Friday, April 2, 2010

Marianne: Send In The Clowns

Readers, I will admit that I get a little excited. I get excited about new things, about nice weather, and it goes to my head and I make bad choices.
Not that I think this outfit is just might be a little much? Be honest with me. Adrien's friend Kate sent me a cute belt that I wanted to wear, and it's going to be 85 degrees so I couldn't wait to bust out my favorite summer dress, and I had yet to carry the drool-worthy bag I bought from Adrien a while ago. But all together...I don't know.

Should I nix the belt? Change to a neutral cardigan? Or am I crazy and it's all cute. Tell me I'm cute. I am desperate for your approval. Lie to me if you must. I'm on a lot of allergy medication and it's making me manic.

These shoes are perfect in every way, the cut, the perfect nude pink, adorable cut outs on the side.
And do you see that pink mark on my foot? That is the portent of things to come. God, these shoes destroy my feet. I love patent leather in theory but it is the most hideously uncomfortable material, second only to fake leather. Maybe.
Hello, lover.
dress: Forever 21
cardigan: Old Navy
belt: anthropologie
bag: Marc Jacobs
scarf (on bag): vintage
necklace: Diana Warner
shoes: Marais USA

Lastly, a little plug for my kid. She's a finalist in's Impossibly Cute Kid contest, and if you voted for her, I'd be eternally grateful. For real! Vote for Lulu here.


  1. Yay, I'm glad you like the belt! It's actually from Anthropologie, as is its companion.

  2. I'm going to send you the Band-Aid Blister Block. They renamed it but it is always Blister Block to me. You look adorable.

    I think they only thing I'd do is get rid of the scarf on the purse. It's something I love to do, too, but when I feel like it's all too much, just taking that scarf off seems to help.

  3. I agree with Lisa, I love a scarf on that bag, but maybe it's the one thing too many. You look cute!

  4. Kate, I love them both and you were too sweet to send them to me!

    Lisa, I think you are right!

  5. god, thanks for reminding me I need to go to F21.