Thursday, January 31, 2019

BUY THIS (Because I Already Did): Dr Martens Are Back, Y'all.

I remember my first pair of Dr Martens, purchased for me in 1990 as a Christmas present. The best Christmas present ever! For some reason I didn't go for a pair of boots, I went for the classic black oxford and I wore them into the ground. Then I bought 8 hole boots, then some (so 90s) Mary Janes. Back in the day, Docs were the coolest shoes you could own. And they're back! And still so cool! I am quietly excited about this and it's been years since I bought a pair. So. I just bought these:

They are 25% off from with code WINTER25.  Aren't they good? So stompy! I am hoping they'll get me through a cold, wet week of Paris cobblestones because my regular Chelsea boots are not up for the task. DM has a surprising amount of Chelsea styles and I was originally going to buy this version:

But they're out of my size (I think? Doc sizing is confusing) so I went with the zip style instead, which I like because it's allllll black. They arrived last night and now I just have to break them in. Wish me luck! 

Tutorial: How To Sell On Poshmark (Part 2)

Part two is about ramping things up. (Part one is here if you missed it!) Let's assume you've opened your closet and listed a handful of items and made a few sales. It's addictive, right? Suddenly you're scouring your closet for more things to sell and trying to figure out how to improve your listings. (You're also sharing, following, and doing all the other things I recommended, of course.)

For listings, I think it comes down to four categories: Photographs, Description, Visibility, Inventory. I'm going to break it down:


Your photos are your #1 selling tool. There's nothing worse than blurry, dark photos that don't show the entire item. This kind of thing is turrible, y'all:

rando photo I stole from posh. sorry.

And for god's sake, DO NOT USE THE FILTERS. I don't even understand why Posh offers photo filters. They're awful! Why would you want to change the color of your item? I work so hard to get the color accurate, so filters are a bad idea.

I started with my blog lighting kit and a flat lay setup that included a large piece of foam board covered in contact paper. (This works surprisingly well and is portable!)

If you're using an iPhone to take pictures, use the square setting. That way you don't have to worry about trying to make a rectangular photo fit in a square:

Daylight is key for good pictures but I also use a lighting kit which makes a huge difference. Often, I'll use the built in photo editing tools (or Photoshop) to brighten up the images:



Black items are notoriously hard to photograph and for those I always use Photoshop to remove shadows and color correct. If you don't have Photoshop there are a bunch of inexpensive photo apps that can help with that. Honestly, I think my photos could be a lot better but I'm not trying to do this for a living, it's just a side hustle. As long as they're in focus and bright, I'm happy.

My best recent upgrade has been a display bust. So instead of this:

I now have this:

It make my closet look more cohesive and professional. (Though to date, this top still hasn't sold so maybe it's just the top and not the photo? Who the hell knows.)

Finally, use all your photo slots if possible. You get eight which allows for: front view, back view, brand tag, care tag, a close-up that captures the true color/texture of the item, a detail shot or two and a stock pic if you can find one.


I'm going to keep this short because I talked about it a lot last week, but you will be a really good seller if you:

- describe any flaws, stains, etc
- include basic measurements
- include stock info that describes the item's features
- Notes on fit. Fit is subjective but if you know for sure that it runs big or small, you can mention that too.


-If you do nothing else, share your entire closet twice a day. If you have a big inventory and you're short on time, share your top twenty items.

- Keep your newest, best and most expensive items at the top because when people share items they mostly go for whatever is on the top row.

- If someone shares from your closet, try to share back. Sharing feels pointless but it really does get your items noticed and bumped to the top of the search. Most people who buy on Posh aren't browsing - they're searching for something specific, so you want to be at the top.


I'm going to go into sourcing in detail next week but here are some thoughts on inventory.

- Sell what people are buying. It took me a long time to figure out what sells and I've made a lot of mistakes. There are some items and brands that always do well but some of them are a mystery. I have a few items listed that have been around for a LONG time that I really thought would go fast and...nope. They just sit. I mostly just try to sell things I personally like because I want my closet to look cohesive.

