Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Pants Talk, Part One.

M: Pants?

A: What. The. What.

M: Fashion.

A: No. No thank you, I’m good.

M: These literally look like a halloween costume.

A: Sometimes you need $500 pants to make your Office Under The Sea costume super perfect?

M: The rear view is really something. That model is pissed.

A: Actually, she looks like the tallest Oompa Loompa.

M: That Oompa Loompa hates life.

A: $500 and her costume sucks. She's not even orange.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Adrien: Getting Real Tired of Summer Clothes.

You GUYS I AM SO TIRED OF MY CLOTHES. I love summer so so much but I'm sick of everything in my closet and was grateful to find this Gap shift dress hanging between two dresses I seriously want to burn. I'll forget about it and then I'm like, "oh, right, you! You're cute." See:

I do like a shift dress for the summer because it's structured but not too body conscious. And classic! Mine is an odd blue/yellow leopard but I am crazy about this full-on leopard shift at J.Crew. This simple shift on sale at J.Crew Factory also has tons of potential. I think Ann Taylor excels at the shift dress, I mean, check out this gorgeous bird print shift and, while this floral is too much print even for me, I think it would look amazing on the right person. And, um, I am not sure American Eagle understands shift dress? Because nope.

The only problem with a strong print is that you need a strong necklace that won't get lost. I'm going with my ridiculous Vince Camuto spike necklace which isn't available anymore but this one, also by VC, is similar if less shiv-like. There's also this petite Rebecca Minkoff version but I really like a spike that means business. Alexis gets me. 

I'm also wearing my Giles and Brother encrusted skinny cortina bracelet.  Speaking of which, did you guys know that Banana Republic is carrying Giles and Brother? A reader alerted me and I am still a bit confused. It's not a separate line, just some of the regular collection and a few special "exclusive" pieces. Incidentally, I like the men's stuff better.  I couldn't find it in store so I'm assuming it's online only. 

I'm carrying my usual everyday bag, a MBMJ Too Hot To Handle hobo in cement. It's not available anymore but my OTHER favorite MBMJ Globetrotter hobo is on Gilt right now in the cement color and black! That's a good deal! There's also this MJ Pike Place hobo which is pretty similar as well.

My gold wedge sandals are ancient but I like the metallic shiny, what can I say. I'd really love a pair of yellow sandals for this dress but haven't found the perfect pair. This Seychelles pair almost hits the mark but the heel is a bit high. I also love this Rebecca Minkoff studded flat sandal but sometimes that style sandal is too narrow? Ooh, maybe this pair of Boden wedges? Those are cute! Maaaaybe. They're on the list.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Shopping Things. We Are Very Good At This.

M: So it's 92 degrees today but I'm wearing booties anyway and I want to talk about fall clothes. I have 4 things on my to-buy list, which I think is SUPER restrained of me, don't you? Actually 3 things, because my inception booties fufill my taupey-grey mid heel bootie requirement. ARE YOU READY TO HEAR THE OTHER THREE? ARE YOU SO EXCITED?

A: I am so full of excitement. Truly.

M: Okay the first is also kind of cheating, but whatever. I have on my list: Mid-Length Denim Button Front Skirt. Now, I hate skirts, as you know. But this won't get out of my head so let's do this. Anyway I was ready to start my search, then found this skirt and bought it sooooo:

M: It could be a disaster and it's final sale because I like to live dangerously.

A: I totally dig that skirt. I wanted it!

M: I think it's so cute. Reviews said to size up, and a size (or two) up was all that was left, so fingers crossed.

A: You can always eBay it if it doesn't work.

M: My next item is a cream colored silk button down. Like Equipment but with a price tag I can stomach. I'm willing to pay a little money for quality though. And it just so happens that TJ Maxx has a million of awesome options and I need your helllllllllp. Ready Set Go.


M: This one is basically perfect, though I would possibly prefer an uncovered placket:

A: Is very good! I like that a lot.

M: Vince silk tops fit me SO well, but this is white and I feel like not as versatile for fall?

A: Definitely nice but looks summery to me.

M: I also love it in black but that's neither here nor there.

M: I keep looking at this one. I'm part "ooh cute with that denim skirt and booties" and part "Pirates of The Caribbean, Revenge Of The Moms."

A: Hey, maybe you want to be a Mommy pirate, IDK.

M: Real quick, WTF is happening with these shirt tails?

A: Eep!

M: I should probably go with the rag & bone Leroy, right?

A: The Leroy is perfect and doesn't have a super long tail which I do not understand.

M: It's insane, right?

A: I would step on it and fall backwards and sustain a nasty concussion.

M: I think the Leroy is it.

A: It's very classic. I also like the black Vince number.

M: I love it. I have the short sleeve version in navy and wear it to death.

M: Besides the fact that this is styled on a cadaver, this is giving me second thoughts:

A: Poor dead girl. She’s the same color as the shirt.

M: I can't tell if the one at TJ Maxx has the contrast cuffs and collar.

A: Oooh, duh. Yeah. Hmm.

M: LAST ITEM is a long line black vest. Which I recognize is kind of weird but look at this. Yes, right? I could probably cheap out on this one but I feel like it would show in the tailoring and fabric quality.

M: This one is basically perfect, DAMN YOU rag & bone. Probably a lil more than I want to spend:

M: This is cute, not as versatile, but super cheap:

M: This one is not bad, but I'm tall and I don't think it will be quite long enough on me to get that black column effect:

M: A less tailored contender, more causal:


A:  I personally Do Not Vest but I see what you're going for and I think it's cute. I really love the last option a lot but I don't do a lot of tailored things so it appeals.

M: I worry the last one skews a little Eileen Fisher Chico's Kind of Day.

A: That's probably why I like it.

M: What the actual fuck:

A: It’s like an Escher drawing. Down is up! Lapel is down!

M: I know we say this a lot but it legit looks like a mistake.

A: *Pulls vest thing out of box* "Hey…um…do you think this is..."

M: "Send it to TJ Maxx, boys."

M: I stared at everything for too long and just closed the window. Good talk.

A: Would you like some gin? There's room next to me in this ditch.

M: Yes please.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: Things That Are Red.




A: !!!!!!!!!

M: Woof

A: He doesn't even look real.

A: Like, I'm not sure he actually exists.

M: Rarest of Pokemon.

A: Um.

M: I don't know dude I'm exhausted

M: 😵

A: I don't Pokemon because I know myself. But if catching Idris is involved....

M: Haha

A: I'm rethinking my Pokemon stance.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Adrien: Fidelity Denim Review and Outfit.

Oh, hey, look at me wearing jeans! The weather has relented slightly so I jumped at the chance to wear my new jeans, which were a big purchase for me:

They are Fidelity Denim "Sola" jeans in Coronado wash and I'd tried them on back in July when I visited my friend Ashley in Chicago. I tried to forget about them. I tried and I tried. And they kept reminding me how well they fit and how comfortable and UGH. SHUT UP, JEANS. I found them online and waited for a good code and bought them hoping they wouldn't live up to my memory. Oops. They're so good:

Fidelity Denim definitely look good from the back. Unfortunately there aren't any great sale codes for them but carries my exact pair and will send you a 10% off code if you sign up for the mailing list. What's so great about these jeans? They fit like they were handmade just for me. The denim just molds to the body and doesn't stretch out. I also love that the rise on the Sola is high enough that they stay put:

And, they're made in America! It makes up for the Old Navy split back tank I'm wearing, which is still my favorite striped top. I mean, lately. This striped Everlane tank is pretty cute and when did they add the boatneck top? Ugh, come on. I added a cardigan because that's how I do. This one is from BR and its wool counterpart is already on sale. (Wool turtleneck, anyone? Kill me!) 

My cardigan is cotton, just for the record. On to details! I'm wearing my Madewell Ensign necklace and my old favorite La Mer wrap watch which I highly recommend. They come in a bunch of great styles and colors and I'm definitely considering another one. I might even change the battery in this one so it tells time.

I'm still carrying my red LV Epi Speedy because it's so cheerful and definitely sparks joy. I will skip the "you need a red satchel" lecture since I just gave it on Tuesday but if you follow my advice you should definitely consider this beautiful Perlina bag. (Pair the sale price with code FORYOU22 and it's a screaming deal!) Just saying. 

Finally, my wedge sandals. I'm wearing TOMS strappy wedge in a now-discontinued metallic denim. They do come in a lovely neutral metallic and the TOMS site has the black/cork version marked down. That's all I got, y'all. Have a good Thursday.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Reader Question: How Do I Wear These Boots?

I got a great reader question from Allyson and it's a question I relate to very much. She asks:
I recently bought a pair of docs (classic black 1460s) because I went to a music festival and LURVED all of the 90s fashions that are coming back. The problem is most of the festival attendees were in their teens/early twenties. Any thoughts on how I can pull off docs without looking like I'm trying to relive my teenage grungy-angsty years? I also don't want to look like I'm trying to pull off a "The Craft" costume.

Oh girl, I feel you. I went to college in the early nineties and got my first pair of Docs my freshman year. They were THE BEST EVER. I loved 90s fashion, you guys. My best outfit was a ratty oversized graphic t-shirt with the neck cut out, cuffed denim shorts, thick black tights and my Docs. And a leather jacket. And an army backpack. I was Jane Lane, basically.

Anyway, do I think Doc Marten 1460s can be worn now without looking like a costume? Absolutely. My solution is to treat them exactly like I would a pair of chelsea boots. Keep everything else modern and you have very current but still casual and edgy look:

I also think you can totally get away with wearing Doc boots with a dress or skirt, you just have to stick with more modern proportions and maybe skip the choker. Here's what I would do for summer:

For winter, I'd skew a little more 90s and wear a tunic-y shirt dress, really opaque black tights, a fashiony backpack and maybe something like this charcoal leather denim-style jacket? (I'm afraid I've gone a little "Adrien's fantasy wish list" on this one but hey, I love it.):

Done!  Three current and non-costume-y looks with one really great classic pair of boots. Would y'all wear Docs again? How would you style them?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Adrien: Back In Action.

For the longest time I had this lovely little graveyard section of my closet where the dry-clean-only clothes would go to die after a few wears. So sad, but I am really that lazy and/or cheap. Once I figured out that I could hand wash (or even machine wash) silk and cashmere and found a good gentle detergent, it was like I suddenly had way more clothes. Included: this silk MaxStudio top that Marianne gave me: 

A floaty silk top just makes everything else you wear with it look nicer. This Joie top is nearly identical to mine (and this one too) but I'd go for this Vince top at TJ Maxx which is just gorgeous. The Everlane silk shell would also be a good place to start and there's always Boden for a nice drapey top

I'm not sure what I'm looking at but it's probably Daniel. I'm wearing my silk top with J.Crew skinny utility pants which I wish they'd bring back. LOFT had a non-cropped version that I missed out on but I'd love something similar for fall. Perhaps this Sanctuary pair? Or maybe I should go for the non-camo version. Heh. And again, Joie. Always effing Joie. Deets:

It's the usual stuff - a Banana Republic chain/tassel pendant which is pretty heavy duty. This J.Crew tassel has a similar weight and this one at BR would also be a good option. My bracelet is a Giles and Brother skinny railroad spike cuff which I wear a lot. (The crystal version is on sale, btw.)

I know, this bag. I never get tired of my red LV Epi Speedy. I just think a structured red bag is a good thing to have in your wardrobe. So classic, so cheerful. This Lauren Ralph Lauren Newbury satchel is the exact right shade of red and This Matt and Nat satchel is a really elegant non-leather option. My bargain pick is this Sole Society dome satchel which looks way more expensive than it is. 

Still wearing the world's oldest pair of Chie Mihara sandals. They're just built to last. Gilt currently has quite a few Chie styles at good prices and this silver pair on sale over at Italist could not be cuter. And eep, check out this pair! Forget Gilt! Go to Italist immediately. Bye! 

