Monday, August 3, 2020

Monday Mood: And Now It's August.

What a weird year. I know that's an understatement but I am quietly shocked that it's August and shit is still crazy. Also, it's Monday and I am feeling really unfocused so I'm just going to tell you about some things I've been liking lately:

Another Movie That Won't Make You Feel Bad.
I'm pretty sure I'm not the target audience for The Half of It on Netflix but I really loved it and can't recommend it enough. It's a coming-of-age queer drama, yes. It's a take on Cyrano de Bergerac, yes. it's an underdog story, yes. But it's also just a beautifully shot story about love, isolation, and the pull of your different worlds. Plus, is there anything better than a Pacific Northwest setting? Just give it a watch - you won't regret it.

This Green Sauce That Makes Everything Better.
Marianne introduced me to this Aji Verde sauce in one of her IG stories and, y'all, it is SO SO GOOD. She puts it on this chicken recipe (also good) but my favorite thing to use it for is shrimp tacos (or taco bowls) and steak tacos. Or, really, anything that needs a bit of super delicious, creamy spiciness. Like any half-competent cook, I've made my own changes to it - I use regular mayo instead of light, add less mustard and have also added lime juice because it needed it. Give it a try! The recipe makes a good amount and it'll keep in the fridge for a week. I found another take on it here which it also sounds really good! I might try that variation next.

This Tinted Sunscreen That Might Be The One.
I am just as easily influenced as the next person so when a regular reader commented suggesting I try SuperGoop CC cream I almost immediately ordered it. I waffled a bit on which color to get (they could certainly work on their color range, if you ask me) but based on the reviews, I went with the lightest option. It arrived and is probably a tidge too light but once it's on my face, it blends well and gives me a nice dewy finish. (I've applied it with a makeup sponge and with my fingers and think it looks good either way.) I go in afterwards with a bit of my favorite concealer and I'm good to go! I love that it's 100% mineral and so far it doesn't seem to break me out like the It Cosmetics CC cream did.

These Slip Shorts That Marianne Loves. 
Unlike me, Marianne has not been dressing like a dirtbag all summer and instead is working on her cult following with lots of floaty dresses and 100% swears by these Thigh Society slip shorts for wearing underneath. She loves the cooling version and swears they're worth every penny. Just to be clear, they are not shapewear, just light, anti-chafe shorts to wear under your cult gear. I haven't ordered yet but I'm absolutely planning on it because maybe then I'll give the denim cut-offs a break.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: Aerie OFFLINE.

I haven't checked out Aerie in a while but they have a really cute new activewear line called OFFLINE and right now all the leggings and bras are 30% off. I took a look and was pleasantly surprised - it's all really damn cute and the price points are excellent. I also checked out the regular Aerie stuff so there's a few non-athletic bits mixed in. Here's what I liked:

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Outfit of the Day: So Fresh, So Clean.

Hello! I haven't been able to take outfit photos for the last week because I broke my tripod. (Like, broken so thoroughly that even I was impressed. It was busted.) I finally got it's replacement in the mail so I decided to build an outfit around my fresh new Madewell sneakers: 

Look at me, wearing a dress! This is a Madewell t-shirt dress from last year and I'm happy to tell you that it's available on NR for less than $25. It's a good one! Just pretty basic and comfy and I'd say TTS. It also comes in black for a few more bucks but why not stripes? I also like this slightly odd oversized t-shirt dress. For something similar, this striped dress is really cute and it has pockets! 

I decided to pretend I was going somewhere and added some color with my red Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir bag. It's lightweight but holds a ton. It's on sale in the all-red nylon version which is pretty appealing and I also love this version with the wide strap

 If I were going somewhere (I'm not) I'd bring along my J Crew chambray shirt as a cardigan layer. It really brings home the basic level of this outfit. Heh. But seriously, I do love a chambray shirt in the summer to throw over just about anything. The J Crew version is great but Old Navy also does a good job and it's even available in plus sizes. On to details:

My earrings are by Amano Studio - a purchase I made last year at a boutique in Sacramento. Really beautiful and inexpensive! I'm also wearing my old Giles & Brother fishhook pendant which is long sold out but this horn pendant has a similar vibe and I love this layered pendant as well. 

One last look at my clean new Madewell Sidewalk sneakers! They're so fun with the metallic and snakeskin detailing. I gave you some other options earlier this week but a reader commented that BR has a good version and aren't they cute? I especially love the pair with the red heart, which are nearly sold out! So many cute sneakers, so few places to wear them. Sigh. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

We Discuss: Watermelon Sugar and Shoes of Our Youth.

M: I have a problem to discuss

M: It’s terribly Basic

A: Shoot

M: Well, it’s about Harry Styles

A: oh no

M: Listen

M: It was bound to happen

A: You know who loves Harry Styles?

M: Me?

A: My older sister

M: Haaaa

M: He is genetically engineered to make middle aged ladies feel something

A: Agree, he’s cute as hell

M: I mean I watched that Watermelon Sugar video and literally laughed out loud but

M: I guess it worked

A: I have no knowledge of this video

M: He is just extremely my type 20 years ago

M: Oh girl

M: I’ll wait

M: I insist

M: Go

M: Watch

A: Fine, okay

M: It’s really something

A: Harry Styles is 26 years old which I would like to unknow

M: I mean at least he’s not 19

M: I’m reading a book that is thinly veiled smutty One Direction fanfic so that’s the real problem

A: Hahahaha

M: Anyway it’s called The Idea of You so tell your sister it’s right up her alley

A: So far I’m unmoved by this video

M: Haha it’s just so RIDICULOUS

M: It’s just here you go horn dog old ladies

A: Hahahaa

M: Like, just hang out on the beach, Harry

A: He’s REAL CUTE tho

M: He really is

A: But he knows it

M: Just eat some watermelon

M: Oh for sure

M: But it works

A: I mean, he’s genetically so cute it’s annoying

M: With his pearls and chipped painted nails and FUCKING Peter Pan collars good Christ

A: I would be insane for him if I was 15

A: He gives me Young Johnny Depp feels

M: I can see that

M: He gives me Mick Jagger vibes

M: But like nicer and more charming

A: Definitely less gross


A: What was the white Nike sneaker you we’re talking about?

M: Air Force 1s

M: Why do I like them? I do not know

A: They’re retro! I like them

M: They are unisex and would def be too wide on me

M: I like the idea of them I think

M: Lately I have also been thinking about Tretorns

M: And Tevas

M: So it’s full on high school again

A: Ha! Yep

A: I def had a pair of Tretorns in middle school

M: I saw these in the yellow and was like OH:

M: But I am pretty sure my feet are too narrow to be able to do a toe strap that you can’t adjust

A: I am Not On Board with those Tevas

M: haha

A: I was wearing Doc Martens in high school, you hippie.



A: 😭

M: Saaaaaad

A: I miss summer with you

M: Me too

M: I miss everything

A: Yeah

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Real Quick: Rando Target Picks.

I have been keeping my Target trips to a minimum but it's still a joy to discover new things and they make it easy by throwing crap in the middle of the main aisle so I don't even have to go looking, I just run right into stuff and it falls into my cart. Here are some rando things I bought this week:

These face masks are great! Super light weight, nose wire, filter pocket, $4 for two! I got the pale plaid set but they have some cute florals too. I just got them so I'm not sure how they hold up, but for the price I was really pleased.

I have been obsessively trying all the different flavored sparkly waters this summer (mostly Bubly FTW) but my current favorite is this weird lemon tea version from Spindrift. It's not sweetened at all and tastes just like the ghost of an Arnold Palmer. So refreshing!

Y'all, I got heavy into the Archer Farms snax back in the early pandemic days which was not great for fitting into my pants but whatever, it's quarantimes. Anyway, I've scaled back to just this one, which I only eat when driving home from a really long mountain bike ride. (Or sometimes after a particularly harrowing Zoom meeting. Who's even looking, right?)

Okay, listen. I did not buy this Chateau hand soap but it's going to happen soon because are you kidding me with that tassel and the glass bottle? I NEED THAT BOUGIE SOAP IN MY LIFE. It's just slightly more expensive than I usually allow for an impulse purchase so when my current hand soap runs out, I will snap it up.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Monday Mood: Fresh White Sneakers.

Lately I've been obsessing about one of my closet holes - the fresh white sneaker. There's just something so fashion-y and cool-French-girl about this trend and even though I'm not a big wearer of sneakers, I do love it when something casual and relatively inexpensive is suddenly cool. Well, inexpensive as long as the fresh white sneaker of your dreams isn't Golden Goose. But there's no need for that. There are some really great and affordable options. I posted recently about this pair  of Sidewalk Sneakers from Madewell that I bought when they were 50% off:

Madewell said they run big but most of the reviews say they run TTS so I got my usual size. They showed up and man, they are CUTE. I love the metallic accent on the back and the snakeskin detailing:

But, they felt a tiny bit big. But not...too big? (I feel like a half size down might be too small.) It tried them on briefly, wasn't sure and then later I tried them on again with my favorite Bombas no-show socks* and wore them around the house a for a while. I really think it helps to walk around in shoes before deciding on fit because feet sometimes need time to think it over, you know? (At this point Marianne would accuse me of talking myself into them.)

The more I wore them, the more I liked them! They are a lot of shoe, like fashion sneakers are, and visually takes some getting used to but I think they might be keepers. Madewell is low on sizes and snakeskin might not be for you, so here are some other options because we all need options, right?

Marianne wants this classic pair of Nikes even though she knows they'll be too wide. 
(She just hasn't talked herself into them properly.) 

This Topshop pair is super inexpensive and I love the gold grommets! 

Another classic. You can't go wrong with a badass pair of Stan Smiths.

You knew this was coming, right? One day I'm gonna do it. 

*Marianne thinks fashion sneakers only looks good worn without socks and I don't disagree but I also hate not wearing socks with sneakers so I get around it with these no-shows from Bombas that actually stay on my heels. Love them.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: Beauty at Nordstrom.

I definitely miss browsing the Nordstrom beauty section - so much action and so many products! Even though it's not quite the same, I also love shopping the website and they have some really great products right now - some are old favorites, some I'd love to try out. Here's what I'm tempted by: