Friday, August 12, 2022

Weekend Window Shopping: All The Things From Quince.

I am always checking in with Quince to see what's new and in the last year they've really expanded! It used to just be good cashmere and loungewear but now it's...all of the things. So tempting! Here's what I have my eye on:

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Outfit Of The Day: I'm a Clog Girl Now.

I have a few new things to show you and I've also been trying to wear things that have been hanging in my closet for too long. Let's get the whole gang together, shall we?

I panic-bought this Halogen top back in the spring to wear for an in-person job interview...that never happened. So, it just hung unloved with the tags on all summer and I finally decided to put it on and stop thinking about it as an interview-only option:

It's fine, probably not the coolest thing ever but I love the colors and wanted to have a little pop of personality to go with my boring interview suit. OH WELL. I ended up tucking it in and adding my Madewell belt:

These are my new Cali Demi-Boot Madewell jeans and I wish I had a wider belt for them! They have a high waist and long belt loops so something just isn't quite sitting right. It's fine, that's what blazers are for:

This is my J.Crew Going Out Blazer and it was a solid purchase! (Here I am wearing it in the beforetimes.) It's got a little stretch and the sleeves hit me just right - it's really a nice blazer that gets rave reviews for a reason. I need to wear it more! They also make it in seasonal colors/fabrics and I'm keeping an eye on this version in the dusty shell color

Just add a bag and some clogs and you're good to go, right? My bag is the Hammitt large VIP and it's a great, easy crossbody with some style. I love it. For something similar but smaller, this one by Aimee Kestenberg looks really good! I also love this one at Madewell that looks like a similar size. Details:

A closer look at my crazy color top and my old Giles & Brother necklace. When I bought this top I planned to wear it with a black suit and my red suede pumps. Cute right? Instead, I have become a clog girl: 

I have been mooning over M.Gemi's Greta clogs for months, which I love for the style as much as the comfort - that stud detail! I finally found a pair in my size (sort of) on Poshmark. They arrived last weekend and they're so good! Just beautifully made. I got them in a half size down which they recommend and they just fit me, so if you get a pair, just order your normal size unless your feet are super narrow. Other clogs worth mentioning: This Madewell pair looks beautiful and this pair by Sanita also look great.Also! I reader recommended Charlotte Stone clogs, which look amazing.  

I'm a clog girl now. This is happening. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Pre-Fall Sale at Madewell

 I was giving Madewell a break because at some point I decided maybe I'd aged out of it and then yesterday realized basically everything I was wearing was Madewell and then they were like, take 25% off "pre-fall faves" with code FIRSTLOOK. (Is that what this feeling is? PRE-FALL? Because that's where I live now.) Anyway, I'm going to scroll past a lot of dumb cottagecore dresses and show you what I would buy if I could:

This top would be easy to scroll past but it's got good, subtle details. I might need this.

The Griff pants now comes in a curvy fit! I am intrigued. 

Something about this ancient coin necklace is really appealing. 
It would look good with my 800 other gold pendant necklaces, I do think.

One day I'm just going to snap and buy this. It's that color! And the strap! So good and unusual. 

Marianne has me wanting loafers and I love the 90s clompy-ness of the lug sole.

Click through for the details on this one - its summery, sure, but could work well into fall. 

Madewell's greatest strength is denim and the Pefect Vintage in black is calling my name. 

All the kids are wearing funky sneakers these days and I kept going back to this pair. They come in a bunch of colors but I love the green best. (Marianne would get white and she'd be right.) 

This blazer is made of knit material that makes it perfect for looking professional while secretly wearing a cozy sweater. Basically it's maybe perfect? I'd have to see it in person.

This going out bag is teeny tiny but that chain strap elevates it and I love the off-white color. 

I have this in black and it's a good belt! (I like it better in the color I don't own, naturally.)

I really want a trench coat this fall! I love the gathered sleeves on this one, 
which keeps it from looking too conventional. Also, that color IS FALL. And it's only PRE-FALL. Alas.

Friday, August 5, 2022

Weekend Window Shopping: Anthro New Arrivals (send help.)

Hey, it's suddenly August and just like that, my brain has switched to thinking about fall options. Why am I like this? I just spend way too much time checking out the new arrivals at Anthropologie and now I have A LIST. Again, why am I like this. Help. Here's what I'm talking about:

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Stuff I Like: No Theme At All.

I keep a running list of Stuff I Like to see if an obvious theme emerges and then I talk about those things. My current list did not do that but I want to talk about stuff anyway. Also, The Bear was on my list but I waited too long and I'm pretty sure everyone's watched it by now, right? (It's so good, though incredibly stressful if you've worked in a restaurant.) Anyway, here's what I've got this week:

This Single Earring I Am Ridiculously Pleased With
I haven't loved everything I've purchased from Quince (though the silk tank I posted about earlier this week is definitely a good one!) but one thing I've bought recently that surprised me is this single, teeny gold hoop for my second hole ear piercing. It's 14K gold and hinges in the middle so it snaps on securely and is so low profile that I never have to think about it. I seriously love it. I also have and love these gold line studs which are also tiny, but very cool looking in a second or third hole piercing. I'm currently saving up my credits for this diamond bezel necklace which feels like a perfect little thing, right? 

This Documentary That Too Sweet To Be Sour, Too Nice To Be Mean
Have you watched the Beastie Boys Story on AppleTV+ yet? It's so freaking good - basically a two hour love letter to Adam Yauch, who was really the heart of the group. This is a live format documentary with Adam Horowitz and Mike Diamond on a stage talking about the history and evolution of the Beastie Boys and damn, it's kind of amazing they made it so far but I'm glad they did. Their music is a part of my teen and young adult years and this documentary really brings allllll the Gen-X feels. Enjoy.

This Perfume Sampler That's So Wearable
My friend Kate introduced me to Henry Rose, a "clean" fragrance company founded by Michelle Pfeiffer. I don't know that they are as challenging or as hip as, say, Le Labo (who I also just ordered a couple of samples from) but what they are is REALLY wearable. I ordered the Warm Discovery Set which comes with a $20 coupon towards a full size bottle. I am super picky about fragrance because I'm prone to migraines, but these so far seem to be exactly what I'm looking for - wearable without being obnoxiously strong or cloying. So far I've tried Torn, a spicy vanilla-based floral that smells delicious - warm and spicy but not too sweet, and Windows Down, a citrusy tea scent that's perfect for summer. I like them both! I'm trying one each day because I really want to see how they react with my body chemistry.

This Podcast I'm Telling You About Again
I've cycled through a lot of podcasts and tend to be fickle. Like, I'll super love a podcast and listen to it too much until I freaking hate it. (Just me?) However, one that's absolutely stood the test of time is Were You Raised By Wolves? because I really love how expertly the hosts navigate and problem-solve some truly horrifying behavior. I love the reader question the best but I also appreciate the lessons they serve, like how to properly eat soup dumplings! Good stuff and super easy to listen to when you can't stomach one more true crime story. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Outfit of the Day: Thrifted Goodness.

I love a theory. It's one of those things you can just throw on with jeans and a tee and just elevate your outfit. You instantly look more pulled together, less casual. I do have one, the Going Out Blazer from J.Crew, and it's a great basic but I've been wanting something a bit more interesting (totally driven by Marianne's second hand acquisition of a great Veronica Beard blazer.) I started checking the blazer section every time I go thrifting and lo, I found The Oversized Blazer by Everlane:

I haven't linked Everlane in a few years, but this blazer is a GOOD one. It's definitely an oversized fit and on me almost feels more like outerwear, but I can see throwing this on with a scarf and calling it my coat. I'm wearing an 8 and it fits me well. There are a few reviews saying it feels cheap, but I disagree. This is a nice jacket! 

Would I pay full price for it? Probably not, because I don't know that I'd get enough use from it, but we'll find out this fall. I'd already been looking at this glen plaid blazer at Nordstrom, sent to me by my friend Kate because she has a similar sweater blazer that I love. Madewell currently has this one going on, which is very cute. 

I'm wearing my blazer with a washable silk tank from Quince and my mid rise jeans from Madewell. These aren't the most exciting jeans, but the rise is PERFECT. I hope they come out with more interesting washes in this cut. My belt is also Madewell and it's fine if you need a basic belt. 

Here's a better look at my Quince tank. It's washable silk, which is so nice! I'm wearing the large which is a bit big on me but the medium (which I also own) is a bit narrow in the hip. I can't win. I do wear them both, mostly under stuff. If you haven't tried Quince yet, get $20 off your first order through my link! (Full disclosure: I also get $20 credit.) 

I added a red bag because that's literally the best thing you can do to a neutral outfit. This one is by Rebecca Minkoff, who does a great red bag. I saw this classic at NR recently but this is the one that I keeping going back to look it. And this one at Yoox is so good!  Also, will someone please rescue this cute MJ bag? My rescue closet is full but ugh, it's so good. 

A quick n' dorky closeup so you can see that I'm wearing the same jewelry I've been wearing all summer - my Gorjana herringbone chain and compass pendant. More bag and shoe action:

My shoes are the Madewell Harper mules by way of Poshmark and I love them but I gotta get them zip-soled. The soles are really slick and I'm afraid I'll bust my ass. They're cute though.  

That's it! What do you think of my oversized blazer look? Am I pulling this off? 

Friday, July 29, 2022

Weekend Window Shopping: J.Crew Is Pulling Me Back In.

My last trip into a J.Crew store was back in the spring and it was...not great. I was severely disappointed and unimpressed. But I'd heard that it was getting better so I went to take a look and now I have A LIST. It's mostly things I'd like to have for autumn but I'm kinda done with summer shopping anyway. Also, 30% off with code SHOPNOW! Here's what I like: