Friday, April 28, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: Fantasy Summer Wardrobe.

There's what I wear and there's what I really want to wear. This is my ideal summer wardrobe, budget be damned (not really but you know. In my dreams and stuff):



Thursday, April 27, 2017

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): MBMJ Bonanza at TJ Maxx!

The last bits of Marc By Marc Jacobs continues to get dumped at TJ Maxx and because I like to spend my evenings copying and pasting I've tried to capture most of it for y'all. Obviously I've been a big fan of this brand for years and I'm sad to see it go, but the bargains! They are real (and will hopefully get real-er if any of this hits the clearance section.) Here's what's new:

Recently Added:

Flipping Out Leather Tote

Ligero Leather Ninja Satchel 

Flipping Out Top Handle Leather Bag

New Q Percy Leather Crossbody (white)

Abbott & Blaze Shine Leather Crossbody

Embroidered Fruit Canvas Tote

Biker Flocked Star Mini Backpack

Flocked Stars Printed Biker Backpack

Domo Biker Studded Leather Backpack

Pretty Nylon Medium Tote

Still available:

Too Hot To Handle Leather Satchel

Eliza Baby Bag

Leather New Q Mini Natasha Crossbody

Petal To The Metal Leather Wallet

Almost Gone:

New Q Natasha Leather Crossbody

New Q Fran Leather Satchel

The Legend Leather Satchel

New Q Small Legend Leather Satchel

New Q Percy Leather Crossbody (tan)


Petal to the Metal


Too Hot To Handle

Classic Q


There are a ton more wallets - too many to list! I think some of them are still a bit over-priced but I’ll bet most will end up getting clearance priced.

I'm sure I missed a few things but that's the bulk of it. TJ Maxx is offering free shipping with code SHIP89 as well! I know that there are probably a ton of MBMJ bags at Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off Fifth and Bloomingdale's outlet stores but if you're like me and live more than an hour away from the outlet mall, this might be your best option.

Stuff I Like: Treat Yo Self + Reading/Watching

Treat. Yo. Self.  What are the little things you do that are treats? I've obviously listed a few of them here already (fancy candles, grocery store flowers, etc) but I also have a few things I do that are small luxuries:

- Pedicures. I mean, this seems like such a duh but I almost never get my nails done! I only get pedicures in the summer and I go to a weird little cheap stripmall place and I love it. I take a La Croix and my Kindle and I let the massage chair molest me for as many cycles as my pedicure takes.

- CineBistro. If you don't live near a CineBistro or something similar I'm sad for you. It basically ruins any other movie-going experience: giant comfy reserve seating, cocktails, no kids, dinner served as the previews start. It's fucking amazing and it's my favorite place to have a solo dinner-and-a-movie night. (Or, even better, if you have a weekday off and can go mid-afternoon.)

- Lunchtime yoga. This is something I started doing for myself at the beginning of the year because most of my workouts are pretty tough/competitive and I needed to balance it with something gentle. The campus gym offers free lunchtime yoga classes and I've been going twice a week. I've always liked yoga in a casual way but this is the first time I've been consistent in my practice and it's been really wonderful. It helps a lot with my consistently tight hip-flexors and also makes me feel less murdery, which is a total bonus. For everyone.

Money Diaries. I am so obsessed with Money Diaries over at Refinery29 though the commenters can be SUPER JUDGEY but are fun to read as well. I just think it's interesting to read about how people spend their money at different income levels and clearly I'm not the only one. Also, I am always a little surprised at how much help some of the younger women get from their families because that was not my reality, sadly.

Also, this is a pretty hilarious read: The Unbearable Wrongness of Gwyneth Paltrow.

Gimme Danger. This is for the old rock-n-roll ladies! Did you know that Jim Jarmusch made a documentary about Iggy Pop and the Stooges? I just watched it the other night (it's on Amazon) and it was really good! I didn't know all of the history behind the Stooges and really loved watching the old footage. Iggy Pop is a national treasure and I'll pretty much watch anything he's in and his last album Post Pop Depression is brilliant.

Watching, Part 2
I don't have a listening recommendation this week so maybe watch this instead:

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Review: LOFT In-Store Shopping Trip.

Okay, so here's the thing. I love online shopping. I love the deals, the rebates, the thrill of stacking codes. But there's a big drawback - when you can't see and feel things in person you miss stuff. Sometimes photographs make items look better than they are, sometimes much worse. And sometimes you just need to try shit on before you have any idea if it works for you or not.

So, last weekend Kate and I ate a hearty brunch, girded up our loins, and went to the mall. I specifically wanted to go to LOFT because they were giving 40% off of everything*. The first thing I grabbed was the Fan Floral Cap Sleeve Shirtdress which I hadn't noticed on the website, probably because the photo is terrible:

It looks kind of sad in the stock photo and my quick selfie doesn't do it justice at all:

This is the perfect summer dress- light and floaty but still covered enough to wear to work. It's got a great 1960s French beach vibe that I just love. I bought this and can't wait to do an outfit post around it. For reference, I'm wearing a size small.

Kate, who was browsing the sale racks, handed me this Mixed Media Dress which didn't look like much on the hanger and looks pretty boring on the website:

It was marked down to $19.99 (final sale) plus the extra 40% off. Dang. I tried it on and wow:

It's definitely a work dress but it's super comfortable and flattering and TWELVE DOLLARS. I'm wearing a size 6 (I think?) and it fits perfectly. And it's machine washable! It's nearly sold out on the website so this might be one to seek out in person. Finally, I tried on the Leopard Utility Blouse because there were a ton of them on the sale rack and it felt necessary. People just don't appreciate a good print:

And here it is on me:

Despite my dubious expression I really love this blouse. I didn't buy it because I have too many utility blouses and didn't need to spend the money, but It's so fun. Also, there are leopard print shorts? LOFT is so weird.

