Friday, May 25, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: J.Crew Is On Point for Summer

YOU GUYS. J.Crew is killing it lately. I am not kidding, I love so much of it! Here's the latest deal: In stores and online - 40% off your purchase with code GETAWAY (Full price items only, I think?) Plus, up to 50% off women's swim, shorts, tees & more. Don't forget eBates for 1.5% cash back! Here's what I love:



Thursday, May 24, 2018

Stuff I Like: Wearing, Watching, Listening, Reading.

Hi hi hi! I've decided to stop hating everything long enough to like a few things to tell y'all about. Isn't that a relief? Just kidding, I like stuff basically too much. Here's what I'm digging this week:

This Lip Balm That Is The Literal Best.
I think I mentioned recently that I got a deluxe sample size of this Fresh Sugar Lip Caramel balm and I’m SO INTO IT. I love it so much I bought a full size version and gave it to Marianne for her birthday. Here’s what she has to say about it: “I keep this on my nightstand because it is the BEST before-bed lip balm ever. It’s never, ever sticky and I wake up with my lips still feeling super soft and moisturized. I LOVE it.” So, there you go. It’s fancy lip balm that smells like caramel and it’s under $20. Treat yo’ self.

This Video Which Proves Tiffany Haddish Is a National Treasure.
I’m not even going to explain too much about this amazing story except that it involves Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, a Groupon, a swamp tour and a whole lot of weed. Enjoy:

This Arctic Monkeys Album That Has Me Charmed. 
If you’re an Arctic Monkeys fan you might have strong feelings about the new album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. It’s a concept album involving a lounge act... on a moon colony. It’s a lot to take in but it’s SO WEIRD AND GOOD. It keeps getting compared to Bowie which I don’t hear at all but I do really like it. It’s strange, kind of jazz-y and a total departure. It’s also fucking funny. Humor is one of the things I’ve always loved best about Arctic Monkeys and this album just kills it. “What do you mean you’ve never seen Blade Runner?”

This Nick Hornby Book That Was An Emergency Read.
I forgot my Kindle last week and didn’t want to eat my lunch without something to read (gasp!) so I hustled over to the library and checked out the first thing that looked vaguely promising. It was Nick Hornby’s Funny Girl and I was immediately ALL IN. I’ve read and enjoyed a few of his books but this one really speaks to my interests: Television, comedy, witty banter, the 60s, a charming female main character?  It’s got everything. I'm not even halfway through it yet so if it goes south I’ll let you know.

That's it for this week! By the time you're reading this I'm going to be on my way to NYC for a vacation with my boyfriend. We're going to see David Bowie Is and also a Yankees game! (Something for everyone, right?)

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): The Sales Are Upon Us.

Memorial day weekend approaches and with it comes the onslaught of good deals. It's a lot of pressure, is what I'm saying. To keep things cool, I've compiled a short list of LGFTB favorites who are having amazing sales. So nice of me, right? Not enabling at all:

J.Crew — 40% off your full-priced purchase with code GETAWAY. Come back for my picks on Friday!

Madewell —Take 20% off select dresses with code PRETTYPLEASE.

Gap — Up to 50% off everything plus an extra 20% off online (no exclusions) plus free shipping on all orders with code PARTY.

Banana Republic — 40% off your purchase +  Free 3-5 day shipping on $100+ with code BRSHIP.

LOFT — 40% off everything (in-store and online) with code LONGWKND.

Nordstrom — The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale is here! Up to 40% off through June 3rd.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Aggressive German Comfort Meets Disco Ball.

Hi there! This week I'm wearing a new favorite with an old favorite. I know the more blog-weary of you are probably all, "Girl, you say everything is your favorite." To that I say: favorite is a tier not a single object. Also, it's really not true - I have stuff I keep wearing that I complain about every single time. Delightful! Anyway:

I love this dress. It's from LOFT last year and it just makes me happy. The colors are fun, the fit is forgiving, it works for a night out with heels or for work with flats or sandals. Loft makes this kind of dress every year - this striped version looks very summery but you're gonna need a slip (which you should be doing anyway.) I also love this fun print version. There's also this amazing ikat dot print dress with sleeves, which will be nice if you work in a freezer office like I do. There are also quite a few options in the dress sale section including this adorable zebra print dress

I am giving up on cardigans right now because it's too much to think about and I'm picky. Instead I've been throwing a chambray shirt over everything because why not. The one I'm wearing is J.Crew via Poshmark - I'm pretty sure it's this one. Let me tell you, this shirt is LEGIT. It's a good, weighty fabric, excellent snap buttons and a comfortable fit. It's just really damn good. If you're not into J.Crew how about this sharp version from Levi's? I can also recommend Old Navy chambray if you want something a bit lighter. Also, how cute is this chambray blazer from Loft? I might have to track that down. Details:

I'm keeping things light today and just wearing my silver necklace from My Precious Studio. That shirt tho. It's just...really good. 

