Friday, May 27, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: Summer Dresses.

There's nothing I like more than an easy, floaty summer dress. Here are eight options, all under $100 because that's how I roll:

Cute Boy Friday: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

I'm still working from the list of suggestions and I looked up Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and was all, YES PLEASE. Like, where has he been my whole life?? Oh...Game of Thrones? Ugh, fine. I will try to watch it (again) but it's so complicated. But...this guy. Worth it:

Holy hell, right? Damn. Scandinavian hotness. 

And this one is all, "Hey girl, you look so cute in those old yoga pants. I have to take your picture."

And he reads books (or pretends to) which is really hot. Also: beard. 

 And here he is all Game of Thronesy:

Come on. You knew this was coming:

Happy Friday, all! 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Adrien: Definitely a Keeper.

Hi! I am continuing my quest to dress like an adult so I pulled out an old skirt that I keep wearing because it has magical qualities:

I know, you're like, "Dude, that is just a red pencil skirt" but hang with me a minute and I'll show you. This skirt is from Ann Taylor and it's at least six years old. It's from back when they made quality things, before it got weird. (Though I have to say, I'm intrigued by this dress.) A red pencil skirt is surprisingly versatile and I wear mine year-round. This one at BCBG looks pretty good and you can't go wrong with J.Crew for something this basic. Ann Taylor, of course, still has any number of pencil skirts in solid colorsinteresting prints and ridiculous florals but where's the magic? Because:

Damn. Seaming and covered buttons and a kick pleat? That ass is 30% Crossfit and 70% skirt magic. I am telling you. Ann Taylor used to care about such things. My blouse is also Ann Taylor:

It was plucked from the depths of the sale rack a few years ago and I just keep wearing it. This is why Ann Taylor is still worth a look - they do great, simple sleeves tops with wearable patterns and interesting shapes. They get marked down to nothing and are almost always machine washable. This one actually looks like the same exact cut as mine, right down to the neck ruffle. (The color is not for me, however.) Details: 

I'm wearing my Madewell Ensign necklace (currently on sale!) and a gold bangle that used to be my mothers until I stole it. Madewell also has a few bangle bracelets on sale, just in case you were wondering. I'm such an enabler. Onto ye olde MBMJ bag: 

I love a subtle metallic, way more fun than plain old tan or brown. I'm not generally a Michael Kors fan but this bag is such a good, sheeny gold! And I know I mentioned it recently, but I am still very into this reversible rose gold Ralph Lauren tote. My bargain pick is this amazing little metallic/straw crossbody. Perfect summer casual with a bit of fancy! 

These Chies need a trip to my shoe guy but I can't stop wearing them. If this pair of Chie Mihara sandals was in my size, I'd be wearing them instead! Or maybe this gold pair? Also not in my size. Oohh, or this pair which is in my size but is not on sale. Sorry, I like to torture with Chie. Maybe I'll just buy this pair at Madewell instead. Yep. Maybe. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Adrien: Friday Outfit and Old Navy Tank Review.

This outfit is from last Friday and I decided to wear my new Old Navy split-back tank even though it's not technically work appropriate. When did that ever stop me? I intended to wear it with my white jeans but they seem to have...shrunk? Something. Something like that. Anyway:

I am so into this tank, you guys. I mentioned it in my ON shopping post recently.  I'm really happy with it and right now Old Navy is doing 50% off so it's less than $9! That is crazy. My jeans are Gap 1969 Real Straight and they're pretty basic but I have no complaints. This is what the back of the tank looks like:

It's split up pretty high so you might show some lower back but your bra isn't ever visible. I love the drape and the summery feel and I'm considering the light grey stripe version too. I sized down because the XS fit my narrow shoulders a bit better and I liked it a bit shorter on me, but the S certainly would've been fine. Details:

I finally fixed my rose gold Giles and Brother hook necklace, so it's back in rotation and I think it's nautical vibe works well here. I love the weight of this pendant and I'm also really into the Railroad Spike pendant and this Knot Pendant is so striking and nearly half off! I'm also wearing my Cluse La Bohème rose gold watch and a sparkly little bracelet that Marianne made me. 

I should give my MBMJ Too Hot hobo a rest but it's just such a workhorse. This sleek MJ hobo looks quite similar and the price on this nude MBMJ Natasha crossbody is quite good! I also like this little nugget

I tossed my oversized Eileen Fisher open cardigan over the whole thing so I wouldn't freeze to death in my office. This one in medium looks a lot like mine and is $83! Someone get that. I really need a lighter weight cardigan for summer and might order this one at Uniqlo as it was recommended recently in the comments. 

Finally, shoes. These are my red Chie Mihara mary janes and they always get me compliments. You can't go wrong with red and I'm currently crushing on these red Chie sandals and ugh, these too. For mary jane styles, I love this Miz Mooz pair and this Journee pair also looks really cute. Okay, I stop now. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Shopping and Shopping and Shopping.

M: So, I have money from selling some stuff, and a little birthday money, and a 20% off coupon from Anthro AND my birthday 15% (though pretty sure I can't combine those). WHAT DO I WANT??

This looks super easy, I love the fabric this brand uses it's SO SOFT:

I've also been staring at this for a while. Coral or White? Coral or White? CORAL OR WHITE.

Or. OR!

A:  The first one is glorious, the second in coral. The third is SO YOU. I saw it on Kim France's blog and knew you'd love it.

M: gaaaaaah I can't really do all threeeee. I think the third one may not be very forgiving to my Cheeto belly.

A: Hmmm. My vote is for the first one. The second doesn't get great reviews. The third only works in black, I think.

M: I may try all three then just return what doesn't work.

A: I will require pics!

M: Maybe what I really need are these shoes.

M: I mean they are like Birkenstocks and clogs had a baby. For me.

A: Your description was, um, not selling them but they're actually really cute!

M: I think I need those more than the overpriced shirt dress.

A: I mean, you know that LOFT dress will be $15 in a couple of weeks.

M: Oh I'm not spending full price on that, no way.

A: But the birthday discount at Anthro should be used!

M: I think I'll wait on the dress to go on sale though. Even with 20% off it's too much for what it is. But the shoes I need ranow.

A: Those shoes should be yours. They went to all that trouble!

M: Do you use the Honey plugin on Chrome. GAME. CHANGER.

A: Der, of course I do. I mean, sometimes it stacks coupons I didn't even know existed. Is magic.

M: It delights me.

A: I use Honey and eBates and feel like I'm a genius. A broke genius who shops online too much.

A:  I'm currently obsessed with minimalist earrings on Etsy.

M: Hahah you nerd.


M: ....


A: Fine, never mind, I won't show you then.

M: Haha, let me see. I'm sure I'll want them all.

A: I've started wearing earrings in my second holes again so I want something really simple. Either these:

Or maybe these?

I love the idea of something fancier like these, but I'm afraid I'd lose them:

M: Yeah I would start with something cheaper. I have had my eye on those top ones and my everyday pair are similar to the second!

A: I just know myself and I can't be trusted with something so tiny and expensive. Gold fill is good enough for my cheap ass. (Update: I bought the second pair.)

Monday, May 23, 2016


A: Shobbit just posted about his assistant Camilla and linked her IG. Her actual name? CAMILA.

M: Haaaaa

A: How long has she worked for him? Two years?

M: Poor Camila


~ Part Two ~

A: A reader just sent me this:

A: Never gets old.





A: HHhahaaaaaa

A: Between this and his spelling his assistant’s name wrong for years? It’s like Shobbit Christmas.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: Beach Bound!

Yes folks, I am going to the beach this weekend (chant with me: No Rain! No Rain!) and of course I have a fantasy beach wardrobe shopping list: