Monday, August 19, 2019

Weekend Shopping Report: It's Starting, Isn't It.

Last weekend my friend Kate and I had a nice catch-up lunch which might have included a cocktail and then we wandered over to the Big Mall where all the danger stores live. First, we went to Athleta where I didn't need a damn thing. NOT ONE DAMN THING DID I NEED.

You can see where this is going, right? Suddenly I'm in the dressing room with a whole lot of things to try on. First, I tried on the Printed Rincon Dress, which I believe I mentioned back in June. They had it in the same weird black pattern as my shorts, so how could I not try it on?

I am currently between sizes, which was really apparent with this dress. Here it is in medium:

It's gaping at the top and there's a lot of material to deal with in the skirt. Still, it was super comfy and would travel like a champ. (I am a fan in general of this line - it's the same material as my Zephyr shell.) The size small fit better overall but was pulling a bit across the chest. I had to put it back because for the price, it should fit perfectly.

Kate, meanwhile, tried on the Brooklyn Ankle Pant and they are SO GOOD:

She was worried they looked too casual because they felt like workout pants. But that's the trick - they look like really nice cropped pants (that stripe down the side!) but feel like comfy workout pants. Magic. She also found, hiding in the back, the longer t-shirt cousin of our beloved shell, the Zephyr Tee:

We both tried it on and both loved it. It's not really a t-shirt - it's a woven top with knit trim that drapes really nicely and looks expensive on. (Which it should, because it's certainly not cheap.)

We both bought the Zephyr top and Kate also got the cute pants. I'm telling you, Athleta is really impressing me with the non-fitness clothing. So comfortable and stylish and perfect for travel.

We then went to Madewell, which is still really in full summer mode. Kate tried on jeans and I wandered around and was tempted by these cute earrings which I did not buy. The only thing I got (and Kate did too) is another Whisper tee in a color only redheads can wear:

It was an extra 30% off so ended up being $11 or something like that. Marianne got me hooked on these tees and this is my third one. Sorry, Everlane. After Madewell we fled the mall because all the money had been spent and we needed coffee. The next morning I got this from Kate:

Friday, August 16, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: New Arrivals at Madewell

UGH. YOU GUYS. The things I do for you. I decided to browse the new arrivals at Madewell purely for blog science and now I want, like, six new things. It's REAL BAD. I know it's still a billion degrees outside but my dumb brain is very confident that fall will be here any minute and don't I need to prepare? Ugh:


Thursday, August 15, 2019

We Discuss: Our Fall Shoe Obsessions.

A: You own Vince high top sneaker boot things before, yes?

M: Yes.

A: Do they run big? I am seeing all kinds of conflicting info on the Internets.

M: The ones I have definitely ran big.

A: These:

M: Those are the ones I have an in my experience they ran big.

A: Thanks! I might find a really inexpensive used pair and see if I like them.

A: WAIT. Goddammit, Madewell just sent me an Insider $25 off a $100 purchase.

M: gah

A: Fuckers. They know I want those snakeskin slides:

M: That’s so rude.

A: So incredibly rude.

M: Ugh I just got one TOO





M: 😭

A: They are so mean, I’m sorry.

M: I feel all panicky.

A: That’s what they want.


A: But those shoes are really cute.

M: I really love them and I checked and I have been talking about animal print mules since LAST fall.

A: Girl!

M: I mean I feel like it’s not an impulse purchase, right.

M: A year!

A: Just gooooo

M: I did.


M: Maybe???

A: They are not close to sold out but $25 off…

M: Dude I literally got the last pair of mine.

M: Now they say sold out.


M: This is my reward for going to the doctor this week.

A: Of course.

M: And not being told I’m dying.

A: Which you’re obviously not.

M: Tell that to my brain.

A: settle down, brain.

M: I am excited about my mules. Those and furry Arizonas are the two shoes on my fall wish list.

A: Yay! Good focus.

A: I still have my mules sitting in my shopping cart.

A: And... I just bought a pair of Vince Newlyn boots on eBay! Fall can start now.

M: Bite your tongue it’s still summer!


M: I already feel like it’s going too fast.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Outfit of the Day: Just Something I Liked.

Sometimes I plan my blog outfits and sometimes (most times tbh) I get dressed in a hurry and rush out the door. Occasionally I will be pleased with my rushed outfit and take a quick photo so I can recreate it later for the blog. That's what you're getting today, more or less. Hooray? 

I'm technically wearing mostly black but they're different shades of black so I am feeling okay about it. My top is the Zephyr Shell from Athleta and it is really more of a washed black with darker black trim. I love this top because it weighs nothing and, despite being cropped and boxy, it somehow hits me just right. Oh, it also comes in a really pretty navy print! I like that one a lot. 

