Monday, August 1, 2016

Shopping Inception, Part Two.

A: Did you know Anthro has 30% off sale stuff* right now?


A: It's all turrible floppy stuff anyway. Probably. I assume.

M: Well good because after buying that weird romper and my new pants from Nordstrom I am On A Break. Oh, and boots. And sandals. Help.

A: Well sure, that's the minimum amount of flair required. But don't you want to express yourself?

M: I...don't like to talk about my flair.

M: But seriously, when this romper comes I might have to drink some wine and try it on for Snapchat.

A: I will be SO MAD if you don't.

M: There are so many ways this could go.

A: I will pop some popcorn! And pour some wine.

A: Did that sound too gleeful? I really do hope your romper is magical.

M: You sound a little gleeful but it's deserved.

A: I am just bored and need entertaining. Oh! That Natori Feathers bra is good, by the way.

M: Yayyyy told you.

A: It's quite something. Boobtastic.

M: Remember how I'm on a break? I just bought Rag and Bone jeans for $44 (with a 10% off code and free shipping). Oops.

A: There we go! I told you the minimum amount of flair wasn't enough. Also, holy shit.

M: I knoooooow. I have to stop.

M: Do you ever do that thing where you buy something so fast without thinking that then you can't remember if it actually happened? I need an email from Hampden to show up ranow.

A: No email? Oooh, Inception jeans.

M: I am starting to worry. BUT the charge is on my card, so.

M: AND I just got a shipping notification from UPS, but nothing from the actual site.

A: Just go with it. I've never heard of Hampden, how'd you even find it?

M: Grechen, that minx.

A: I should've known!

A: Oh, hey, remember when I apologized for being too gleeful about your romper?

M: I’m waiting.

A: I take it back.

M: M: Listen if you are going to start digging 6 YEARS AGO I will...probably do nothing but I'm making a face.

A: #NeverForget

M: Sorry I am just enjoying the fact that my hair/face situation is somehow less horrifying 6 years later. Maybe I really am Benjamin Buttoning myself.

A: Oh hush. You were beautiful then and beautiful now.





*This was accurate when we had this convo, but alas, no longer. It was all turrible floppy stuff anyway.


  1. Love the rompers! Not that I'd ever wear them. There are some advantages to getting decrepit. You learn to never wear clothes that require completely undressing when you have to pee.

    As for the shopping so fast you're not even sure it happened. YES. Yesterday I found a pair of shoes marked down on Bluefly (yes I used eBates) that had an extra 15 percent off and on top of that, there was a coupon code for another 20 percent off. I figured the code wouldn't work, but it did. I promise you when the package shows up I'll be like--I bought more shoes????

  2. I clicked on the romper link and now I keep getting it in my Twitter ads. Dear internet overlords, I didn't mean it!