Friday, June 5, 2020

Stuff I Like: Power To The People.

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I know most of us are probably feeling sad and angry and tired and overwhelmed right now. I've been thinking: What is the right thing to do? What's the best way to be an ally? Where to donate, how to help? I've been reading and listening as much I can, trying my best to not be part of the problem and hopefully to learn the best way to be part of the solution. (Also, some really positive news in my hometown has certainly helped!)

I keep seeing lists on social media for businesses to support, books to read, podcasts to listen to, and documentaries to watch on the Black experience and I keep losing track of them before I can make my own lists, so I thought it might be helpful to compile some sources with lists to help make your own. (Note: There are no affiliate links in this post.) Here you go:

"If you, like many of us, are finding it hard to articulate how to discuss issues of racism, injustice, discrimination and privilege, we’d like to encourage you to take some time to learn and listen."

"For black booksellers and publishers who have been promoting these titles for years, it’s encouraging that people are now turning to books to further their own knowledge, rather than expecting the black community to educate them."

(I already listen to several of these! It's a good list.)

"Learn about Black history that you might’ve missed in school. From the golden era of Black television to what you probably didn’t know about Josephine Baker, Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings dive into the many layers of Black life."

"According to the publisher, “'A Black Women's History of the United States' reaches far beyond a single narrative to showcase Black women's lives in all their fraught complexities..."

"Not only is as great place to shop, it is also a space that empowers indie creatives to share their gifts with the world."

"Whether it’s a love story of which Black women rarely get to be the star, or the uncovering of Black history that needs to be passed down throughout generations, these books tell our story."

(This is a fantastic list! It covers a ton of different businesses.)

"Founded by Hleziphansi Zita, this line of architectural jewelry is elegant and sculptural — each piece reminds me of something you’d find in a museum, and the prices for the sterling silver and gold plating are reasonable."

PS. The artwork at the top was created in 2017 by my friend Noah Scalin in collaboration with Cheats RVA.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Monday Mood: Taking A Moment.

It's been a really rough weekend for our country and things are feeling pretty sad around here. I'm going to take a few days off and will return with some (hopefully) uplifting Stuff I Like. In the meantime, please take care of yourself, your friends and family, and your local businesses. And please consider donating:

With a message from the artist @ellamoscoPLEASE NOTE that @mnfreedomfund has raised over $20 million dollars and is asking that you redirect your donations to @blackvisionscollective 
and @reclaimtheblock . If you’ve already donated to these organizations, here are a few additional ones you can monetarily support: @bailproject@fairfightaction@nonewjails_nyc
@freethemall2020as well as The National Bail Fund Network, North Star Health Collective, and Communities United Against Police Brutality.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: Why Are Shorts So Hard?

Shorts are polarizing. You either love them or hate them, right? I mean, maybe you live somewhere where it doesn't get crazy hot in the summer or maybe you just wear dresses instead. That's totally fine and this isn't for you. But for those of us who're just about to step into swelter weather, they're a staple. Mysteriously (shush) a lot of my shorts from the past few summers no longer fit me so I've been scrambling to find replacements. It's hard! I have so many requirements. But, I did find a few pairs that I really like:

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Outfit of the Day (and a review): Stripes Are The Best.

It's been a while since I bought a new striped shirt and I don't think I currently have one that's short-sleeved, so I was really excited to get my new Alex Mill Standard Boatneck:

First, I just want to say that having a cheerful new "nice" summer tee is such a moral booster. I've worn it to the only three places I go - the grocery store, to pick up take-out, and on a walk, but it just makes me feel cute and pulled-together, which is not really how I've been feeling in general lately. I'm really glad I bought it and I hope you guys took advantage of the sale as well. 

It's nicely oversized and a little boxy (but not too boxy) and it tucks beautifully. I love that it's thin without being see-through and has a bit of slub texture. It's a good tee, y'all. It also comes in solid colors, which are on sale! I'm definitely interested in some of the other Alex Mill tees many of which are also on sale. Yay for sales. My jeans are an older pair of Madewell skinnies, very similar to this pair. And ooh, this pair is also really cute. On to details: 

I dusted off my favorite Labradorite tassel necklace because I hadn't worn it in a while. The updated version is on sale! Still not exactly cheap, but I'm so glad I bought mine. It's really lovely, satisfying piece of jewelry.

