Monday, May 4, 2020

Monday Mood: I'm In One.

(Note: I'm not sure what the issue is with the font - I'm trying to get it fixed!)

I don't have a big list of new things this week because, honestly, I don't even know what is working for me right now. Okay, that's not entirely true. I can definitely recommend the Marco Polo app for keeping in touch with your friends - it's less pressure than FaceTiming because you can just leave your friends little videos as you have time. (Marianne and I use it a lot.) Marianne also just recommended a new podcast: Staying in with Emily and Kumail. It's basically Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani in quarantine and they are doing a podcast about it for charity. I've listened to exactly 1/3 of a single episode but so far I like it. Also, if you need something new to watch, I can definitely recommend Never Have I Ever on Netflix, written by Mindy Kaling. Here's me telling Marianne about it, along with some other snips of convo:

A: Never Have I Ever on Netflix is super cute

M: Oh I haven’t noticed that one

A: Mindy Kaling wrote it

M: sold

A: Cute shirtless high school boy in the first five minutes

M: DOUBLE sold

M: Like the dirty old lady I am

A: I was like, I AM IN.


A: Conundrum

A: I bought this color in the Madewell tee, called ashen silver

M: Ok

A: It is neither ashen nor silver. It's light tan

M: I was going to guess washed out blush pink

A: That's what I was expecting, but no

A: It was $11. Do I just wear it or bother to return?

M: I mean, I’d wear it around the house and to sleep in or whatever

A: Yeah

M: For $11

M: And under the current circumstances

A: I was just like...oh. It's disappointment in t-shirt form.


A: So, I’m ridiculous

M: Oh boy

A: I went for a walk today, despite the rain, and was irritated that I didn’t have a windbreaker-type light jacket

M: Adrien

A: While waiting for the rain to slow down, I literally, in five minutes, anger-bought a jacket from Athleta. It was an extra 40% off, but still.

M: Ha hahahahaha

A: Like, by the time it arrives it’ll be full fucking southern summer

M: Yup

M: This is not a real season



M: Looks nice!

A: 🤷🏻‍♀️

A: It gets good reviews

A: But I can also return it

M: It’s quarantimes

A: Truth

A: It was fully a rage purchase

M: Acceptable


M: Good morning. Should I buy Birkenstocks with my birthday 20% off y/n

A: Y

A: What kind of question is that

M: Listing says discounts do not apply :(

A: What site?

M: Anthro is where I have the birthday discount

A: Have you tried applying the discount anyway? 

M: Yeah, doesn’t work

M: Womp

A: Jerks


M: I’m sorry this looks like a butt

A: I love a scarab ring but that ain’t good

M: Oh me too that’s why I clicked

M: Looks like a butt in a thong

A: Who wouldn’t want that


  1. You will never regret that jacket. It will smush to nothing in your luggage and you will throw it on over hoodies and denim jackets at a rainy moment's notice. And it has good pockets. I have a similar jacket in white and I always pack it (unless it is the dead of winter). Plus, Athleta.

  2. Shirtless boy is actually shirtless man. I Googled him. He’s 29.

  3. That scarab popped up on my IG and I thought the exact. same. thing.


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