Friday, November 17, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: Do You Have A Red Bag Yet?

Look, you need a red bag. You really, really do. Nothing is more cheerful or fashionable! Here are eight great options under $200:



Thursday, November 16, 2017

Stuff I Like: Listening, Reading, Carrying, Wearing

I'm back with a few more recommendations. Also! We've added a bunch of new stuff to the blog shop so check it out! Buy our stuff! 

This Podcast That Seems Very Us.
Marianne texted me recently all, YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIRST AID KIT. So I did and it's basically like our cute boy entries in podcast form. Nichole and Bim have excellent taste in men and it's one of those podcasts where I agree with them out loud like they can hear me, like, "John Cho? Andre Benjamin?? HELL YES PLEASE." Anyway, it's extremely relevant to my interests and I highly recommend.

This Stephen King Book I'm Re-reading. 
I read It when it came out in the 80s and remember really loving it. I saw the recent movie and realized that a) I am too old for horror movies and cannot handle them at all, and b) I really wanted to give it a re-read and see if it held up. It does! It's much better and deeper as a novel and is really all about the characters and their bond. And it's scary as hell. I won't lie. 

This Laptop Cover That Sparks Joy.
I get very annoyed at how ugly office things tend to be so when I needed a new laptop case I was happy to discover that Cynthia Rowley had fixed the glitch. I bought the cosmic black floral neoprene laptop case and it makes me happy over and over again. It's just so fucking cute! Now I want the matching mousepad and the gold stapler and the rest of it. Upgrade your desk! Some of it is available on Amazon, but mostly at Staples.

This Hat That Surprised Me.
I really wish the Box of Style hadn't gone downhill because there are items from past boxes that still surprise and delight me. Last year's box (such a good one) contained a Soia and Kyo beanie that I totally forgot about until it got super cold last weekend. I wore that hat all weekend and it's crazy cute and warm! I am not a hat person! But I like this one! I have the mulberry color but it also came in black and white. You could buy a version that has a cute floof ball ooorrrrr go to eBay and pick up one from last year's box.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Adrien: I Do Not Hate Socks (A Bombas Review)

Marianne hates socks, y'all. She calls them foot prisons. I agreed with her until I found my magic socks. I have magic socks! The magic is: Bombas. This is not really new information, I've written about my love of Bombas quite a lot but I bought some new styles and I have a lot to say, apparently.

All my gym socks are Bombas Ankle because once I started wearing them, I couldn't imagine wearing anything else. I get legit mad when I run out. They are super cushy, they fit really well and, best of all, there is no hard seam over your toes. I hate the seam. Hate it so much. Bombas hand-links the seam so you don't feel it. Magic. Bombas is also awesome because for every pair they sell, they donate a pair to someone in need.

So, initially they were just gym socks but then ankle boots became a thing. I struggled because the best ankle boots/pants look involves a little bit of ankle showing and socks are not part of this look. I discovered by trial and error that the Bombas ankle is actually really great for wearing with ankle boots because the blister tab keeps them from slipping under your heel. I also LOVE the No Shows - I wear them with sneakers and boots and they absolutely stay put.

Anyway! They kept sending me emails about cute new styles and patterns so I gave in and ordered some damn socks (with my own money! This isn't a sponsored post):

I got some of the new styles - the Cushioned No Show, the Knee-High, and the Quarters. I also bought a pair of ankle socks because, um, they come in leopard print now. Look how cute:

(Daniel says stripes are better than spots and leopards aren't all that.)  

I really love my leopard ankle socks! I'm also really happy with the other new socks I bought. The Cushioned No-Show are especially great with my Chelsea boots - they give a little more padding but still stay out of sight. The ankle socks are a little bit high for some of my ankle boots, but they work with taller pairs and also work great as cycling socks because they're snug at the ankle. The knee-highs are amazing with tall boots. They so much more comfortable around the toes (no pointy seam edges!) and they stayed up all day. Yay for good socks.

If you've never tried Bombas here's a little incentive: purchase through my link and get 25% off your first order. Yay! Socks for everyone. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Adrien: Madewell Purchases - Review and Outfit.

As I mentioned last week, I did a little buy-first-ask-questions-later shopping on my recent trip to Chicago. I bought the following outfit:

The top is the Rivet and Thread bell sleeve tee and the jeans are the high-rise slim boyjean. Let's talk about these jeans first. I mean, they're really good. The high rise takes a bit of getting used to but they stay put and hold you in nicely. I've worn them several times since I bought them and I am really into the looser fit - it's just refreshing after years of skinny jeans. (I still love you, skinny jeans, but I need something else in my life!) Here's a better look at the rise:

They're definitely a slouchy boyfriend fit and I did size down because my usual size gaped in the waist. I also tried on the Slim Straight style which fit well but was an odd length on me. I normally would try to link to some other brands with similar styles but I'm such a fan of Madewell denim that it doesn't seem necessary. Madewell denim isn't inexpensive but the fit is so good and they do have sales. My boyfriend jeans are on sale in the Painter Edition and oooh, my favorite coated skinny jeans are back! 