After that we went to Old Navy where Kate tried on shorts but didn't buy them. I sat on a weird, squishy cube of questionable stability:

The End

*Unfortunately the 40% off sale has ended but with LOFT all you have to do is wait a day or two!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Adrien: Summery Outfit and Gap Blouse Review.

Hey, so you know that convo yesterday where I talked about wanting to buy this Gap blouse? Well, by the magic of the Internet it's already been ordered, delivered to my house and photographed for a review. MAGIC I SAY: 

It's really cute, right? It's the Embroidery Tassel Split-neckline Top. It's very flowy and the sleeves are turned up to eleven on the Renaissance volume scale, but it's just so pretty. Cobalt blue is a color I really love to wear and I think it would look good on most people. (It also comes in white but that color is mostly sold out.) I am wearing size small and that seems about right. I could probably wear an XS but it's pretty short and I'd rather have the length. 

I'm wearing the top with my new white Fidelity Sola jeans, a birthday gift from Marianne! I love my other pair of Fidelity jeans so much that it's great to have the same style in white. And yay, I just discovered that Nordstrom carries Fidelity again! They have the Sola style in grey which is very, very tempting, or will be when they go on sale. I should also point out that Madewell has new white jeans that look really similar and I've also had good luck with Ann Taylor for white jeans. It's really hard to find a truly good pair that isn't too thin or see-through, but when you do, they're surprisingly versatile. 


Action close-up! Like the dress I showed y'all last week, this top is pretty low-cut. I may stitch it up a bit or I might just go with it. Gap has a ton of cute embroidered peasant tops right now - I love the contrast on this one, of course there's an off-the-shoulder version and this one is crazy but maybe in a good way? My necklace is House of Harlow and I wear it a ton. It comes in a bunch of colors and you can always find it on sale - this one is the pave version and I love this dark teal colorway

I'm carrying my cheap-ass Old Navy python bag from last year, which has shown up this year in the blush color, of course, though I much prefer this little faux leather saddle bag. My sandals are Sam Edelman "Trina" and they're a favorite. I love the little gold heel! There is also a thong version that's very on sale, but I don't know about that action.

That's all I've got for today. I should definitely keep the Gap blouse, right? It was 50% off when I bought it and now it's marked down to $54.99 with an extra 20% off with code GETMORE, which brings it down to $44. It'll probably get cheaper again but who can say? (Just never buy full price, everrrrrr.)

Monday, April 24, 2017

We Discuss Summer Shopping and Stupid Pockets.

M: thanks to you I want BOTH of these:

A: Sorry/not sorry! At least I'm making you want inexpensive things?

M: Oh definitely. It's funny, I couldn't think of anything I wanted to buy this weekend and now I have 6 tabs open with stuff I want.

A: Oh, do tell! I want new Birkenstocks and maybe this Gap blouse:

A: But otherwise i"m all, 💁

M: Mostly I blame I Want To Be Her for these. Well and you, for that Target dress that I should just order right now. So:


M: Someone said this mascara was so intense they only wear it at night which means it's perfect grocery store mascara for me:

A: Ooh, this is a great list! Did the Gap dress version of that blouse work out?

M: Yes, but it's a little big and I need to take it to get the pockets taken out. I wore it yesterday anyway.

A: Fucking pockets. Why.

M: POCKETS. Here's the thing: the blousey, belted waist means if you actually put things IN the pockets they weight down and make everything terrible. Plus they stick out and add bulk. HATECHU POCKETS.

A: HATE SO MUCH. Useless and add visual bulk to my hips. WHY.

A: So, back to these mascaras you just bought. I want extreme party lashes but I'm not sure my face does that. And I'm intrigued by this Honest Beauty stuff with the primer.

M: I haven't bought them yet!

A: Well, what are you waiting for.

M: I'm trying to resist bleeding money.

A: I'm trying to live vicariously through your mascara purchases. How can you be so selfish?

M: I ordered it! And that dress. Have you looked at the other Knox Rose stuff at Target? Not all of it is my style but there are some cute flowy summery tops.

A: Yay! I stopped buying Target clothes a few years ago but now I'm feeling like I need to check this stuff out. Really cute. I just ordered a couple of random things from Old Navy because it was so cheap it felt un-American not to.

M: Haha. Target has been getting better I think.

A: I don't really understand why I'm so into all this boho embroidered crap but I really, really am.

M: Because nothing says summer like some boho hippie crap and also they are better outfit-makers than t-shirts! Welcome to my world. It's floaty here.

A: Yes! Floaty cute tops! They make cut-offs and Birkenstocks look casual and breezy rather than schlubby and half-dressed. Or something.

A: Oops, I just panic-ordered my Birkenstocks. It was the last pair in my size with the gold buckles that I could find.

M: A solid choice.


M: I love them! I love summer!

M: YAY SUMMER! Summer shopping is so much fun.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: Anthropologie Sale!

Oooh, you guys! Anthropologie is giving an extra 40% off all sale items (no code - discount reflected at checkout) plus 1% cashback from eBates. As per, there is a lot of charmingly odd stuff and ruffles galore but also a ton of really cute things for spring: