Thursday, February 3, 2022

Stuff I Like: A Fresh Start.

Hello! We're a month into this year and even though everything is still feeling kind of pandemic-y and terrible, it's still a fresh start, right? Here are some things I like that are helping me feel fresh:

This Tarot Reading That Gave Me New Perspective.
Blog reader shout-out! Katie has been a reader and online friend for a while and recently she launched Quiet Tarot, a tarot reading service for the listener. I signed up for an audio reading at the beginning of the year and got a voice note describing the cards as she pulled them and what they meant. It was really needed (I'm in a weird place right now with my jorb) and incredibly helpful in sorting out some feelings I'd buried pretty deep. Katie is lovely and talented and you can trust she'll do right by you. (And you should totes follow her on Instagram.) 

This Show That Makes me Feel My Feelings.
I know a lot of you already watch After Life but if you don't, this show is a gem in the way of a gorgeous ribbon of opal trapped in a big ugly rock. It's Ricky Gervais at his best - funny and bitter and full of the pain of love and grief. It's SO GOOD, you guys. The third (and final) season was released a few weeks ago but if you're new to the show, definitely start at the beginning and prepare to be completely emotionally wrecked (in a good cathartic way.) 

Shopping Updates I Feel You Should Know About.
I have wanted a small belt bag for a while (I do have my Think Royln bag which can be worn that way but I don't) but I'd been resistant because yeah, it's a fanny pack with better PR but they make them so adorable now! Marianne has this cutie from Patagonia but I fell hard for the camo Lululemon belt bag I posted last week. It arrived and it's PERFECT. It's very small so it doesn't add bulk but it's the exact right size for your phone, keys, chapstick and a card case. It's got a lil zippy pocket on the back for stowing money or a credit card and a few little interior mesh pockets. Perfect for walks or thrifting or just when you want to be hands-free. It comes in a bunch of solid colors but I am so into my weird camo version that I'm planning outfits around it. Who even am I. 

Also! As reported, I bought the Vuori Performance Joggers and I've been wearing them an obsessive amount. I am wearing them right now, in fact. So soft, so cute. So worth it. 

Oh My God, Oh My God, My Feet.
Marianne and I have both deployed the famous Summer Foot and I'm currently in the molting stage. It's horrifying and fun and I promise it doesn't hurt. Marianne's original review is here but fair warning, it's gross. But seriously, I know you want to try it and now is the time because when you're in the peeling stage you cannot wear sandals because your feet will gross out everyone and make babies cry. Do it now when you can still hide your lil hooves. 

This App That I Didn't Know I Desperately Needed.
Over the holidays I bought something online from a small business that used Shopify for their checkout and somehow ended up accidentally subscribing. At first I was annoyed and then I downloaded the Shop app (it's free) and it CHANGED MY LIFE. If you buy or sell online a lot like I do you 100% need this app. It scrapes your email for tracking numbers and tracks everything for you in real-time. No longer do you have to search your email for that Madewell tracking number, Shop has it already and will let you know exactly where your item is in the world. It also keeps track of all my Poshmark sales which is immensely helpful. You can also shop some of your faves through the app but I haven't done that yet. Anyway, 10/10, highly recommend the Shop app.

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