Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Gift Guide For: Treat Yo' Self

Things worth buying on Treat Yo Self day, according to Donna: "clothes, fragrances, massages, mimosas (and) fine leather goods." Tom was partial to cashmere socks. 

I am down with ALL OF THIS. Listen, I know that Treat Yo' Self day is in October but you are probably shopping for every goddamn person in your life (including, possibly, people you don't really like) so why not buy yourself a few treats too? You are worth it. Here is a list of suggestions, loosely based on Donna and Tom's picks. as well as some stuff I would like to buy for myself. The only rule - it can't be too practical! Let’s do this:

Fine fragrances! I've finally found my Le Labo fragrance, now I just have to buy it. 

Hear me out on this one. Kate and I saw this dress IRL and it is surprisingly beautiful. I'd wear it with a long layer underneath but how lovely to swan around a holiday party all shiny and regal? 

Ugh, so pretty and too small to be practical BUT WHO CARES TREAT YO SELF!

Sadly, this is sold out in larger sizes but I LOVE the idea of a long-sleeved sequin tee. I mean. 

Cashmere socks! This travel set is Sofia cashmere which is bunny soft and kind of silly.

FINE LEATHER GOODS! I really want another leather jacket in an odd color and 
All Saints always seems to deliver. 

Dean Davidson is my labradorite kryptonite. Want.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

I'm Back! My Packing Report: Ireland.

Hi hi hi! Marianne asked me if I was going to do a packing recap of Ireland and I honestly wasn't thinking about it but hey why not? Ireland in November seems like it could be tricky when, quite honestly, wasn't that much different from Virginia in November. Let's get this started.

Our trip was mainly Dublin with a few day tours into the country thrown in. I needed to have comfortable boots that could also handle some countryside mud and rain but I also wanted a nicer city option and an airport shoe option. I brought:

Dr. Marten Zip Chelsea Boot
- Cole Haan Chelsea Boot (newer version)
York Athletic sneakers

Boot take up a LOT of suitcase real estate but I am really glad I brought both pairs. After a day of tromping up and down muddy hills I was very happy to have some clean, dry boots to change into for pub-going. My sneakers I only wore on the airplane/in the airports because I hate having wet feet and boots were 100% the best option for walking around in damp and rainy weather. I kept things pretty simple for clothing. Here's what I brought:

- Three warm sweaters (mainly Everlane)
- Three pairs of jeans (all Madewell)
- One nice top
- long sleeve layers to wear under sweaters
- Warm socks
- pajamas, underwear, etc.

For outerwear I brought my Helly Hansen Boyne Parka which was perfect (and aptly named, since we visited the Boyne Valley!) I also brought my packable Uniqlo puffer jacket which, because it doesn't have a hood, only got worn once. It doesn't take up much room though, so I don't regret bringing it. I brought two scarves, and a hat and gloves.

For bags, I brought my J.Crew signet bag (current version) and my Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo (current version). I ended up using my MJ hobo the entire time because I hate not having a place to stash my scarf when I get too hot. Also, dudes always be wanting to put their crap in your bag.

I did quite a bit of Christmas shopping in Dublin so I brought along a packable tote and definitely needed it for the trip back. I carried my Lo & Sons backpack for the flight and it's really just the best. (That doesn't mean I don't want the new version because I absolutely do!)

My Ireland Trip MVPs:

Obviously my HH Boyne Parka, which I bought with this trip in mind. It's lightly insulated, completely waterproof and has nice big front pockets for your phone and nice warm side pockets for your hands. It was a perfect coat for chilly (but not freezing), wet weather.

My Docs! I really put them through their paces - wet, steep, muddy climbs to go see neolithic tombs? No problem. My feet stayed dry, they're comfortable and they look cool too. I did buy some warm insoles for them which I wish I'd remembered to actually put in but on the whole these boots did great. (I will also say that some of the people on our tour did not read the email and wore really stupid shoes. Somewhere  in Germany there's a guy who's dress shoes will never be the same.)

Bombas wool socks are so legit. I have the quarter length and the calf length and both were great with my boots and kept my feet warm without being too bulky.

Uniqlo HEATTECH under layers. I bought two of these and they are the perfect layers to wear under sweaters. They are basically invisible and are inexpensive! They also seem like they'd be easy to handwash and they dry fast, so good for travel. Plus, they're cheap! I'll probably buy a few more the next time they're on sale.

What I packed didn't use:

- Dressy top
- J.Crew crossbody bag
- Hat and gloves
- A bunch of jewelry

The dressy top just wasn't warm enough since we mostly walked everywhere, so I didn't wear it for our nice dinner out. I basically wore the same jewelry daily, so bringing a selection was dumb. My crossbody bag was too small for winter travel and the hat and gloves were basically forgotten. I do wish I'd remembered to bring them on our second day tour but is wasn't super cold, so it was okay.

What I wish I had brought:

- More wool socks (note to self - buy more wool socks)
- A travel humidifier for the hotel room (Marianne loves hers!)
- Some manner of sleeping pill (I never sleep well for the first day or two of an overseas trip)

Overall, we had a great trip! Ireland is beautiful and has a really rich history. Dublin is really walkable and friendly and we had a great time! If you want more actual vacation pics, I have pinned my Ireland trip stories on IG. 

Friday, December 6, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: I Want All The Tops.

Recently I looked in my closet and whined that I didn't have any fun/pretty winter-appropriate tops. Okay, I maybe have, like, two but I want ALL OF THEM. I want all the options and I want them to have sleeves. Anthro is picking up what I'm putting down and is offering 30% off all tops and sweaters right now (and free shipping at $50+.) Here's what I like:

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Guide Guide For: Using That Sephora VIB Discount.

If you're a VIB at Sephora you probably got a code for $20 off aa $75 order (and if you didn't, girl. Being a VIB will get you the good offers! Rouge gets $25 off, I believe, but I ain't Rouge.)

 I'm always up for the challenge so I checked out all the fun gifty sets over at Sephora to see what looked good. Here are a few things that I think would make good gifts (for you or a friend or whatever. I don't judge.)

First, this candle set. HAVE YOU EVER. The box alone is gorgeous! Voluspa candles smell nice and look nice and they won't break the bank. 

I love my weird chunky Fenty lip gloss and this set looks like straight fun. 

Do you have a good hair-drying turban? I have a good one and a cheap one. Guess which one is way better? (Hint: the cheap one suuucks.) Throw in a detangling brush and you have a Very Good Gift. 

Fragrance can be a tricky gift but a cute set like this? One or two will surely be winners. Like, for sure the Wood Sage & Sea Salt, if nothing else. Plus, cute striped box! 

I don't care what anyone says, I still love Sunday Riley. Good Genes is popular for a reason and the rest of these products are good as well. It's a solid little kit. 

I've sung the praises of several of the products in this great Tatcha set. It's all good! That primer is extra super fancy and the face mist is weirdly good too. 

Oh, Tom Ford, you brilliant jerk. Stop making such beautiful expensive things! Seriously, this eyeshadow quad is not inexpensive but it's the perfect "wouldn't buy for herself" kinda gift. 

I've already told you how much I love this shower oil, so this set, which includes travel and full sizes, is a winner in my book. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Gift Guide For: Your Best Girlfriend.

Apparently y'all like gift guides, so I will endeavor to do a few of them. My rules are the same as always - I will never post a gift I wouldn't want to give and I won't suggest anything over $100 because this is real life and who even is giving designer bags as gifts? Nobody, that's who. 

This particular gift guide is about gifts for your best girlfriends and/or the lady in your life. Spoiler alert: if you ARE one of my besties* and you keep reading this, don't be mad if you spoil your own gift. Let's get going:

If your girlfriends are as obsessed with Fleabag as we are, please consider Fleabag: The Scriptures. I includes the complete filming scripts of the first and second seasons, annotated with stage directions and exclusive commentary on Phoebe Waller-Bridge's creative process and the making of the series. I have, just FYI, added this to my own wishlist as well. 

I bought myself this lipgloss while on vacation and y'all, I forgot how much I love MAC lipglass! Yes, it's fucking sticky but that's what keeps it on your lips. Why is that a bad thing? Anyway, this is limited edition holiday color and the cap is all glitter-pretty and the color I got (Star Memoir) is gorgeous and festive without being too over the top. It's good and would make a fun gift.

L'Occitane always does really nice holiday gift sets and I've never given these products to anyone who seemed to not like it. But, little sets aside, I will tell you that all you need is the Almond Shower Oil. It is SO SO SO NICE. It smells nice, it moisturizes in the shower and it won't try to kill you by coating your tub with oil. It's expensive, but that's why it's a nice gift - ain't nobody regularly going to drop $25-$42 on shower oil. If you throw one of these in with it? You will change lives. 

Almost all of my favorite scarves were gifts and if you find something really good, it's a great gift. My secret - check the men's section for the awesome bargains. The Missoni scarf above is technically a men's scarf but whooooo cares. It's $49 at TJ Maxx and it's beautiful. I'm also partial to cashmere and think this beautiful plaid scarf is quite a good deal but oooh, I do love Everlane cashmere and they have a beautiful scarf that comes in a bunch of colors. 

