Thursday, February 27, 2020

Stuff I Like: What's Making You Happy?

This blog is unapologetically about things and shopping (and also personal style and friendship and sometimes cute boys) and that sometimes feels weird to me because what gives me the most joy is the stuff you can't hold in your hand - travel and outdoor cycling, mainly.

But, you know what? I also just fucking love THINGS, so this "Stuff I Like" entry is about the physical things that have made me happy lately because it's okay to have stuff make you happy. Why not? It doesn't make you less intellectual to find pleasure in objects. Let's start with this:

This Squirrel Feeder Will Improve Your Life.
My boyfriend bought this because our indoor kitties enjoy watching the squirrels. YES. That is a tiny picnic table feeder and yes, the squirrels sit on the bench while they dine on corn. I lose my mind a little bit every time it happens because it's so absurdly cute. My friend Ashley suggested the squirrels might need a tiny Coleman cooler and a grill. Don't tempt me.

An Update On The Head Massager.
In the last Stuff I Like entry I was pondering the purchase of a shampoo massager thing and I ordered it and I love it. I use it with my non-sudsing shampoo and it just feels so nice! Like a little treat. I am also still very much into my weird silicone scrubby thing (now with hanging loop!), so if you were considering buying one but then didn't, I can assure it you it's a million times better than those gross shower poofs and I will never go back.

Dansk Brings Me Joy.
In another edition of "Marianne has it so I want it too" I have been coveting Marianne's set of vintage yellow Dansk kitchen canisters for literally years. They are the very best kind of cheerful Danish Modern with four satisfying divots in the lids for your fingers and I just love them. During my most recent visit  I started a search on eBay and discovered they also come in red. WELL NOW.  I couldn't find a complete set but found two different auctions with two containers each and when the first two arrived, I was SO PLEASED:

The other two will hopefully arrive soon and then I'll have more than a full set! I mean, yes, they are melamine kitchen canisters but they give me such happy satisfaction, I can't even explain. If you are a mid-century fan but can't even with the plastic, West Elm has this very elegant set and I also own some great vintage teak and glass Dansk pieces so I highly recommend keeping an eye out for it at flea markets. Also! The designer of the Dansk melamine line was Gunnar Cyrén who also designed a series of delightful animal paperweights so now I'm obsessed with those too. Thanks, Internet.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Outfit Of The Day: Yes, I Am Wearing Pink.

Historically, I am not a girly-girl. I don't generally wear pink and I make fun of ruffles every chance I get. So hey, here's an outfit with me wearing a pink shirt with ruffles: 

Okay, the fact that it's a tiny leopard print helps a LOT but I really love this top! I found it at the thrift store I visited with Marianne and bought it because at $1.99lb, it's super easy to take a fashion risk. This top is Dolan Left Coast and was originally sold at Anthropologie. It's not hard to find secondhand, but current Dolan styles can definitely fill your ruffle-y needs. This top is awfully pretty and this one is my kind of animal print. For something in the "pink and girly" category you can't get much more ladylike than this pretty top

 I threw my charcoal gray Juliette sweater-blazer over it because it's still February and I don't want to freeze to death. Plus, it takes down the sweetness a notch. My black pants are Loft Marisa fit (currently only available in a cute blue colorway) and they are perfectly basic black pants. I cuffed them in the first photo and then decided it looked weird. Pants, man. On to details:

Isn't the print cute? I dig it. I'm wearing my usual favorite - a Dean Davidson labradorite tassel necklace (link to the new version) and a tiny compass necklace I got in a Rachel Zoe box years ago. Gorjana has a similar version that I think is really pretty. 

I ditched my MJ hobo because I'm sure y'all are sick of it and decided to try on my new Madewell Transport crossbody. It's a nice little bag for sure but it's really alllll about this sick camera strap. I love it so much! If you already have a cute bag that needs a refresh, the strap can be purchased separately and I might also switch it around to a different bag at some point. 

Here's a closer look. If you missed my Insta story about it last night, it's big enough to hold my iPhone 8+, sunglasses, slim wallet and a few bits and pieces. It's not big but for weekends/travel, it should be fine. Plus, it's cute as hell and that's the really important thing. (My priorities are questionable, I know.) 

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

We Discuss: Crossbody Bags I Do Not Need. (It Doesn't End Well.)

A: Per my blog post, I feel like I need a not-too-expensive crossbody that can get wet.

A: But it should be cute, of course

M: Hmmm, Dagne Dover?

A: Oh! I hadn’t thought of that

M: Seems like a situation for neoprene

A: This one looks okay but more than I want to spend on neoprene:

A: I was also considering that quilted MJ but I don't know:

M: I mean if you’re really talking getting wet yeah I wouldn’t do leather

A: I am always into leather but I feel like Scotland is gonna be wet

M: Or I would take your Cambridge satchel because I swear that leather is bombproof

A: Yes, but no zipper! Not that Scotland is known for it’s pickpockets

M: I’d like to see a pickpocket get a push lock flap open without you being like wtf

A: The Cambridge is def bombproof

M: That leather is so rigid

M: That’s what she said

A: Heh

A: I looooove this Madewell bag with the cool strap but I think it’s too small

M: I love that bag too but don’t you have a similar J.Crew one?

A: sold it

M: Ah rats

A: Eh, I assumed I’d find something slightly bigger to replace it

M: Oh! Get a cute strap on Etsy for your Cambridge bag!

M: That’s my jam

A: My Cambridge strap isn't removable

M: Well poop

M: I am trying to save you money for trip shopping haha

A: Madewell sells the straps separately and has a Salt collab but does me no good

M: That Madewell bag is adorable

A: It is

M: Now I want it so thanks


M: Way to go

A: With the discount and the extra $10 off I can get that Madewell bag for $92 but I still think it’s probably tiny

M: I don’t know, really depends what you want to cram in it

M: (We’ve moved into to the enabling portion of the evening)

A: Hahha

A: Mostly just my phone, small wallet, bits and pieces

A: I can spend about the same amount and get the MJ bag but it bothers me that the strap isn’t leather

M: I like the Madewell one a lot more

A: I do to tbh

A: I am trying to figure out if the strap comes with it or if I have to pay separately for the camera strap

A: Oh! One of the reviews says it comes with two straps! And this:

“ I carry my phone, lip balm, pen, keys, and small bible as well as a few cards and cash.”

A: Um, totally same

M: Haaaaa

M: Bible room

A: Hahahha. It me.

A: I might have to get it

A: Forget what I said about wanting a bigger bag that is waterproof

M: I mean if you’re going to buy something I like that one

A: I do too

A: That strap is killing me

A: I could also use it on my red Longchamp, maybe?

A: Under $100 with expedited shipping

M: I would do it

M: And might THANKS

A: Haha

A: It is done

M: Ugh I won’t

M: Only because Kathleen wants to take me shopping in Seattle

A: There you go

A: Plus, will always be Madewell deals

M: Yup and I already bought jeans

A: I will see if it’s worth keeping when it arrives (Which is tonight! Keep an eye on our IG for an update.)

Monday, February 24, 2020

Buy This (So We Don't Have To): TJ Maxx Bargains.

It's easy to avoid the TJ Maxx website because it's frustrating to navigate and they tend to stuff models into the clothes whether they fit or not. (Often not. Like, those Rebecca Taylor leopard jeans I link below? Look how cute!) But I'm always happy to dive in and see what I can find to enable you guys because I am just about to die over those Lulu Frost earrings. Ugh. Check it out:

Friday, February 21, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: Spring (?) Dress Options

A flip has switched and suddenly I'm thinking about spring dresses. (I blame Marianne.) I took a look to see what was new and good and was pleasantly surprised by all the long sleeves. Hooray! We don't have to shiver in our pretty dresses until summer. Also, even though there was a LOT of floral I strive to give you variety and found some great non-floral prints. Because really:

Truth. Here's what I like: 

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Feeling Wanty: Travel Edition.

Nothing makes me feel more wanty than when I have a trip coming up. Suddenly, I need A Perfect THING for this particular trip, despite not needing That Thing on the last trip. It's dumb but it happens every time. Here's what I mean:

My Dr Martens did really well for my trip to Ireland  - they were comfortable and good for tromping around fields to look at ancient stones. I'll be doing some field tromping in Scotland next month but the thought of packing those boots again (so heavy and large) just bums me out. So, I bought Marianne's Sorel boots which arrived and they're great! Feather light and toasty warm. Problem solved. This time.

This is so dumb but I sold my little J.Crew bag with the idea that I'd find a better, more magical, slightly larger crossbody. I, um, didn't. For Ireland I brought my leather MJ hobo which was fine - big enough to stash a scarf and small purchases and has a zipper for security. But it get heavy when worn crossbody so I am already wondering if there's a better, but still fashionable, option. Predictably, I've got my eye on this nylon MJ crossbody that would be a great, lightweight option. It's on sale at NR which is tempting, but I should probably save my money. Hmph.

Okay, I don't, but in the comments on my recent Athleta post reader Jen D totally sold me on the Headlands Hybrid tights. Wouldn't they look cute with my new Sorel boots and a big sweater? YES PERHAPS THEY WOULD. I am very curious and will probably make a trip out to Athleta soon to try them on because I love the idea of a legging-type pant that travels well. We shall see.

PS. I also bought myself a small light-up travel mirror because trying to put on makeup in a hotel room is always the worst. I bought one just like this and it's fine. Do I want the SimpleHuman one? Of course I do. But I'm not gonna. I need that money for pants.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Outfit Of The Day: A Tale of Two Boots.

I have so many outfits planned in my head to post and when I started writing them down I realized, wow I gots a formula. Now that formula involved leopard boots, a thing I can't believe I didn't own until very recently. If you'll remember, I bought a cute pair by Seychelles (worn here) on super sale and I really liked them. Then, the Madewell Regan pair went on crazy sale and I was like, BUT I LOVE THOSE MORE. I mean, come on:

They're both cute but the Madewell boots freaking glow. Am I wrong? It's not just the lighting, right? Anyway, I sold the Seychelles pair on Poshmark and haven't looked back. File under: The heart wants what it wants. Anyway, here's my outfit:

I'm wearing a drapey Violet & Claire top I bought years ago at TJ Maxx that has a fun jeweled neckline. It's impossible to find it online now, but this Derek Lam top has a very similar shape and this Liz Claiborne blouse has a pretty jeweled neckline. 

I finished the look off with my Juliette cardigan from J.Crew. I hope a few of you were able to pick it up from the sale yesterday! I would love one in another color but I'm biding my time, for now. 

My jeans are H&M from a few years back and they're my current favorite. This style at Madewell is pretty similar as far as cut, but these distressed jeans from H&M are way more fun and this patchwork pair at the Gap are pretty interesting. On to details: 

Never one to leave well enough alone, I'm wearing both my silver necklaces by My Precious Studio. My friend Tere is so talented. 

I'm still carrying my Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir because I need a cheerful red bag for gloomy days. The bright pink version is still on sale at NR and the bigger version of my red bag is as well. 

These leopard boots, you guys. The heel is a bit higher than I usually wear but not uncomfortably so. I just love how rich the leopard pattern is and they are so well made. Boots are fun and this pair brings me joy.