Friday, April 30, 2010

Adrien: Outfit for a Sunny Day.

It's Friday! It's warm and sunny! It's practically summer! I felt like I should dress for the weather today even though I work in a windowless basement office. A girl has to try. The dress I'm wearing is something I bought last summer and have worn constantly. The belt is a recent purchase (which I considered here.) Photos:

dress: Banana Republic
belt: Forever 21
bag: Juicy Couture
sandals: Aerosoles
watch: La Mer


  1. Very cute! I have a similar dress--it's the cotton Target dress that several of us have. I have it in a blue color very similar to the dress you're wearing. I wore it on date night last night with a red belt and these shoes:

  2. Jessica, those shoes! Love them so much!


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