Friday, April 30, 2010

Adrien: Outfit for a Sunny Day.

It's Friday! It's warm and sunny! It's practically summer! I felt like I should dress for the weather today even though I work in a windowless basement office. A girl has to try. The dress I'm wearing is something I bought last summer and have worn constantly. The belt is a recent purchase (which I considered here.) Photos:

dress: Banana Republic
belt: Forever 21
bag: Juicy Couture
sandals: Aerosoles
watch: La Mer

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Adrien: Meant to be.

This is another Garanimals work outfit but it's one that I really love. This dress makes me feel very pulled together even when I'm otherwise feeling like a mess. I tried it on last year when it was still full-price and liked it, but at $110, it was way too much for my cheap ass to spend. When it finally went on sale my size was gone, of course. Boo. A couple of months later I was combing the sale rack and found it again! Just the one and in my size. Not only that, but it was marked down (and I also had a rewards card) so in the end I think I paid $10 for it. I know! Totally mean to be.

dress: Banana Republic
cardigan: Banana Republic
belt: Forever 21
shoes: Frye
earrings: Stella & Dot (thanks Ashley!)
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Adrien: Indecisive Outfit.

My department is hosting a reception today after work so I wanted to look festive but still (more or less) work appropriate. This called for a seriously great dress and shoes. I had the dress all picked out but shoes were harder. I tried on in this order:

- grey Chie Mihara w/ 3.5" heels (Not fun enough?)
- red Chie Mihara mary janes (too...something? Matchy? Cutesy? Young?)
- purple Frye 4" heel t-straps (too...much.)
- red Chie Mihara mary janes (too...damn I wear these every day?)
- grey Chie Mihara w/ 3.5" heels (Fine. FINE.)

Then my husband took the photo:

The cardigan and fishnets are not my favorite but were necessary because it was NOT warm this morning. I'm surprised I don't look blue.

 After the photo was taken I ran back inside and put my red Chie Miharas back on because I just don't think high heels are going to be working out ten hours from now. 

dress: BCBG
cardigan: don't remember
fishnets: Spanx
shoes: Chie Mihara Serpan
bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAM

Adrien: Zac Posen for Target FASHION SHOW.

One of my dearest friends Ashley (she of the fabulous Boden top) was in town this past weekend and I decided she'd be the perfect person to help me explore the new Zac Posen for Target collection. She and I have been friends since high school and we are excellent in combining forces to cause the maximum amount of trouble. You'll see.  

We snuck ourselves into the "family" dressing room because that was really the only way to do this thing correctly. I tried this Snap Tape top on first and thought it looked like a scrub top. A cheap, shapeless scrub top. With snaps.

Sadly we didn't really realize it was convertible so I failed to wear it to it's full snappy potential. Still, it's terrible.

Then I tried on the Tuxedo skirt, which was really quite nice. The material was weighty and the pleats were well constructed, but I feel like maybe another six inches of material would make it more wearable. (Hi, I'm old.)

And just for fun, I tried on the snap-tastic Snap Tape Skirt:

Barbie pose!

You know what this looks like to me? Barbie clothes. Or maybe a Barbie doll clothing knockoff because, wow, they spared every expense on this one. It was thin, nearly see-though and weirdly parachutey. However, this time we discovered the snaps and got busy:

 Where are my sunglasses? Oh, wait, they're right here in my crotch. Oh, snap.

But all that? Was nothing compared to the Two Piece Ruffle dress. This dress is something else. It's a strapless black mini cocktail dress with a removable overlay of floofy goodness. I cannot even begin to imagine the possibilities. We had a little fashion show.

Strike a pose.

Ashley took charge of the camera and things got even more awesome:

(note to self: hide undergarments when performing photo shoots in small spaces.)

I decided that the floofy layer would make an excellent wig:

Right? It's like when I was little and would wear my cardigan over my head and pretend it was the long hair I was never allowed to have. (Just me?) Oh my God, you guys. I haven't had this much fun in a Target dressing room in, well, forever. Forever ever. Ashley wanted me to buy the dress since it was obviously a prime source of joy and awesomeness but holy crap, $80? Sorry Zac. Not going to happen.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Adrien: Just Can't Get Enough.

I know. I know. I have a problem. a Frenchy Nautical problem. I just can't get enough stripe-y Frenchy Nautical shirts and somehow accidentally bought this one from Target:

Cute, right? $12.99! I also managed to wear a pair of pants that I routinely ignore because they seem so boring. But, it turns out they're a perfect neutral background to my Frenchy Nautical fetish thing. I think.

top: Mossimo
pants: Gap
jacket: Banana Republic
shoes: Chie Mihara
necklace: Forever 21
watch: La Mer
bracelets: J Crew
bag: Juicy Couture

Monday, April 26, 2010

Adrien: Gifted outfit of the day

My sweet friend Lisa gave me this J Crew "watercolor leopard" cardigan after I'd stalked the print on eBay in various forms. (The pencil skirt that came in the same print was not cut for me or really anyone with hips.)  I love it! I am wearing it with a cute little navy tank that has square sequin detailing and a charcoal grey pencil skirt I found at Nordstrom Rack a few years back. It seemed like a boring purchase at the time but I've gotten a lot of wear out of this skirt. Anyway, outfit:


cardigan: J Crew
top: Ann Taylor
skirt: Semantiks
shoes: Frye Iris
bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAM

Oh, and stay tuned! I tried on some of the new Zac Posen for Target collection yesterday and the pictures are priceless. The things I do for you people.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Marianne: Oh, how I covet.

A super quickie from me today, with two looks that I covet mightily. They have one thing in common, can you spot it?
Love At First Shop is a relatively new blog to me, and I swear not a day goes by where I don't die a little death over Rosa's outfit. This one is so fresh and springy and not something I would have thought to pair together. She inspires me, for real. Also? She owns my #1 most Coveted Handbag at the moment, the Rebecca Minkoff MAC in orange.
She rocks it, right?
Secondly, this look that Miranda Kerr is wearing is perfection. I don't think I can even elaborate, just look:
The common theme here? Skirts! I wear a lot of dresses but I don't wear skirts very often at all. These gorgeous ladies have me thinking I need to branch out and do some skirt shopping.
We are packing for our big move on Monday and won't have internet access for a little while, so I'm signing off for a few days! Stay pretty.

Adrien: Certainly Not Jeans

Nope, not wearing jeans to work. Just black pants that happen to be made of a denim-like material and also are styled like jeans. But they're not. Nope. I would never.

Today I just got dressed. I just needed clothes on my body so I wouldn't get arrested when I went out in the world. I'm fine with the result, but I do sort of wish my husband had mentioned that my shirt hem is all wonky:

My friend Nina (finder of all that's awesome) spotted the jacket at Forever21 a few years back and demanded I buy it. It's such a fun little thing and I really should wear it more.

t-shirt: Banana Republic
pants that aren't jeans: Banana Republic
jacket: Forever21
necklace: Keen Designs
shoes: Frye Lisa
bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Adrien: Comme ci, comme ça

After yesterday's cold rainy day I was happy to see the sun again. I decided to carry my new tote (thanks Nina!) and dressed around it:

Not groundbreaking, but I'm comfortable. I don't wear a lot of button-down shirts because they're hard to fit and require ironing (which you can probably tell I didn't do) but this one was something I found in the bottom of my summer clothes bin when I did my seasonal switch out and I still think it's pretty cute.

The tote is not my usual thing but I love it. It's basically the LV Neverfull I'm never going to be able to own. I love how light and spacious it is, and so Frenchy with the stripe. (I love that Parisian shit, don't you know.)

I love these shoes so much:

Blouse: Target (Merona)
Pants: Banana Republic
Shoes: Chie Mihara
Bag: Juicy Couture
Watch: La Mer

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Marianne: Wonderbar!

Let's take a momentary break from Fashion! and talk about my skin. I used to have nice skin, you guys. And then I got knocked up, and ever since, it's been just sad.

I have tried a million different creams and serums and finally stopped using anything other than Dove Sensitive Skin soap. This actually improved things, but my formally nice skin still looks like this:
THIS ONE TOO! Please to be ignoring the super hot strap of my industrial German nursing bra.
Anyway. My skin, it's not good y'all. And to be honest, I am starting to feel pretty desperate about the whole thing. This desperation is probably why I spent $40 on the world's tiniest bar of soap.
People, this is the Wonderbar. It's made from herbs and spices and fancy clay. And according to the internet, who I tend to believe about this stuff, it is going to make my skin nice again.

You use the Wonderbar on clean, dry skin, so I washed off my make-up with my usual Dove Sensitive Skin soap. Then I lathered up the Wonderbar:
And massaged it on to my dry face.
Lulu was very interested. And I just noticed that she is playing with a box of tampons. Excellent mothering, Marianne! Next I'll let her chew on my razor.
Guess what's weird? Having your picture taken while you are washing your face. Also, hello again, Teutonic Nursing Bra!

I have to admit, after leaving the soap on my skin for the requisite 3 minutes, then rinsing, my skin felt incredible. Soft and smooth other than the, you know, zits. I think I'll take weekly update pictures, just because if I don't justify spending $40 on a hotel bar-sized soap, I won't be able to live with myself. SO! Watch this space for more thrilling pictures of me washing my face! OH SO CAPTIVATING.

Adrien: My New Favorite Thing

I think I've mentioned before that I'm totally and creepily obsessed with Kate Lanphear. Seriously, if I were her I'd probably be afraid of me. I just freaking LOVE HER OMG. Ahem. Anyway, I saw this amazing photo recently on Garance Doré:

And I kind of died all over the place and then decided I need to wear a million bracelets at a time and never mind that some of hers are obviously freaking Hermès and then I broke down weeping. But! This past weekend I sold my jewelry at the most excellent Spring Bada-Bing and before the show even opened I made a beeline for Fisticuffs Leather and bought this cuff bracelet:

Cool, right? Better than stupid Hermès (sob). John Davis (who is Fisticuffs Leather) makes them from old belts, which I think is the coolest thing ever. After I'd chosen mine from his huge display I snapped it on and he said,
"Huh. Girls always wear them with the fastener on top."

Um, yeah dude. That's the best part.

Anyway, it's only one cuff bracelet but it's a start, right?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Adrien: Outfit for a Day Off.

I had yesterday off and spent the afternoon running errands and whatnot. It's all stuff you've seen before, but I thought the end result was pretty good:

I was going to do a close-up of my sandals but trust me, you don't want to see my feet close up right now. It's really better for everyone.

top: Boden
skirt: Old Navy
shoes: Aerosoles
bag: Rebecca Minkoff
sunglasses: Kenneth Cole Reaction