Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Marianne: Not that kind of girl.

I shop at Old Navy. I love digging for a bargain at T.J. Maxx (or I did, back when I had the time and money to shop, but that is another entry for another time). But people, I am a snob.

I don't consider myself the "kind of person" who shops at Lands End or L.L. Bean. In my head, it screams dowdy, matronly, and Mom Jeans. These stores are for the kind of people who keep their hair sensibly, "wash and go" short and who maybe, just maybe, wear Crocs.

But you guys! Look how stinking cute!
Perfect skinny jeans for people who also like to cover their rear end.
These orange shoes could possibly satisfy my need for Swedish Hasbeen clogs, for a fraction of the cost.
I was coveting Adrien's turquoise shoes yesterday, and looky!
Um, I just want to fix my hair like this. That's all. The shirt is cute, though.
I was just looking at some Citizens of Humanity white jeans that were not this cute and also cost $178. WTH.
I want these yesterday.
And okay, for all my talk, I really do want to buy this, either in the navy or khaki colorway. This is so obviously a J.Crew/anthropologie dress knockoff and I am seriously in love with it.
So yeah, I'm eating my words and really, really wanting to place an order. I need to see these clothes in person, on a non-model body. Has anyone out there ordered from L.L. Bean Signature or Land's End Canvas? What did you think?


  1. Marianne, I am now mad at you. I just looked at the L.L. Bean Signature website and now I covet approximately 98.3% of everything.

  2. I am sorry! It's really good, isn't it? Don't look at Land's End Canvas, it's even better.

  3. Not a huge fan of L.E. Canvas so far. I ordered & returned bootcut chinos because the cut is small & rise is low, for juniors with slim figures, not for ladies with curves. The sales' rep said that some customers had to order 1 size up (who wants that?). T shirts were ok, but also slim fitting (nice & long, tho). Hope this helps!

  4. Did the white/navy combo dress already disappear?
    :( sadness.

  5. I have ordered a shirt, jacket and necklace (super cute gold anchor for like $40, if anyone else is going all nautical crazy the way I am right now). I ended up returning the jacket (navy mac peacoat) because it was just "meh" on me...I recently got one with a little more style from Martin +Osa. But I do like my striped sailor shirt, and love my necklace. The sizing is pretty much the same as regular Lands End, at least what I have tried anyway, so I am glad I sized down like I did for normal Land's End. FYI - if your Sears has a Lands End dept. you can order from a computer there for free shipping, and return online purchases there.

  6. I just found your blog and love, love, love it!

    I have several things from Eddie Bauer and Lands End. The EB things seem to get worn over and over while the LE things hang in my closet.

    You have also inspired me to try Ross and TJ Maxx again. I don't usually go because it takes so much effort to find something that fits and that I like....but when you do find it it is super cute and a bargain! I will try again.


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