Friday, January 25, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: Winter Is the Worst

Hands up, who's feeling like a dried-out husk? Y'all, winter is THE WORST and I am doing my best to not look like the Crypt Keeper. Here are a few of my favorite products that help keep the dry, cold air from ruining my life:




  1. A friend of mine gave me a jar of straight up shea body butter and I've been putting it on my feet (with wool socks over) at night. My heels look great suddenly! It's nice on hands too, although the slight coconut smell can be a bit strong at times.

  2. Dr. Lipp miracle balm in its tiny tube is never far from me. I tried a cheaper lanolin from Target, and it was ok but just not the same. Definitely worth fifteen bucks for my sad winter lips.


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