Friday, February 17, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: Madewell Sale!

Whee, an extra 30% off sale stuff at Madewell right now with code MOODLIFT. You can combine that with 1.5% cashback from eBates for a nice overall deal. Clothing sizing is limited but there's lots of jewelry, including my much-loved Asteroid Pavé Necklace which is now just $10.50! Here's what I think looks promising (especially those boots OMG):

Thursday, February 16, 2017

How I Deal With Sick-Face.

Still sick, y'all, but needs must and I have to go back to work and join humanity. I feel terrible and look pretty terrible too, but I have a few tricks for improving the look part, if not the feel part. (Can we just talk for a second about how zinc doesn't work? It's a scam, right? IT NO WORK.)

Anyway! One thing I try to do when I have a cold is take extra good care of my skin. My face feels like it's under attack so I knock it off with treatments and just focus on keeping it really soothed and moisturized:

This Laneige Water Sleeping Mask? Is a really good place to start. You can get a big tub at Target oooorrrr you can get four mini tubs for half the price at Amazon. (Guess which one I did?) When I'm feeling all dry and sad I just slather this liberally on top of my usual bedtime moisturizer/treatment and in the morning my skin looks so much happier. It's not super fancy magic - just a whole lot of water-binding agents so make sure you apply it when your skin is still a bit damp. It is scented by I don't find it overpowering or irritating at all. And hey, Paula Begoun freaking hates it so you know it's good.

I've also been using my Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream under my Juno oil twice a day and it's just really nice stuff. No breakouts or bad reactions and I haven't had my usual problem with dry patchy spots this winter.

So, your skin is all moisturized but you still look like a gross sick person. Resist the temptation to slap on a lot of makeup. I've been loving Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer as an alternative to my regular foundation. It's got SPF 30 and is so nice and dewy. I don't know why it's called a primer - it's definitely a BB cream and quite pigmented but has a really sheer, natural finish. Slap some of this on your face and then bop it gently all over with a damp Beauty Blender if you have such a thing. There. You look way less dead already!

Now, concealer. Definitely go to town on those under-eye circles with something that's not messing around. I'm still very much in a relationship with It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye because it's so pigmented and waterproof. For the rest of your face, this is the time to break out that WTF-this-is-not-a-concealer highlighting pen you might regret buying. I have the Touche Eclat but the Maybelline version is good too. I also like the Givenchy version which is actually more of a concealer but still very sheer. Anyway! Take this and hit the inside corners of your eyes, the outside bits around your eyes, under your eyebrows, anywhere you need a little brightness. Blend blend blend.

Alas, your nose. It's all sad and sore and red so pat some good salve around it. I use this awesome comfrey salve my friend Ann makes but if you don't know her you're out of luck. Try something like this Burt's Bees ointment or this one by Milk looks okay. Something like this Motherlove cream would be perfect. Nothing that burns or has menthol in it, just protect your poor nose with a generous layer of salve. Now, very gently pat a little cream concealer (not the highlighter kind) on top. It won't last long but it's a good temporary fix.

To finish off your face, definitely add some color to your cheeks and fill your brows! Nothing makes me feel as instantly put-together as doing my brows. If you bother with eyeliner, avoid any color with any hint of red in it (bronze, violet, etc) because it'll just make your sad, bloodshot eyes look worse. Skip it and go for a mascara that'll stay put, like the Fairdrops stuff I like so much.

Finally, don't bother with lipstick, instead go for a tinted balm of some kind. I'm currently VERY into the new Dior Addict Lip Glow color - berry. It's stupid expensive but has a bit more color payoff than the original sheer pink and it feels like super-nice lip balm. Also, the packaging is so luxurious, which it should be for that price. I also really like the much more affordable Burt's Bees Tinted Balms lest you think I've lost my mind. (I need to find it in the Sweet Violet color everyone seems to love!)

So, there you go. You still feel like crap but at least you look like your can walk among the living without making babies cry. What did I miss? Any tips or tricks?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Review: Recent LOFT Order.

I'm home sick today with a really gross cold, so I've been conking out on cold meds at night instead of writing blog posts. This means instead of what I'd planned (a review post with real-life photos) you just get reviews with stock photos. Trust me, nobody needs to see my face right now anyway. 😷

LOFT generally has really good sales once or twice a month and I ordered a few things during the most recent 50% off sale (after missing the sale two days before that. Seriously. Never pay full price, you guys.)

