Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Adrien: Zac Posen for Target FASHION SHOW.

One of my dearest friends Ashley (she of the fabulous Boden top) was in town this past weekend and I decided she'd be the perfect person to help me explore the new Zac Posen for Target collection. She and I have been friends since high school and we are excellent in combining forces to cause the maximum amount of trouble. You'll see.  

We snuck ourselves into the "family" dressing room because that was really the only way to do this thing correctly. I tried this Snap Tape top on first and thought it looked like a scrub top. A cheap, shapeless scrub top. With snaps.

Sadly we didn't really realize it was convertible so I failed to wear it to it's full snappy potential. Still, it's terrible.

Then I tried on the Tuxedo skirt, which was really quite nice. The material was weighty and the pleats were well constructed, but I feel like maybe another six inches of material would make it more wearable. (Hi, I'm old.)

And just for fun, I tried on the snap-tastic Snap Tape Skirt:

Barbie pose!

You know what this looks like to me? Barbie clothes. Or maybe a Barbie doll clothing knockoff because, wow, they spared every expense on this one. It was thin, nearly see-though and weirdly parachutey. However, this time we discovered the snaps and got busy:

 Where are my sunglasses? Oh, wait, they're right here in my crotch. Oh, snap.

But all that? Was nothing compared to the Two Piece Ruffle dress. This dress is something else. It's a strapless black mini cocktail dress with a removable overlay of floofy goodness. I cannot even begin to imagine the possibilities. We had a little fashion show.

Strike a pose.

Ashley took charge of the camera and things got even more awesome:

(note to self: hide undergarments when performing photo shoots in small spaces.)

I decided that the floofy layer would make an excellent wig:

Right? It's like when I was little and would wear my cardigan over my head and pretend it was the long hair I was never allowed to have. (Just me?) Oh my God, you guys. I haven't had this much fun in a Target dressing room in, well, forever. Forever ever. Ashley wanted me to buy the dress since it was obviously a prime source of joy and awesomeness but holy crap, $80? Sorry Zac. Not going to happen.


  1. Too. much. FUN!! I did that too with my cardigans (and pantyhose) to make believe I had long hair.

  2. I love your Target fitting room fashion shows. I was there with the boys the other day and Gavin pointed to the black ruffly dress and said, "What is up with THAT?!" Then, he saw your picture and said, "Hey, that's that crazy dress from Target!" I had no idea my 4-year-old was so observant when it comes to fashion.


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