Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Adrien: Sometimes I just like to try stuff on.

Over the weekend I stopped by my favorite (secret) Marshall's and blitzed through the clearance rack just in case. It never hurts to look. I tried on the following:

Theory blazer marked down to $39:

It fit well enough but just isn't something I feel I need in my wardrobe.

This top (I can't remember the label), which was cute except for the weird folds around the boob area:

The back was cute though:

These PDC jeans which were marked down to $10 FOR A REASON:

It's hard to see in the cruddy iPhone photo, but they're barely coming up past my thighs. And this is a size bigger than I normally wear. Defective.

I pounced on this cashmere DKNY "cozy" in red for $20 (original price $185!):

Nice, eh? But very similar to the Banana Republic version I own and never wear, so I bought it and listed it on eBay. I am sneaky like that.

Annnd, I tried on this quilted leopard print jacket because apparently I was having a Chico's kind of day:

Ha. Hahaha. You're welcome.


  1. You are so cute you almost pull off that cray cray jacket.

  2. But why did I even try it on? WHY.

  3. That DKNY cardigan is pretty super cute. Perhaps I should hit up a secret Marshall's...

  4. I love that you took pics of everything you tried on. Its like shopping with my best girlfriend.

  5. You're so great to share it all. Also, I *am* all Chico's, so I'll take the leopardskin jacket. Please.


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