Wednesday, January 2, 2019

BUY THIS (Because The Emails Are Relentless.)

Hi! Hi hi hi. I am back and basically feral, having had too many unstructured days off. It was marvelous and I hope you all had a good holiday season. I am gearing up to post my "best of" from 2018 later this week but I keep getting all these crazy sale emails and I guess it needs addressing. I GET IT ALREADY. ALL THE THINGS ARE ON SALE.

First up, Madewell: 40% off all sale styles with code GOBIG. It ends tonight, so maybe move fast on this one. I was able to combine the discount with my $25 Insider birthday code and bought these:

I've wanted a pair of distressed skinny jeans, so hopefully these will work for me. Annnnd this cute top:

Which is $20ish with the discount! (If you're an avid reader you might be thinking, "Doesn't that look awfully similar to that J.Crew top you bought recently?" You'd be right. I'll be talking about why I ended up returning it in an upcoming post!)

Other things I did not buy from Madewell but that tempted me mightily:

I am not a pink bag kinda person but this one is very, very pretty and well under $100 with the discount. I was also tempted by this:

I love a star print! I think this oversized shirt would be so cute with faux-leather leggings and ankle boots. Speaking of ankle boots:

Ughgh. I KNOW. These are so pretty and also come in black though the sizing is limited. I really like that saddle color, though. They'd go with basically everything.

A few other good sales:

Anthropologie has an automatic extra 40% off sale! (I was going to link the cute metallic blouse I bought but it vanished before my eyes.)

LOFT is having a “Mystery” Flash Sale in which I’m pretty sure everyone is getting 50% off with code MYSTERY. (Hopefully I didn’t wonder-kill the mystery for you.)

J.Crew is having an extra 60% off final sale styles with code NEWYEAR which is great if you like living dangerously. (But don’t forget to check out the home stuff! A really good deal on wireless headphones.)


  1. I bought that pink transport tote. I Googled a bunch of images of it and it really looks fairly neutral for pink. I can't wait for it to ship.

    1. Yay! It's such a good color and a GREAT price.

  2. There are tons of cute, inexpensive swimsuits on J.Crew but they're almost all Final Sale. I'll occasionally roll the dice on final sale, but for sure not on a swimsuit!!!! That's a recipe for disaster. Bummer.

    1. AGREE. The prices are great but swimwear is so hard to fit. Ugh.

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