Friday, October 19, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: That Madewell Sale.

Madewell is giving an extra 30% off sale stuff with code ORDERUP and I strongly encourage you to take advantage of it. I wasn't able to include this Transport Tote bag in my roundup due to a glitchy widget (band name!) but HOW GOOD IS IT. The pale color would work year round and will look even better with some age on it. (It will sell out so snap it up if you dig it!) Here's what else I love:




Thursday, October 18, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Age Is Just A Number.

It's funny to me that when I got to an age where I really felt like I was figuring out my true personal style, it was also the age where I'm supposed to "dress my age" like an adult person. But, who fucking cares. I am 46 and I can wear whatever I want even if it's a junior-sized Ramones t-shirt:

Haha, I know. This tee is a large and I probably should've gone XL. I dig it, though. This is the Ramones tee I really want but no. That is not happening. Jerks. This one is probably what I should've bought but dude shirts never fit me right. Anyway, mine is by Bravado and there are a bunch on Poshmark. (Just size way up.) Also, while searching I found another Bowie tee that I kinda want. Oops.

NOW. I want to talk about these jeans. These magical-ass Madewell jeans I bought a few weeks ago. I went into the store looking for a pair of non-distressed dark denim skinnies that I could wear to work. The girl handed me the 9" High-Rise Skinny Jeans: Tencel Edition and suggested I go down a size. I did, and they are GREAT. I've worn them several times and they just keep getting better. They're fitted but really comfortable and don't bag out at the knees. I got them during a sale but I would totally pay full price for these, that's how much I love them. If full-priced isn't happening I should probably mention Madewell is offering an extra 30% off sale items including some great denim

The weather has finally allowed me to obsessively wear my AllSaints leather jacket! I've worn it every damn day this week and it's really proving it's worth. So soft, fits like a dream. For a very similar option that's much less of an investment, this Halogen leather jacket is pleasingly minimal. For a bit more money, I love the look of this black washed leather jacket

I am going to skip talking about my bag because how many times can I bore you with it? On to details instead: 

I was trying to show you my earrings which I got at a flea market in London but they're hard to see. I've got a twig climber in that ear and a little bar in the other. So cute. I'm also wearing my two My Precious Studio necklaces. Yay for handmade things! 

And here's another look at my Rothy's flats. If you're tempted, use my link for $20 off your first order! (I also get a $20 credit.) I really have been enjoying them: 

I mean, how can you not like red camo pointy-toed flats? Or any red flat? Red shoes are the best.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

We Discuss: WTF, Sunday Riley.

M: Whoa this is interesting.


M: I mean Sunday Riley has never worked for me so that’s kind of satisfying in a weird way.

A: But, Drunk Elephant is shady too and I’m sure most small cosmetic companies do this shit.

A: Drunk Elephant used to be WonderBar, remember?

M: Oh I know.


M: Those crazy bitches!

A: That said, I do really love SR Juno Oil and Ceramic Slip. A lot.

M: It’s like...I want to support small businesses but I also can’t trust them apparently.

A: I am so conflicted. Like, I want to buy from trustworthy companies but how do we even know?

A: RMS? Kiehl’s?

M: I trust Kiehl’s

M: I don’t even know why.

A: At least they’re super established and seem like they don’t need fake reviews, you know?

M: exactly.

A: And I looooove the cleansing oil. It arrived yesterday:

A: It’s really good.

M: Isn’t it great?

A: Really nice.

M: it just melts everything off.

A: It does! And feels less sludgy than the balm I’ve been using.

M: I think it will last a lot longer too. I have been using it since I visited you and have only used about an inch, inch and a half of the bottle

A: How many pumps do you use?

M: About one and a half? One doesn’t feel like quite enough but two is too much.

A: I think I used two last night but I also wear that Japanese mascara which is no joke.

M: Yeah my mascara comes off with warm water (shit is magical) but it removes my serious eyeliner like a dream.

A: I just love the whole Midnight Recovery line. Take my money, Kiehl’s.

M: saaaame.

M: I am getting low on the oil and the vitamin c and I think I have to reorder! My skin is so happy with it

A: How often do you use the Vitamin C stuff?

M: Pretty much every night

M: I’m probably not supposed to but I never read the directions whoops.

M: And I really don’t understand why I can’t use that mask all the time, what’s it going to do make my face fall off.

A: I have no idea! I just follow directions because it’s how I’m wired.

M: I think because I started with samples (and now I’m remembering it was a 10 day sample that said to use it daily so I stuck with that.)

A: Apparently you can use the Vit C every day.

M: whew

M: Because I sure am.

A: I might try this when I run out:

A: Burn off those dark spots!

M: ooh

A: Or, we can go back to thinking everything is snake oil. SUNDAY RILEY.

A: I am still mad.

M: I don’t blame you!

A: PS. I got this body wash at Target and it’s so nice and inexpensive and pretty much not full of poison:

M: Oh nice!

M: I don’t use body wash I just use a bar of dove soap like a monster.

A: Oh, I use Dove too. It's a classic.

M: That said if you don’t think I want this you don’t know me at all:

A: Oh shit.


A: That is the fancy candle of body wash.

M: man.

M: Those assholes.


M: Speaking of candles! I am easing into candle season and Trader Joe's has some that are cheap and cheerful.

M: They have a vanilla pumpkin one and a honey crisp apple one and if you burn them TOGETHER it’s like fall magic.

M: And they are $3 each.

A: So affordable! I am really trying to not buy the Diptyque candle that smells like a wood fire.

A: But, I can’t do vanilla pumpkin anything because no.

M: Oh I know I normally would not be down but it’s very warm and nice especially with the apple.

A: They all sound like horrible air fresheners that people use in the bathroom at work.

M: Hahahahaha

A: So, like, then the bathroom smells like Pumpkin Spice Poop.

M: Fine fine I will keep my delicious fall smells to myselffff.


Monday, October 15, 2018

Review: I Ordered Rothy's Because I Know You're Curious.

Ah, Rothy's. Another one of those internet-only companies with a product that you kinda want even though you don't neeeeed a fancy suitcase or clear minty vitamins. Do you need expensive flats made from recycled water bottles? Probably not. But they come in cute colors! And you can wash them!

I resisted Rothy's for a VERY long time but they come in really cute colors and patterns. And I kept seeing them on people and thinking, "Oh, those are cute!" Every time I asked the wearer if they loved them and they all really, really loved them. Hell, I asked you guys too! Most of you loved them as well. So FINE. Fine. FINE. I ordered a pair. What I actually needed was a pair of black flats so I ordered red camo points because of course I did:

They arrived very quickly in a cool cardboard box that could be used for an immediate return or broken down and recycled. I appreciated that they didn't go crazy with unnecessary packaging. Right out of the box they were SO CUTE AND BRIGHT- the camo spots are actually shades of muted purple, which I love. I put them on my feet and was like, yep, these are flats. (Note: I had been encouraged to size up half a size for the points, so I did, and I think it was the right thing to do. The 8.5 fit perfectly.)

I wore them to work the next day, which was also the first time I'd worn closed-toes shoes to work in months. My heels were soft from a summer of Birkenstocks and by mid-day I'd already put those blister Band-Aids on my heels because, ouch. My heels were getting angry.

I gave my feet a day to recover and then tried again. By the third wear my Rothy's weren't bothering my heels at all and now they're really comfortable. They don't have any arch support but I'm always surprised when people are mad about that. By their design, flats are flat, y'all. You can definitely buy flat comfort shoes that have arch support but most flats are cute because they are... flat.


Pros - Cute as hell, still look brand new after multiple wears, dry fast if they get wet and so far they don't stink (but if they do start to smell, I can wash them!)  Also, I get compliments literally every time I wear them.

Cons- Expensive, and the insoles are pure garbage. I haaaaate the insoles. They're just these flimsy little removable things that slide all over the place. I bought a pair of replacement insoles from Target but haven't installed them yet.

Would I buy another pair? Uh, yeah. I mean, they have this leopard pair that I have been eyeing HARD. They also have a new slip-on sneaker that is really cute. Ugh, shoes. I love you.

I paid my very own money for these shoes though I did have a $20 referral code from a friend. If you're tempted, shop through my link and you'll get $20 off your first purchase! (Full disclosure: I will also get a $20 credit.)

That's my review! If you have any questions please leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: Stop It, J.Crew.

I don't know that my overall style screams J.Crew but I realized recently that several of my old favorite things are from J.Crew and I've been crazy about the fall collection. Like, slap some leopard or cat prints on things and I'm all yours, apparently. The sale they have going on now isn't quite as good as last week, but still pretty damn good. Online only, use code SAVEMORE for 20% off 2 styles, 30% off 3 styles or 40% off 4+ styles. Full priced items only (and there are, of course, a ton of exclusions.) Most of my picks are eligible:



Thursday, October 11, 2018

Stuff I Like: Watching, Wearing, Considering.

More stuff Marianne and I like and a request for a recommendation. Let's go:

This Show That I'm Freaking Out About.
Am I the last person on the planet to watch Killing Eve? YOU GUYS IS IT SO GOOD. Three excellent female leads! Murder! Intrigue! Gorgeous locations! Amazing clothes! Sandra Oh's hair! I have been a fan of Phoebe Waller-Bridge ever since I discovered Fleabag (which I also recommend) and she's written a show that is basically everything I want in a show. Season One is available on Amazon (though we had to pay for the season) and Season Two is in the works.

This Dumb Fancy Eyeliner That I Love.
While in some airport recently I wandered into the duty free and oops, I bought the fancy Chanel eyeliner I'd been considering for months. Black eyeliner looks weird on me but dark purple? That is just exactly right for brown eyes. However, it has to be a true purple, more blue than red (you don't want red around your eyes, nope.) Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof liner in Cassis is the exact purple I was looking for. It's a dark true purple that's not shimmery and goes on smoothly. The only thing I don't like is that it's hard to get a real point on it, but smudgy is how I roll anyway. It stays put and looks quite intense. Plus, the packaging is metal rather than plastic so it FEELS expensive. (Which it should because it is.)

This Natural Deodorant That Marianne Loves.
SO I have been on a natural deodorant hunt for a while. Schmidt’s worked well but gave me a rash. Schmidt’s Sensitive Skin (geranium scent) worked well but stained my clothes (I think because it’s coconut oil based, it was almost like an oil stain). So I finally got my hands on a stick of Megababe Rosy Pits and I think it’s my holy grail deodorant. It smells great but not overpowering, it works well (sometimes I do have to reapply if I’m going out at night but that’s nbd), leaves no residue, doesn’t stain, and even helps some with dryness which is a nice bonus. The packaging is super cute and feels weighty and nice. The literal only downside is it’s always sold out (I actually ordered two sticks just in case I loved it, figuring it could sell the second one if I didn’t), and it’s $18 for a damn stick of deodorant. However, the product is very firm and only a little seems to come off with every use, if that makes sense. I feel like I blew through a stick of the softer Schmidts in like a month, this bar definitely seems like it will last considerably longer. Recommend!

A Recommendation Request.
Y'all I am doing a lot more yoga these days and my mat is the saddest thing you've ever seen. I think I bought it at Marshalls, like, 7 years ago? It's grey and it sheds little bits of mat all over me. HOT. Anyway, it's time for a grown-ass mat. What do you love? I'm considering a couple different Manduka mats (the Eko or the X) or maybe this Lululemon mat? I'm mainly doing Vinyasa and hate it when my hands slip, which seems to happen a lot with my current mat. What do I not know about? Help.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

We Discuss: Skincare and Confessions.

A: Hey, do you still love the Kiehl’s oil cleanser?

M: yes!

A: I’m nearly out of my Pixi stuff and considering a change.

A: Do you double cleanse?

M: Yes, my second cleanse is with Cerave non foaming cleanser.

M: It works great for me.

A: Okay, cool.

A: It's the midnight recovery stuff?

M: I feel like the oil leaves less residue than a balm.

M: Yes midnight recovery cleansing oil.

A: I rip through that Pixi balm so fast.

M: And then in the morning I just do the Cerave.

A: I use my Sunday Riley cleanser in the morning.

M: The oil is a BIG bottle and I just need one pump, seems like it will last a lot longer.

A: Excellent.

M: Overall since changing routines my skin looks great.

M: I broke out at the beach because sunscreen but those are already gone now that I’m back to normal.

A: My skin is doing it’s fall freakout at the moment.

M: yuppppp

A: I do love the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and that hydrating mask we got a sample of is so so nice.

A: Also, I have a confession.

M: what

M: Another leather jacket.

M: lolololol



M: Is it?




A: I cheated on Aerie and bought some nicer pannies and I love them more.

M: Ha!

A: I did not want to love them.

M: Which ones.

A: AND, they’re stupid because they’re “one size” which is a giant lie.

M: Hahahahahahaha well then that rules my ass out.

A: These:

A: They claim they’ll fit size 4-16.

M: I do not believe them.

A: I don’t either.

A: They do have a plus sized version but that kind of rules out the middle?

A: Anyway! I have to admit they are SUPER comfortable and do not ride up and no itchy tag or weird plastic elastic thing up the crack.

M: Valid.

M: I am still fine with mine.

A: I still wear most of my Aerie stuff, though there are a few pairs that I’ve given up on. I just wanted some undetectable options.