I'm carrying my same old MBMJ hobo which is still available in black. It's a good one! But let's get down to the thing my title is referencing, my amazing Birkenstocks. Yes, I caved and the silver Birkenstock Arizonas are MINE ALL MINE. You guys, I do not regret this purchase one tiny bit. They are so good and I love the shiny metallic craziness of them. If you're considering them, just go for it. They also come in a lovely rose-gold/copper which is pretty great. 

What, you want another picture of them? No? Here's one anyway! They must be popular because all the foot fetish creepers have been liking my IG pic of them. Heh.

Monday, May 21, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Friends & Family! has some great deals going on right now! Get $40 off $99 with F&F code EMLFNFUPGRADE or 30% off with code FLASH30. Plus, go through eBates for 10.0% cash back! There are exclusions (including Birkenstock - trust me, I tried) but I found a bunch of other great options including my awesome Kenneth Cole sandals which come in several colors. Here's what I like:

These are Dolce Vita and I love the dark wood block heel! They also come in a caramel color with a slightly higher heel, but I think the low heel looks very walkable. 

I have these in gold and love them! The gold is sold out but the silver is so perfect for summer and they also have a beautiful red suede version and yellow! You guys, the yellow.

These Vince Camuto suede slides in that blush pink color that's super on-trend? They will get you a million compliments.  They also come in red and black. 

Look, I know you're probably not into buying boots right before summer starts but the Sam Edelman Petty boot is basically perfect and a total steal right now. Just consider it, is all I'm saying.

These cute little wedge sandals are by UGG! I am not kidding. I was surprised that UGG wasn't excluded so definitely take advantage if you've always wanted, say, a pair of cozy UGG slippers

On a more practical note, these are Marianne's favorite sneakers and the code makes them really affordable. (I don't know about you, but when Marianne likes something, I almost immediately want it.)

Oh hey, they have bags too. How freaking crazy gorgeous is this lapis blue Vince Camuto tote? I MEAN. I also really like this print tote which reminds me of a Goyard aka thing I can't afford ever. 

Happy shopping! I do love a code/free shipping/good eBates combo. So satisfying. 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: Summer Dresses!

Ahh, it's that time again. I am all about having a bunch of reliable dress options for summer - something like this little shift dress in alllll the colors, right? So, for this week's window shopping post I've come up with eight summer dress options all under $75 (and most under $50.) Here ya go:



Thursday, May 17, 2018

We Discuss: My Pyro Tendencies

A: I need your help with something very important.

M: What’s up

A: I have a $50 gc for Sephora from my health insurance incentives program. I feel like I should blow it all on something I wouldn’t spend my own money on.

M: Hahaa

A: This is important!

A: I am thinking about that fancy Givenchy powder with the four colors:

M: Hrm

A: I know. It's supposed to be amazing.

A: I could also get some RMS stuff.

M: I personally can’t get excited about powder.

A: Some dumb podcast guest made me want it.

M: 🙄

M: Haha

A: But it’s something I’d never buy.

M: You’ve been wanting to try more RMS.

A: Yes, but WHAT.

M: Have you tried the Un Cover-up yet?

A: No, but I have, like, three different concealers going right now.

M: I also highly recommend my new coconut water primer:

A: I cannot get excited about primer.

M: Haha

A: Not even good primer.

M: Get the powder if you want it!

A: Re. primer, I'm getting ANOTHER sample of Porefessional in my Sephora box. Why.

A: But! I’m also getting your Kat Von D eyeliner along with, I’m sure, some dry shampoo I won't use and a neutral lipstick I can't wear.

M: Lolol

A: I’m excited about the eyeliner even though I'm historically Not Good with liquid liner.

M: I love it but I will admit I was apparently born with the ability to do liquid eyeliner quickly and well.

A: Ugh

A: Anyway, why is it so hard to spend this GC? It’s $50 of free shit.

M: See I think we have different approaches.

M: I would be stoked to get one of my standbys for free rather than possibly blow $50 on something I may not love.

A: Well, everything is returnable at Sephora and, oh! Your primer is being offered as a sample!

M: Oh nice! I got like 6 samples of it from Ulta so that’s how I fell in love with it.

A: Apparently the Givenchy powder is scented like roses so nope to that.

M: Ew no

A: Old lady powder

A: I might get ones of the RMS palettes:

M: Oooh

A: And…the gift card is coming back invalid.

M: Goddammit!

A: I am so annoyed! I’m going to lose my good samples.

A: I am going to burn this GC company to the ground.

M: Argh so annoying.

A: Customer service was like, “enter the number it without the spaces”

A: Like I’m new.

M: Lolol

M: Have you tried restarting the computer.

M: hahahaha

A: I'm gonna try lighting it on fire, brb.