My jeans are Madewell and they're the thrifted jeans I mentioned on Monday! I am pretty stoked about them because they are SUPER black with no whiskering or distressing, so I've been wearing them to work and pretending like they absolutely are not jeans. Shh. They are such a good, pigmented black that they make my top look blue. (It's not, I promise.) 

We're supposed to have storms later so I threw on this absolutely not waterproof jacket, mainly because I miss it. It's Madewell et Sezane from a few years back. It's long sold out but this Madewell surplus jacket looks like a good substitute. If you want something that might actually be waterproof, this cute Columbia trench comes in a good olive green! On to details: 

Hey, I got a haircut and wow is my face SHINY. Anyway, I'm wearing the same jewelry I've been wearing all summer - my labradorite Panacea earrings (I couldn't find a similar but isn't this pair beautiful?) and my much-loved Dean Davidson tassel (sold out, but this one is similar.) 

Shoes and bag! This is a lot of pattern and I didn't entirely think this through but I don't hate it. My flats are Madewell Reid ballet flats and I really love them. This is my second or third pair of Madewell leopard flats and these are by far the most comfortable. I'm also carrying my Liberty of London Marlborough tote (link is to the bigger version) which I found on Poshmark. I typically carry it more in the fall/winter but decided I don't care anymore. That's it! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

We Discuss: Yesterday Stuff.

M: Damn it now I want your shorts

A: Ha, sorry. They’re really good though

M: I am becoming a person who just wears athletic shorts and t-shirts on the weekend

A: I literally just bought them full price because I am not fucking around

M: Hell yeah

A: They are super comfy but also cute enough to pass for real clothing

M: Also for your hair I like AG Texture Gloss a lot

M: Also Oribe texture spray

M: The spray is more volume-y

A: Ha, I thought I had a travel sized Oribe spray and was like, what did I do with it? Oh, I gave it to Marianne.

M: hahahaha

A: I have a few little bottles of texture spray stuff - the Kristen Ess stuff at Target and Ouai Texture Spray I got in a box. Both are quite underwhelming.

M: oops

A: Like, my hair is just giving me the middle finger

M: I think Oribe Texturizing Spray is the only spray worth fussing with

A: Oribe is good stuff

M: It’s a dry-er texture, like I use it on day three because it almost works as a dry shampoo too

A: Right, both of these products are supposed to be that

M: The AG texture gloss is more like a pomade

A: That interests me

M: I use it on the ends only

A: Oh, of course

M: Oh and this stuff!

M: You might love this actually

A: YES. I wanted that when you posted about it a few years ago

M: Walmart has it for $12

A: I hate Walmart but I am willing to go and get some of that

M: I mean online

M: I would never advise GOING to Walmart

A: OH. Haha!

A: I was like, you are making me go to Walmart...?

A: Crisis averted

M: Hahahaha

Monday, August 12, 2019

Weekend Shopping Report: This and That.

I haven't bought much lately but I have a few things to report from last weekend:

I recently went looking online for a pair of magical shorts for my upcoming vacation to northern California. I wanted something packable and cute that I could also wear for a hike or kayaking. Also, I wanted a 4" (or longer) inseam. This seemed like a tall order but I figured Athleta would have something and I found these:

They are the Camden Printed Short. I went to try them on in store and loved them so much I just bought them. They have a nice wide waistband, cute zipper pockets and are light as a feather. Sold. I wore them out yesterday for running errands and they didn't ride up or otherwise piss me off, so they're definitely good to go for vacation.

Now, here is a lesson in how not to sell things on Poshmark:

1. Find a great pair of Madewell jeans at the thrift store

2. Wash and carefully press the jeans

3. Photograph jeans and take measurements

4. Try jeans on for blog science

5. Add a top and shoes and wear your new jeans to work

6. Oops

Erm, so sometimes the things I thrift to sell end up being for me and hey, nothing wrong with that! I didn't have a pair of plain black skinny jeans and now I do. I am regularly amazed at the things I find at the thrift store.

One other thing I bought that I wanted to mention - this summer-weight "quilt" from Target. We desperately needed something that wasn't a cat-destroyed knit blanket so I bought this quilt and it's SO nice. Attractive and weighty but still light enough for summer. I haven't washed it yet but so far it's great and of course the cats love it. 

Finally, are their any short haired ladies around? I got a new haircut and It's been too many years since I've needed products for anything but super-straightness. Y'all got any recs for a texturizing/volume type product? I don't generally like salt sprays but I'm open to suggestions for any kind of volumizer or paste or balm-type product. Help me be piece-y!

Friday, August 9, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: All the Anthro Dresses.

Anthropologie is having quite the sale on dresses and there are A LOT of them. I've narrowed it down to eight that I'd love to have in my closet: