Monday, August 22, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Don't You Need A Blue MJ Wallet?

You guys! A very kind reader tipped me off that the dreamy blue Marc Jacobs snakeskin wallet I'd had my eye on is $86 on Amazon! The red version, which is also beautiful, is $77! (It's shipped and sold from Amazon so authentic and easily returned.) This is the lowest I’ve seen it, even lower than the price on 6pm.

6pm does have some good under-$100 deals on various other MJ wallets and accessories. I always keep an eye out like a good enabler. Plus, they’re giving an extra 10% off your order with code BESTPICKS. Since we're looking at blue wallets here are two more that are good deals at 6pm:

This is the Marc Jacobs Gotham Zip Phone Wristlet which also comes in a weird pink color. This one from the same line is also cool:

This is the Marc Jacobs Gotham Open Face Wallet and, like it's brother, it also comes in the weird pink but for some reason the pink costs more? Just get the blue, it's way prettier.

Finally! This is neither blue nor a wallet but it is a very pretty Marc by Marc Jacobs leather Marchive Hilli Hobo and it's at TJ Maxx for under $150:

Hey, guess what? It ALSO comes in a weird pink color but really you want the taupe because it's a perfect creamy neutral. There are better pictures available here and someone should probably buy it. Just saying. 

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