And here's another idea: buy from independent artists! Kate and I went to see our friend Tasha McKelvey who was selling her amazing pottery at a local show last weekend and there was so much amazing local vendors there! Tasha's handmade ornaments, tiny bowls and jewelry are long-time favorites. Most of the work she has online is customizable, which makes for a really lovely gift.  We also discovered:

Square of the Bone jewelry. She makes beautiful, intricate pieces that are a little left-of-center which is exactly the kind of thing I love. Beautiful but not too precious. There were a ton of great gifts at this show and the best part - you're directly supporting an artist and will be giving your friend a gift they can't find anywhere else. 

*"Best friend isn't a person. It's a tier." -Mindy Kaling

Monday, December 2, 2019

BUY THIS (Because I Can't): Cyber Monday Deals I Like.

I am back from vacation and I got a nasty cold literally the minute I got off the plane (ugh) so now I'm home sick feeling sorry for myself and also trying not to buy things because I did quite a bit of shopping in Ireland (mostly for other people. Mostly.) Anyway, there are some really good deals today and here's what I'd buy if I was shopping:

Madewell - 30% off, plus an extra 10% off with code YAYINTERNET

This is a pretty generous discount for Madewell and if you've been wavering on a pair of jeans, now is the time. I really love the tencel jeans but I have two pairs in the mid-rise skinny so I'd probably try a different style, like this Stovepipe pair:

I'll also admit I keep looking at the Regan Boot in Leopard Calf Hair because it seems crazy that I don't have leopard print boots:

PS. I also still love the Abroad Shoulder Bag but I feel like I've talked about it too many times.

J.Crew - 50% off your purchase with code MONDAY

I'll be honest, there's nothing much going on at J.Crew right now that I can't live without but I am also sick and lethargic, so give me a day or two and that could change. I will say I think this Devon camera bag with leopard calf hair is REALLY REALLY cute:

Ooh, J.Crew also has some "price as marked" Cyber Monday deals and this one is GOOD:

I bought this velour-lined hoodie last year and it's my #1 around-the-house hoodie. It's super warm and cozy and still looks good despite the abuse it takes. I am literally wearing it right this second! I should probably get a backup but I am not supposed to be buying stuff. Boo. UNFAIR. 

Athleta - 20% off your order with code BEMOVED

Athleta is a favorite of mine and this discount isn't amazing, but they don't do discounts very often. I don't need a thing but I will tell you that I love their leggings and these are great: 

The Salutation Stash Pocket Tight are also good! Both styles fit like a dream, have the nice side pockets and are not see-though ever. I am also a fan of the Triumph Hoodie:

...and it's longer cousin is also fantastic. They're stupidly expensive but really well made, flattering and comfortable. 

I could go on like this all day but I'm starting to bum myself out so I will leave you with this final deal:

I linked this Cole Haan asymmetrical puffer a few weeks ago and my friend Paula bought it and says it's absolutely great. I originally linked it from Nordstrom but I found it for a much better price at Macy's so if you're looking for a really cute, warm puffer, Check it out:

It comes in five colors! I love the olive green, obviously, but would get the merlot because it's unusual and really pretty. 

Friday, November 29, 2019

Black Friday Deals To Shop From Your Couch.

Happy Thanksgiving! I am currently in Ireland celebrating ThanksGuinness so this list was made in advance. I am POSITIVE there are some good sales and deals that are not reflected in this list (because, sadly,I am not a magical wizard), so please feel free to use the comments to post awesome deals you find, if you so desire. Here's what I know: 

Ann Taylor
50% Off Everything with code BLACKFRIDAY.  

30% off everything. (Discount In cart.)

Banana Republic
50% off Full price, 40% off sale. (Discount at checkout.)

BLKFRIDAY for 50% off everything, BESTEVER for an extra 10%.

30% off plus free shipping and returns over $49 with code H7N3

Neiman Marcus Last Call
40-80% off everything! Clearance included.

Take 15% off when you spend $100, 20% off $250, 25% off $400+.

50% off your purchase and extra 60% off sale styles now. Code FRIDAY. J.Crew rewards members enjoy free shipping on everything.

50% off your purchase with code FRIYAY.

20% off Black Friday Sale with code BLKFRI + Free Shipping at $49. 

30% off everything with code GIFTWELL.

Neiman Marcus
$50 off your $200+ regular price purchase with code THANKFUL. Beauty included. 

60% off with an extra 33% off select merchandise. Beauty/Fragrance excluded. 

$50 off your $200+ regular price purchase with code THANKFUL. Beauty included. 

Nordstrom Rack 
50% off clearance items.

Old Navy
50% off everything, no exclusions.

BLACK FRIDAY SALE up to 50% off (earlier in the day).

BLACK FRIDAY SALE up to 65% off (in the afternoon). 

Up to 25% off full-price items and up to 75% off sale items with code MORE19