Friday, April 9, 2010

Adrien: What would you buy with $1,000?

Lucky Magazine has a contest this month where they're giving 10 (damn lucky) people $1,000 gift certificate to I entered real quick like and then immediately went to the site to pick out what I'd get. I do this. I enter a contest that I don't have any chance of winning and then I go ahead and decide what I'd get just in case. BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW. Ahem. Anyway, for the sake of this entry, I'm going to pretend Endless only carries shoes (and not bags and other adorable accessories. Dang. It.)

So, here's what I'd get:

I've wanted these for a couple of years now but no way could I afford them, so they would be on top of my list.

Might as well get some expensive sandals! What the hell, it's not my money:

And some cute flats from Belle by SM. I always shake my fist at this brand for being so cute and expensive:

And maybe I'd jump on the weird clog bandwagon and get a pair of these:

And more Fryes just because:

Total damage: $1035.60.
Only slightly over budget! What would you get?


  1. Gah! There are just too many choices. They'd probably get mad at me because it would take me so long to spend my winnings! I tell you what I WOULDN'T buy -- The Sadie Wedge sneaker. That thing is yoo-gly.

  2. Oh man, those Frye sandals are adorable.

  3. Those Veronica Slouch boots are the best thing I own. Save up and get them anyway!