Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Nordstrom and Braws and Stuff.

M: I have a $10 Nordstrom Note and I feel like I must order SOMETHING but what.

A: How am I the only one that didn't get one of those?

M: I buy too much from Nordstrom*.

A: Some of the beauty deals are really good.

M: I don't really need any beauty stuff. However my Treasure & Bond flares fit me SO perfectly that I'm looking at these:

A: Oh, those are so cute! They're similar to my JCrew pair I love so much.

M: I might just get them. I bought some from Loft that I like but they are definitely summer-only, I can wear these all fall. It's nice to have something non-denim.

M: I should buy a bra or something but meh.

A:  I bought underwear and nothing else.

M: I love Nordstrom so much though. Their rewards program + 6% on ebates.


M: I order so much from them now. Stuff I used to go to Sephora/Zappos/whatever.

A: They really are pretty great - free shipping, great return policy, etc. I bought that Natori Feathers bra everyone freaks out over but I'm worried about sizing.

M: That's my fave!

A: See? Everyone loves it but I'm such a weird fit and it runs small and woe. I'm worried.

M: Yeah I just go up a cup size.

M: This looks like it might actually work for people with boobs?

A: Oh, pretty! The back is so cute. I'd love something like that but they never seem to work on me.

M: I know, I want one.

A: Me too. And, like, how cute is this Zella bra?

A: I’d fall right out of it, probably.

M: So cute!

A: Low-impact support; best for: lying quietly on your back while watching Gilmore Girls.

M: My kind of exercise really. The problem with that Free People one is band-wise I would need an XS/S and nope. Never going to work.

A: Yep, that is my problem too. I mean, I ordered a 32DDD in that Natori bra? Is that even a real size? Who am I?

M: I'm wearing a 32DDD right now, so.

A: *high five*


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Adrien: Heat Index Outfit.

I love summer weather even when the heat index is above 100° which I know sounds crazy. I just like being warm, you know? But, it makes dressing for work a bit challenging because what if I want to wear my favorite little sleeveless casual dress to work? Eh, I just do it anyway:

I bought this dress at Marshalls last summer and it's a weekend favorite. I can't find it online (the brand is Thyme and Honey) but this adorable Joe Fresh dress is super cute and very similar. (In purple, right?) I also recently linked to this space dye version at Eddie Bauer which looks super easy to wear. This Top Shop skater dress option is seriously cute or, hey, get fancy with M Missoni.

And, I added a bag! I sold a few of my collection (including my beloved old Hillier Hobo) and bought a new-to-me Too Hot To Handle hobo in black. I love my cement version so much that it just made sense to replace my Hillier with the newer version that already works so well for me. I dig it:

If eBay isn't your thing (and I totally understand that) definitely keep an eye out for good sales.  This Marc Jacobs Pike Place hobo is on sale and it also comes in cement! This black Kate Spade hobo also looks very similar with nice pebbly leather. Ugh, Nordstrom. Stoppit. For the bargain shopper, I think this Last Call hobo looks pretty nice. 

Details! I'm wearing my fringy pendant from Banana which is long gone, but this version has it's appeal. It's a bit disco! I also loooove this fringe bracelet. I know I make fun of BR a lot, but the jewelry is solid. My watch is my trusty Cluse La Bohème in rose gold

I'm wearing my TOMS Strappy wedges which are a great comfortable option for summertime. Mine are a metallic denim material like this Clarissa version but the Strappy wedge also comes in black canvas, cute prints and metallic suede

Yep, ruined it all with a cardigan because my office is like the Arctic circle. What can you do?

Monday, July 25, 2016

What's In My Bag?

I think did a post about like this once upon a time, but it's been years and my bag is kind of heavy so I thought I'd dump it all out and take pictures. Exciting, right? Totally.