- Right now you're like, DUDE. TELL ME WHAT SELLS. Here are brands that do well for me (and for a lot of people): Lululemon, The North Face, All Saints, Patagonia, Athleta, Dankso, Everlane, Madewell, Eileen Fisher.

- Jeans sell well for me and obviously athletic wear. Larger sizes tend to sell faster, so I avoid XXS-XS. I have a harder time moving dresses and skirts. I don't sell a lot of shoes, but they do okay.

- Brands that sell really well: Rothy's, Everlane, Johnny Was, 7 For All Mankind Dojos. But, if you read the threads about what brands sell or not, there's always someone who's like, "I have a pair of Dojos that have been sitting for months!" It really depends on size/condition/inseam, etc.

- Once more with pricing.  If you're selling out of your closet you probably won't get your money back. Don't worry too much about it because it's better to have the cash than an item that's just taking up space. I price an item about 20% above what I'd like to get for it but definitely looks to see what similar items have sold for and be realistic.

I am tired now but happy to answer questions!

Part three is here

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Outfit of the Day: Still Freezing.

Hey, look, it's an outfit! Basically the same one I've been posting all winter! I've definitely settled into a uniform - skinny jeans or pants, sweater, boots. I know this is probably getting REAL boring but I don't really have any good winter dresses and I'm COLD. I AM COLD, Y'ALL. Anyway:

My sweater is Sofia and it's cashmere. I bought it for $29 during some insane sale on Amazon and it's fun but noooo way is it worth retail. It's very over-sized and pills like crazy. Fun! But it's warm and I love the camo print. Sofia sweaters can be found at more reasonable prices on NR but I want you to have a fun camo sweater. Unfortunately, this is a hard time to find one. I do love this Splendid camo top but I'm not sure it qualifies. And this Barney's Warehouse camo sweater is great, but it's final sale.    And ooh, this one by Graham and Spencer is cute! But not inexpensive. Maybe just get this Lucky Brand camo cardigan? It's seriously good.

I always forget that things generally look better tucked in. Obviously I'm wearing the Madewell Tencel jeans that I won't shut up about. Still my favorite, worth every penny. The 9" rise is my sweet spot - not so high that I can't breathe, but still holds everything in. Madewell has a few of the 9" rise skinny styles on sale, just FYI. If you want a higher rise, Everlane has an 11" rise skinny jean in a dark wash that is worth investigating.

I just liked that picture so I kept it in even though I'm done talking about my sweater and jeans. On to details: 

I'm wearing my Universal Thread labradorite necklace from last summer which I think looks cool with the camo colors. It's long sold out but this one is similar and so is this one

I'm carrying my Cambridge Satchel Company bag (big sale going on over there!) and while my bag is no longer available, the Large Push Lock is quite similar. My boots are Madewell from last year and I don't wear them enough! I've been stuck in a black boot rut so I've been trying to wear them a few times a week. This taupe-grey is such a good neutral I don't know what my problem is. If you're a size 7, this pair at Madewell has your name on it! I also love these taupe booties by DV. 

 And, the final layer. I am so over winter you guys. If you live in the midwest, stay warm! My coat is French Connection and it's not online anywhere that I can find, but this olive green puffer with the velvet lining is kind of fun, no? I mean, winter sucks and isn't fun but that doesn't mean your coat shouldn't be.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Blog Science: We Try 16 Different Le Labo Scents in One Night.

Months ago I got an email from a really lovely reader who told me she'd bought a 16-sample Le Labo Discovery Set and would I like to be it's next recipient? Why yes, yes I would. (Thanks again, Betsey!) I tried out several but I am very sensitive to scents and there's nothing so off-putting as going through the day wearing a fragrance that's Not For You. I held onto the set until my recent visit with Marianne so we could test them all together. For Science. Blog Science.

In our very (un)scientific approach we decided to spray each one on a strip of paper and record our thoughts. (I know this isn't the optimal way to test a fragrance because body chemistry but we needed to get it done.) Because we're not animals, we also grabbed some coffee beans to rest our poor noses between takes. We destroyed Marianne's cozy TV room in the process, just FYI.

