antsy. I'm SO ready for a wardrobe change and it's just not happening. So, here's my compromise: 

I'm wearing my $15 Chelsea & Theodore dress from TJ Maxx which has been more versatile than I could've imagined. (I don't generally have high expectations from $15 dresses.) It's still available in a heathered chestnut color but this one by Cable & Gauge is pretty much the same dress, though only available in small. However! This Three Dots dress is a dead ringer and comes in multiple sizes in black and dark red. It's probably better quality too. I'll also admit that I've been checking out this Eileen Fisher version as a future possibility. The asymmetric/high-low hem isn't a shape I thought I'd like on me, but I do.  I mean, how cute would this little hi-lo hem dress look with faux leather leggings and a sleek pair of chelsea boots

Instead of a sad cardigan I'm wearing my Old Navy chambray shirt which I bought last year. This has also proved to be a surprisingly versatile piece. I don't do a lot of button-up shirts but I've been wearing this one a lot. My wash looks a bit lighter than what they have now, but it's the same great cut. They also have a dark wash version! Also, here's a chambray-ish Target top that Marianne loves. (More about this soon.) Details:

I'm wearing my super-spike necklace from Vince Camuto that is long sold out but this VC necklace is pretty similar and I really love this Rebecca Minkoff spike pendant. I'm also wearing my Bijouone Modern Screw Cuff bracelet which is a pretty shameless knockoff of Miansai.

I'm so happy to be wearing my favorite Madewell boots again! You can still find them on eBay and the like but the new styles at Madewell have the same shape and perfect 2" heel. They're really comfortable. And, of course, I'm carrying my same ole MBMJ hobo like the slacker I am. Sorry! Oh, and PS. This MBMJ shoulder bag just got marked down at TJ Maxx. Eep. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

We Discuss: Airplane Fashions

Disclosure: I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. 

M: I’m about to take off for a work trip but there's a lady on the plane with this perfect longish destroyed denim jacket that I want to steal from her body

A: Oooh. Take a stealth pic if you can

M: She's seated behind me now

A: Boo

M: She also has a big rock and Louis Vuitton so it's probably Vetements or something horribly expensive

A: I had not heard of Vetements and I just googled and now I'm gasping in horror

M: Oh gurlllllll

A: The basic tee is $175?

M: It is WILDLY expensive

M: Also:


M: Taking off!

A: Byeeee

M: Wait:

A: Haaaaaaahaha

M: Two thousand dollars

A: I can't

M: Hers is more like this:

A: Maybe this?

M: Hm, that's close.

M: Okay for real on the runway byeeee

A: Byeeee

Monday, October 9, 2017

Fall Wish List: Update (and a few recommendations)

Disclosure: I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. 

A few weeks ago I posted my fall wish list and I've been hard at work buying shit I don't really need. Not really. I mean, kind of? Here's where it stands right now:

Leopard Flats
I've been back and forth on this because flats are such a risk, you know? Even my comfortable flats aren't that comfortable and the idea of spending $100 on shoes that might wreck me is just...unappealing. Then I remembered a pair of Ugg leopard loafers I saw online last year. I wavered and didn't buy them (sound familiar?) and of course they sold out. Welp, I found them on eBay NIB and bought them and they're PERFECT. They have fuzzy wool footbeds and feel like slippers.

I love them! Hopefully they'll serve me well. They're sold out everywhere except for the occasional pair on eBay but Ugg also makes this cute leopard flat and these cute zebra pointy zebra flats.

I think we all know how this story ended. I am just going to have to keep an eye on the Madewell boots and maybe they'll go on super-sale after the holidays. (I'm ignoring the fact that they're on sale right this second. Hush.)

This wish list item is on hold in my brain. I'm still thinking about those olive suede Pumas, but they aren't crucial.

Ugh, you guys. I really love this new striped Everlane cashmere sweater! They have a bunch of $100 cashmere sweaters right now but I am trying hard to save some money so it will just have to wait. Plus, it's still 80° outside so it's hard to imagine draping myself in cashmere right now. Repeat after me: I don't need it immediately. I don't need it immediately. I don't need it immediately.

A Satchel/Tote
This is definitely a want, not a need. Mostly I've been carrying my grey MBMJ hobo all the time and ignoring my other bags, so it's just...a thought. I really do like this one, though.

Tuxedo Jacket
Solved! Done! As soon as it stops being so freaking hot out, I'll post an outfit with my new jacket.

A few recommendations:

My friend Kate and I made a journey out to the giant mall last weekend because I had an important mission: bra shopping. Sigh. We went to Nordstrom and got measured and everything and I ended up in a different size than I'd been wearing which I'd suspected would happen. I bought this Natori bra:

It's basically perfect. Neither sexy nor mumsy and super comfortable. I love Natori even though they discontinued my favorite bra. Oh, also, hanging on the changing room door, all casual, was this:

Oh yes. That is an Ugg poncho cape thing made out of the softest material on the planet. We both tried it on and I basically bullied Kate into buying it because it's straight up amazing. She loved it and has a long international flight coming up, so it was necessary, right? What could be more perfect? It's the coziest thing I've ever put on.

Finally, if you are currently storing your nice sunglasses in a weird grubby squeeze-top pouch you bought at Old Navy about ten years ago (guilty) please do yourself a favor and buy this:

Just a suggestion but I've been looking for a cute sunglasses case forever and they're surprisingly hard to find. That's it for my recs! Are you doing any fall wish list shopping? If so, whatja get?