Wednesday, July 18, 2018

We Discuss: Beauty We Do Not Need.

M: So I needed to replace my ka-BROW and I had no idea they made a mini version for $12! That is brilliant. I have never gotten through half of the container before it dries out or I lose the brush or in this case, both.

A: I know! I was mad at myself for buying it full size

A: There’s nothing better, though

M: And I got some of that caramel lip balm to give as part of a birthday gift to a friend

M: It’s the best

A: It’s so good. I need to buy a full size version - my mini is done

M: I’m also trying Sephora’s knockoff of Clinique take the day off

A: whaaaaat

M: mmhmmm

A: I didn’t know they had one!

A: I’m still buying the Pixi Double Cleanse

M: It's this:

A: Interesting! Let me know what you think.

M: Yeah the reviews are mostly positive

A: I haven’t bought any new makeup lately but I still love my RMS palette

A: It’s definitely going on my trip

M: It’s summer so I am just not wearing as much makeup

A: I have definitely pared it down for summer

M: And I did a huge purge last night and I’m going to use what I have

A: Oh, good for you

M: So I just replaced cleanser and ka-BROW and that’s it

A: I still want the RMS Un Cover-Up stuff but I have managed to not buy it

M: I liked it when I used it but I see pictures of myself during that time my skin looked greasy so idk

A: That makes me want it less but I still want it

M: It’s a very dewy look

A: I do like my current foundation - it doesn’t budge and I don’t have to use much

M: I have been experimenting with the THREE cc creams I have right now to figure out which is really my favorite and I honestly don’t know any more

A: So, It Cosmetics, Supergoop and…?

M: Clinique cc cream

A: Right on. I mean, they all get great reviews, I don’t think you can lose

M: Yeah I am mostly just making myself use all of them up before replacing

M: I am just torturing myself

A: I have SO MUCH makeup I never wear anymore. It’s embarrassing.

M: I threw so much away

A: I love that I just sent you more crap. Heh

M: Oh but I use that!

M: Seriously

A: I try to only send you stuff I think you’d like!

M: I now have a nice little stash of good lipsticks and dry shampoo and texture stuff

M: I kept alllll of that

A: I am mostly ignoring the Nordstrom Anniversary sale but this stuff is supposed to be good:

A: And, um…

M: argh

A: I’m sorry

M: I have successfully avoided all sales

M: And will continue

A: I’m basically ignoring the Nordstrom sale because I need NOTHING

M: same

M: I already have that setting powder and it’s good

M: But I don’t need more

A: I need nothing!


A: Nothing. I’m just going to keep repeating it in my head.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Outfit of the Day: New Location, Same Old Excuses.

Hi all! Thanks SO MUCH for the amazing comments, advice and recommendations on my travel post yesterday. I will definitely be doing an update closer to the trip and maybe also a packing post. Eep! Now, I have to apologize in advance because my outfit photos are a bit rough today. I didn't intend on taking any originally, I was just messing around and trying to figure out my setup in the new house and then figured I'd go ahead and do some test shots:

Hey, it's the LOFT star print top! I really love this top, you guys. It's 50% off right now and I think that's a really fair price for a cute, washable top you can dress up or down. I especially like that it has a little bit of sleeve to hide my bra straps. LOFT is so good at making fun, easy blouses. This dotted print top is very similar with cute details and I also love the neckline on this little floral top. Also! This striped top is super-cute and looks like it's from Anthro. Someone get that! 

Here it is tucked into my grey jeans from LOFT which have become the white jeans I never got around to buying. I wear them A LOT and they are ridiculously comfortable. They do stretch out a bit, I won't lie, but I still love them. They are also on sale right now too! I am obsessed with grey jeans right now.  This AG pair looks really good and I keep looking at this Frame pair even though I know better. 

I am basically 100% denim jacket all the time this summer. I'm wearing my white Universal Thread jacket which has been such a good purchase. It isn't quite as soft as the regular denim version but still not bad for $30. I mean, yeah, the Madewell denim jacket is amazing and I want it, but I've been pretty satisfied with my Target jackets. Details:

Tiny stars! Tiny ruffles! I love this top. Anyway, I am wearing my Soko Paddle Pendant which is also available (on sale!) in a petite version. Highly recommend! It's such a satisfying piece of jewelry.