Our voting system:  

Liked it: ✓ 
Neutral or undecided: − 
NOPE: ✖️

Ambrette 9 (Notes: ambrette seeds, white musk, pear)

A: ✓ M: −

M: I don't dislike it, I just don't know what it is
A: I'm not sure if it's me but it's soft and nice (Note: I tried this on a few days ago and it's definitely an inoffensive, subtle fragrance)

Another 13 (Notes: ambroxan, jasmine petals, musk, moss, woody ambery notes)

A: ✖️ M: ✖️

M: Oh, I don't like that
A: It smells like a dude

Bergamote 22  (Notes: bergamot, grapefruit, petitgrain, orange blossom, cedarwood, vetiver, musk)

A: ✖️ M: ✖️

M: I like that smell but I don't want to smell like that
A: It's sharp and green

Fleur d’Oranger 27  (Notes: bergamot, lemon, petitgrain, orange blossom, jasmine, vetiver, musk)

A: ✖️ M: ✖️

M: Old lady candy
A: Old fashioned for sure

Iris 39  (Notes: lime, iris, rose, ginger, patchouli, civet, musk)

A: ✖️ M: ✖️

M: Oh no, oh no I got in on my fingers

Jasmin 17  (Notes: bitter orange, jasmine sambac, neroli, orange blossom, sandalwood, amber, musk, vanilla)

A: ✓  M: ✓ 

M: This is nice and summery
A: Oh, I really like this one

Labdanum 18  (Notes: cistus labdanum, patchouli, castoreum, tonka bean, vanilla)

A: ✖️ M: ✖️

M: That smells like Cinnabar
A: What is this??

Lys 41  (Notes:- Top: tiare flower.- Middle: jasmine, lily, tuberose.- Base: woody, musks, vanilla )

A: − M: −

M: Soapy, could be nice one
A: Fresh, not sure it's for me

Neroli 36  (Notes:- Top: mandarin, calone, orange blossom, salt crystal, watermelon.- Middle: jasmine, neroli.- Base: woody, musk, tonka bean, vanilla)

A: ? M: ✖️

M: Slightly powdery?
A: I literally can't smell anything. Now my nose is itchy

Oud 27  (Notes: black pepper, cedarwood, guaiac wood, oud, patchouli, saffron, incense)

A: ✖️ M: ✖️

M: Smells like fancy cleaning solution
A: *silent grimace*

Patchouli 24 (Notes: leather, patchouli, birch, tar, vanilla)

A: ✖️ M: ✖️

M: Oh my God, I hate that
A: Hard no from me

Rose 31 (Notes: rose absolute, cumin, vetiver, musks, cedar, agarwood, olibanium, amber, guaiacwood, cistus)

A: ✓  M: − 

M: Not my jam, but nice
A: It actually smells like real roses, which is nice

Santal 33 (Notes:- Top: violet accord, cardamom.- Middle: iris, papyrus, ambrox.- Base: cedarwood, leather, sandalwood)

A: ✓  M: 

M: Smells different on paper but I love it (of course)
A: On paper I definitely get the dill note. I love it but it smells like you, not me

Thé Noir 29 (Notes: bergamot, fig, bay leaves, cedar wood, vetiver, musk, black tea leaves)

A: −   M: 

M: I like that, it's spicy
A: I want to try it on me before judgement (Note: I did! It's really interesting and spicy but not warm enough for me. I prefer Jo Malone Nutmeg and Ginger.)

Vetiver 46 (Notes: sandalwood, vetiver, clove, black pepper, amber, incense)

A: ✓  M: 

M: Spicy but sharper, old school cologne
A: Smells like incense -mysterious

Ylang 49 (Notes:- Top: citrus accord.- Middle: gardenia, ylang-ylang.- Base: patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver oakmoss, benzoin)

A: ✖️ M: ✖️

M: Ugh gross no
A: Licorice but soapy, no

That was a lot! There are a few more I intend on trying on myself and then I'll send the box to Marianne for similar purposes. After that, who knows? Perhaps one of you wants it? 

