Friday, February 21, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: Spring (?) Dress Options

A flip has switched and suddenly I'm thinking about spring dresses. (I blame Marianne.) I took a look to see what was new and good and was pleasantly surprised by all the long sleeves. Hooray! We don't have to shiver in our pretty dresses until summer. Also, even though there was a LOT of floral I strive to give you variety and found some great non-floral prints. Because really:

Truth. Here's what I like: 

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Feeling Wanty: Travel Edition.

Nothing makes me feel more wanty than when I have a trip coming up. Suddenly, I need A Perfect THING for this particular trip, despite not needing That Thing on the last trip. It's dumb but it happens every time. Here's what I mean:

My Dr Martens did really well for my trip to Ireland  - they were comfortable and good for tromping around fields to look at ancient stones. I'll be doing some field tromping in Scotland next month but the thought of packing those boots again (so heavy and large) just bums me out. So, I bought Marianne's Sorel boots which arrived and they're great! Feather light and toasty warm. Problem solved. This time.

This is so dumb but I sold my little J.Crew bag with the idea that I'd find a better, more magical, slightly larger crossbody. I, um, didn't. For Ireland I brought my leather MJ hobo which was fine - big enough to stash a scarf and small purchases and has a zipper for security. But it get heavy when worn crossbody so I am already wondering if there's a better, but still fashionable, option. Predictably, I've got my eye on this nylon MJ crossbody that would be a great, lightweight option. It's on sale at NR which is tempting, but I should probably save my money. Hmph.

Okay, I don't, but in the comments on my recent Athleta post reader Jen D totally sold me on the Headlands Hybrid tights. Wouldn't they look cute with my new Sorel boots and a big sweater? YES PERHAPS THEY WOULD. I am very curious and will probably make a trip out to Athleta soon to try them on because I love the idea of a legging-type pant that travels well. We shall see.

PS. I also bought myself a small light-up travel mirror because trying to put on makeup in a hotel room is always the worst. I bought one just like this and it's fine. Do I want the SimpleHuman one? Of course I do. But I'm not gonna. I need that money for pants.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Outfit Of The Day: A Tale of Two Boots.

I have so many outfits planned in my head to post and when I started writing them down I realized, wow I gots a formula. Now that formula involved leopard boots, a thing I can't believe I didn't own until very recently. If you'll remember, I bought a cute pair by Seychelles (worn here) on super sale and I really liked them. Then, the Madewell Regan pair went on crazy sale and I was like, BUT I LOVE THOSE MORE. I mean, come on:

They're both cute but the Madewell boots freaking glow. Am I wrong? It's not just the lighting, right? Anyway, I sold the Seychelles pair on Poshmark and haven't looked back. File under: The heart wants what it wants. Anyway, here's my outfit:

I'm wearing a drapey Violet & Claire top I bought years ago at TJ Maxx that has a fun jeweled neckline. It's impossible to find it online now, but this Derek Lam top has a very similar shape and this Liz Claiborne blouse has a pretty jeweled neckline. 

I finished the look off with my Juliette cardigan from J.Crew. I hope a few of you were able to pick it up from the sale yesterday! I would love one in another color but I'm biding my time, for now. 

My jeans are H&M from a few years back and they're my current favorite. This style at Madewell is pretty similar as far as cut, but these distressed jeans from H&M are way more fun and this patchwork pair at the Gap are pretty interesting. On to details: 

Never one to leave well enough alone, I'm wearing both my silver necklaces by My Precious Studio. My friend Tere is so talented. 

I'm still carrying my Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir because I need a cheerful red bag for gloomy days. The bright pink version is still on sale at NR and the bigger version of my red bag is as well. 

These leopard boots, you guys. The heel is a bit higher than I usually wear but not uncomfortably so. I just love how rich the leopard pattern is and they are so well made. Boots are fun and this pair brings me joy. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Crazy J.Crew Craziness.

Y'ALL. I know we are in the dregs of winter but J.Crew is straight giving clothes away. The deals are real and the good stuff is literally selling out as I'm trying to copy links and save photos. They're giving an extra 60% off sale with code WEEKEND! EEP. (Some sale items are "up to" 60% off but all the deals are solid.) Here's what I like:

This leather tote is gorgeous and is now under $70. Run. 

If you haven't found your awesome leopard booties, check these out immediately.

This cute breton stripe tunic promises you that spring is coming.

THIS COAT.  It comes in a bunch of great colors but I love this dove grey. 

Ain't these sparkly? That is all. 

These straight leg pants would make a great jeans alternative. 

My favorite Juliette cardigan is an extra 50% off in some great colors! 

Throw this gorgeous necklace over any simple top or dress and you are DRESSED UP.

I know it's still winter, so here's a cute sherpa top to wear with your high-waisted jeans. 

You look adorable! 

Monday, February 17, 2020

Weekend Shopping Report: Knoxville Trip.

Hi hi hi! I am back from visiting Marianne in Knoxville and, no surprise, we did a little bit of shopping together. I also coveted some of her things and ended up making an online purchase while I was there which always seems to happen.