Same old damn MBMJ bag (this one is similar.) I am pretty basic with the bags these days. However, I am putting away my Birkenstocks for a day and wearing my Lotta from Stockholm clog sandals because red shoes are fun! They are. Get some red shoes (maybe these) if you don't have any and get back to me.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Travel Related Things I Feel Compelled To Purchase.

YOU GUYS. Now that I have my move behind me (well, mostly. Does anyone want to buy a shitty stack washer/dryer or help me unpack 20 boxes full of books?) I can focus on the Big Exciting International Trip I have planned with my boyfriend in September. This is a first for both of us so we're basically losing our minds.

Instead of doing useful things like figuring out exchange rates and learning how to say, "A bottle of wine and all of your cheese, please" in French I'm obsessing about what to bring. I really want to be one of those people who packs light but I don't travel a lot so I am REALLY BAD at packing light. Really, really bad. I always get mad at all the stuff I pack but never wear or use. I mean, how could I have known I wouldn't need eight pairs of shoes in NYC? They're all different!

Heh. So here's what I definitely need: a pair of magical pants that are comfortable like sweatpants for the flight, but also fashionable, wrinkle-free and pack really small. I think I've found them:

These are the Athleta Soho Jogger which I just bought on sale in the olive green color. I'd intended on buying them in black but the green was on sale and this picture made them look good:

They haven't arrived yet so we'll see about the color. I did try them on in the store along with this pair which was a strong runner-up:

In the end, I thought the Soho Jogger fit me better but I'd tried on nearly ever pair in the store by then and was basically snow blind. As previously reported, I also bought the Modern Sweatshirt which is even more on sale than when I bought it (dammit) and which will be a nice airplane layer.

Now, my other concern is sneakers. I want comfortable sneakers for walking around PARIS AND LONDON (OMG OMG) but I also don't want to look like an asshole. I do love my Nike Junvenate sneakers which are showing their age:

I am maybe just going to buy another pair but then I wondered if there wasn't something better and more interesting. I originally found my Nikes via Need Supply Co which has sneakers so cool they haven't been invented yet. Like these:

Or, I could get something like these Pumas which I've tried on, like, three different times but never purchased because I hate buying sneakers:

I could also get the newer Nike version of my Juvenate sneaker which is the Roshe One:

The benefit of the Nikes is that they weigh nothing and pack completely flat. However, in the rain they kind of suck. I figured I'd bring: One pair of sneakers, one pair of chelsea boots, and my silver Birkenstocks. That should cover a week, right? 

Now, luggage. Duh, of COUSE I want a new suitcase but that will depend on if I check my luggage or attempt to downsize my shit enough to carry on. I suspect carry-on is probably the thing to do, so my existing small suitcase is probably fine. I got it at TJ Maxx and it's this one but in white. TJ Maxx also has a similar case by BRICS which I've heard good things about:

My little suitcase is fine but I can't help wondering if there's a better option out there. Suggestions? (I'm not sure I'm ready to invest in an Away case or anything crazy expensive.) PS. free shipping today at TJ Maxx and how cute is this Aimee Kestenberg suitcase which I am definitely not buying? 

Okay, that was boring. NOW, one thing I do really need is a tote bag that's lightweight and zips at the top. I could go with my old standard LeSportSac but the totes are not inexpensive. Maybe something fun like this instead:

I looooove the color and the striped handles. It comes with a shoulder strap and it's on sale! It might have to be mine. Unless you tell me not to. Seriously, if you're an experienced traveler, lay it on me. Like, packing cubes: Yay or Nay? (Marianne says NAY.)

Friday, July 13, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: Madewell Sale!

Y'all didn't think I was just going to let this go with a scant mention, right? There's some really good stuff left and I have scrolled through allllll of it. So many jeans, so much cute jewelry. Here's the deal:  Take an extra 30% off sale styles with code BIGMOOD. (Valid through 7/16.)

 Here's what I really liked:




Thursday, July 12, 2018

Stuff We Like: Summer Edition.

Hi! It's summer aka our favorite season! Summer is when I look and feel the best - my hair grows like crazy, my skin loves the humidity and I get to eat allllll the tomatoes and corn on the cob.  Do not even talk to me about stupid bleak autumn, it's summer I love best. And with that bold statement, here is some stuff we like:

Marianne’s picks:

Supergoop Glow Stick 
This is just NICE--it goes on clear, feels so good on your skin, and it works. We all wore it at the beach and not one person got even a tiny bit sunburnt, plus it didn't break me out. I haven't tried it as a highlighter like they recommend, nor have I tried it with makeup. But I really like it and my kids do too! Lasts a long time too.