Monday, August 22, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Don't You Need A Blue MJ Wallet?

You guys! A very kind reader tipped me off that the dreamy blue Marc Jacobs snakeskin wallet I'd had my eye on is $86 on Amazon! The red version, which is also beautiful, is $77! (It's shipped and sold from Amazon so authentic and easily returned.) This is the lowest I’ve seen it, even lower than the price on 6pm.

6pm does have some good under-$100 deals on various other MJ wallets and accessories. I always keep an eye out like a good enabler. Plus, they’re giving an extra 10% off your order with code BESTPICKS. Since we're looking at blue wallets here are two more that are good deals at 6pm:

This is the Marc Jacobs Gotham Zip Phone Wristlet which also comes in a weird pink color. This one from the same line is also cool:

This is the Marc Jacobs Gotham Open Face Wallet and, like it's brother, it also comes in the weird pink but for some reason the pink costs more? Just get the blue, it's way prettier.

Finally! This is neither blue nor a wallet but it is a very pretty Marc by Marc Jacobs leather Marchive Hilli Hobo and it's at TJ Maxx for under $150:

Hey, guess what? It ALSO comes in a weird pink color but really you want the taupe because it's a perfect creamy neutral. There are better pictures available here and someone should probably buy it. Just saying. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: Anthropologie Sale!

Hey all! Just a heads up that Anthropologie is currently taking an extra 40% off all sale stuff on the website (and in-store.) The discount comes off in your shopping cart - there's no code. Pair that with 2% cash back from eBates!

Being an Anthro sale, there is a lot of this kind of nonsense, there’s also some really cute stuff at good prices. Here’s what I like:

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Adrien: All Of The Colors.

This is my favorite dress and if you've been reading for a while you have definitely seen it a few times. I bought it at least five years ago (maybe six?) and I paid full price for it which I never do. But, wow, I have certainly gotten my money's worth out of this fun little BCBG dress:

Everyone should have something like this in their closet - an easy fun dress with a crazy print. BCBG always does it right and their beautiful dress prints are such a favorite. If crazy colors aren't for you, this one comes in black and white. For non-BCBG options this JM Collection print dress is a good kind of crazy and I love this beautiful Lucky Brand dress. And ooh, this Karen Kane print dress would be a good fall-transition dress. 

My favorite thing about this dress is that it works with almost any color bag - blue? Red? Purple? It's good to go. I still have visions of purple or blue shoes to wear with it. Maybe something like this sleek pair by Kate Spade? And oooh, I love these mary janes in the purple colorway but that might be too much print. Oh well, it'll just have to be the Chie Miharas then. (I mean, what can you do?) On to details: 

I'm doing my usual long pendant necklace. This one is a gold scarab beetle from Banana Republic who's moved onto other wildlife. I do think this scarab necklace is beautiful  and this one falls under the "le sigh" category. My bracelet is a Giles and Brother encrusted skinny cortina cuff. This plain gold version is on sale! Great for small wrists.

Blue bag! Mine is MBMJ and it's a good one. You can still occasionally find one on eBay and MJ does really nice blue bags, overall. This midnight blue hobo is on sale! Finally, my sandals are Sam Edelman Trina and they're easy to find on sale right now. The metallic heel just makes them special.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Beauty Tools of the Trade.

I wrote an entry back in 2012 about some of my favorite beauty tools and I'm happy to see that they're all still things I use regularly. Still, I felt like an update was in order because I firmly believe that tools (of all kinds) are important and should be best quality you can afford. Bad tools are the worst. (I think we've all tried to dry our hair with that shitty gym/hotel hair dryer that attaches to the wall, right? Those should be smashed.) Anyway, here's what I use and recommend:

BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Flat Iron
I reviewed this after I bought it and I'm happy to say it's still the best flat iron I've ever owned. I love the titanium plates - so smooth like butter! I like that the lowest heat setting is 200° because that'll generally hot enough for my hair but it goes up to 450°! Eep. It's hard to find my exact model except on Ulta, but I suspect it's because this ultra-thin version is the newest shiny thing.

