Thursday, April 8, 2010

Adrien: Reed Shirtdress outfit of the day

So, there was a sale yesterday at Anthropologie and I've been reading WAY too many Anthro-centric blogs so there was no ignoring it. I went, I bee-lined to the sale room (no looking right or left! No straying! Back room ONLY.) It was full of women and dogs and strollers and loose toddlers, but I prevailed and found a whole armload of stuff to try on.

The Fragmented Pipevine Dress was SO pretty and lots of fun but maybe And even on sale it was more than I wanted to spend. But pretty, and the fit was good. I think I tried on the 4 and it fit perfectly:

The Scattered Sequins Skirt was so pretty to look at - gorgeous pattern and small clusters of sequins, but it felt really delicate and didn't do much for me on:

That is the size 6. The 4 was so tight I needed a hug once I'd shimmied carefully out of it. So, even for $29.95 I wasn't tempted. It just seemed too high maintenance: delicate silk, dry clean only, bound-to-fall-off sequins. No thanks.

There's been a lot of blog love for the Reed Shirtdress so I was really curious about it and happy to see it in solid colors. (Plaid is just not my thing, kids.) I grabbed the green in a 4 and the orange in a 6. The orange one fit great but made me look like a traffic cone:

Gah! Not my color. No no no. But the green! The green was amazing:

The 4 was definitely tight, especially the sleeves. I ended up switching it for a 6. Which brings me to my outfit of the day:

dress: Anthropologie Reed Shirtdress
shoes: Frye Kelsey
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Faridah
watch: Le Mer
necklace: Twist Style

Wow, it just screams for a wide brown belt doesn't it? Sadly, I don't have one...yet. I'll have to start looking. Oh, and those are my new eBay Fryes! They're a tiny bit big, but I think some inserts will solve that problem. They're really beautifully made and I think are going to be a summer staple.


  1. Stop being so cute already. I can't stand it.

    Really lovely! And those shoes - oh my!

  2. You look awesome in that dress! I wanted it soop bad, but when I tried on the 6 the buttons on the bust were gaping terribly. It looked ridiculous. Nice to know someone can rock that dress!

  3. two thumbs up! you look gorgeous!

  4. WOW that dress looks great on you! Too cute.

  5. the green is so great
    and it was tight on your arms because you are a buff bad ass - duh.

  6. Really cute!

    I love Anthropologie because, despite the prices, I can always find a really great dress there that actually looks good on me. I don't mind a high-ish price tag on a dress, but I refuse to pay a lot for a shirt for some unknown reason.