PS. The Aftermath

M: Chris had to take the trash out early FYI

A: Hahahhaaa

M: The perfume did... bad things in the trash

A: Sorry for ruining your house.

M: That was so intense

A: You're selling it anyway?

M: hahaha. Realtors notes: strong odor

M: But expensive smelling

A: FANCY strong odor

M: Sold

Monday, January 28, 2019

BUY THIS (Because I Already Mostly Did): Athleta on Sale.

If you exercise regularly you probably already have a favorite brand of athletic wear, but if you haven't tried Athleta now is a good time to start. They are giving an extra 20% off sale items which is about as good as sales get over there. I know some disagree with me but I find that I get better workouts if I'm wearing well-designed, well-fitting apparel that I don't have to readjust or tug on. Athleta isn't perfect but I have bought quite a few items that have become solid favorites.

I went to the Athleta store on Saturday with a birthday gift card burning a hole in my pocket, so here are my sale picks as well as some things I bought:

Okay, listen. I know I have a hoodie problem but this one is different! The Victory Hoodie has this amazing built-in PrimaLoft collar thingy and a very cute straight up-and-down shape. Plus, thumb holes, zippered pockets and, y'all, it's really warm. I bought it in black but posted the grey so you could better see the details. 

I was looking for a new pair of travel pants since my thrifted joggers are looking a little sad après muddy bike race season. I tried on EVERY DAMN PAIR they sold and finally the patient young sales assistant brought me the Cargo Chelsea pant. I was all set to hate them but then I tried them on and damn. Y'all, they are GOOD and featherweight and surprisingly flattering. I bought them in black (surprise) but the olive-y color is on sale if you're tempted. 

I saw this amazing olive Downkind Jacket on the sale rack but didn't try it on. It gets rave reviews online and now I’m kind of mad that I didn’t at least try it out. (Reminder to self: You already HAVE AN OLIVE GREEN DOWN JACKET. STOP IT.)

When I was trying on All The Pants I tried the Restore Jogger on and they are just lovely and super soft. They are also basically pajamas so not really outdoor wear for me. Like, maybe for restorative yoga but otherwise they are rull nice at-home lounge pants. 

This Hyper Focused Print Bra reminds me of my long-time favorite from Lululemon but for a lot less money. It's on sale in a couple of interesting floral prints! I think the fun straps keep it from being too no-nonsense. 

I have this Essence Semi Fit Tank in charcoal grey and it's perfect - not too baggy or too fitted and comes up pretty high in the front. (I hate feeling like my boobs are out for all to see when I bend over at the gym.)

The Chaturanga Capri is an old favorite of mine and is especially good for yoga because it doesn't have any zippy pockets to dig into your back when you're prone. The plain black is on sale which is unusual! 

I don't usually look at the shoes on the Athleta site but these 247 Knit by New Balance slip-on sneaker/knit bootie things look intriguing and quite high-fashion. Also, comfy af, I would imagine. 

Friday, January 25, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: Winter Is the Worst

Hands up, who's feeling like a dried-out husk? Y'all, winter is THE WORST and I am doing my best to not look like the Crypt Keeper. Here are a few of my favorite products that help keep the dry, cold air from ruining my life:



Thursday, January 24, 2019

BUY THIS (Because I Really Want To): Madewell Sale Angst

Look, I know there is NOTHING I NEED AT ALL from Madewell. I am ignoring the extra 40% off sale stuff with code DOUBLEYAY. Well, wait. There is one thing I need and I can't buy them so I'm just going to throw them at you because SOMEONE should get them:


Tutorial: How To Sell On Poshmark (Part 1)

Apparently I have a lot to say about selling on Poshmark so I'm going to break this up into three blog posts. This one will deal mostly with how to start selling, the second will be about how to ramp things up and the third will be about sourcing.

Okay! So you have a bunch of clothes, shoes and accessories that you want to get rid of. They're current styles in good condition and you'd rather make a little money than just give them away. This is how it started for me. Simplified, this is how to do it:

- take good, clear photos of your items
- write a detailed description that includes measurements and flaws
- price and list them

Then be prepared for crickets unless you're selling something really desirable. Boo.