Here is everything in my bag minus a few linty tissues and a handful of loose change. First, my bag:

It's a Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle hobo and it's my most-carried bag. This particular bag in this color (cement) is only available on eBay at this point but MBMJ has a few other really nice hobo bags. The Recruit bag in mink is the most similar to mine!  Here's what's in it:

My cellphone with cute GoCustomized personalized iPhone 6 case, Elegant anti-static hairbrush, Jonathan Adler coin purse (keep an eye on eBay), and a pen. Now, about my personalized phone case, which was sent to me by GoCustomized to review:

GoCustomized offers personalised phone cases in all manner of finishes. I uploaded my favorite photo from the blog and chose a wood finish, though I think the new cork case is really cool and very current. So many options! I dithered a lot but eventually settled on this combo and they shipped it to me super fast. It's a good quality, minimal case and the wood texture is really cool. Thanks, GoCustomized

My overstuffed MBMJ wallet was a lucky eBay purchase a few years ago. It's not super exciting and I should admit I'm keeping my eye on this gorgeous snakeskin nugget because holy crap is that beautiful. I also really like this cobalt blue MBMJ wallet because, you know, cobalt blue. My sunglasses are Oakley Restless which I can't find online anymore but they make great aviators for women.  My sunglasses case is some weird thing I picked up at Old Navy years ago. I love it and will use it until it's dead.

I saved my makeup bag for last! I'm using a little LeSportSac pouch that Kate gave me and it's the perfect size if you want a smaller bag that doesn't overwhelm your space. It comes in cute patterns and solid colors and is light and indestructible. I also love this dome top cosmetic bag, though it doesn't have the separate zip pockets for band aids and whatnot. In my bag I have:

 I also have something of a Chapstick addiction but we don't need to talk about that. Everything is fine and four sticks is a perfectly reasonable amount to have in your bag. I also usually have a little brow pencil in my makeup bag but it got mixed back in with my makeup stash.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

That which cannot be ignored, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, has begun. I'm already kind of tired of hearing about it but the deals are real. Personally, I have a hard time wrapping my head around boots and sweaters when the heat index is over 100° but needs must.

Mostly I think this sale is great time to stock up on basic things that don't often go on sale - Natori bras and Hanky Panky thongs are definitely on that list. Plus, the beauty deals are pretty nice! Here's what I think looks good:

Cute Boy Friday: Idris Is Entertaining AF.

I know I'm all IDRIS ALL THE TIME around here but have you seen him on Fallon? Singing and dancing? I'm pretty sure Jimmy Fallon has a crush.

Also, while I'd happily watch a show that's just Idris sitting in a chair, I'm not sure how I feel about this:

He also flipped a car in King of Speed, which was pretty scary. Like, baby, please stop crashing in cars? But, he did break the land speed record in the UK, so that's pretty good. #IdrisforBond

Thursday, July 21, 2016

I'm Worried About Banana Republic, You Guys.

*** More new stuff in the blog shop and price drops on the old stuff! ***

A: I thought things might get better. Things are not getting better:



M: It's obviously for a Ruffle Party.

A: What happens at a Ruffle Party?

M: Everyone wears ruffles and eats Ruffles, duh.

M: I don't know.

A: Could I wear this sad-maker to a ruffle party?

M: I think could vs. should is the situation here.

A: I believe you called that particular dress "a war crime" and then sent me this:

M: I stand by this.

A: They can't even give that dress away. They should pay you $100 if you try to buy it.

A: PS. Send help.

M: Sorry kid, you're on your own.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Adrien: Old Magic.

This is one of my "magic" dresses from Target. It's, um, really old but I still wear it because it doesn't get much more comfortable than this and it's such a good base for fun accessories:

Of course this dress is long gone but the Merona line usually has a few really simple summer dresses, like this A-line easy waist dress and this simple v-neck dress (which is only in-store.) This Asos dress is a similar shape and a bit more sophisticated and this Kohl's dress is really close and comes in a bunch of colorways! My favorites are this Soma colorblock dress that looks like it would be flattering on almost everyone and this draped dress is my favorite kind of simple. 

I love pairing a dark navy with leopard print because why not? Leopard goes with everything. My belt is this one from Target but this one at Buckle is basically identical and even less expensive. More details: 

I'm wearing my LUV AJ lariat necklace from my Box of Style and I love how delicate it is! This one is pretty similar (and a bit fancier.) I also LOVE this one from Madewell that's on sale! On my wrist is a La Mer wrap watch that I brought out of retirement. 

I'm carrying my most-loved MBMJ Too Hot To Handle Hobo in cement which is long sold out, but this MBMJ hobo is the same color and on sale to boot. This Vince Camuto bag is a great neutral and has a similar slouch. It's the Hermès Cape Cod I'll never own. 

My favorite Chie Miharas for summer! This pair has a similar cute buckle on top and this pair of Chies is probably the most similar in style to mine. There is just nothing else like them.