Saturday, December 23, 2023

A Few Dumb Things I've Bought.

My apologies for this being incredibly un-exciting, but I bought a few items of winter clothing that I've basically been wearing like a uniform and I thought I'd post about them. 

I actually posted an IG story about this sweater because I like it so much which kind of pisses me off. I boycotted Everlane successfully for several years and then started looking for the perfect slightly cropped striped sweater and goddammit, the perfect one kept popping up and it was stupid Everlane. UGH. FINE. I ordered it with a discount and it's really good. I'm sorry. I give up. Everlane, you win. It's just the right amount of cropped and boxy so it falls in that casual way without looking too oversized. I got a medium and that size works well for me. And, its nice, soft cashmere which doesn't hurt.

I also ordered another Quince $50 cashmere sweater because they had a nice moss green and I got a large instead of my usual medium because I wanted a bit more slouch in this one. It's so nice! The perfect green. Here's the thing about these sweaters - they aren't high-end cashmere and yes, the will pill. But, for $50 it's still softer and nicer than that $98 acrylic blend sweater that's tempting you at Madewell. I promise. And you can wash them! Handwash or wash on delicate, roll in a towel to get the water out and then flat to dry. 

Remember this Athleta Whisper jacket? I finally bought the parka version in black and Y'ALL. It is the perfect coat for the PNW winters and for travel because it's really lightweight yet still warm. Plus, it has a hood and it's water resistant enough to handle a little bit of rain. Athleta will be having a sale soon so hang tight and pounce on this when it's marked down. Also, I think it runs a size big but it depends on how much layering you want to allow for. 

Finally, I'm sure I've posted about these before but Uniqlo makes the best under-sweater layers! I can't wear wool or cashmere next to my skin so I always wear a Heattech top as a base layer. They disappear under a sweater and will also keep you warm. They have a ton of styles and colors and they're on sale right this second! 

That's it for now! Tell me what you've gotten lately that you love, even if it's that Madewell sweater (which is cute, I'll admit.)


  1. Was just missing my main shopping influencer...nice to see a post. And darn if you don't excellent in a slouchy stripe (I imagine). My latest score was a NAADAM recycled cashmere sweater (mens) from TJMAXX. It is niiiice. Especially for PNW damp. Happy 2024 and thanks for still being here.

    1. *look* you look excellent in a stripe. It's the name of the darn blog, me, for-pete's-sake, sheesh.

    2. Haha, thanks for still reading! I'm still posting a few times a month because I can't seem to quit y'all.

  2. I am waiting for the Babaa #17 in Dark Mist. I have wanted it for years. Years! Justified because it was on sale and I've wanted it for years. I've probably spent more in total on other sweaters over the years to rid myself of my desires for this one. Waiting. Happy New Year! I MISS YOU!!


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