Poshmark isn't eBay - you can't just list something and walk away. The app wants you to be involved with the "community" which basically means you have to follow people and get followed and share stuff and get your stuff shared. And self-share. SO MUCH SELF-SHARING.

Listen, I know that right now you are like, NEWP TOO MUCH WORK. And it is work, but once you're over the initial hump it gets a lot easier. It might be that you sell a few things and decide you're good. That's fine! Really, all I ask is that you don't list a few things and then never log in again. That's one of the biggest issues I have with Poshmark - absentee sellers. But I digress.

The best things you can do to  get things off the ground:

  • Follow everyone. Don't be picky, this isn't IG or Facebook. Just follow people so they follow you back. Once you hit a certain number and become an "ambassador" you can stop. Heh. But seriously. I stopped at around 10k and now only follow someone if I like their closet. 
  • Sharing is what gets your items bumped to the top of the search as well as posting them to the main feed. Self-share your entire closet twice a day, three times if you're feeling fancy. This is the most important thing you can do to get sales.
  • Share other folks listings, especially brands you like and are also selling. If someone shares your listings, share back!
  • List a LOT of things. The more listings you have, the more sales you'll get. List something everyday instead of all at once - the mysterious Posh algorithm seems to like this. 
  • If you have something that's been sitting for weeks, delete it and repost it. Postings get stale and some folks only search the "just in" listings.
  • Don't worry too much about the parties. I have never noticed an uptick in sales by participating and the two items of mine that were featured in parties? Neither have sold. Womp.

Let's Break It Down:

PHOTOS. This is probably the most challenging thing for most people. I use an iPhone for all my photos and also have a cheap set of giant lights that I also use for my blog photos. If you can take photos outside, natural light is best but otherwise get some dumb lights that fall over a lot. For "flat lays" I covered a piece of white foam core poster board with some marble contact paper:

It's not perfect but it gets the job done. And really, any plain, clean surface will do. I also always show the item on a hanger: 

And I take a close-up pic of the tag:

My pictures aren't amazing or professional but they're in focus, not too dark and they show the entire item. If I can find a stock photo I'll usually include it as well. I mostly prefer to have my own photo as the main one but if the item looks crummy, I'll use a stock photo first. This is a great example:

That sad mess? Is actually this:

It's really hard to show the sleeve detail in a flat or hanging photo and the hoodie isn't my size, so I don't want to model it and make things worse. 

DESCRIPTION.  I probably do more than anyone needs to but I am trying to prevent endless questions. Almost all my listings have measurements that include waist, rise, inseam for pants and armpit-to-armpit, sleeve length and total length for tops. Also, I always list the material or post a pic of the material tag.  This sounds like a lot but it goes quickly once you get into the routine of it.  I'll also include info from the stock item if I can track it down. For example:

Women's plaid heathered flannel shirt from LL Bean in excellent pre-owned condition, with no stains or damage. Approx flat measurements: 20" armpit-to-armpit, 24" long in front, 25.5" in back, 23" sleeve. 

Details: Made of 100% cotton that’s brushed for a soft drape and a wonderful feel. Band collar with V-neckline. Droptail hem. Machine wash and dry. Shell buttons at placket and single front pocket.

That whole last chunk was lifted right from the LL Bean website. If you're wondering how I even tracked down the info about some rando shirt I found at the thrift store, this is the key:

If your item has a style number of some sort, that is gold. It doesn't always work but if the item is still online, I can usually find it with the style/item number. (An RN or CA number isn't going to tell you anything but manufacturer, so don't waste time with those.)

One last thing: use your title to it's best keyword advantage. Instead of "cute plaid shirt" write, "LL Bean Heathered Flannel Purple Plaid Shirt." You can include more keywords in the description but get the most important details in the title. I'm always surprised how many sellers fuck this part up.

PRICING. How to figure out how much to price your items? Assuming we're talking about something like an LL Bean flannel, I'll search "sold" listings for similar LL Bean shirts and see what range they're selling in. If the range is $15-$30 and I know my shirt is in really good condition, I'll list it for $32 to give myself some bargaining room. Most Poshmark buyers will make offers so I'll list at $32 with the idea that it'll probably sell for $22-$28.