Solano SuperSolano Hair Dryer
I've reviewed this already but it remains one of the best beauty tool upgrades I've ever made. It's just solid and powerful and dries my hair fast will minimal frizz or fuss. It's available on Amazon but the best price I can find right now is at Overstock (plus code 247885 should get you an extra 12% off and go through eBates for 2.0% cash back.) Also, the ultra-light version is under $100 on Amazon!

Ooh, I'm so happy this is still available! I bought this brush probably ten years ago and I still use it every day for blow-drying my hair. Every now and then I'll try a different round brush and get mad that it's not my weird oval brush with two different kinds of bristles. I don't even understand why it's superior, it just works great and my hair never, ever gets tangled up in it.  If you're looking for a round brush, get this one. It's good times. 

I got the travel version of this brush in a subscription box and I love it. It’s so nice to be able to brush out wet hair without that horrible stretchy breakage! My brush is a little worse for wear and the bristles have started pushing into the brush pad, which is annoying, but it’s something I use daily so I'll be buying another soon.  

My makeup brushes are a motley bunch and it's probably time for a new set, but I've had pretty good luck with Sonia Kashuk sets and love my RealTechniques foundation brush. I've also re-discovered my Beauty Blender, though I wonder if the must less expensive RealTechniques version is just as good? Anyone tried it? And brush recommendations? 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Adrien: Really, Summer?

Y'all know I love summer but I will admit that I am getting real tired of my summer clothes. This is the look I'm giving my closet every morning:

Mmm hmm. Out of desperation I am wearing pants even though it's too hot for this business. They are my JCrew twill utility pants which are long since sold out, but there are lots of good options out there. This Treasure & Bond pair is a more relaxed version and this Joie pair is basically my dream. LOFT also has a really cute cropped version that are on sale and check out this cute pair at 6pm that look identical to mine!

My top is a slub tank from Banana Republic that I bought last year. It's simple,  just a nice floaty layer. This year's version is striped and I'm not going to lie - it's tempting. They also have a racerback slub tank in a gorgeous blue which I like and a scoop neck slub tee that looks great, though it's nearly sold out. 

Details! I'm wearing my giant Ann Taylor tassel necklace that's still a favorite. It's long gone but they do currently have this beaded tassel necklace that I particularly like in black. This Rebecca Minkoff double tassel is also a gorgeous option and y'all know how I feel about Lulu Frost and her tassels. My watch is CLUSE La Bohème in rose gold and my giant ring is Alexis Bittar.

I'm also wearing real shoes (instead of sandals) because they're my favorite pair of Chies and I missed them. It's really hard to find a good pair of low-heeled red shoes that aren't dowdy but I am always looking. This pair of Miz Mooz are pretty damn cute (but only size 10.) I also love this pair of mary janes from Top Shop, but they're coral despite claiming to be red. This Style & Co pair is really cute but the heel is higher than I'd like. If you're looking, definitely keep an eye on ModCloth, who always has a good collection of red shoes!

Monday, August 15, 2016

BUY THIS (Because I Already Did): Gilligan & O'Malley Pajamas

I have this one really old pair of sleep/lounge pants that are my favorite. They are loose and soft and have a comfy thin waistband. They also have bleach stains, holes and the fabric is detaching from that comfy thin waistband. In short, I am sleeping in rags. It's shameful. I am going to throw them away any minute now. I swear. I just need a moment.

In preparation for the moment I went to Target and grumpily checked out their pajama pants offerings. I dragged Kate along and pointed out the many ways most of it wouldn't work for me. Then I found this Gilligan & O'Malley set:

I didn't need a set (Everlane tees are great for sleeping) but the shorts were pretty damn cute and the tank looked unoffensive and $16.99! I took them home, washed them, and proceeded to wear the set for the entire rest of the weekend. (I mean, not outside but you get it.) Yay! This happy print also comes in a pants set which I might have to track down.

