Monday, January 26, 2015

Review: Bumble & bumble Repair Blow Dry and All Style Blow Dry

Oh Bumble & bumble. Every time I think I'm out you manage to pull me back in. I've been using BB products on and off for a long time. When I had really short hair I swore by their Styling Creme and Sumotech. When I grew my hair out I tried the Styling Lotion (too sticky) and Grooming Creme (too heavy) but never really found anything I loved.

I did really like the Straight Blow Dry balm but the smell didn't thrill me and it was expensive for what it was. Nice, but not a perfect product and maybe a little drying. I get my hair colored and last year when I grew it to my shoulders the ends got super-fried. (I'm not saying this product dried my hair out, it just didn't help protect it from further damage.) I needed something better.

And then, they made it. Something better! With my last Sephora order I got nice-sized sample tubes of the new Bumble & bumble styling products:

All-Style Blow Dry

I tried the All-Style Blow Dry first and it was...fine. It has "microfine oil-absorbing powders" in it to extend the life of your blow dry which is great and all, but I am not one of those people who can make my blow dry last more than a day. My hair is short-ish and fine and every morning I wake up with stupendous bedhead. This product actually contributes to that.

Not to say it doesn't work. It works fine - gives some hold and protects against heat damage - but it didn't really do anything amazing for me and I don't generally need microfine oil-absorbing powders in my hair stuff since I have to blow dry daily. I think this might be wonderful for the long-hairs who don't shampoo every day so please take this review with a short-hair grain of salt.

Repair Blow Dry

Ah...but the Repair Blow Dry. NOW WE ARE TALKING. This stuff is fucking great. It's GREAT. It's described as a "serum-in-creme elixir for dry or damaged hair" and I use it from my roots down, layered under Phomollient (just on my roots for some lift.) It gives my hair smoothness and swing and protects from humidity and static like a boss without weighing my hair down at all. I've been using it for the past week and I will be so sad when my tiny sample tube is empty. This is definitely one I'd consider spending money on. Between this and my awesome fancy hair dryer my hair has been looking a lot healthier than it ever has before.

Have you tried the Repair Blow Dry or All-Style Blow Dry? What did you think?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Weekend Window Shopping: Handbags on Sale.

Who doesn't love a bargain? Especially on something kinda fancy? Right now Last Call is offering an extra 30% off of handbags plus 2.5% cash back with eBates (my referral link.) They have some really nice bags, y'all:

Friday #GoHugo

Alright alright alright. Marianne and I both agree that there is nothing in the world more delightful than Matthew McConaughey. Just nothing.

I mean, are you kidding me?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

More UGG Talk.

A: You bought UGGs. I bought UGGs. Let's talk about UGGs.

L: I got gifted a pair for Christmas which my daughter picked out. I will let you guess what they looked like before I show you what I exchanged them for.

A: Oooh, were they glittery??

L: THEY WERE! And also blue leopard print! Please note: never let the 7 year old pick out your UGGs. These are clearly the ones she wanted so she got them for me:


A: Wow. I mean, I like shiny things and I like leopard print but those are A Lot.

L: That's a lot of things! Thank GOD they were a half size too small. And when I went to the store they "didn't have those anymore." So I got these with a zipper. Because I am lazy.

UGG Sumner

A: Ooh, fancy zipper UGGs! Mine are just the classic tall and they're like wearing bunnies on my feet. In a good way.

L: In the best possible way. I am perpetually cold-footed and these babies are like MAGIC.

A: It's actually a good thing that I can't wear them to work because I'd never wear anything else. Ever.

L: I have worn them a couple times to work because of the weather. And then forgot to change out of them into the shoes in my bag.

A: Oops. Well, that happens. I just love it when something is popular because of comfort rather than visual appeal. Except for Crocs. Those are just hideous always.

L: I admit I was a hater. But now I'm a convert because I love them the most. Have tried the slippers? I know you're budgeting now, but the slippers!!

A: I want the slippers real bad. REAL BAD.

L: They were the one thing I asked for for Christmas. And bless my mother-in-law for completing my cozy-footed desires. Not to undermine your financial goals, but they do last forever

A: I've got my eye on a pair on 6pm but I'm biding my time.

L: Oooh which ones?

A: The Scuffette. 

L: They are so good. That was the pair I had for almost 10  years. It's a durable, smart, cozy choice.

A: Enabler.

L: The worst kind.

A: Related: My feet are cold.

L: I think you might need to make a medical exception case for work [wiggles toes in sheepskin].

A: Mean.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Adrien: Old As Dirt.

Y'all have all seen this dress a million times. I dug through the archives (haHA) and it's all over the damn blog. I bought it five years ago at Ross and it really should have spontaneously burst into flames after six months or so, but the damn thing just keeps on going. I can't get rid of it! It's easy to wear and I like the colors? I don't even know anymore. Here:

I believe the dress is from NY & Co. (where they apparently still have cute print dresses) but it reminds me of BCBG which is my favorite brand for a beautiful print. Also, Issa London. And DVF. I'll stop now. 

I'm wearing it with a sad Gap cardigan, my favorite Spanx tights and a pair of Chie Mihara pumps that I will wear until the end of time. They're long gone but there are some great deals on cute Chies right now. Just saying

My bag is MBMJ and is long gone, though Revolve has the satchel version in navy blue. I'm so helpful, right?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Adrien: Back on The Wagon.

Oh hey, so remember back last summer when I had to save a bunch of money and decided to put myself on a budget? I'm going to do that again. I didn't do terribly well last time so hopefully I'll manage myself better this go 'round.  (Also, one of my new year's resolutions was to downsize my stuff a little bit, so I've listed a few bigger items in the shop and will be posting some more bargain-y stuff soon, so keep an eye out.)

The rules this time around are a little different. My budget a bit bigger than last summer (hey, summer clothes are cheaper) but any unspent budget goes right into my savings account, it doesn't roll over. My plan is to do this until May, at which point I'll reassess the budget and my needs.

My rules:

  • A monthly style budget of $200 which includes beauty/makeup, clothes, shoes, and accessories. (It does not include hair appointments because that is non-negotiable.)
  • Unspent budget does NOT roll over to the next month.
  • Selling something on the blog or eBay does not count as free style budget money.
  • One in, one out. If I buy something I have to get rid of something.
  • I will definitely still be whining about stuff I want that I can't have.

This starts February 1st and to keep myself honest I'll write an entry at the end of each month with details of exactly what I bought and how much I spent. 

And since we're already here, I thought I'd tell you what I've bought in January. My birthday was last week so I bought myself a couple of birthday gifts. A cool local boutique sent me a birthday coupon for 50% off one full-priced item so I bought myself some UGG boots:

UGG Classic Tall

I love them. SO much. Even though they're really not very attractive. My feet are cold all the time and they are so nice to slip on after a winter bike ride. I have zero regrets. I also bought some black Hudson skinny jeans at the same boutique that were something like 75% off:

Hudson Nico Mid-Rise Super Skinny
They are super-black, have a lovely mid-rise and are very comfortable. I went down a size, though, because they are really damn stretchy. Filed under "less exciting purchases" I bought more of my favorite foundation:

Smashbox Studio Skin

I did get a bunch of samples with the order, including a couple of new Bumble & bumble styling products, so I'll have those to review soon. Finally, I bought some thermal underwear from Target because everyone needed to know that, right? Sure.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Weekend Window Shopping: Fantasy Birthday Gifts.

It's my birthday weekend so I'm being selfish and compiling a fantasy list of lovely gifts I'd give to myself if I could. (I actually did buy the first one but it's cold so they're totally practical):