I will also search for identical items that are currently for sale to see how folks have priced theirs. If there's only one other purple plaid LL Bean shirt in the same size and color and it's listed for $38, I will list mine for $34. That way I'm not vastly undercutting that seller or bringing the overall price down too much, but I am the less expensive option.

If your item is expensive, NWT or very sought-after and there aren't any similars that have sold, just figure out how much you want in profit, tack on 20% (Poshmarks cut) and tack on another 20% to use for bargaining. It's frowned upon to price a NWT item above it's original retail, but you do you.

SHIPPING. I talked about what makes for a good buyer and now I'm going to tell you what makes for a good seller: Ship quickly (like 1-2 days after the purchase) and package your items appropriately. Plain tissue is fine - don't feel like you have to go crazy but I also have "thank you" stickers and some other stickers I decorate with. Make it fun. And, even though Posh claims you can use flat rate USPS envelopes, I wouldn't bother trying. Just get the plain (non-flat rate) Priority mail Tyvek envelopes and some boxes - I like the shoe boxes and the big rectangular boxes for heavier items. You can order them FOR FREE and it makes you look more professional.

SUPPORT. I follow the Poshmark subreddit and have joined a couple of private FB Poshmark groups. I have learned a TON just by reading those threads. You don't need to be active but it does help to get the temperature of the community. Also, sometimes there's good drama. Just saying.

I am out of words for now, you guys! If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer them and/or address them in the next chapter of this saga. Whee.

(Part Two is here!) 

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

We Discuss: Blog Resolutions.

M: Okay, I wasn’t ready to declare this at the beginning of the year, but I’m ready now.

A: This sounds interesting!


M: I am giving up fast fashion for 2019.

A: Oh



M: It’s good to have goals.

M: It’s going to be HARD.

M: However I stuck to giving up Everlane last year.

A: That was not actually hard for you, though.

A: Giving up fast fashion is something I’ve been thinking about too!

M: I just sent a ton of Target stuff to the thrift store.

A: All the thrifting I’ve been doing lately has really done a number on me. It’s a SEA of garbage from Old Navy, Target, and Walmart.

M: And I am tired of this cycle. I find things I love for a minute, I wear them once or twice, wash, and then they are ruined. Literally disposable clothing.

M: And yes the thrift stores are just CHOKED with it all. It makes me feel gross.

A: It’s really a depressing cycle. I will say, though, I do sincerely love that Target denim jacket.

M: It’s an exception though. You can find winners! I wear my two pairs of Moto pants literally every week.

M: And those silver mules I bought last year! I love those things!

M: But for every denim jacket or moto pant there are a dozen things that shrunk weirdly or unraveled.

A: I recently saw a comment on a Kim France blog post that said “something something Boden is fast fashion.”

A: And I was like…




M: Oh no that is wrong.

A: So we maybe need to decide what counts as fast fashion.

M: Okay yes I think this is a good idea!

M: Target and Old Navy for sure.

M: Forever 21

A: Def

A: I won’t even link to that store.

M: And H&M, though that pains me and will be the hardest for me to give up.

A: H&M is definitely fast fashion.

M: I know you don’t like H&M but a have several things I love that have held up well.

A: What about LOFT?

M: Ooh Loft is tricky but I am inclined to include it, even though I do think the quality is better.

M: Same with Gap.

A: Loft is my go-to for summer dresses.

M: Oh man this is getting harder now that I’m listing it all out.

M: Maybe I’ll try to find stuff on Poshmark and that’s okay?

A: That is totally okay!

A: I will vow to not buy any clothing this year from: Target, H&M, Forever 21 and Old Navy.

A: And Gap?

M: Yes

M: Maybe we give ourselves one get out of jail free card.

A: Agree.

A: But buying these brands secondhand is fine.

M: Right okay.

M: We can do this!

M: And I think we should keep ourselves accountable and share things we were tempted by but didn’t buy.

M: Ah, good idea.

