Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Marianne: Baby Style

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts from me this week, let's just say it's for the best and leave it at that. However, Lulu has been rocking the height of baby style:
Liberty of London for Target Ruffle Romper and matching sun hat.
Trumpette Jelly shoes.
Baby Eggi Ruffle Dress.

Baby legs and Umi shoes.

If you're reading, would you take a moment and go here to vote for Lulu?

She's in second place at the moment, which is just unacceptable. If she doesn't win, she doesn't get to go to college. It's in your hands, people.


  1. I love this blog! Found you two through She's Still Got It. Great ideas and it doesn't help that you are both very witty!

  2. Thanks for checking us out, Lauren!

  3. Lulu is so adorable! I love her hat.


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