Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Adrien: I Make Mistakes.

Look, I am not perfect and I'm not an expert. I just buy the stuff I like and when I think it's good, I tell y'all about it and if it's bad? I'll definitely tell y'all about it.  But what about the stuff that's really good but ends up being the wrong thing for me? That is some Blog Science grey area and I never quite know what to do without feeling like a hypocrite. For instance:

A: I...totes bought the wrong backpack.

M: Hahahaha

A: I just bought your Lo & Sons backpack. (It was on sale.) I’m going to sell the Dagne Dover.

M: Oh really?

A: Literally saw [redacted friend’s name)]’s and was like, dammit.

A: And I want to travel with it and the DD doesn't have a suitcase handle sleeve. I'm dumb.

M: Hahaha

M: I do love mine


A: Sold my Dagne Dover backpack! I’m such an asshole.

M: Haaaaa

M: I hope you like the new one!

A: It comes tomorrow! I got the dark blue camo.


A: It arrived. Laptop fits perfectly!

M: Yay!

A: I’m sold.

M: Oh good. I am glad you like it! I love mine, especially for travel

A: It was dumb of me to buy one without the suitcase handle sleeve. 🙄

M: See, I am just always right

M: That's the thing

A: Uh huh

M: 💁🏻‍♀️

A: 😶

So, yeah. Remember when we reviewed both these backpacks? I really, really wanted the Dagne Dover, was initially hesitant after I got it (pay attention to that instinct, folks) but then decided it was cool and kept it. Gradually I realized that the ways I wanted to use it were not really working. It doesn't really fit my big laptop (at least not in the section meant for laptops) so not super great for work and it doesn't have a suitcase sleeve so not so great for travel. Then why do I have it?

It's a really well made and esthetically pleasing bag but it does me no good if it's not functioning the way I need it to. That said, I do stand by my review! As I said, it's a very nicely made bag with great details/extras and I love the way it looks, it just didn't end up working for me. Marianne's review of the Lo & Sons covers the bases so I won't do another review, but it's a much better fit for me.

So that's my confession. Make me feel better and tell me something you bought and loved and then realized was not the best option for you.


  1. I SO wanted that Dagne Dover bag...but THEN I saw the Lo & Sons and THEN realized I don't like neoprene and I do like recycled fabrics and I was sold. THEN it went on sale. Done. So many pockets!

  2. I am all for pockets. Also, sometimes if it is a total fail for what I want/need I can sell it. Hell my girl was obsessed with a specific style/color of Adidas shoes so they became a gift. Turns out she cannot wear said style at all. I lost the damn receipt and the store was less than helpful with exchanging. So I sold them. If I had the time/energy/desire I would set up a Poshmark. Currently testing the waters of selling stuff to some local resale stops. So hit or miss though.


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