Thursday, May 7, 2020

Outfit of the Day: Athleta Open Road Shell Review (and an Outfit.)

As was mentioned on Monday, I rage-purchased a rain jacket from Athleta last week because I wanted to go for a walk and it started to rain right as I was about to leave the house. It arrived and I am relieved to tell you that it was totally worth it. This is my review, but first, my outfit:

So nautical! I always forget about my striped J. Crew whale shirt and then find it in my closet and I'm happy all over again. It was made in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society and I'm so glad I bought it! Unfortunately it's sold out but there are tons available on Poshmark and the like. For a similar striped shirt, this one from J. Crew is the closest. 

My jeans are H&M - a gift from Marianne last year. They are super fun and have odd seams and shading? I cant really describe them properly but I dig them. This pair is probably the closest fit, but this pair at Anthro  really has the patchwork flair. My clog sandals are Lotta From Stockholm and this is the first time I've dusted them off this year. So cheerful! Now, the details: 

I'm wearing my Amano Studio earrings and an ancient J.Crew locket pendant. This one currently at J.Crew is pretty cool, if somewhat more...aggressive. Now, to the review! 

This is the Open Road Shell from Athleta and I'm wearing a medium and it fits slighty big but I wanted to be able to wear a sweater underneath. I really thought this was going to be a flimsy shell jacket so I was happy to discover when it arrived that this is a real GD rain jacket - it feels well-made and expensive. (As so it should - the retail was nearly $200.) 

This jacket has a lot of great details - four zip pockets, cinches to customize the fit, reflective details, and an inside strap so you can wear it crossbody instead of carrying it (which I find kind of weird.) It has a good, deep hood that's adjustable and can be removed:


It's also got a BRIGHT lime green lining which I assume is for visibility even though you really can't see it when worn. Maybe it's just for fun? 

See the weird strap? Do people really wear their jackets that way instead of carrying them? I might eventually remove it but for now, it stays. Here's a view from the side and, of course, from the back: 

I love the flared out layers from the side! So cute. I have the sleeves cuffed here because they're a bit long, but I prefer that when it's actually raining because I don't like getting my paws wet. Here it is from the back (and we're not going to talk about my shaggy hair): 

Hooray! This was a solid rage-purchase and I'm happy I bought it. Unfortunately it's only available right now in a few sizes but keep an eye on it for pop-backs. Athleta also has a bunch of new markdowns on some great stuff, like the excellent Hybrid Moto tights and what looks like a longer version of my new jacket, the Solar Wind & Rain Jacket. Go get em! 


  1. I bought that whale shirt when you posted it. It's such a great example of what J Crew does really well. I wish that Athleta jacket was available in my size, but yay - that's $100 I didn't spend today!

    1. We are whale shirt twins! As for the jacket, it was an extra 40% off when I bought it, but it’s a good one and def worth $100 if it comes back in stock.

  2. You look great! Your hair too!

  3. Could you tell me how tall you are? I'm considering purchasing a piece from your blog and it would help me with sizing. Thanks!


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