M: I am going to really try and just NOT LOOK though. But it will find me.

A: I am making no promises with Loft but I don’t know what the line is for fast fashion.

A: Like, I don’t think Madewell counts.

M: No, I don’t think Madewell counts either.

M: What about Amazon?

A: I don’t buy Amazon clothing so I don’t know.

M: I don’t either really.

M: And I feel like it goes without saying no Walmart or whatever but I don’t shop there either.

A: I don’t shop at Walmart either.

M: We can do this.

A: It looks like the biggest fast fashion brands (according to the internets) are: F21, Zara, TopShop, UNIQLO, Gap/Old Navy.

A: I do really love my little UNIQLO jacket but next winter I’ll probably buy a nice version of it from a better brand.

M: Totally

A: I don’t think most of this will be hard, honestly. I’ve already been making a shift away from a lot of these brands (and I already don’t buy anything from quite a few of them) but Target will be hard.

M: Yeah I don’t think it will be that bad. Summer might be a challenge because that’s when I’m more likely to want cheap and cheerful stuff.

A: Oh, definitely. Most of my quality purchases are in the fall.

M: Same. And by February I’m so not interested in buying any more winter stuff.

A: By February I want to burn all my winter stuff.

M: God yes

A: In a big stupid bonfire.

M: That sounds warm at least.

A: It was gotdamn 14 degrees this morning.

M: haaaate

A: But, when it’s eleventy billion degrees outside and Universal Thread comes out with a bunch of cute summer dresses we’re going to help each other through it, yes?

M: Yes

M: 😭


M: BTW this does NOT apply to housewares from Target because no.

M: Not while I’m decorating a new house.

A: Oh, I didn’t think it did! That would be insane.

M: Plus I need like 11 more candles.

A: The one that smells like the Anthro Volcano candle? I might need it too.

M: Yes hang on:

A: Yep, gonna need that.

M: Everyone does.

A: Also, we are basically incorrigible.

M: Ugh I know.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): J.Crew Is Hurting My Feelings.

Hi! I am back from a visit to Marianne and we are cooking up all kinds of good things for the blog. In the meantime, J.Crew is aggressively on sale and offering a bunch of discounts with code GOFOR IT including 70% off select sale items and I’ve been trying VERY HARD to ignore this. Very, very hard. I don’t neeeeeed anything. But ugh, y’all. My velour lined hoodie is now 60% off and costs less than $25. I HAVE ONE ALREADY. I DON’T NEED ANOTHER ONE. I also don’t need all this good stuff that’s 70% off. (Caveat: a lot of it is final sale, but this is the time when you weirdoes who wisely buy gifts all year long will clean up.)

Are you cold? I am freezing and wish I had this cape/scarf combo draped over my office chair.

These are so fun! And so cheap! A good way to try out denim trends. 

This little gold Italian Leather dopp kit is $20. Come on, y'all. 

A nice crepe shift dress that also comes in black (but I like the red a lot.) 

These sparkly nuggets come in four colors and are under $10. Guess what you're getting for Xmas? 

If you don't want to spring for Lo&Sons, this is not a bad option. Also in camo! 

This scarf is big and crazy, but for the price? WHY NOT, I SAY. (Lenny would be proud.) 

Hi, I have been wanting this dumb thing for EVERRRRR. Now it's $12 and taunting me.

You will thank me next summer for enabling the purchase of this adorable star-print top.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: I Am Still Obsessed With Ankle Boots. Sorry.

I like ankle boots and I cannot lie. It took me about zero seconds to find EIGHT PAIRS that I would gladly have in my closet. This is a problem and now it's your problem:



Cute Boy Friday: Royal Adjacent Edition

M: Uh Kate Middleton’s brother just made his insta public and he’s like a hotter bearded Jude Law in the holiday but with dogs instead of kids:



M: I am deceased

A: 👻


M: I was literally just liking that one

A: It’s unholy



M: Good grief

M: This is not okay


M: There’s your cute boy Friday

A: Oh, heck yes

M: Royal adjacent edition

A: Sigh:


A: I can’t stop:

A: I want to go to there.

M: Same