Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Reader Question: How Do I Wear These Boots?

I got a great reader question from Allyson and it's a question I relate to very much. She asks:
I recently bought a pair of docs (classic black 1460s) because I went to a music festival and LURVED all of the 90s fashions that are coming back. The problem is most of the festival attendees were in their teens/early twenties. Any thoughts on how I can pull off docs without looking like I'm trying to relive my teenage grungy-angsty years? I also don't want to look like I'm trying to pull off a "The Craft" costume.

Oh girl, I feel you. I went to college in the early nineties and got my first pair of Docs my freshman year. They were THE BEST EVER. I loved 90s fashion, you guys. My best outfit was a ratty oversized graphic t-shirt with the neck cut out, cuffed denim shorts, thick black tights and my Docs. And a leather jacket. And an army backpack. I was Jane Lane, basically.

Anyway, do I think Doc Marten 1460s can be worn now without looking like a costume? Absolutely. My solution is to treat them exactly like I would a pair of chelsea boots. Keep everything else modern and you have very current but still casual and edgy look:

I also think you can totally get away with wearing Doc boots with a dress or skirt, you just have to stick with more modern proportions and maybe skip the choker. Here's what I would do for summer:

For winter, I'd skew a little more 90s and wear a tunic-y shirt dress, really opaque black tights, a fashiony backpack and maybe something like this charcoal leather denim-style jacket? (I'm afraid I've gone a little "Adrien's fantasy wish list" on this one but hey, I love it.):

Done!  Three current and non-costume-y looks with one really great classic pair of boots. Would y'all wear Docs again? How would you style them?


  1. Yes x1000! I love your ideas -- gonna incorporate them. I bought some vintage Doc boots on eBay last winter, and also I have a fanTASTIC pair of Frye 6G lace-ups with a heel that I love and are very Docky, and I wore them all winter and spring with a pair of girlfriend jeans from Gap, cuffed to the top of the boot. That plus an army field jacket thing (er, it was Gap from like 8 years ago) and either a black turtleneck or that awesome Bowie shirt you linked here last ... fall? ... looked surprisingly cool & modern.

  2. Serial posting to add: These are my boots, and they are spectacular:

    I feel like ten million bucks in them, and they're sofa king comfortable -- I'm tall, my ankles are stable, the lug soles keep me grounded, and I'm ready to kick a** in them if I have to. :-)

  3. This would be a dream for my 12 year old. She is begging for Docs already and had countless chokers. I keep saying the 90's called and they want their fashions back (I was a tween/teen, high schooler in the 90's). She found a cropped jacket in army green the other day...

    She has super long legs so she's been wearing leggings/tights under shorts for years.

  4. I bought my docs in 1992 but somehow outgrew them after having my son (they were the unisex version). I eyed them for years, thinking I was too ok, but I finally repurchased a pair (black 6 eye) on a whim a few years ago at DSW. They are a womens size and the leather is softer - no painful break in needed. I don't wear them that often but I love them with a rocker tshirt and a flannel on casual day. I just have to remind everyone at work that yes, my son plays soccer, and yet, I drive a mini van, but I'm still badass. Hmm. Now I'm a boy scout leader and olive green bottoms (not usually my color) are required. While I also long for Adrien's J Crew utility pants, I'll rock the ON knockoffs I have with the doc. CLASH NATION people!!! Rudy can't fail...