Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Review: Athleta Whisper Featherless Jacket.

Hi! Here's another useless review because I managed to snag something that's basically out of stock. I swear I don't do this on purpose but I went to Florida on vacation and bought a quilted winter jacket because the sales assistant literally would not let me leave the store until I ordered it. She was mean but it was okay in the end. But first:

Yes, working from home has killed my office style but I am into everything I'm wearing. I love my Vuori pullover so much I'll probably buy it again in a different color. It's literally just a perfect fit and so comfortable but also looks nice and hangs just right. I'm wearing it with my Athleta Headlands Hybrid tights because hard pants are not for sitting at a desk all day. (Has anyone tried the Headlands jogger? I really need to go try them on!) 

More proof of my declining dress-up style: I am wearing my Lululemon everywhere belt bag OUT IN THE WORLD and I sincerely love it. It's the perfect size and great for thrifting or grocery shopping or walks or for when you need to be hands-free. (Pls hold, I am going to apologize to my Miu Miu bag. I'm sorry, baby. So sorry.) My sneakers are Madewell from last year, but these are this year's version and this pair at NR are also cute! Now, the Athleta Whisper Featherless Jacket:

Y'all. I am so glad that lady bullied me into ordering this. It comes in black and a few other good colors (mostly sold out on Athleta's website, but here at REI!) but the violet had my heart and nothing else would do. If you love it too, try going to a store and see if they can located one for you! Also, it's not on sale at REI, but it is in stock. It's a beautiful, unusual color, and more importantly it's a good jacket - it's the perfect medium weight and has an interesting fashion-y shape. It also runs big - I am wearing a small here. 

My favorite part - it covers my backside! I didn't really want a parka (though they do make this style in a parka-length) but I hate having a cold butt. I also love that the pockets have zippers. The only issue I have is that the collar is very high and kind of aggressive but it's also great at keeping my neck warm so I'm not complaining too much. And, it goes well with my little camo belt bag:

It all makes sense, right? And, while I love this purple jacket to the end of time, it also comes in silver which I am VERY tempted by. A friend of mine just got back from Breckenridge and said she saw a lot of silver puffer jackets, so now I'm like, WELL YES. (Who needs influencers when I have myself?) Here's a closeup of me wearing the dumb belt bag across my boob like a youth...though I have to admit, I'm kinda into it:

And here are the details of the jewelry I'm wearing that you absolutely can't see in any of the other photos because I'm the worst style blogger of all time:

My horn pendant is part of an old Madewell set (currently I am digging this one) and the little delicate rings necklace was a birthday gift from a very old friend! She bought it from her sister's amazing shop, Nine Roses. That's it for today! I hope this was helpful for the zero people who're desperate to buy a winter jacket at the end of February. (But seriously, Next Fall you will be so glad you did.) 


  1. That purple color is fabulous on you.

  2. Ahem:

  3. Jackets that cover one's backside are a great thing! I'm tempted by the silver but I think it's too much/too shiny for my taste. Also it kind of reminds me of this old insulated freezer bag my parents have, which is probably not the look I'm going for :)