Monday, January 22, 2018

We Discuss: Old Lady Town aka Birkenstocks

Part One: 

A: I got my shearling Birks and I'm conflicted.

M: What’s wrong with them?

A: They are super cozy I'm just not sure they are for me. The color isn't really my thing:

M: Hm yeah I don’t love the color

A: I wonder if my money would be better spent buying the leather Boston clog?

A: These are $20 less:

M: Yeah

A: I wear socks around the house anyway?

M: I obviously prefer the shearling because I don’t

A: Right

A: I just wonder if the plain black clog makes more sense for me

M: Maybe so!

M: I’m addicted to the furrrrrr

A: Shiny or oiled leather?

M: Oiled leather shows scratches

Part Two: 

A: This just in: Birkenstock clogs are crazy clown shoes:

M: Oops

M: Heee

A: I hate everything

A: They’re regular b/c nobody carries narrow in the shiny leather

M: Now I’m paranoid

A: Yours are cute!

M: Narrow must be key

A: They’re a unicorn in reg black leather

M: Boo

M: And you didn’t like the suede?

A: I like suede, I just like the shiny leather more

M: Darn

A: Zappos has suede in narrow…

M: I like the suede

A: I might order for science

M: I find the shininess draws attention to them and they work better as background player

A: Right, that makes sense

M: I mean these are not cute shoes. They are aggressively comfortable


M: Way too wide especially in the toe box. Like flippers

A: Yes, my feet are swimming

M: Not the shoes for you

A: Check out these Arizonas:

M: Ooh pretty

M: I already have navy tho I wish they had gold buckles

M: Maybe I’ll put some rub n buff on them

A: There you go

Part Three:

A: I just got to work and my narrow suede Birks were waiting for me. They’re keepers!

M: Yayyyyyyy!

A: Also, the gold boots that I thought I’d canceled? Did not get canceled and they showed up and now I have to return them. I made the mistake of trying them on.

M: Oh dang

A: The Birks are cute

M: You don’t need those boots!

A: It’s okay, they’re super pretty but they’re going back. The suede Birks are SO GOOD:

A: Narrow is the way to go with the Boston

M: Yeah you have lady feet

A: I looooove them. This is bad, dude.

M: The gold boots?

A: No! The Birkenstocks

A: The gold boots are packed up to go back. No keepsies.

M: Oh that’s good! We’re in the same boat to Old Lady Town

A: Hopefully it’s a Viking River Cruise boat we're on

Friday, January 19, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: I Need A Vacation.

We are in the doldrums of winter. The distractions of the holidays are behind us and now it's just weeks and weeks of crappy, bleak weather and minimal sunshine. I need a vacation, y'all. Here is what I would consider my fantasy travel essentials list:



Thursday, January 18, 2018

Stuff I Like: Reading, Complaining, Fancy Candles, My Feet

Hello! I am back with another "stuff I like" entry and this one includes something I don't like and I get that this could be confusing except that I do very much like complaining about stuff, so really, it's still stuff I like. Here we go:

This Book I Can't Believe I Didn't Know About
Did you know that J.K. Rowling has written a private investigator series under a pseudonym? You did? Yeah, well, everyone did but me. Anyway, I am currently reading the first book - The Cuckoo's Calling and also hoping that I'll be about to find the BBC mini-series online somewhere so I can watch it when I've finished the book. It's really good and quite satisfying and not quite as dark as my very favorite "troubled PI" series - the Jackson Brodie books by Kate Atkinson. 

Quick Book Club Update: I am about halfway through our book club pick: We are Never Meeting in Real Life by Samantha Irby. Is anyone reading it? I started a convo on our Facebook page or you can leave a comment here! 

I Need to Complain About Daniel Day-Lewis 
Seriously, you guys. I cannot with Daniel Day-Lewis. I read this article about how he's had to retire from acting because he gets so deep and method into his roles that he's all droopy and sad afterwards. Like, he is literally quitting acting because he's unable to phone it in even a little bit. All that said, I do kinda want to see Phantom Thread. (If you're a big fan, I'm sorry, he just seems like huge pain in the ass. Feel free to complain about your favorite hate-celebrity in the comments!) 

This Candle That Swears To God Spring Is Coming
My sweet friend Ashley sent me a box of birthday gifts and among them was this Archipelago Luna candle. The notes are a blend of lemon verbena, lavender and thyme and it makes my whole apartment smell like a warm spring day. I SWEAR IT DOES! It's refreshingly herby and soft without being cloying and smells just like springtime is coming. I'm REAL over winter, so this is excellent news. 

I'm Sorry I Have To Talk About Feet Now
My feet are suuuuuper terbs right now. They look really bad and I hate winter because this is what happens - my skin goes all lizardy and I am a giant sad husk standing on sad callused husks. (I should just quit my job like DD-L, I guess.) Kiehls moisturizer is keeping my face from cracking off but my feet are gross and it might be Shiny Foot time. (Except, yoga? I cannot go into yoga shedding my foot skin like that.) In the meantime, I've taken to slathering my gross hooves with this Curel stuff and then putting on some of those aloe socks which (Marianne, cover your ears) feel a bit slimy to me but really seem to be helping. Ooh, also! After buying and returning All The Birks I finally settled on these Birkenstock clogs to be my indoor/outdoor slippers. Hooray! More on that dumb process soon.

PS. I realized just now that the sadness of my feet is not generally something you file under "stuff I like" but I DO like my feet and want them to be happy. Plus, it's my blog and I can do what I want so whatever. Love, Me

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Adrien: I Did Not Get a Snow Day.

Am I the only one who didn't get a snow day today? It feels like it. I mean, I'm looking at it snow! Why am I not at home? Anyway, I dressed for comfort and was pretty happy with the results:

This sweater. A few of you might remember me posting about it - it's the Sofia Cashmere camo print sweater and for a few minutes in November it was marked down to $29 on Amazon. I managed to get one before the price shot back up and, while it's a nice sweater, it's not AT ALL worth the current price. There are some discounted Sofia Cashmere sweaters on NR, including a cashmere gin carnigan in camo! Though honestly, if I was going to spend real money on a camo cashmere sweater, I'd get this one by Graham and Spencer or this one from Barneys though I'd probably be just as happy with something like this inexpensive blue camo pullover.

I am wearing those damn Mossimo jeggings that I wear A LOT and really, I should probably buy another pair if I can find them because these are getting worn out. I love them, though. Truly. I also love the grey moto version Target has right now and I might eventually buy the (real) Joie version because apparently moto style jeggings are an actual staple in my wardrobe. I'm sorry, people. Please forgive me.

Real quick, this is a picture of me trying to look cute in my down coat and beanie. OH WINTER LE SIGH. I am also wearing a really nice blanket scarf that Kate gave me for my birthday! It's huge and warm and has big stars and gold trim. I dig it so much! It also works well as a wrap and comes in a pink colorway as well. On to details: 

Still wearing the lovely Soko paddle pendant Marianne gave me. It's such a nice piece and you can understand why I'm tempted by the Soko horn pendant as well. They do simple shapes so perfectly. And now, the real thing I've been dying to talk about: 

Back in December I bought these Gap chelsea rain boots for a song and then was like, "Why did I buy these? I should return them." Then I offered them to Kate to try when she said she needed rain boots. They were too big for her but damn did they look cute. And then it rained a bunch and OOPS OH WELL. They're mine now and I love them. They're really comfortable and look sharp enough to wear all day and they're way sleeker than my tall Hunter boots. Highly recommend! (Also, use code FRESHSTYLE to get them for $32!) 

I'm not talking about my bag today because I've talked about it a lot lately and maybe I should give it a rest. Enjoy your snow day if you have one and please don't tell me about it because I'm jealous. Bye!

Monday, January 15, 2018

We Discuss: Things We Did NOT Buy Last Week.

M: Week one! Things I wanted to buy, but didn't:

Meow Meow Tweet deodorant
- New sheets (Target chambray to be exact)
- Those open-toed Lotta clogs
- These dumb Birks I can’t even wear yet:

- This stupid dress that I will totally buy if it ever stays in stock long enough: 

A: Oh man, I love that dress! And Meow Meow Tweet...deodorant?

M: Everyone keeps telling me antiperspirant is going to kill me but I just can’t pull the trigger.

A: I just keep slathering it on. No curr.

A: Okay, me. I have not bought:

-A bunch of stupid things on Poshmark including a bag I ALREADY OWNED AND SOLD
-A pair of boots I, um, ordered and then immediately canceled:

- That doesn't count, right? Seriously, what is wrong with me
That pointy Hourglass lipstick I still want and look at and put in carts and then flee
- One of those electric pedi foot file thingies

M: I did get two new shirts this week but it was for a shoot and I had to.

A: I mean, you didn’t buy anything so?

M: Full disclosure. Not stuff I would have bought for myself but I’m wearing the sweatshirt today:

A: Cute!

M: I know we are NOT shopping but this would be pretty on you:


M: 🙈

A: It’s on sale and everything

M: I know

M: I shouldn’t have shown you

M: I am bad

M: But!

A: Mean lady

M: It’s short sleeved. It will be there in February.

A: Hmph

Friday, January 12, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: I AM NOT BUYING THIS STUFF. (But I want to.)

I am days away from my birthday and I'm on a no-buy so it's been tough to reset my brain. Like, my brain is all "I want that! It's mah birthday!" and I have to grab it by the snoot, look it in the eye and say "NO!" very firmly. Over and over again. Here is a list of things I'd certainly like to buy myself but I WILL NOT BE BUYING MYSELF. You are welcome to carry on as you please:



Thursday, January 11, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Nordstrom Rack is Ridiculous Right Now.

Like the truffle pig I am, I went rooting around in Nordstrom Rack's clearance section looking for rare bargains just for you guys because I am not allowed to buy things right now. What did I find? A metric TON of Soko jewelry! I was like"Ooooooh shit" because I love my new pendant so much and I WANT ALL THE THINGS. WHAT A STUPID MONTH FOR A NO-BUY. 

Anyway, just because I'm a stupid idiot doesn't mean you have to be. I mean, lookit this necklace:

I want it allllllll. They're so beautiful and also ethical, you guys! I also found this Botkier tassel pendant which I couldn't not include because I'm still into tassels and this looks like a good one:

It ain't Soko, but I still really like it and it's rull cheap. SIGH. I moved onto bags after that because why not just punch myself in the face for fun? I didn't actually find anything to get hysterical about but I do think this Frye saddle bag is quite minimal and cool:

That's nice, right? So sleek. I also found this cute Marc Jacobs chipped stud pouch in a good teal color:

There’s also a zip phone wristlet in the same color/style. I don't need these things but I super love the distressed stud detail.  And, if you’ve been looking for a new laptop bag this Marc by Marc bag is $51 and fits a 15” laptop. Apparently it’s faux fur lined? Heh. But seriously, I dig it:

The shoes section is a disaster (new slogan idea: Where weird Birkenstocks go to die!) but I did find something good amongst the (also mostly weird) clothing! In case I didn’t convince you earlier this week to get an Eileen Fisher gin cardigan, perhaps this will help? 

This isn't technically in the clearance section but it's still quite well-priced for the quality and fit. I also found this purple cardigan which is even less $$ and is cut a lot like mine:

So cute and basically perfect for drinking gin in a ditch or whatever you like to do while wearing a big soft cardigan. I don't judge.