Boatneck Swing Dress
I mentioned this dress in a previous entry because I'd tried in on in the store and really liked it. It wasn't on sale or I probably would've just bought it on the spot. It's pretty simple but it is one of those great basic dresses that you can throw on with any accessories and look pulled together. Bonus - no Spanx required since it's just a nice swingy cut. I hope they offer it in some interesting colors come spring because I'm just about over this winter crap. I went with a size small in this and it fits fine. It's on sale right now, though sizing is limited. LOFT also has some other swing style dresses including this long-sleeved striped version that's on sale. Tempting!

Filigree Mixed Media Top
This one was a nice surprise! I ordered the white version pictured (there's also a navy colorway) because I love the contrast, even though white isn't really my thing. It's so nice! The front is more structured and has textured stripes and the back is a flowy material that hangs really nicely. It's not on sale currently, but definitely one to keep an eye on. I think this will work great right now (it's a warm white) and then well into spring. There's also a shell top made from the patterned material that I think is really cute. I bought this in a small and it's a pretty generous fit.

Lou & Grey Signaturesoft Drawstring Tunic
I ordered this thinking I could wear it with leggings but it's just... okay. I got it in a small and it technically fits but it doesn't really do much for me and the cowl neck thingy is just kind of irritating. There's nothing actually wrong with it and I'm not sure what I was expecting from a glorified sweatshirt but it's just not for me. This is a return. Womp womp. In it's defense, it has glowing reviews and comes in a cute ombre version, I think it's just not my style. 

So, that's it! Two keepers and a return. Have you bought anything from LOFT recently that you loved or hated? Do tell. 

PS. For the regular readers I felt it worth mentioning that the last time I was in the store I tried on the tulip print utility blouse I loved so much. It's super cute in person, but that balsam green color does not work on me. So sad. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Adrien: Gold Boots? Gold Boots.

I've worn my gold Steven boots a few times since I bought them but their first outing was a work outfit because, why not: 

Nobody said anything! I couldn't believe it. But hey, I like them a lot and they cheer up my otherwise rather monotone outfit. I'm wearing the boots with a fit and flare dress from Loft. It's is sold out but they have the same cut in black and this one is similar as well. If you want leopard flare, check out this Hilfiger dress! So freaking cute. 

I needed a little color so I included my blue MBMJ bag which never fails. I know it looks like my tights are black, but they're actually Spanx Tight End in charcoal, so vaguely less harsh than black. Exciting stuff, right? Okay, boots: 

I suspect the reason these boots were marked down on Shopbop is because the color was called "silver" and they are undeniably gold. They fit true-to-size, are reasonably comfortable and, while they're not Saint Laurent, for $45 I am totally happy. The only place I can find them online now is 6pm but Shopbop does have the leopard version, still. And if you missed out on them, check out these cute Seychelles booties or this crazy pair from Asos. On to details:

My chain pendant necklace is from Banana Republic from last year. I wish they'd make more stuff like this but they do have a fun big tassel pendant right now. I'm also wearing my Bijouone screw cuff  bracelet and my Lisa Freede cuff bracelet, which is similar to this one by Vita Fede

I keep talking about trying to replace this Gap tuxedo jacket and then I keep wearing it. H&M has a cute option but I want something better quality that will fit really well. Something like this Joe's jacket with leather lapels. But marked down further, please. Yes. 

I know my last two outfits included this blue MBMJ bag but I just love it so much. This MJ Trooper Hobo is probably your best best for a new MJ bag in a similar color but I'm all about eBay for older styles. Marc Jacobs does really good blues. Anyway, that's all I got for today! You'll definitely be seeing these boots again soon...

Monday, February 13, 2017

We Solve All Your Problems.

A: One of our awesome readers (thanks Katie!) emailed the following:
I feel you need to investigate the existence of a huge number of outrageously expensive dickies (Yes, DICKIES) being sold at Nordstrom, which are apparently meant to be worn under a blazer made by the same brand: Veronica Beard. E.g.: this gorgeous "quilted funnel neck dickey" specimen being sold for 250 American Dollars:

A: Heh. Dickey.

M: Ahahahahaha.

A: It would solve a lot of problems, actually.

M: have problems that can be solved with a dickey?

A: Yes, absolutely. Like, I could just wear the same gin sack every day and switch out my dickey. Voila! Totally different outfit.

A: "Switch out my dickey" is the dirtiest thing I've ever written.

M: I don't really want to write or read the word dickey any more.

A: Also! Haven't you ever been like, "I sure wish I could fit this hoodie of mine under a blazer but it's too bulky." Because that problem HAS BEEN SOLVED:

A: I wonder if you get the rest of the hoodie if you pay another $150?

