Thursday, May 14, 2020

Stuff I Like: Summer Foot.

Hey y'all, Marianne here. Like most of us, I'm stuck at home, can't get a pedicure, and my feet were looking one step away from hooves. This is what found me browsing Amazon late at night, meticulously reading reviews (and borderline gagging at pics) for foot peels. Everyone knows Baby Foot at this point, right? I started there, but at the time shipping times were seriously delayed and I needed to shove my foot in a bag of goo ASAP. Enter Summer Foot.

It had good reviews and could be here in 3 days, so I one clicked that with a quickness. The box arrived and it was your typical bag full of goo that you tape around your feet. I took the advice of the reviews and soaked my feet in hot water before and they slid them in. Cold! Gooey! I was surprised that it said to leave them in for 1-2 hours, and cursed myself for starting so late. I made it 1.5 hours.

A lot of the reviews said to continue to soak your feet every other day and YOU GUYS. I am giving a HUGE TRIGGER WARNING for this next image. If you are grossed out by peeling skin, AVERT YOUR EYES. Also apologies for the quality, it's a screenshot from Marco Polo because this is how we are making our own fun.




I know! That is the entire bottom of one of my feet! So gross and SO satisfying!

I was going to show you an "after" photo of my feet here, but last time I did that I feel like I ended up on a foot fetish website somewhere. You'll have to trust me that they are smooth, soft, and pink and look better than they EVER do after a manicure. I am ordering another peel just to keep on hand because this stuff is the business.

The End.


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    1. I haven't yet used Summer Foot but I've done two different foot peels and no, it doesn't hurt!


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