Thrive Causemetics Lash Extensions Mascara
I was skeptical about this (and even moreso until I realized it's not an MLM like everyone initially thinks), but this is a great product. My eyes are increasingly sensitive so I wanted to try something natural that claimed to not flake or smear, and this stuff is legit. And it really does make my lashes look crazy long. At the end of the day it just removes with warm water and yet not one speck of it flakes or smears all day, even in the humidity. Good stuff.

A light, cute book for beach or summer reading
Matchmaking for Beginners--It won't change your life but it was fun and cute and I read it in like a day. Good stuff, available at Amazon and at the library.

Seafolly Deep-V One-Piece Swimsuit
So it took me forever to pull the trigger on this suit, but I had a gift card and a 20% off code so I did it. The reviews stressed me out, but I think anthro fixed the sizing issues. I ordered the upper end of my usual size (I'm a 10/12 so I went with a 12) and the tag says AUS 16, which is rude but also accurate. But it's great! The material is super nice, it's flattering, and comfortable. I worried it wouldn't be supportive enough but it's fine.

Adrien's picks:

I'm pretty sure I've talked about this before and it's one of those products that is definitely not necessary, but it sure is nice. I spray it on my face when I'm flushed after exercise and want to cool down or just when I need a little moisture. It's really nice to use before applying a sleeping mask to keep all that nice moisture in your skin. Otherwise it doesn't really DO anything, it's just nice.

I bought this candle at the Diptyque store in NYC as a housewarming gift for the new house. It's definitely a splurge but it was so worth it. It's so GOOD. It has notes of grapefruit, green tangerine, yuzu, cedar, and thyme so it's a very citrusy/green/herby smell that's energizing and fresh. Exactly what I want a house to smell like in the summer. 

Nora Ephron Essays
I've been rereading I Feel Bad About My Neck and I Remember Nothing: And Other Reflections and basically reacquainting myself with the awesomeness that was Nora Ephron. These books make for great summer/beach/pool reading because they're intelligent but funny and easy to dip in and out and pick what you want to read. I especially relate to her essay The D Word (excerpted here) but I also love her passion for New York City, for her apartment, and for food. I am also very much starting to relate to her essays on aging which are funny but also goddammit it I really need to moisturize my neck like RIGHTNOW.

And a Recipe! 
This Fresh Cilantro Corn Salad was posted last summer by Marianne but I thought it deserved to be mentioned again because earlier this week I was like, "what was that amazing corn salad I loved last summer?" And then was like, duh, it's on the blog. Anyway, it's just the best way to enjoy summer produce and it's crazy delicious and you should make it. The end. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

We Discuss: Lasers, Mostly.

M: I have my armpit laser appointment at 4! I almost forgot

A: Ooh, exciting! I hope it’s not to painful.

M: I think it will be fine, I’m pretty tough

A: You are

M: Can’t be worse than a tattoo and that was okay I figure

A: No way is it worse than a tattoo

M: Well that hurt a shocking amount!

M: But it was fast

M: But like OW

A: Eep

M: It is still burny

A: Yikes, sorry man. Worse than a tattoo?

M: Yes!

M: Though it didn’t last long

M: Like literally 2 minutes

M: Maybe less

A: That’s bearable I guess

M: It will be worth it

M: In my old age my armpits have decided they hate to be shaved and I constantly have razor burn

A: To not have to shave seems like a miracle

M: Doesn’t it

M: Before I actually did it I was thinking about doing my lower legs too

M: But damn that shit hurt and that’s a lot more skin to cover

A: Fred complains about shaving and I’m like, LISTEN.

M: Oh grow a beard Fred


A: But your legs should be less sensitive maybe?

M: I asked her and she said it is pretty painful because it takes so much longer. However it really depends on how coarse your hair is and my leg hair is a lot finer and it really only grows on my shins.

A: Fred claims to not have a good beard. Patchy. He threatened a goatee and I was like, SHUT IT DOWN.

M: Nooooo goatee sir

A: Haha

M: My bikini line is pretty coarse but I am still considering it

M: I need like cold packs in my armpits

A: That’s what I would do


M: Update - my armpits are almost hairless

A: Oh, I’ve been meaning to ask about that!

M: So apparently it kills the hair the first time but your hair follicles have different cycles so that’s why sessions are 4-6 weeks apart, to get the new growth cycle

M: I have some hairs but it’s greatly reduced

M: Kind of crazy

A: That’s awesome tho

M: Now I’m pretty sure I want to do my legs. Just to the knee, I don’t really have much hair above that

M: Even though it hurts, just NOT SHAVING any more?? Would be pretty awesome

A: Life-changing

A: Think about how much time you’ll save

M: Yeah and never having to think oh I can’t wear that because I need to shave

A: Right! And I didn’t mean to imply that I think it takes you forever to shave your legs I just meant cumulatively

M: Definitely

M: And razors are so stupidly expensive

M: Laser session #2: still hurt like a bitch but maybe slightly less. But didn’t hurt as bad afterwards (the first time I had to ice my pits after 😬)

M: Made appt to do bikini line next time. Working up nerve to do my lower legs 😬😬😬

A: Excitement! Meanwhile, I signed up for some online lady razors club. 🤷🏻‍♀️

M: Haha

M: Fucking shaving I hate it

A: Worst

A: I should look into lasers. Is it permanent?

M: Yup

M: Some people experience a little regrowth but for most people 3 sessions is effective

A: Sweet

M: But man I need to do a shot of tequila or something beforehand


M: I have two identical pairs of shorts except they are different sizes and today I accidentally put on the smaller pair and thought I had literally gained 15 pounds overnight

A: Ahhhhhh! God, that would unhinge me.

M: I was like OH MY GOD HOW

A: I’m currently afraid to weigh myself

M: same

M: I am still wearing the tight shorts. Some kind of punishment

M: Also have you SEEN this Loeffler Randall bag that’s basically a leather clutch inside a string grocery bag?

M: I mean I am all for a fancy bag but y’all.

A: Haaaa, oh man. That’s the Emperor’s New Grocery Bag

M: I cackled

A: They’re smoking crack

A: Also, stop wearing those shorts! They’ll break your spirit

M: They are growing on me

M: Probably literally

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Lazy Summer.

It's that wonderful time again when everything falls apart and I start dressing like a teenager. I love summer, you guys. I think I've posted a similar outfit every year but this one is pretty dirtbag and I'm not even sorry:

Yay summer! I have a fairly extensive collection of Bowie tees and this is the most recent which I picked up at the exhibit in Brooklyn. It appears to be sold out but this one by Chaser (which I also have) is on sale and there are always a few at Nordstrom Rack, for some reason. My current wishlist Bowie tee is this one from Lucky Brand who always has a great selection of vintage-y band tees and if you want a non-band graphic tee, I think J.Crew does a great job. Mostly I just like a cool graphic tee! 

I still haven't gotten around to buying a new pair of cut-off shorts so I'm wearing last year's pair from Old Navy. I'd say this pair is this year's version. They're still good though I do wish they had a bit more length. I recently saw this pair at Loft and they looked perfect but they didn't have my size in stock. Boo. I am mostly just waiting for Madewell to put these on sale so I can buy them before summer is actually over. Details:

I'm wearing my little Miansai hook necklace which I'm sure y'all are sick of hearing about. It's really petite and perfect when you want just a little something interesting around your neck. I think it looks best when layered which I should demonstrate or something. Bad blogger. I am also wearing that Felina lace bralette thing I told y'all about and it's great! Definitely a bralette for those who can't usually wear them. (You can also get them in a 2-pack at Amazon or Costco, just FYI.)

Bag and sandals! My bag is a MBMJ Percy which I got for a steal on Poshmark. It's tiny but I can fit a surprising amount in it and it doesn't get in my way. NR currently has a bunch of MJ crossbody bags at decent prices in case you're looking.

I've pretty much only been wearing Birkenstocks this summer. These are my Gizehs in copper which I loved best until I got my silver Arizonas. I really can't recommend a fun metallic Birkenstock enough. The best of both worlds.

That's it! I am still figuring out my setup at the new house so hopefully I can get back to posting some actual grown-ass lady outfits soon. (No promises.)