Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Weekend Shopping Report: Naples, FL

Hi there! You know when you go away for a magical weekend with your bestie and there's sun and palm trees and dolphins and then you come back and everything is gray and bleak? YEAH, THAT. WHERE ARE MY PALM TREES. But, it was completely worth it to fly completely across the country for a few days together and we had a really amazing time.

I want to cry looking at this. Instead, I'll tell you about the shopping portion of the weekend because that's what this blog is mostly about. We spent most of the weekend on the beach or by the pool, but Sunday much cooler and breezy so we spent a few hours at the fancy outdoor mall down the road while we waited for the sun to come back. 

They had an EverEve so we went in and tried on half the store. I tried on a few tops, specifically this one and this one, and they were cute but not for me. I also tried on these Good American Good Legs Cigarette jeans that I really liked (please to excuse the awkward angle and horrifying lighting):

They were good! The denim was a nice medium weight and had some stretch but felt like they wouldn't stretch out too much. I loved the raw hem and I thought they looked really good from the back. (Heh.) My Stones t-shirt is from Target, by the way. I didn't buy the jeans, but I might still. We'll see. 

I also tried on the AGolde Parker Long shorts (I'm wearing a size or two up because that's what they had) which were a miss for me. Maybe if they'd had my actual size? I do like the length but they're a button fly which is not my favorite.

Marianne tried on this dress which is gorgeous and was too big on her, but they ordered the right size online and it's been sent to her house. Fingers crossed! We both loved it. We then wandered over to Anthro so Marianne could smell all the giant candles but the clothes were all insane so we didn't try on anything.

She's wearing a skirt by Sita Murt and an older version of the good Target denim jacket. Isn't she cute? Always so cute. Our final stop was Athleta because I wanted to try on the Whisper Featherless Jacket:

They didn't have the on-sale color I wanted but the sales assistant browbeat me into ordering it online right that very second. So pushy! It arrives today, so I'll report back. And yes, I went to Florida and bought a puffer jacket. 

Let's end here. I love everything I'm wearing - my amazing Emerson Fry caftan that I wore A LOT on this trip, my Madewell packable hat that did a very excellent job of keeping my face out of the sun, my little Gorjana necklace for flair, and my favorite Ray-Ban Meteor sunglasses that I never get tired of. And that sunset. Sigh. 


  1. I am so glad you got to see each other!! The smiles!!

  2. I know it's not that kind of blog, but where did you stay? I'm your age with a mother who is salty that I'm not going on a cruise with her this year (yeah, no) so I'm looking for a Floridian shore town that's walkable and pretty.

    1. I'm sorry to be zero help on this question! Marianne's family has a place in Naples, so we stayed there.

  3. Cool cool cool, apparently I've been mispronouncing EVEREVE all this time.


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