Friday, December 15, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: Anthropologie Has You Covered.

Anthro currently has 25% off everything with free shipping (no minimum!) so now would be a good time to order those stupid little gifts you forget about. Here is a selection of under-$25 gifts that anyone should be delighted to receive and if they're not, they get nothing and will be happy with that. So There.


Thursday, December 14, 2017

An Entirely Selfish Gift Guide.

Yeah, so I am one of those people who Christmas shops with a one-for-you-two-for-me mentality because when else am I looking SO HARD for good stuff? I also want good stuff! I am a terrible person and it's definitely better to give than to receive and peace on earth and all that stuff. Sure.

But...I also think you have to make your own fun and sometimes a list just happens. Here's what's on my Christmas List for Me right now:

These Madewell Chelsea boots are haunting me.  They've been in my cart for weeks and I'm scared they'll sell out before they get cheap enough for me to justify buying them. (Edited to add: they just sold out in my size. Woe.) But, it's not like Madewell will never have chelsea boots again, right? RIGHT? 

Also, do not follow Liberty London on Instagram because holy shit. They make me want so much stuff. Like:

This zip-top pouch is one of my very favorite Liberty prints. I don't need a little pouch but I do, right? Oh, I definitely do.

I also love this tote as well and I'm pretty sure I've posted it before. So useful and beautiful and yes, I hate myself for even looking at it. Stahp.

So, the other thing is that I have almost no "real" jewelry and every now and then I feel like I could be a better adult person if I had, say,  this lightning bolt necklace from Wolf and Badger which is basically killing me:

It is legit super tiny and ridiculously expensive and booooooooo. I can't have it. In that same vein is this incredibly beautiful and stupid single diamond earring lightning bolt that I would wear to my grave, or so I assume. (Though this more literal version from Catbird is rad too.) I'd also love something super minimal like these tiny gold bar earrings. I guess I could be super bargain-y and get these glorious Annie Fensterstock diamond earrings from TJ Maxx:

I gasped when I first saw them and then got lightheaded when I saw the price. Like, HAHAHA NOT FOR YOU DUMMY.  This pair is even better/worse. I can't keep talking about them. NEXT THING:

Has anyone bought a pair of these (only slightly too expensive) Mahabis slippers? Are they magical? Because really I want shearling Birkenstocks or another pair of Uggs slippers but something about the Mahabis ads just make them seem like they'd change my life a little. Apparently I really want expensive slippers that can be worn outside.

In other news, Anthro just put a bunch of winter stuff on sale "up to" 40% off and now I want this giant Michael Stars carnigan gin sweater::

I KNOW I KNOW. It looks so drapey and good but also substantial. Wouldn't I look cute in that? I think so too. Finally, I think I need some fresh fun makeup. I definitely want to make sure that the crazy Hourglass lipstick ends up in my stocking (because I will put it there) but I'm also super into this Charlotte Tilbury palette:

I need this like a glowy hole in the head but it just seems like a useful and delightful set. I also want to try her three-way eyebrow pencil and HOLD UP. I have found it. I have found the thing I need more than any other thing:

HEART EYES EMOJI! What on earth! A kitty pouch and lipstick set? This is it, you guys. This is the thing that wins the gift guide Internet today. Thank you and good day.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

We Discuss: The Joy That Is Last Christmas.

A: I need you to watch this video:

M: Okay

A: Awesome

M: Okay so it’s very cold. Oh and there’s jeeps.

A:  Wham! Ski holiday!

M: There’s so much resplendent hair.


M: I mean he biggest thing is their commitment to George Michael being straight.

M: I want that house

A: Right! And a love triangle(?) with Andrew Ridgley.

M: Spoiler alert!


A: And it's Christmas

A: And maybe a birthday too

M: This looks like a good time.

A: Like, I really think Wham! just wanted a ski vacation and made a video out of it.

M: I think a key party is about to break out. A lot of sexy eyes.

A: Ha! George Michael all dreamy in a very hetero fur hood.

M: I appreciate how normal and derpy everyone is.

A: The 80s were a magical time.

M: Random close up on the diamant√© brooch.

M: Whoa what happened to the party? Are they all on heroin?


M: Wait is GM wearing uggs in the snow.

A: Yes

A: And running to him

M: He’s just scared he’s going to run into a vagina.

A: Vaginas are scary, girl. They break your heart.

M: Why are they climbing over a fence to leave? Did they break in?

A: They all "hiked" in at the beginning.

M: But there’s no gate?


M: Not one person actually went skiing.

A: Nope

M: Merry Christmas and thank you

A: It's my favorite

After spending, like, ten years making GIFs for this entry I found out that the Fug girls also have a deep and abiding love for this video! We are in good company. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Adrien: Alive and Shiny AF.

Hi hi hi! I alive and well and back in the world of real clothes. I love my Gap joggers (a lot) but it's also nice to wear fun outfits again and I took pictures of one that I wore very briefly to a party before I had to immediately go back home because a virus got me. Anyway:

Snake print! Coated denim! Shiny boots! I am so into this. The blouse is Rebecca Taylor and I bought it quite a few years ago. I don't wear it very often but it's very ME, right? I do love a good snake print blouse and this one by Rebecca Taylor is beautiful and I also love this one by Equipment. HOWEVER, since we ain't really rich around here I think this T Tahari with velvet trim is well-priced and there are all kinds of cool/weird options on the Realreal. There's also this one at Target but it's too ruffly for me.

