Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Adrien: Getting Real Tired of Summer Clothes.

You GUYS I AM SO TIRED OF MY CLOTHES. I love summer so so much but I'm sick of everything in my closet and was grateful to find this Gap shift dress hanging between two dresses I seriously want to burn. I'll forget about it and then I'm like, "oh, right, you! You're cute." See:

I do like a shift dress for the summer because it's structured but not too body conscious. And classic! Mine is an odd blue/yellow leopard but I am crazy about this full-on leopard shift at J.Crew. This simple shift on sale at J.Crew Factory also has tons of potential. I think Ann Taylor excels at the shift dress, I mean, check out this gorgeous bird print shift and, while this floral is too much print even for me, I think it would look amazing on the right person. And, um, I am not sure American Eagle understands shift dress? Because nope.

The only problem with a strong print is that you need a strong necklace that won't get lost. I'm going with my ridiculous Vince Camuto spike necklace which isn't available anymore but this one, also by VC, is similar if less shiv-like. There's also this petite Rebecca Minkoff version but I really like a spike that means business. Alexis gets me. 

I'm also wearing my Giles and Brother encrusted skinny cortina bracelet.  Speaking of which, did you guys know that Banana Republic is carrying Giles and Brother? A reader alerted me and I am still a bit confused. It's not a separate line, just some of the regular collection and a few special "exclusive" pieces. Incidentally, I like the men's stuff better.  I couldn't find it in store so I'm assuming it's online only. 

I'm carrying my usual everyday bag, a MBMJ Too Hot To Handle hobo in cement. It's not available anymore but my OTHER favorite MBMJ Globetrotter hobo is on Gilt right now in the cement color and black! That's a good deal! There's also this MJ Pike Place hobo which is pretty similar as well.

My gold wedge sandals are ancient but I like the metallic shiny, what can I say. I'd really love a pair of yellow sandals for this dress but haven't found the perfect pair. This Seychelles pair almost hits the mark but the heel is a bit high. I also love this Rebecca Minkoff studded flat sandal but sometimes that style sandal is too narrow? Ooh, maybe this pair of Boden wedges? Those are cute! Maaaaybe. They're on the list.