Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Marianne: Radio Silence

OMG. That's all I can say about the kind of week I am having. I have to thank Adrien to keeping up with this here blog because people, I am a wreck. Work is killing me and we are moving in a week and UGH. Too much to do and not enough hours in the day, is what I'm saying.

I've still been getting dressed every day (I know!), but I haven't had time to take pictures. These were taken as I was about to get in the car, and I think the "I'm-late-and-I-have-so-much-to-do-take-the-effing-picture" is positively RADIATING off of me.
Also, wrinkles. On the face and the clothes. DANG.
Now my husband is getting artsy just to MESS WITH ME. So late! So much to do!
My very most favorite sandals.
And my big pink bag.
tunic: Forever 21
belt: Forever 21
jeans: Gap Always Skinny
sandals: Bobbi Blu
bag: Marc Jacobs

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