Monday, May 11, 2020

Monday Mood: Subscription Box Joy.

Yes One thing I know is true: A good mail day never fails to cheer me up and I LOVE a subscription box for delivering maximum cheer and surprise. I've subscribed to a bunch of different boxes over the years and currently only get one but I'm always on the lookout for the next great thing.

ALSO, before I forget, I did order and receive the Herbivore Jewel Box (not a subscription box FYI) and it's SO good. I haven't had time to really try everything out but for the price, it's a good value and it's REALLY REALLY CUTE. I am just saying, if you're curious about Herbivore, this is a good place to start. I ordered directly from the site for the 20% off but it looks like they're sold out. However, Anthro still has it!

Now, back to subscription boxes. For beauty boxes I've tried Birchbox, Sephora Play (which has been discontinued) and the Allure Beauty Box. Of the three? Allure is the hands-down winner. It's so good  - for $15 per month you get decent brands and there's always at least one (sometimes two) full sized items in the box. Lately it seems to be more skincare than makeup, which is annoying, but I almost always feel like I get my money's worth. I haven't tried Ipsy or Boxycharm (both of which seem more makeup heavy) because I don't feel like I'm in their demographic but they seem like popular choices. Another one I haven't tried but that I'm curious about is Dermstore's BeautyFIX box. It's more expensive at $24.95 but seems to include a really nice selection of products, including some full-sized items.

For "nice stuff" boxes, I used to love the Rachel Zoe Box of Style - the first few seasons were so good
but then the quality seemed to go downhill. It's a luxury box so I expected a higher quality of items, you know? The current box actually looks promising, though I wish that canvas tote had leather trim. Still, it's got nice beauty products, cute earrings and a beautiful sarong. I always keep an eye on this box in case it's one I can't live without. (PS. code SUMMER25 will get you $25 off!)

Finally, my favorite "nice stuff" box is FabFitFun. I don't have a yearly subscription but I've bought maybe 4-5 boxes in the past few years. It's just always such a cool selection of products - beauty, fitness, household, jewelry, etc. It's also a good one to buy if you're the kind of together person who has a gift closet. (I am not that person.) The summer box looks like fun and I love that you can customize some of what you get. Also, there are always coupons floating around, so don't pay full price!


  1. I have a beauty loving teen so we did Ipsy for 3 years to test out brands, a year of Boxy Charm (with the seasonal deluxe upgrade) and a year of FabFitFun. My teen misses Boxy Charm and I miss FabFitFun but couldn't justify it financially (trying to set a good example for said teen). Maybe after we move and the new finances are all settled in we will do it again.

  2. I'm a total skincare/makeup/sub box junkie and have *way* too much of everything. I just subbed last month to a new box, SeeNewSkinCare and if you're into trying skincare it's absolutely incredible. I think it's every quarter or maybe bi-monthly? Last time was a bunch of Sonage goodies and the current discovery is Kahina Giving Beauty (2 face masks, facial toner spray, lotion, and argan oil..all full size and worth way over $300 for $44). I enjoy Beautyfix, always one or 2 full size products and more focused on skincare. My other subs are Petitvour and Fabfitfun.


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