Monday, October 30, 2023

Review: Quince Mongolian Cashmere Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater.

OhhhhKAY. I am seriously sorry it's taken me a million blog years to actually review this dang Quince cardigan but I've been busy taking really terrible photos. Like, this first pic was just to show my friends how f'ing crazy oversized the size medium was and clearly was not meant for public consumption but I already sent the sweater back so here we are: 

This is the Quince Mongolian Cashmere Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater in size medium. It's weighty and ridiculously soft but oversized to a point of being ridiculous. I look like I'm being eaten alive by cashmere: 

But, it was so soft and cozy and such a good cold-weather WFH piece that I exchanged it for the small (in the charcoal grey because...reasons. I don't know.). I'm way happier with this one:

It's still perfectly oversized and delightfully unflattering but it doesn't feel overwhelming and the sleeves are the perfect length for me. If you have long arms, the sleeves might be short if you size down too much, just FYI. Also, it's holding up fine and isn't pilling much so far. (I maintain that all cashmere pills, it's just a matter of time.) If you're curious about the rest, I'm wearing my cardigan with these Madewell jeans and this Quince top. My boots are Pikolinos Granada and they're from my favorite local comfort shoe store because that's my life now. They're cute, though, right?  

One last look at the cardigan, which even in the size small buttons up with plenty of room to spare:

I doubt I'd ever wear it like this but it's nice that I can if I feel like it. Finally, I wanted to share my best recent Etsy purchase:

This labradorite beaded necklace is my most-worn piece of jewelry right now! It's beautiful and subtle from afar, but the stones have nice fire to them. Plus, it's really well-made and came with the nicest note from the artist, MyszkaJewelleryLdn.

That's it! A full review, a terrible pic with no makeup, and a mini outfit post to boot. I really give it my all, don't I? Honestly, though, this Quince cardigan is such a nice piece - good quality cashmere at a great price. If you’re new to Quince and want $20 off a purchase of $50 or more, please feel free to use my referral link! (Full disclosure: I also get $20 in credit and then use the credits to buy more stuff to review!) 

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Stuff I Like: Leaning Into Autumn

Hello! It’s autumn and it has been feeling SUPER autumn-y around here. Portland does fall beautifully... until the rain comes and all the pretty leaves fall at once with a distinct and singular whump. Right now it's still being beautiful and I'm trying to lean into the coziness of the season because what else can you do. Here's what I've been liking in October: 

This John Derian Thanksgiving Collection is Insane.
I am still mad that I missed out on most of the John Derian for Target Halloween collection a few years ago but now there’s a whole new Thanksgiving themed collection! I am not a huge fan of Thanksgiving but I can still appreciate the ever loving shit out of this amazing sequined TURKEY PILLOW. (Seriously, I saw it in person and it is incredible.) I touched everything but settled for this really beautiful set of coasters because I’ve never quite gotten over missing out on the Halloween set. It’s in stores now, quietly sandwiched between Halloween dregs and the onslaught of Christmas.

This Book I Can’t Stop Thinking About.
I recently read The Rachel Incident by Caroline O'Donoghue and I think it’s my favorite book so far this year. It’s not quite like anything I’ve read but it uniquely captures those weird, confusing years in your early 20s when you’re not quite an adult, you don’t have any money, and your friends are everything. The characters are all flawed but sympathetic and I love that I’ve been to the exact neighborhood in Cork where the main characters live. (I feel like one of you might have recommended it? If so, thank you!) Also, Caroline O’Donoghue has a delightful podcast called Sentimental Garbage that’s been getting me through my hellish commute. Enjoy. 

This Oversized Cardigan That’s Delightfully Unflattering.
Not everything in your closet needs to be flattering, okay? Sometimes it just needs to be cozy and soft as kittens and ridiculously oversized. I ordered this Quince oversized cashmere boyfriend cardigan in my usual medium and it was ENORMOUS. I exchanged it for a small which is also enormous but looks like it’s meant to be like that. It’s not a flattering piece but I sincerely love it. (A real review is coming soon!) It’s just the thing to throw over a fitted tee and jeans on a chilly day. Did I mention it's soft? SO soft and warm. 100% recommend but definitely size down unless you have really long arms. (Also, just to prove that I don’t love everything from Quince, I also ordered this mock neck cashmere sweater and it’s the actual worst. Just boxy and weird and too short. Do not like.) 

The Time Has Come For Sensible Shoes.
My foot injury has improved a lot in the past few months but I still deal with daily pain and stiffness and my shoes have to be supportive and not too flex-y or I’m limping with pain. Yay! Getting old is SO FUN y’all. Anyway, we have an upcoming trip that will involve rain, cobblestones and walking and I just cannot fathom wearing my ugly Hokas all day every day. Yes, I am that vain but I’m also not a complete idiot, so I went to the comfort shoe store and tried on everything I could stand to look at. I ended up with a weird pair of Dankso sneakers that kind of look like hiking shoes? They are not Fashion but when worn with jeans they just look like shoes and my sad foot really loves them. They have great arch support, Vibram soles and they are waterproof, which is a nice bonus when you live in the PNW. I highly recommend if you’re looking for a truly boring, sensible shoe that will keep your feet dry.