I'm still carrying my Lo & Sons Pearl crossbody with the Madewell strap attached. It's honestly the only bag I've been using for the past few months. 

And finally, yeah. Those white Birkenstock Arizonas are my every damn day sandals lately, though sometimes I wear my silver pair for a little variety. I am so predictable.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Review: SheFit The Flex Sports Bra

Do you ever have a wardrobe moment that made you feel like you a complete idiot? Like, for example, you catch a glimpse of yourself doing jumping jacks in a sports bra that got up and left a while ago? Yeah, that happened to me recently and it wasn't pretty. The bra in question was a very, very old Lululemon energy bra that used to be a favorite and now it's totally stretched-out garbage. I had to face facts that it was time to find a new favorite sports bra.

Mostly I'm just doing weight training and cycling, neither of which are super high impact so I recently ordered this one from Outdoor Voices that I'm hoping will be enough for those activities. (It hasn't arrived yet.) But, I occasionally go for a run or do a HIIT workout and y'all, my old bras are not enough anymore. Shit has gotten real. So, after scouring the Internet I found Shefit, took the fit quiz and ordered (with my own money - this is not sponsored) The Flex bra:

This is one of those adjustable, zip up the front, locked-and-loaded bras. Serious business. To properly review it I am going to do something I NEVER do. (Please don't make me regret this. Please be kind.) I am going to show you the bra on my person:


Yep, there it is. Oh god. Okay. So the first time I tried this on it was A Lot. I had to loosen all the straps (chest and shoulder) and then use the two hidden hooks in the front to hold it together while I zipped it up. It's a process.

Once zipped, I tightened all the velcro straps and boom, nothing was moving. I jumped up and down. Locked and loaded. Also...not very comfortable. It felt a bit stiff and restrictive (which it is) so I loosened everything a tiny bit and it felt a lot better. I will say, the fit quiz was accurate, so you can trust the sizing recommendation. It's really quite a feat of engineering: 

You can see the adjustable straps and the cool rose gold detailing. They do small runs of each color and black was the only one available in my size, which is probably what I would've chosen anyway. This bra has got some well-thought out details, like the covers that protect your skin from the zipper:

The band is sturdy - nothing is escaping underneath and it doesn't roll. The back straps sit fairly wide, but are not uncomfortable.

I  did worry that it would start pinching/rubbing under my arms so I did a workout in it to see how it performed. At first, the bra felt pretty stiff and I was VERY aware of it, however, it did it's job and nothing moved during jumping jacks, etc. Then I went for a short mountain bike ride and after a few minutes, I didn't think about what I was wearing at all - as I warmed up the bra seemed to mold to my body and I completely forgot I was wearing it. I think after a few washes/wears this is going to be my favorite sports bra for high-movement activities. If you're wearing two sports bras or can't find a good fit because you're DD or above, this one is definitely worth checking out. 

If you're tempted, you can use my link to get $10 off your first order of $65+ (full disclosure: I also get a credit.) 

Monday, May 25, 2020

BUY THIS: Quick Memorial Day Sale FYI...

I don't generally post on holidays but just wanted to give the head's up that Athleta is giving an extra 20% off sale items today only! No code needed. And they've added new stuff:

Oof, I know. So cute. And do I need the snakeprint bra? I might.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: Outdoor Voices Is Tempting Me.

Aw crap. By now you all should know I have a bit of an athletic wear...problem. I obviously love Athleta but I've recently been taking an online look at Outdoor Voices, which appeals to me by NOT  being so sporty, if that makes sense. Similar to Athleta, Outdoor Voices seems like clothing you can wear not just for exercise, but also to living your life. I like that it's minimal but the design is still definitely there. I haven't (yet) ordered anything but it's just a matter of time. If you're a first timer too, you can get 20% off your first order by using my link (full disclosure - I also get a credit.) Here's what I'd buy in a hot minute: