Wednesday, January 23, 2019

We Discuss: Blog Resolutions.

M: Okay, I wasn’t ready to declare this at the beginning of the year, but I’m ready now.

A: This sounds interesting!


M: I am giving up fast fashion for 2019.

A: Oh



M: It’s good to have goals.

M: It’s going to be HARD.

M: However I stuck to giving up Everlane last year.

A: That was not actually hard for you, though.

A: Giving up fast fashion is something I’ve been thinking about too!

M: I just sent a ton of Target stuff to the thrift store.

A: All the thrifting I’ve been doing lately has really done a number on me. It’s a SEA of garbage from Old Navy, Target, and Walmart.

M: And I am tired of this cycle. I find things I love for a minute, I wear them once or twice, wash, and then they are ruined. Literally disposable clothing.

M: And yes the thrift stores are just CHOKED with it all. It makes me feel gross.

A: It’s really a depressing cycle. I will say, though, I do sincerely love that Target denim jacket.

M: It’s an exception though. You can find winners! I wear my two pairs of Moto pants literally every week.

M: And those silver mules I bought last year! I love those things!

M: But for every denim jacket or moto pant there are a dozen things that shrunk weirdly or unraveled.

A: I recently saw a comment on a Kim France blog post that said “something something Boden is fast fashion.”

A: And I was like…




M: Oh no that is wrong.

A: So we maybe need to decide what counts as fast fashion.

M: Okay yes I think this is a good idea!

M: Target and Old Navy for sure.

M: Forever 21

A: Def

A: I won’t even link to that store.

M: And H&M, though that pains me and will be the hardest for me to give up.

A: H&M is definitely fast fashion.

M: I know you don’t like H&M but a have several things I love that have held up well.

A: What about LOFT?

M: Ooh Loft is tricky but I am inclined to include it, even though I do think the quality is better.

M: Same with Gap.

A: Loft is my go-to for summer dresses.

M: Oh man this is getting harder now that I’m listing it all out.

M: Maybe I’ll try to find stuff on Poshmark and that’s okay?

A: That is totally okay!

A: I will vow to not buy any clothing this year from: Target, H&M, Forever 21 and Old Navy.

A: And Gap

M: Yes

M: Maybe we give ourselves one get out of jail free card.

A: Agree.

A: But buying these brands secondhand is fine.

M: Right okay.

M: We can do this!

M: And I think we should keep ourselves accountable and share things we were tempted by but didn’t buy.

M: Ah, good idea.

M: I am going to really try and just NOT LOOK though. But it will find me.

A: I am making no promises with Loft but I don’t know what the line is for fast fashion.

A: Like, I don’t think Madewell counts.

M: No, I don’t think Madewell counts either.

M: What about Amazon?

A: I don’t buy Amazon clothing so I don’t know.

M: I don’t either really.

M: And I feel like it goes without saying no Walmart or whatever but I don’t shop there either.

A: I don’t shop at Walmart either.

M: We can do this.

A: It looks like the biggest fast fashion brands (according to the internets) are: F21, Zara, TopShop, UNIQLO, Gap/Old Navy.

A: I do really love my little UNIQLO jacket but next winter I’ll probably buy a nice version of it from a better brand.

M: Totally

A: I don’t think most of this will be hard, honestly. I’ve already been making a shift away from a lot of these brands (and I already don’t buy anything from quite a few of them) but Target will be hard.

M: Yeah I don’t think it will be that bad. Summer might be a challenge because that’s when I’m more likely to want cheap and cheerful stuff.

A: Oh, definitely. Most of my quality purchases are in the fall.

M: Same. And by February I’m so not interested in buying any more winter stuff.

A: By February I want to burn all my winter stuff.

M: God yes

A: In a big stupid bonfire.

M: That sounds warm at least.

A: It was gotdamn 14 degrees this morning.

M: haaaate

A: But, when it’s eleventy billion degrees outside and Universal Thread comes out with a bunch of cute summer dresses we’re going to help each other through it, yes?

M: Yes

M: πŸ˜­


M: BTW this does NOT apply to housewares from Target because no.

M: Not while I’m decorating a new house.

A: Oh, I didn’t think it did! That would be insane.

M: Plus I need like 11 more candles.

A: The one that smells like the Anthro Volcano candle? I might need it too.

M: Yes hang on:

A: Yep, gonna need that.

M: Everyone does.

A: Also, we are basically incorrigible.

M: Ugh I know.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): J.Crew Is Hurting My Feelings.

Hi! I am back from a visit to Marianne and we are cooking up all kinds of good things for the blog. In the meantime, J.Crew is aggressively on sale and offering a bunch of discounts with code GOFOR IT including 70% off select sale items and I’ve been trying VERY HARD to ignore this. Very, very hard. I don’t neeeeeed anything. But ugh, y’all. My velour lined hoodie is now 60% off and costs less than $25. I HAVE ONE ALREADY. I DON’T NEED ANOTHER ONE. I also don’t need all this good stuff that’s 70% off. (Caveat: a lot of it is final sale, but this is the time when you weirdoes who wisely buy gifts all year long will clean up.)

Are you cold? I am freezing and wish I had this cape/scarf combo draped over my office chair.

These are so fun! And so cheap! A good way to try out denim trends. 

This little gold Italian Leather dopp kit is $20. Come on, y'all. 

A nice crepe shift dress that also comes in black (but I like the red a lot.) 

These sparkly nuggets come in four colors and are under $10. Guess what you're getting for Xmas? 

If you don't want to spring for Lo&Sons, this is not a bad option. Also in camo! 

This scarf is big and crazy, but for the price? WHY NOT, I SAY. (Lenny would be proud.) 

Hi, I have been wanting this dumb thing for EVERRRRR. Now it's $12 and taunting me.

You will thank me next summer for enabling the purchase of this adorable star-print top.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: I Am Still Obsessed With Ankle Boots. Sorry.

I like ankle boots and I cannot lie. It took me about zero seconds to find EIGHT PAIRS that I would gladly have in my closet. This is a problem and now it's your problem:



Cute Boy Friday: Royal Adjacent Edition

M: Uh Kate Middleton’s brother just made his insta public and he’s like a hotter bearded Jude Law in the holiday but with dogs instead of kids:



M: I am deceased

A: πŸ‘»


M: I was literally just liking that one

A: It’s unholy



M: Good grief

M: This is not okay


M: There’s your cute boy Friday

A: Oh, heck yes

M: Royal adjacent edition

A: Sigh:


A: I can’t stop:

A: I want to go to there.

M: Same

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Marianne: Because Saving the Planet is Just As Fun Shopping for Clothes?

Hey guys! This is maybe not the sexiest post (although hell, y'all got pretty excited about Adrien's laundry detergent), but I wanted to write a bit about something we've done in the past year that has made me feel really good--cutting down the amount of single-use plastics we consume. See? SEXAY. But seriously, we recycle and use reusable grocery bags, but I've been feeling for a while that we could do more. Interested in what I've bought and how it works for us? Giddyup.

How we gave up paper towels (maybe for good?)

As the owners of pets and small children (yes, I own them until they are 18), we used to go through a lot of paper towels. And while they are totally biodegradable, they are still made from trees and the process to make them is not great, Bob. But man, they are so CONVENIENT and sometimes you really, really want to throw whatever disgusting thing you've wiped up AWAY. Enter: the shop towel. A 50 pack of these runs you $15 and they are the exact size of a paper towel. I keep the clean ones in an attractive wire basket on the counter, and the dirty ones get tossed in a bin (you know the ones) under the sink. I figured it needed to be as easy to grab and dispose of these as it is to grab and throw away a paper towel, and guess what? It's working! The biggest key to success, and I realize this sounds like a no-brainer, is to not have paper towels on the counter. 50 shop towels lasts longer than you'd think, we wash them about once a week. So easy!

Eff Tupperware, y'all.

I HATE PLASTIC CONTAINERS. Not only do I feel like I'm probably slowly killing myself every time I microwave one for lunch, I hate how they scratch up, how they hold smells and stains, and how they inevitably take different sized lids that you lose. I just Marie Kondo-d my container cabinet and got rid of a whole box of lids and bottoms that didn't go together. My favorite containers for leftovers and lunches are these Pyrex containers, so you know what I did? I got rid of every container I hated and ordered more of these. It's like the tupperware version of when I went nuclear on my underwear drawer. Now every time I open the cabinet, I am happy. Don't you want that happiness for yourselves? Look at those pretty colors! So satisfying.

Deliver me from Ziploc bags.

God, what's more convenient than a dang ziploc bag? Confession: my brother-in-law gives us a case of these amazing Ziploc plastic bags every year and we use them with abandon. DON'T WORRY I FEEL RULL BAD ABOUT IT. So, we're trying these and these out. So far, so good, although we washed the smaller ones on the top rack of the dishwasher as advised and now they are really hard to zip closed. I think we'll hand wash from now on.

It's Not Just Reusable Shopping Bags.

So, we've all been using reusable grocery bags forever, right? RIGHT? (I use ancient Envirosax that I've had for a million years.) But what about produce bags? Some places use biodegradable versions (thank you Trader Joes), but I still want to do better. I ordered these mesh bags off Amazon, and so far so good. It can be tricky to see the label through the bag when you're checking out, but we can all handle that, can't we? I love that there are different sizes because it makes me crazy to put one jalapeno in a huge bag.


I am not sure what took us so long to realize that plastic straws are, like, not so great for the planet, but when I watched a poor sweet sea turtle have one pried out of his nose, I was like welp. Not doing that any more. Problem is, I love straws. And my kids love straws. The kids like these silicone straws  but I find they taste a little soapy, probably because we run them through the dishwasher because who has time to HAND WASH STRAWS NOT IT. Anyway! I like the idea of stainless steel straws but don't like how they feel on my teeth. And so, I finally found my super special snowflake straws, these stainless straws that have a little silicone tip. I bought this multipack, but my favorites are the bendy straws so I will probably buy more of those.

I know, these are just drops in the bucket, but if we all tried to cut back on single use products it would eventually make a big impact. It also saves money and you have less trash to take out, which is a win win. I'm not exactly on the reusable toilet paper level of environmental awareness, but I feel good that I've successfully implemented these practices in my home. What are y'all doing? Is ANYONE cutting out toilet paper? That's where I draw the line but tell me everything. Not everything. You know.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Outfit of The Day: Should I Keep It?

Hey! Remember back a few weeks ago when I bought some stuff during the Madewell sale? Everything was 40% off plus I had a $25 birthday reward and I bought these things for very little money:

I'm wearing the Texture & Thread Crepe Wrap Top and the 9" High-Rise Skinny Jeans in York Wash: Rip and Repair Edition. I like both of these items with some reservations. Perhaps y'all can help me?

First, the wrap top. I love the color, the material is nice quality and it's machine washable! But is it flattering? I bought a medium and wonder if it's too big through the shoulders (a common problem for me, the shoulderless wonder.) However, it's RULL short so I wouldn't want to lose any length. What say you all? Here's a detail shot:

Is it a keeper or is it doing weird things to my chest? Just in case you were wondering, I'm wearing my Argento Vivo labradorite necklace (pretty similar here) and my Miansai fish hook necklace. Now, the jeans

I like nearly everything about these jeans. They're good, weighty denim, the distressing is perfect and the color is great. But...I think I should've sized down. They bag a little round my knees and I was already hitching them up minutes after putting them on. So, I think keepers if I can exchange for a size down? Here's a closeup from the side:

What do you think? I haven't figured out how to wear released hem jeans with boots, so I dug out my Sam Edelman flats (a Poshmark purchase) and was really pleased with how they look. I think I'm sick of boots, y'all. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Tutorial: How To Buy on Poshmark

I think a lot of us has this first experience on Poshmark: Find item you’ve been searching for. Get excited and create an account. Crab scramble back out of there when 8,000 screeching ponytails welcome you to Poshmark like this:

 πŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸ˜˜πŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸŒΈ Welcome to Poshmark!!! I am here to answer any questions you may have. Let me know! πŸŒΈπŸ˜˜πŸŒΈπŸ˜€πŸŒΈπŸ˜˜πŸŒΈ

TERRIFYING. I actually joined the first time to ask someone to stop stealing my blog images so I already had a bad attitude. Then I was like, maybe I can find something good to buy. The above happened and I was like:

OR, your first experience is something like this:  Find item you’ve been searching for on Poshmark. Get excited and create an account. Buy the thing. Wait for thing to arrive. Realize gradually that thing is never going to arrive. Cancel order two weeks later and get your money back. Boo, you’ve fallen victim to an inactive seller!  Swear off Poshmark forever.

I eventually dove back in to sell and didn’t start buying until much later.  It’s daunting to start but once you get past the initial culture shock, it can be really great.

The culture:

Poshmark isn’t eBay. It’s built on a social media type platform that encourages communication and friendliness. Sellers are encouraged to “follow” new people and to welcome them, which is why when you initially create an account you get overwhelmed with weird comments. Let it ride. Don’t worry about it. Nobody really expects a reply. Follow some people if you like their closet. Move on to the shopping!

Your profile: 

If nothing else, put in your size and brand preferences. This will help your searches and it will set the algorithm to show you brands you’re interested in.

How to shop:

If you’re looking for something specific, say a pair of Madewell coated jeans, search for them using the most specific search options you can because the search engine kinda sucks. Definitely select the brand and color because just typing them in doesn't narrow it down enough.

Yay, you found ten pairs of Madewell coated jeans! The first listings that come up at the top of the page are probably active seller accounts. Consider those first. The further down the page you go, the older the listings. Sellers keep listings active by self-sharing them a few times a day (which is tedious but it bumps up the listing to the top.) So, you can probably count on the top level seller being active.

If you find something that looks like an older listing there are a few ways to see if the seller is still active. First, go to their About page:

And see when they were last active:

If it was October 2017, do not buy this thing. Another way to check is to make an offer or ask a question on the listing. If you get an answer or a response to your offer, you’ve got an active seller. Yay!

Also, read the love notes to get a sense of the seller’s style. Obviously love notes are positive reviews (you don’t get to see the negative ones) but you can find out a lot about the seller that way. If there aren’t any love notes, it may just mean the seller is new.

Look for listings with good, clear pictures of the actual item and some information about the condition. If there isn’t any, ASK. Always ask. If you’re uncertain about a seller, don’t forget to check out their “meet your posher” entry if they have one:

Go to this page and read the comments below - people sometimes like to air their grievances here, so its the best way to see if the person you’re buying from is a straight shooter or a wackadoodle. I also like to check out their stats:

Anyone with a really high average shipping time is generally not taking their closet seriously. You might get your item but it'll probably take a while.

Making an offer: 

Now! Unless the seller says the price is firm, they’re probably open to offers. Always make an offer but don’t lowball - it’s considered rude and you might get yourself blocked. You want to make an offer that gives room for a reasonable counter-offer. You can also just like the item and hope for a private discount offer with a shipping discount but if you really want the item, go ahead and make an offer.

When making an offer please remember that Poshmark takes 20% (or a flat $2.95 from items under $15) and most shipping discounts come out of the seller’s pocket. As a seller, I’m always happy to be flexible on price but I am also trying to make a profit!

Leaving a rating:

First, please look your item over as soon as possible and if you’re happy, go to the site and click accept. Otherwise the seller has to wait a full three days to get funds released. Also, leave a rating! If the item came promptly, was well-packed and is as described, please leave five stars. Reasons to not leave five stars:

- the seller didn’t ship out within a reasonable time (Posh suggests three days)
- the item was thrown in a box or envelope with no protection
- the item is dirty, damaged or otherwise not as described

These are not good reasons to leave a low rating:

- the item doesn’t fit you
- USPS took a long time to deliver
- you got a package without ribbons, a thank you note or a free gift

Poshmark doesn’t allow returns for fit so PLEASE ask for measurements if you’re not sure. If the seller won’t give you any, just buy from someone else or take your chances. If the item is damaged, stained, dirty or otherwise not as described and you want to return it, you can open a case with Poshmark.

Opening a case:

You’ll get an opportunity to state your case, the seller can respond and Poshmark will decide if a return is allowed. Posh generally seems to side with the buyer, but not always. Just be calm and polite and keep to the facts. Address your issues to Poshmark, not to the buyer. Also, if you email Poshmark about an issue, do not email repeatedly because it’ll send you to the bottom of the queue. One and done and be patient - Posh is staffed by four distracted tween otters so don’t expect too much.

Poshmark can be a weird, frustrating world but it can also be a lot of fun. I have found some really wonderful things and also gotten some ridiculous bargains. Give it a try with some caution and find your holy grail items!

Coming up next week: How to sell on Poshmark!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Our Biggest Sellers from 2018.

Kim France recently posted about her best sellers from 2018, a list of the top items her readers purchased. Marianne and I loved that post for it's transparency so we decided to copy her idea (sorry, Kim) and post our own list.

For a bit of transparency of our own - it's no secret that this blog makes money from the items you click on, though earlier last year it switched from a click-only rate to straight commissions. We strive to always be open about the model and appreciate that you guys are generous enough to click through because you certainly don't have to. And hey, some of the items we link are things we love, like the Lo & Sons backpack, that aren't part of the commission network. We're posting about it because we want to let you know about something good and we want to keep things real and genuine. It's not all about the money but it definitely helps to keep the blog going, so thank you.

ANYWAY, enough chatter, here are our best sellers from 2018:

Le Labo Santal 33. Marianne really enabled you all with this fragrance, me included! Did you love it or decide it wasn't for you? Fragrance is personal so it may not have been a winner for everyone but she loves it so much that we just had to know, eh?

Universal Thread Denim Jacket. Marianne discovered it, I copied her. We both love it and I posted about this one recently because it was one of my favorite purchases from 2018. I sincerely hope y'all dig it as much as we do.

J.Crew for the Wildlife Conservation Society whale T-shirt. Oh man, I love this shirt so much and you all did too! Wear your whales with pride. (I wore it in this post.)

Nike Free RN. Quite a few of you bought my favorite Nikes...and quite a few of you returned them. I totally get it, shoes are tough that way. For me, Nike generally fits very well so it's usually a safe brand for me, but I'm sure it's not a good fit for everyone but I hope they worked for a few of you!

Universal Thread Hardware hoop earrings. These were Marianne's favorite inexpensive earrings and y'all snapped them up! They're still available on the Target website, too.

The Madewell 9" High-Rise Skinny Jeans: Tencel Edition. I have talked about these jeans a lot so I'll just say they're still 100% my favorite pair of jeans and hopefully those of you who bought them are similarly enamored.

Differin Gel. This stuff is just the bomb and it's available at the drugstore now! Magic.

True & Co True Body Lift Bra. I mean, y'all. I know this is the least attractive thing I've ever posted but I freaking love it and a lot of you bought it too!  I hope it worked for you because I've bought several since I wrote that post and I love them a lot. (If you're a new customer you can go through my link for $15 off your first order. Full disclosure: I also get $15 credit.)

J.Crew Sophie open-front sweater blazer. This was a year-end addition and  a very popular suggestion from Marianne. She has been wearing hers a ton and I'm still contemplating it. (I got the velour-lined hoodie instead which quite a few of you have bought during the current clearance sale. Makes me proud.)

Friday, January 11, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: Anthro Accessories Sale

Anthropologie is giving an extra 50% off sale items right now and I started looking at the clothes and got super overwhelmed by it all. Deep breaths. Maybe... just accessories? Definitely more manageable and there are so so so many boots, you guys! I found a lot of stuff I liked in the accessories - cool sunglasses, an amazing bag, gorgeous earrings, so much stuff. We'd be here all day so I edited it down to these:



Thursday, January 10, 2019

Stuff I Like: January Edition

Yay, it's January. The month in which we're supposed to magically reinvent ourselves into better, cleaner, more organized humans, That seems...hard. But, with this in mind today's Stuff I Like is related to organization, cleaning, and some other crap. The usual. Ain't we fun.


The Tidying Up Show Which is Not Great, But.
Like most people I've been watching the very odd Tidying Up with Marie Kondo show on Netflix and, while it's not actually a very good show, I do really like the book and method. Marie is delightful oddball and maybe also a robot? I did the Konmari method on my apartment a few years ago and it was very helpful but unfortunately it didn't stick. Her new show, while awkward and a little flat, has still managed to fire me up to get more organized. Watch out, sock drawer.

This Detergent That Saved My Workout Leggings.
My friend Pamela posted about this eco-friendly detergent for active wear on FB and I was intrigued because I have some older workout and bike kit stuff that I'd stopped wearing because the odors just get trapped in that fabric and woooo, when you heat up? It's not great. I splurged on the Active Wear Detergent and soaked my worst offenders for a few hours (the water was...disgusting) and then washed them and OMG. It actually works. It seriously does! I can wear my cute camo leggings again!  Rockin Green has a whole line of detergent options, all of which are eco friendly. I sincerely love this stuff and if you go through my link you get 10% off. (Full disclosure, you can get 10% off by just going directly to the site, so you don't have to go through my link, but thank you if you do.)

This Weird Shoe Conditioner That is Basically Magic.
I found a beat up pair of Dankso clogs that I wanted to sell on Poshmark and the Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam was recommended. It's a little expensive but I am suggestible so I bought it and yay! This stuff is leather magic. A little bit goes a long way, so worth the price!  I'm now working my way through all my leather shoes because check out this before and after (or, after and before):

I KNOW. You should be taking care of your shoes anyway, and this stuff is great for badly scuffed, dried out leather. For handbags I recommend Apple Brand Leather Care.


The Bins That Make Me Look Organized
Like so many of us, I have been tackling clutter in the new year (and no, it wasn't inspired by the Marie Kondo show). This time of year generally inspires me to literally get my shit together, and now that is compounded by knowing that we are moving later in the spring and will have to sell our house. Enter, these bins. Here's why they are the best:

1. They come in multiple sizes.
2. They are opaque, so if you suffer from lots of open shelving (I say suffer because if you fill the shelves they look messy no matter what), everything can be easily accessed but visually it's hidden away.
3. They don't have lids, see the "easily accessed" comment above. If bins have lids, it's too easy to do one of two things--forget what is in there, or not put things away.
4. They look damn great with a label on them (the PTouch labelmaker and I are in a serious relationship).
5. They are CHEAP. Bins and baskets can be criminally expensive, and you can buy these by the case for a really reasonable price.

I wasn't joking about buying by the case--I have now gone through 3 cases of the medium bins and two each of the small and large. I have them in bathrooms, closets, bookshelves, under sinks, in cabinets, and the pantry. Will people who view our house think I am a terrifying control freak? Maybe. But I don't care. You can follow along with my assault on Stuff on instagram, I'm @mariannecanada. I'll make a story highlight with organizing porn. Don't google that, it's probably gross.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Outfit of the Day: Tartan Plaid FTW.

Remember back when I wanted these pants and Marianne was Very Opposed? Well, I bought them anyway and then they sat in my closet for several months, unworn. I loved them but I was also a little scared of them, you know? Finally I was having a fuck it kind of morning and put them on my body and out I went:

Y'all, I love these stupid Target pants for teenagers who do not even understand the references. I also find the references interesting: for Marianne, tartan plaid pants are very Clueless/90s. For me, they're very Vivienne Westwood/punk rock/70s. We are only five years apart but we have very different points of view when it comes to these pants. (I am right, by the way.) 

I'm sorry to say that these pants sold out ages ago but you know me - PLAID PANTS FOR EVERYONE. This pair from Current/Elliott are not inexpensive but they are so good. There's also a pair of tartan plaid leggings at Anthro that look promising. I was also going to link this pair of tartan pants from J.Crew but they've sold out. (Maybe in-store?) I'm honestly going to keep an eye on that first pair because I feel like a pair of good quality tartan plaid jeans is in my future. 

ANYWAY. I let the pants be the star here and kept everything else kind of neutral. I'm wearing my charcoal Everlane cashmere v-neck sweater which I've had for a few years now and still wear a ton. I have been really happy with both my Everlane cashmere sweaters and I'm definitely planning on buying another one! 

Real quick, I am wearing my same ole Madewell Lucien boots and I would suggest the Regan style for something similar. I'm also very partial to the Portia in silver but that's another blog entry. My bag is my usual MBMJ hobo. It's a good bag. Details:

I know, this is so boring! I am wearing a very ancient J.Crew locket that I still love even if half the stones are missing. There's something about a locket, though. This one from Shashi is awfully pretty and I love this layered version from Baublebar. Now! Time to layer up: 

I have gotten so much good use from this Barbour scarf of mine! I recently had the owner of an antique store threaten to steal it from me and he was only half kidding. If the pants are too much plaid for you, maybe go for a tartan Barbour scarf instead? They're really good.  I am also wearing my Veda Jayne jacket which is such a good winter leather jacket because the lining is cotton jersey. So cozy. I can't find much similar but there's a petal pink moto jacket from Milly and a good looking wool version at BR. Here's a close-up because the leather is amazing: 

I totally got a curious up-and-down look from a young punk rock dude yesterday while wearing all this so hopefully that means I'm doing something right? Or something wrong. I don't know. I'm happy with it.