Thursday, May 21, 2020

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): More Athleta On Sale.

Athleta has some new mark-downs, which is always exciting (if you're me) but first I wanted to report back on my Open Road Shell:

Since it's done nothing but rain all week I've had ample opportunity to test out my new rain jacket and I'm happy to report that it's the best. Cute, actually resists water, lots of pockets, quite comfortable. It's a winner. They still have it in a few sizes so grab one if you're tempted! Definitely worth the money. There's also the Forecast Rain Shell that looks like a longer version. Now, on to the sale:

Jumpsuits are everywhere right now! This looks like an easy entry into jumpsuit land.

This comes in a bunch of good colors and looks like a perfect WFH layer, right? 

I always forget about accessories! How fun is this cognac camo backpack? 

Even I am shocked I don't already own this snake print sports bra. It should be mine. 

I desperately need shorts and this pair looks breezy and has a 4" inseam. And pockets! 

A good, simple workout tank that comes in a bunch of colors. 

Only a few sizes left but listen. Get one if you can. Best hoodie ever. 

I love both of the leopard prints this suit comes in and it looks like a non-dowdy fit, right? 

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