 I'm wearing the snakey blouse with my super favorite Madewell skinny coated jeans, Part Two. See, my old pair were getting tight to the point of not buttoning and rather than feel bad about it and beat myself up for my winter fluff, I just did this: I went to Poshmark* and found a pair in the next size up and BOOM. My favorite jeans fit again. I suggest you try this amazing diet method. It works great.

I tucked the shirt in (which I never do) and I like this outfit so much better. Why do I never tuck my damn shirts in? Anyway, I am a big fan of Madewell denim and I love their coated jeans a lot but I feel like you might need options. I mean, hi, Old Navy has a pair of coated jeans! (Mostly sold out, but go to the store. You need to try them on first anyway.) Gap also has a pair with cute snap details and, hey, Target has a pair of black coated jeggings! YAS. In case you're like, why do I need these? It's because they have the fun rocker look of leather without all the hassle and expense. Just trust me. Details: 

Snaaaaake. So pretty. I'm wearing my blingy Alexis Bittar cocktail ring from the Box of Style a few years ago but wish I had this one with the snake because, theme. I'm also wearing my little labradorite necklace which I can't get enough of. 

Oh, check this out! My Christmas present to myself via eBay. It's a Marc Jacobs Paradise Rio satchel and it's huge and slouchy and I've carried it every day since it arrived. This one on eBay has no bids yet if you're looking! My boots are by Steven and they're still available for a song on 6pm. (The color is called silver but they're definitely gold.) 

Finally, I threw my awesome Halston Heritage tuxedo jacket over the whole thing because it's just the best. If you're looking for something similar, check out the Tracee Ellis Ross option! Cute. 

*Regarding Poshmark: I'm now selling my stuff! Sign up with code AMBLUS2 to get $5 off your first order. Or, if you have an account please follow me and I'll follow back!

Monday, December 11, 2017

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): This and That.

Just a couple of quick things! So, Target is pretty magical right now. I went in for my beloved Double Cleanse and walked out with an adorable glass narwhal ornament that isn't on the website anymore but you probably should go find one. Here he is:

I KNOW. And there were gift bags with llamas and bears and little birds dressed up in parkas and it was really nice. I also just took a peek at the A New Day collection and you know how everyone has a leopard coat this season? I really think this might be a good one and it gets glowing reviews:

So cute! And such an inexpensive way to try out the trend. I also like this festive velvet dress with nice long sleeves which, refreshingly, also comes in plus sizes:

Similarly, this green velvet slip dress is also very pretty (and also comes in plus sizes) but you are gonna need a cardigan with that. Finally, I had lunch with Kate over the weekend and she showed up wearing this top from Banana Republic:

And it was super freaking cute! Comfy like a sweatshirt but also very stylish which is totally the goal, right? It comes in four colors and with codes (stack BRMONDAY and STYLE for 50% off) it's a very affordable gateway to crazy sleeves. I am kind of obsessed with it. Sorry, Kate. I promise I'll buy it in a different color. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: Madewell Shopping.

I know I just did a WWS on Madewell but through tomorrow you can take 20% when you spend $100+ or 30% off when you spend $200+, with code OHWHATFUN plus 5% cash back with eBates. They got cute stuff and some of it is exactly the kind of gifty stuff you'll want to give to your best friend or sister or wife or girlfriend. Or yourself. (You know how I roll.) Here's what I love:



Thursday, December 7, 2017

BUY THIS (Are We Panic Shopping Yet?): Some Stuff.

Hi! Hi hi hi! I'm sorry to disappear on you guys but I have been SICK AS A DOG. So sick. Gross sick. I won't go into details but suffice to say there will be no outfit pictures this week. Instead I've basically lost a week and now I'm panicking about Christmas because what's more magical than panicking? Sobbing? Rocking in a corner? Running away?

Anyway, here are a few bits and pieces that might make good gifts or are maybe something you need for yourself because let's face it, you're doing everything anyway and you need some damn cheer:

First! Nina found a few good deals on the coated Giles and Brother bracelets on Amazon. The prices will fluctuate so snap them up now if you want them. (Also, make sure it says "Ships from and sold by" because they'll switch it out without warning.)

This turquoise version is $24.79! It's literally still $120 on the G&B website. Insanity. I also found this super pretty pair of House of Harlow stud earrings are still under $10:

Now, on to TJ Maxx, my favorite. And they have free shipping today, y'all. No code, no threshold, just free shipping on everything. 

First, they have Mason Pearson brushes! These are the bomb, or so I've heard. I don't have a fancy brush but I've always wanted one and they're a beauty cult classic. They have the Pocket Boar Bristle Hair Brush, the Nylon Detangler Hair Brush and the Bristle & Nylon Hair Brush (which is currently on Nordstrom for nearly $50 more):

There is also this Louisa Perini cashmere scarf that comes in a bunch of different cute plaids but this is my favorite:

Or maybe you know someone who needs a llama indoor planter? I mean, really, who doesn’t? Now, let's talk about that stuff that you won't buy yourself but you should. Like, say, THIS:

I'm stealing Cambridge Satchel Company's Insta photo because it made me gasp. So sweet! So perfect! So impractical! I also love this silver nugget:

Everyone needs one fun, impractical little bag and Cambridge bags are bulletproof and classic. Love them. Finally, I think we need some slap up in here. I recently bought this set for myself:

It's a good value (two full-sized products!) and a fun way to try out some bold color. I also think this Sunday Riley set is a really good deal and features two of my favorites. What I really want to try, though, is this Hourglass lipstick. Kim France is making me want things again, y'all. It's unfair but loooooook at it:

It's refillable too which is very eco-friendly so you're basically saving the earth. Go you. Finally, if you're a Jo Malone fan (and I definitely am) this Christmas cracker set is doing me in:

The end. Nap time.