First, we made a short trip out of town to visit Greater Goods, a by-the-pound thrift store that had come highly recommended. Digging in bins of clothing is not everyone's idea of a good time but we were into it and found some great stuff! I found Marianne this cute leopard cardigan that I'm pretty sure is made out of 100% static and water bottles:

Here I am afterwards with my loot:

We also made a trip to Ulta so Marianne could stock up on a bunch of staples. I bought more of The Ordinary's Buffet and also, on her recommendation, the Real Techniques makeup sponge which is WAY cheaper than the Beauty Blender and also bigger and comes with a travel case. What? WHAT. I tried it this morning and it's great. (Also, now I feel like a sucker.)

We also hit up TJ Maxx because it's a long-standing tradition of ours. It was pretty picked over but we both ended up buying the same Tahari olive green linen t-shirt that I can't find it online anywhere but it's super great and we're both scared to wash it, because linen.

Finally, I made Marianne go to Madewell to try on skinny jeans and she bought this pair which looks AMAZING on her:

Never mind that what she needed was plain dark denim skinny jeans, the heart wants what it wants and Marianne's wanted distressed black skinny jeans.

We also spent a lot of time trying on stuff for each other and I marveled at her amazing closet and tried on a bunch of her stuff without asking. (Just kidding, I asked.) Marianne recently took advantage of the Sorel boot sale and bought some really nice, lightweight and warm boots to wear to her daughter's riding lessons, because muddy, cold riding rings are not sneaker-friendly. Her boots arrived right before I did and they're great:

They are the Sorel Explorer 1964. Super light, very warm and cute as hell. (They run half a size small, btw.) I tried on her boots because that's the kind of asshole I am and immediately decided I needed a pair for my upcoming trip to Scotland. (My Docs are great but they are HEAVY and not water-proof.) They'd sold out of most of the colors in my size but I found them on another site and ordered a pair in Quarry. Fingers crossed!

And then I drove all the way home and now it's Monday and I'm sad. Boo.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

(Long) Weekend Window Shopping: Madewell Sale Dregs.

By the time you read this I'll be leaving town to go visit Marianne. Hooray! It's been too long and I can't wait to see her. So, even though it's not quite the weekend yet, I thought get a head start and point out that there are still a few really good deals to found at the Madewell sale. Get an extra 30% off sale items with code REALDEAL. (And my god, if you are a size medium, please buy this jungle cat blazer coat because it's hurting my feelings.) Here's what else I like:

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

We Discuss: Hunger Pangs and Overalls.

A: God, the rain. THE RAIN.

M: God save us all

A: I am real over it

M: It is truly my most hated kind of weather

M: HOW can people possibly like winter?

A: I think they have some romantic notion of winter where it’s always pretty and snowing but they don’t have to clean their car off or drive anywhere.

M: right

M: Like a hallmark movie

A: Yep

A: They forget about the endless, bleak rain

M: It’s truly relentless

M: Your drive is going to be so miserable, I’m sorry

A: Eh, what can you do

A: Might get barbecue for lunch, IDK

M: Ugh I literally read that and my stomach was like OH RIGHT

A: I am so hungry. Some jerk left a stack of McDonald’s apple pies in the break room.



A: I hissed at them like Gollum

M: Rude as hell

A: They are calling me, like greasy little sirens.

M: They are only good when hot and fresh and even then they are only okay

M: (I would crush one)

A: Agree

A: (Same)


A: Your Current/Elliott overalls are apparently the same pair that Frankie wears on Grace & Frankie!

A: Hers are a light wash though:


A: I love Frankie!

M: Me toooo

A: Oh, okay. I thought you were mad

A: This just makes you want them more

M: Yes that is what’s happening

M: I’m feel like I’m slowly breaking you down on overalls. Like you’ll never wear them yourself but you’ll find yourself liking them somehow

A: I will never wear them but I'll admit they’re really cute on you

A: And also on Frankie

M: Haha thank you

M: I mean it makes sense because I feel like her aesthetic is basically mine in 20 years

M: Or mine now

A: Yes, you are definitely more Fashion though

M: I think over time I will fully embrace my inner pottery teacher

A: Are you going to buy a pair?

M: I will rent them again, stalk Poshmark, and continue my search for a cheaper pair

A: Good thought process

M: Skinny jeans 😒:

M: I like how rigid they are, the length is fine, but that’s not a skinny leg

A: Are those Everlane?

M: Yeah. No good. For me at least.

A: Bad Boyfriend

M: It is really hard to find skinny jeans that fit a big butt and skinny calves

M: I want those Target green pants in jean form

A: Madewell tencel jeans, girl

M: I am skeptical but maybe while you’re here we can try

M: It’s hard to have a size 14 ass and size 6 calves (recs welcome, y'all!)

A: Yeah, that is tough


M: My Madewell tiger stripe skirt from RTR:

M: Wearing today with tights but I think it’s cuter with bare legs

A: Love it! That is SO cute on you.

M: $68 on sale. I may just have to buy it.

M: I mean I just got an eBay check for the exact amount of the skirt on’s a sign right

A: eBay check?

A: But yes! It's a sign.

M: It’s still in stores, I don’t see it on posh yet

A: What is an eBay check

M: Ebates sorry

A: OH. Okay.

A: I was like, are you my mother

M: 😂