M: Well. I mean. Okay I actually am coming around on the ridiculous dickey. SUPER overpriced but kind of not a terrible idea? Help.

A: And here! All of the appearance of a cashmere sweater under a blazer without any of the actual warmth:


A: For that kind of money I want a whole sweater.

M: Indeed. $800 if you want the blazer with it. Lordt.

A: I KNOW RIGHT. It makes the striped dickey alone seem like a bargain:

M: What I want to see is someone accidentally wearing a dickey alone.

M: But I don't think I can search for that.

A: Pinterest has you covered.

M: Okay, you win.

A: A dickey victory!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Boots, Culottes, Gin Sacks. The Usual.

A: Just got home, silver boots were waiting for me.

M: And

A: They look great, they fit, the heel is perfect. BUT.

A: They are gold.

A: I mean, they look gold online because they are gold.

M: Oooh see that's even better.

A: I'm happy, definitely keeping, but I'm guessing this is why they're on sale!

M: Can't wait

A: I think you'll be happy!

A: Right at home:

M: Yayyyyyyyy

A: Even the zipper pull is gold. Why are they called silver?

M: Hilarious

M: I ordered 3 pairs of sale cropped wide leg jeans from Madewell to try out.

M: They have left me unmoored.

A: Aw, dang.

M: I am really baffled

M: Like

M: I hated skinny jeans at first

M: Is this that?

A: Ha, you sound like me.

M: I need in person vetting.

A: The jeans I'm like, 💁

A: If they don't work, hold out for something better.

M: I don't don't even know.

M: The black ones are awful full stop.

A: The issue is that you have great legs and those jeans are stumpifying.

M: If I kept a pair it would be these:

M: There is something appealing.

A: I like those better.

M: But I don't know if I have the confidence to be this fashion forward at my own expense.

M: I may try a kick crop instead. I think the issue is my ass is big but legs are skinny so these are disproportionately wide.

A: Kick crop?

M: Just showed Chris and he said "well I've never seen anything like that before."

A: Ha! Chris Canada Fashion Quotes could be a fun Tumblr.

M: A crop with more of a fitted bell leg not this wide leg:

A: Oh, that's really cute.

M: I can't pull off a leg that wide with wide hips. Sigh.

A: Sorry about the jeans but I think they're a tough cut for most people.

M: They are.

M: I needed to see for myself.

A: Oh, of course!

M: I don't totally hate them but I'm not confident enough.

A: They're super advanced. My issue is that it would require a fitted top and I dress the exact opposite.

M: Super complex.


M: I just guffawed.

A: Jesus

A: The socks

M: These feel advance but more doable:

A: Cute! I can't handle H&M in person though.

M: Oh no I order from H&M and just return.


A: Haaaaa. GIN SACK.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Adrien: But Do They Spark Joy?

Hey gang! I am out of town this week so this is an outfit from last week. (I promise my next outfit post will feature the new gold boots because I can't stop wearing them.) This was a weekend outfit: 

I really need to tuck a little more often, right? It's just a better proportion on me. My blouse is Olive + Oak (via TJ Maxx a few years back) and it's a favorite of mine. A split neck print top is just such an easy thing to wear. This Loft blouse has a very similar feel to mine and this Gap option in navy (and ooh, this one in black) is also really appealing. And of course, there's Joie for perfect, dreamy options.

I'm wearing my favorite top with my favorite Fidelity jeans. They're getting hard to find but the similar "Ace" fit is on sale here and I also think this Madewell pair is pretty close (and slightly cooler.) I'm also wearing my Grana cashmere cardigan which is sold out, but this one at JCrew looks pretty cozy! On to details: 

The tiny necklace on top is the Madewell asteroid pavé necklace (it's on sale!) and my beaded pendant is from BR. I'm also wearing the usual suspects: my CLUSE watch and Lisa Freede cuff. 

Oh, these boots. They're the Ugg Lynnea and I loved them so much when I bought them back in 2011 but now they feel a little dated. That said, they're comfortable and fun to clomp around in and...eff it. They still spark joy. There are some updated versions that are pretty cute - the Ugg Brea (more sizes here) and the Ugg Cam II (here in black) which are probably a bit easier to style. But, for a straight-up black clog boot, I'd go for this Hasbeens pair. Yep.

I literally just talked about my MJ Kirsten Globetrotter bag last week so I'll leave it for now, except to mention that there's a NWT satchel version (same style family and color) on eBay* right now! 

*Not my auction! Please proceed carefully.