Friday, February 25, 2022

Weekend Window Shopping: Old Navy FTW.

I forget about Old Navy until someone reminds me all, THIS THING IS SO GOOD and then I hurry over to the website and find myself wanting freaking everything. (I blame Marianne - see below.) How do they do it? Here's my list:

Marianne bought this little fleece jackets for her walks and loves it. 
So cute and a great neutral for spring. 

This reminds me of my little tiered black dress that I wore a lot last summer. So easy!

I do love a pretty blouse-y blouse that you can wear with jeans, all casual-cool. 

Speaking of, these are exactly the jeans I'd wear with that top. I dig the little rip & repair detail!

Because it's still technically winter, I am very much into these cozy Vuori-dupe joggers. 

And also this! A hybrid hoodie is absolutely perfect for those not-warm-but-not-cold weather days.

Okay, let's jump back to spring with this super pretty thing that is totally a Marianne Dress. 

But if we're being honest, I'm still over here in comfy sweatshirt dress territory. 

Is this the year I jump back into skirts? Maaaaaybe. We'll see. 

Ugh, there's always, always a striped top that I want and this tunic would be perfect with...

These awesome faux leather leggings, right? And they have pockets! 
(And they come in a bunch of other colors and finishes, including this cool black zebra print.)

Finally, these cute slides are a great Freedom Moses dupe for way, way less. 
And such good colors! And leopard print! Eep.


  1. For the record: Freedom Moses are worth every penny, if anyone is wondering. I have bad feet and just cannot make Birkenstocks work, and these feel so good.

    I get so tempted by Old Navy too, and then I buy something and it either becomes a unicorn that was inexpensive and lasts a long time, or it comes out of the laundry looking like a dish rag. :( But now I want that blouse, so we will see...

    1. I'm very tempted by the Freedom Moses sandals, so thanks for the info! I just wanted to do a "cheap 'n cheerful" post to balance things out and both ON and Target tend to do decent dupes.

  2. I bought the hybrid hoodie, a blouse, and a pair of Athleta cargos.

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