Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adrien: Terget Outfit of the Day.

I buy most of my work clothes at Banana Republic and the like, but for fun cheap summer stuff, nothing beats Target. I'm not quite head-to-toe Target today, but it's close:

dress: Converse One Star (for Target)
cardigan: Cherokee (Target)
shoes: Mariana by GOLC
necklace: Banana Republic
bag: Andrea Brueckner
watch: La Mer


  1. That is my favorite dress from last summer. I am sad that my black one is fading.

  2. Nice dress, and NICE ARMS, too, lady!

  3. I LOVE Target and so so miss having a Super Target nearby since we live in Brooklyn. I always stock up when I head back to the Midwest to see family. My fave things last time were the Liberty of London pieces...for my daughter. Le sigh.