Now, the top. I love it in theory but after looking at the photos I think maybe it's too big and maybe I have enough striped shirts? I don't know. I haven't taken the tags off yet, so I might return it. Also, eagle-eyed reader Tonia pointed out that Madewell has a VERY similar style top on sale right now and I was like, "heeeeeeeyyyy, now." So I may check that one out because dang. Also, this cross-back sweater which I just now noticed. Anyway. On to details:

That small necklace I'm wearing is my little labradorite pendant I talked about last week. It's great and would make lovely gift if you're already on the hunt. There's also a chalcedony version which is awfully pretty. Also! These Chan Luu labradorite earrings look like something I need in my life. My other necklace is BR and it's an old favorite. I recommend this Minkoff spike pendant instead, not because it's terribly similar but because it's cooler than mine. Heh.

Those sleeves! It's a lot but I'm not mad at it. I'm carrying my usual MBMJ Too Hot hobo because it's perfect and I'm wearing my Madewell Lucien boots from last year. Okay, so listen. Madewell is KILLING IT with the boots this year. I love these new chelsea boots and the olive green suede pair is on sale and OMG now there are metallic wingtip chelsea boots and I just fainted. Good bye. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

We Discuss: Elevator Fashions and Overalls.

A: I saw an insane outfit on the hotel elevator. This woman about my age, very groomed, wearing a fur coat, YSL bag, and sneakers with big fur floofs on them. I had to shut my jawwwww.

A: Also! In the airport I saw a girl wearing cut-off denim short-shorts and carrying an Hermรจs Kelly bag.

M: Ughhhh

A: Craziness

M: Was that maybe Rhianna in the elevator.

A: No, it was just your standard middle-aged lady.

A: To my credit I did not pet her.

M: I want sneaker floof.

A: Right?

A: They were something.

A: Boom:

M: Ooooooooooh

A: Flooftastic!

M: ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

A: I don't dig fur but was like, ooOOOOOOOooooOOoohhh FLOOF.

M: I want those dang Spanx Moto leggings.

A: I need to start wearing my starter leggings.

M: BTW, the overalls came and are MASSIVE.

A: Which pair?

M: The first pair. ASOS.

M: This does not do it justice. Enormous:


A: And dude, get them leggings.

M: I am laughing so hard in that picture.

M: Seriously that picture makes them look GOOD.

M: I mean they are just too big but sizing down won’t help how wide the legs are.

A: Haaaaa

M: They are super heavy too.

M: I’m like Lurvy the farmhand.

M: Look at my little feet!




M: Basically me.

A: I keep looking at your feet and laughing.

M: It’s like an optical illusion.

A: I mean, the overalls look too big but not terrible and then your tiny feet.

M: I am laughing again.

A: Dance, little poodle!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: You're Killing Me, Madewell.

My little Madewell shopping trip earlier this week has only fueled the fire. I want MOAR MADEWELL. Like these things here:



Thursday, November 9, 2017

Adrien: Travel Shopping!

I just got back from a conference in Chicago (yay) though my trip was cut short because of bad weather and canceled flights (boo). I had my downtown Chicago shopping all mapped out, you guys! I was literally across the street from Aritzia and never made it in the door. I KNOW. I did, however, manage a quick evening trip to Nordstrom Rack and a lunchtime power-shopping stop into Madewell. Do you want to know what I bought and didn't buy?  I'm going to tell you either way.

Nordstrom Rack: I tried on a pile of things - some Vince, some CofH jeans, some Joie. Everything I picked was either overpriced or there for a reason. I wasn't really surprised and I mostly like NR stores for the bags and accessories. The bag section looked a little picked over but I did really love this Rebecca Minkoff Isobel satchel (which is not available on the NR site):

I didn't buy it because I already have two grey/neutral bags and do not need a third. If it had been available in black or wine or some other interesting color, I would've been REALLY tempted. In the end, all I bought was this Argento Vivo necklace:

It's labradorite! Mine is actually an odd shape, not the oval version. Despite the terrible online photo the stones I saw all had really good fire, so I think it would be safe to order online. The necklace comes in a wooden jewelry box, as pictured, so would make a nice gift.  I've worn it every day since I bought it! Recommend.

Madewell: My Madewell trip was true power-shopping. I was in and out in less than an hour and tried on A LOT of things. Mainly I wanted to try on the the high-rise slim boyjean which I ended up buying:

They are really good, you guys. A non-skinny style that is incredibly flattering. The rise is really high which is refreshing and also looks cute worn with more cropped style tops. I did size down one in this style (and judging by the reviews, everyone else did too) because my usual size was gaping in the waist. I also impulse-purchased this striped Rivet and Thread top because striped:

It's slightly cropped (good with those high waisted jeans) and has a very gentle bell sleeve, which makes the overall look very flirty and French. I am on the fence about keeping it only because that money could be better spent on something I actually need and I do not need another striped top, y'all. But it's cute. So cute. Real cute.

What I didn't buy: those Track Trousers I was all excited about. The combination of the slash pockets and pleats made them weirdly puffy at the top and not flattering at all. Pass. I also tried on the Slim Straight jeans which I really liked, but they were slightly too short on me. I liked how they looked cuffed, but otherwise they hit at a weird spot. I might eventually order the tall version for comparison. Finally, I tried on this Whisper t-shirt because a good cotton long-sleeved tee is hard to find and I really liked it but in the end I chose the striped shirt instead. If it goes on sale, I'll reconsider!

That's it! Travel shopping at it's finest. Heh.