Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Outfit of the Day: Tartan Plaid FTW.

Remember back when I wanted these pants and Marianne was Very Opposed? Well, I bought them anyway and then they sat in my closet for several months, unworn. I loved them but I was also a little scared of them, you know? Finally I was having a fuck it kind of morning and put them on my body and out I went:

Y'all, I love these stupid Target pants for teenagers who do not even understand the references. I also find the references interesting: for Marianne, tartan plaid pants are very Clueless/90s. For me, they're very Vivienne Westwood/punk rock/70s. We are only five years apart but we have very different points of view when it comes to these pants. (I am right, by the way.) 

I'm sorry to say that these pants sold out ages ago but you know me - PLAID PANTS FOR EVERYONE. This pair from Current/Elliott are not inexpensive but they are so good. There's also a pair of tartan plaid leggings at Anthro that look promising. I was also going to link this pair of tartan pants from J.Crew but they've sold out. (Maybe in-store?) I'm honestly going to keep an eye on that first pair because I feel like a pair of good quality tartan plaid jeans is in my future. 

ANYWAY. I let the pants be the star here and kept everything else kind of neutral. I'm wearing my charcoal Everlane cashmere v-neck sweater which I've had for a few years now and still wear a ton. I have been really happy with both my Everlane cashmere sweaters and I'm definitely planning on buying another one! 

Real quick, I am wearing my same ole Madewell Lucien boots and I would suggest the Regan style for something similar. I'm also very partial to the Portia in silver but that's another blog entry. My bag is my usual MBMJ hobo. It's a good bag. Details:

I know, this is so boring! I am wearing a very ancient J.Crew locket that I still love even if half the stones are missing. There's something about a locket, though. This one from Shashi is awfully pretty and I love this layered version from Baublebar. Now! Time to layer up: 

I have gotten so much good use from this Barbour scarf of mine! I recently had the owner of an antique store threaten to steal it from me and he was only half kidding. If the pants are too much plaid for you, maybe go for a tartan Barbour scarf instead? They're really good.  I am also wearing my Veda Jayne jacket which is such a good winter leather jacket because the lining is cotton jersey. So cozy. I can't find much similar but there's a petal pink moto jacket from Milly and a good looking wool version at BR. Here's a close-up because the leather is amazing: 

I totally got a curious up-and-down look from a young punk rock dude yesterday while wearing all this so hopefully that means I'm doing something right? Or something wrong. I don't know. I'm happy with it. 


  1. HA! I had a pair of red plaid pants (or "tartan trousers," as my pained British friend would say) back in the day. They divided the masses but did hook me a boyfriend who lasted for a few years.

  2. Love this look on you! I would agree with both of your and Marianne's assessments....plaid pants remind me of the 90's...although not necessarily Clueless, more 90's punk, which obviously was a throwback to the 70's punk/Vivienne Westwood as you mentioned. Regardless, you look fab in the pants!

  3. Interesting, I had not thought of 70s punk rock when I saw those pants, but now that I have the association, I suddenly love them where before I was indifferent. The power of association!


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