Friday, April 23, 2010

Marianne: Oh, how I covet.

A super quickie from me today, with two looks that I covet mightily. They have one thing in common, can you spot it?
Love At First Shop is a relatively new blog to me, and I swear not a day goes by where I don't die a little death over Rosa's outfit. This one is so fresh and springy and not something I would have thought to pair together. She inspires me, for real. Also? She owns my #1 most Coveted Handbag at the moment, the Rebecca Minkoff MAC in orange.
She rocks it, right?
Secondly, this look that Miranda Kerr is wearing is perfection. I don't think I can even elaborate, just look:
The common theme here? Skirts! I wear a lot of dresses but I don't wear skirts very often at all. These gorgeous ladies have me thinking I need to branch out and do some skirt shopping.
We are packing for our big move on Monday and won't have internet access for a little while, so I'm signing off for a few days! Stay pretty.


  1. Is Rosa not the cutest? I love the way she pairs things. Very inspirational.

  2. I think she's completely adorable. Her blog is one of my favorites.


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