Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Outfit of the Day: Almost Completely Secondhand.

One of my favorite things about where we're living now is easy access to a truly fantastic thrift store. I go weekly and almost always find something. It helps the shopping itch without breaking the bank and while some of my finds are items I intend on reselling, a lot of them end up in my closet. This outfit is nearly all secondhand:

This silk blouse (which I've worn on the blog previously) is by Amour Vert and it's exactly the kind of thing I like. It's a subtle but funky print with little flecks of purple in it which I love! Mine is sold out but they have a bunch of other really pretty tops right now. I especially love this one, which is washable silk, and this one which comes in a bunch of really great prints.

I've also talked about my pants before, which are Lululemon On The Fly, a style that's not currently available but they do still have the crop version, so hopefully they'll bring them back. They're very similar to the Athleta Brooklyn Ankle, which I have and love, but I love these a tiny bit better. They're slightly heavier weight and I dig the drawstring detail - it's a more finished look when you want to tuck things in. 

Okay, this jacket by Pam & Gela was purchased with the intent on reselling but then I tried it on and was like, maybe? Do I keep it? It's made of Tencel so it's really soft and drape-y. I love the moto style though I'm not sure the pale sage color 100% works on me. It's an older jacket, so not available except on Poshmark (search for Twill Patch Moto Jacket) but this one by Free People looks like a comfier version and I like this one by BlankNYC as well. 

This is what it looks like zipped up! I'm still not sure. HOWEVER, can we talk about these cherry red clogs? I found them last week and I don't know that I neeeed them but aren't they fun? They're Lotta From Stockholm which is a favorite brand of mine and they are so unapologetically RED which I really need this time of year. 

The only part of my outfit that isn't secondhand is my jewelry. I'm wear my Gorjana lapis necklace which is still on NR and a moonstone pendant that was a gift, but this one is very similar

There's a peek of bag up above in the second pic! I forgot to sling it back on after I put the jacket on but here it is - my greatest Poshmark find - A Marc Jacobs Quilted Single for less than $50! I still feel a little bit guilty about it but what can you do other than give it a good home? There are some very good quilted bags out there, like this one by Furla and this blue version by Maison Heritage! Or, check out Poshmark or eBay for a good deal on something secondhand and never stop talking about it. Heh. 


  1. I vote YES, you do need those clogs. But just kinda meh on the jacket. I like the style, but the color is just okay. I dunno, greens are really tricky to me, so you do you!

    1. Also, your overall look is cute!! Just to be clear :D

    2. Thanks! And I agree re. the jacket. I'm not sure it's my color.


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