Wednesday, May 13, 2020

BUY THIS (Because I Just Might): Alex Mill.

I'm always looking for a clothing brand that feels like "me" because, while I like to mix it up, I'm also very much a creature of habit and I really wear the things that work for me. Over and over again. It's fair to say I have a uniform and if an item of clothing is too fussy, requires too much work, or is uncomfortable, it probably won't last long. I like simple clothing with interesting details so I'm always looking for a brand that does that.

Recently, a friend introduced me to Alex Mill and the more I look, the more it feels like a brand after my own heart. Alex Mill is a collaboration between Alex Drexler (Mickey Drexler's son) and Somsack, who designed for J.Crew and Madewell. I mean, how could I not love it? Anyway, they are having a big sale and I am losing my mind:

This popover is such a dreamy summer top and I particularly love the gray lilac color:

It reminds me of my blue J.Crew popover but the color is much more fashion-forward. There are a ton of t-shirts on sale and they looks amazing - lots of soft, drape-y slub cotton styles, which is my favorite. However, I am VERY into this striped slub boatneck tee:

Oops, I just bought it. It is going to look great with high waisted cut-off denim shorts and my white Birkenstocks, right? Maybe my fishhook necklace? Summer outfit: sorted. Speaking of summer wardrobe goals, these are exactly the kind of pants I could live in all spring and summer:

I also love this wide-leg style that comes in a couple of really pretty summer colors and also this cobalt denim which is, of course, what I'd get:

I am always looking for an elevated sweatshirt and this one looks like a perfect thing. That drop hem,  Are you kidding me! And comes in four colors, including a stripe but to me, the gray is perfection:

Now, we will eventually get to go out into the world again and basically all you need is this perfect wrap dress:

Sizing is really limited but I couldn't not include it. Wait! You also need this Tie Cuff Balmacaan Jacket:

Because those tie cuffs make it look high-end and you deserve some high-end details in your life. I also love the giant pockets because POCKETS!

Phew, I need a nap. Anyway, if you're tempted you can get 15% off your first order by joining their email list. The discount works on sale items and shipping is free!


  1. I like that they have some skirts that are not mini or midi. Those are hard to find. Speaking of Birkenstocks, I got my first pair (Arizonas) over the weekend and it's going to be a problem. I'm already eyeing the red ones from Madewell.

    1. Welcome to my world! Birkenstocks are addictive.

  2. I have that grey lilac blouse: It's a new favorite, along with one of the brand's striped tee. Get it!

  3. I have not shopped Alex Mill...good quality? Sizing run small or normal? Thanks in advance.

    1. I haven’t either! I just discovered the brand recently. I did order the striped tee, so I’ll review it when it arrives.

    2. Thanks so much...look forward to your review of the brand. Also how do I sign up for email notifications of new posts?

    3. I don't have an email list, sorry! We do have a Facebook page with post notification.


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