Gilligan & O'Malley has done well for me before but I am super extra happy with this pajama set and I think you guys might like it too. It comes in several colorways (including "Sadness" and "Super Pank!")  but the blue/fan print is the best. I went with a size medium for extra comfort, but I'd say it probably runs TTS.

In Which We Find Our Sport.

Last night Marianne and I watched The Great British Bake Off and the Olympics at the same time. Highly recommend. Here's the condensed transcript. 

A:  I sent you the link for the Great British Bake Off, yes? They're all on YouTube.

M: Oh, right! Is gymnastics individual events on tonight?

A: It's diving right now, but yes.

M: Bake Off! First season I'm so excited.

A: I've watched a few episodes of S1. I like the current format better, but it's still great. (the jeans are still terrible, no worries about that.)

M: Bake!


M: Okay already ditched S1. There's a lot of interviewing historians about the history of cake.

A: The historical segues are snoresville.

M: I figure S2 will be better because they have a rhythm. Oh hey Rob:


M: Right??

A: I don't care if he can bake shit.


M: Oh dear he's a dumbass.

A: Disappointing.

M: He's a photographer who dreams of being a baker?

A: Oh shut up.

M: He's making horrible sounding licorice cupcakes.

A: Grey batter. Kill him.

A: I love how quickly we turned on him.

M: Hahaha. Fickle.

A: A pretty face only gets you so far. Lemme know when gymnastics is on.

M: OK. How did Rob nail that Battenburg??

A: Black magic.

M: Ugh, history.

A: I love that we both hate the history segments.

M: If I wanted to learn I'd go to school.

A: I just laughed so loud I scared the cat.

M: Oh nooooo! Rob dropped the cake.

A: He’s crying.

M: Now i feel bad. His stupid jeans tho.

A: Terrible Denim Choices is the theme of this entire series.

M: Oh men's gymnastics!

A: I think men should have to dance on floor.

M: Diego gets a little twirly.

A: Yes! Twirl!

M: Frolic. Aw buddy! I like him.

A: Commercial! Bake.

M: I love how Paul loves Mary.

A: Ultimate good cop/bad cop.

M: He's such a silver fox.

A: God, yes. I'd hit that.

M: Oh no, Ben is singing. Stop. Oh God.

A: Shiiiiit. Secondhand embarrassment.

M: I’m so uncomfortable. GYM!

A: Hellloooo Max!

M: Tiny Brit.

A: Twirl!

M: Twiiiiiirl!

M: BAKE. Lemon tart. Gimme.

A: YAS. Delicious.

M: GYM. Boys should have to wear glittery leotards.

A: Yes Pls.

M: Haha Kenzo. Dat hair.

A: He has brought shame upon his country. Poor cutie.

M: Much shame.

M: Oh, Diego.

A: Oh, honey.

M: I can’t handle him crying!

A: Diego is the best.

M: I love people who are just so excited for ANY medal.




M: And Arthur! I’m dying. I’m dead. This is everything.


M: Oh my gosh. Favorite Olympic moment.

A: Best ever.

M: BAKE. Rob is redeeming himself.

A: He is, but Ian is my favorite. Hugh Grant's gay cousin!

M: Love that man. GYM. 41 year old gymnast!

A: She is so great. I'd be mad about that pink leotard, tho.



M: Ugh, shut up Al.

A: "Somehow her 41 year old knees made that." Hate him.

M: HATE. Okay, BAKE.

M: Fucking pastryyyyy.

M: Oh god Rooooob.

A: I am dying. He burnt it.

M: He’s a disaster. I was just distracted by his hair.

A: It's his only strength.


M: You know Gabby kind of hates Simone.

A: Oh, she does.

M: Maybe not kind of. Like a lot.

A: Poor Gabby. Simone makes it look too easy.


A: Ha, we are killing it.

M: Best life.

A: Totally.

M: If you aren't alternating Olympics and baking you are missing out.

A: Baking as a sport.

M: Baking Olympics.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: You're Killing Me, Madewell.

A few more things from the Madewell sale that I can't stop staring at: