Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Adrien: Wanty for Fall, 2011

It's the end of August which means I've started wanting things...fall things. I absolutely love summer but nothing is quite as exciting to me as fall clothes. Boots! Jackets! It's all very exciting and makes up for my sadness in knowing that summer is nearly over (though around here it'll feel like summer until October.) Here's what's caught my eye so far:

This jacket made me CRAZZZZZY last fall. Crazy. And it was always sold out! Now, it's back...

Blazers by J.Crew at ShopStyle
Okay, so yeah, I had this on back-order and now it's already mine. MOVING ON.

While I don't know that any J Crew skirt has ever fit me well, this is the best looking thing ever:

                         No. 2 pencil skirt 

Oh Frye! You are BACK:

    Frye Lois

This is not the most exciting dress, but I think it would lend itself well to accessorizing:

Day Dresses by Ann Taylor at ShopStyle

This is an exciting dress but I fear it would require full-body underpinnings:

Dresses by BCBG MAX AZRIA at ShopStyle

And, if money were no object I would be ALL OVER THIS:

Day Dresses by Issa at ShopStyle

and maybe this:

Totes by Mulberry at ShopStyle

Might as well throw these in the cart:

Boots by Jimmy Choo at ShopStyle

Whee. Fall clothes are my favorite. 

Marianne: The Basics.

I don't know how it is where you live, but around here people are in a hurry for summer to be over. I know it has been hot, but personally I will really miss being about to roll out of bed, throw on a dress, a cute pair of sandals, and a million bracelets and call it done.
So I'm curious: are you wishing away these last days of summer, dreaming of sweaters and jeans and boots? Or are you like me, wondering what the hell we are going to do with ourselves when we can't go to the pool every weekend?
dress: Max Studio (similar print here)
wedges: Chie Mihara Hito in Curry (another pair of gorgeous yellow wedges here)
bracelets: various handmade

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adrien: Completely Out.

I am out of clothes, you guys. Completely. Out. Of. Clothes. It's been a struggle these past few weeks to figure out what to wear that I haven't already worn, to the point that I'm referencing my own blog to make sure I'm not completely repeating an outfit. So, yeah, it's the blue dress. Yes, again. But I'm wearing it with my cute new blister-makers, so that's something different. (Humor me.)

dress: Banana Republic (similar)
wedges: Apepazza Gaia
belt: Linea Pelle (similar)
bag: Coach (similar)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Marianne: Would you?

Remember when I got this dress and worried that I wouldn't ever wear it? Well...yeah. After this post I have not worn it once. The other day a friend at work wore an adorable purple tie-dye maxi skirt and I thought...dare I?
I dared. I don't know if this was appropriate for work, but it was Friday and it's August and I don't know. Thoughts?
dress: Calypso for Target (two more fantastic tie-dyed maxi dresses here and here)
shoes: Ann Taylor (similar here)
jacket: Gap (similar here)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Adrien: Cobalt Exception.

Recently I was lamenting my lack of interesting tops - it really seems to be the hole in my wardrobe. But, summer is nearly over and I'm trying to plan fall purchases so it doesn't make sense for me to spend money now on summer clothes. However... the Target sale rack is an easy exception. I found this top in a great cobalt blue color for $10 and while i wouldn't call it a wildly flattering shape, it is fun and (bonus!) not a striped t-shirt. The decorative element around the collar is dangerously close to being a ruffle, but I've pretty much given up on that. Even the ruffles have ruffles these days. Anyway. 

The perils of mountain biking:

pants: Banana Republic (similar)
necklace: Ann Taylor (similar)
wedges: Ciao Bella (similar)
bag: Juicy Couture (similar)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

We're Gonna Need References.

A: The SHobbit is hiring.

M: Okay, I am polishing up my resume and I don't see where I should include that I am normal-human sized? Under "accomplishments"?

A: I think if you fall under the Shobbit's idea of "sturdy" you need to put it at the top, right above your name.

M: Marianne Canada, STURDY WOMAN

And then job info? What is my objective??

A: I think your objective is to kiss his ass.

Also, who requires an unpaid intern to have previous unpaid intern experience?

M: I think he is looking for an "intern" like that little girl at Marc Jacobs. Meaning, be wealthy and connected and fashiony and make me look important.

A: Ah, someone who'll wear jean shorts and make him feel tall?

M: Ding ding ding!

A: He might have a hard time with that second requirement. She'd have to be, what, 4' tall?

M: According to Harper's Bazaar, Smurfette is in the fashion game now.

A: I am never going to forgive that layout. It was insulting.

M: I am so embarrassed for everyone involved with it. Including myself for even looking at it.

A: I wanted to rip the pages out and mail them back to Harper's Bazaar. I need an intern for this kind of task.

M: But only an intern with LOTS of intern-y experience in ripping pages.

A: It takes years. YEARS to learn properly!

A: Also, he just listed a third job for a "second assistant." Did everyone at Team Shobbit up and quit?

M: Was there a Team SHobbit??!?

A: Oh, maybe he's BUILDING Team SHobbit? That is even more frightening. Why does that little troll need two assistants?

M: He needs someone to get his favorite muesli from the top shelf at Whole Foods.

A: And by "top shelf" you mean the one that's at eye level, right?

M: Well, OUR eye-level, yes. He can't even see the actual top shelf. He thinks it's a myth, just like the Midwest and disposable razors.

A: I think the second assistant's job is to pick out denim shorts for the first assistant.

M: And to slap food out of Garance's hand. In a pinch, the SHobbit stands on her back so he can appear to be of average height.

A: Oh, that sounds like a GREAT job. I'm sure he's always in a super mood.

M: Oh, certainly. All sunshine and sparkles, that one.

(photo source:

Marianne: Scissor Happy.

Sooo, last weekend we took a little trip to South Carolina to visit my sister's in-law's mountain lake cabin. Yes, I said last weekend. What, you expect me to tell you when I'm leaving town? Stalkers.
Anyway, I haven't been happy with these jeans in a while. I am always wanting them to be a little longer, with a straighter leg, and it was starting to piss me off. And then, wishing for a pair of cutoffs for the lake...
There you go. Not perfect, but fine. I will resume my search for the perfect white jeans next spring. For now, they were an easy thing to wear in a pretty place.
Though they stain ridiculously easily. Oh well.
top: J. Crew Coastline Stripe Tee in Warm Flame (bought at the outlet for 1/3 the price, y'all)
shorts: Ralph Lauren, cut off (similar here)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adrien: I Can Do This.

So, recently I went to visit Marianne and the only thing I bought was a denim skirt. I've had denim skirt struggles in the past but I think this one works on me. Its more of a pencil skirt, really, and has all kinds of great shape and seaming and I super love it. Here goes:



top: Velvet (similar)
skirt: Level 99 (similar)
sandals: Franco Sarto (similar)
bag: vintage LV (similar)
bracelets: awesomely made by Marianne

Monday, August 22, 2011

Proof We Love You Guys.

Email to: looksgoodfromtheback
Subject: A special post request

Special Request Snark Post? It's worth a shot. If not I hope you two got a kick out of this outfit regardless. It's Urban Outfitters.


A: Yeah, I think we can make this happen.

M: Nope, sorry, blind now.

A: You can use your shoulders to read the description in Braille.

M: Wait, is that a Helen Keller joke?

A: YES. Get your fork off my plate, please.

M: I don't think Helen Keller would have approved of this new trend. She seems so sensible.

Crewnecks & Scoopnecks by Arden B at ShopStyle

Tunics by Indah at ShopStyle

A: Whoa whoa whoa WHOA. I am not cool with this. Also, I am still stunned by the first photo. The leather shorts with built-in camel toe? And the pleats! SO MANY PLEATS.

M: The only thing that could make it more offensive would be if it were a onesie. Worn by Michelle Bachmann.


M: If you photoshop her head on that outfit, I will give you a dollar. That will really attract the crazies.

A: Oh! I like a challenge but I fear that would cause a rip in the space-time continuum and she'd somehow end up running for president. Then, locusts.

A: By the way, the photo I took of you last week kind of has crazy eyes like that. SHALL I POST IT?

M: You SHUT YOUR MOUTH. I have a shot of you stabbing a baby turkey and I am not afraid to use it.


M: AHEM. Anyway, I have been googling rompers and it's...not good. At all. I cannot believe this is the real life.

M: It is also WHOA NSFW.

A: We are not that kind of blog!


A: Why would you Google rompers? Why?

M: Sometimes my brain makes me do things.

A: Um, is it making you want to buy a romper?

M: NEVER. God, I'm not IMPAIRED. Much.

A: I don't know, you seemed pretty excited to explore your shoulderless top options.

M: You just shut up.

A: I'm not the one Googling NSFW rompers. Just saying.

M: Leather romper sounds so innocent.

A: Um, do not, under any circumstances Google "leather romper Michelle Bachmann"

Marianne: Striped.

So Adrien visited, and she left with a new denim skirt and I found myself two striped shirts richer. Huh.
Maybe we ARE turning into the same person. This face? I am, like, shape shifting or something. Either that, or having a mild stroke?
Adrien, do you have green toenails? WELL DO YOU?
shirt: J. Crew Coastline Stripe T-Shirt (bought for $22 at the outlet, bam!)
shoes: Miz Mooz Hazel (similar here)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Marianne: Disappointment.

Don't you hate it when you have something in the "to be repaired" pile (one of the elastics had popped) for over a year and by the time you get it fixed it's too big on you?
Yeah. Me too.
At least I have my new cuff to give me solace. Sniff.
dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs (look for this one to be listed for sale soon. WOE IS ME.)
cuff: Marc by Marc Jacobs D4 Hinge
other bracelets: made by me
shoes: Miz Mooz Hazel

Friday, August 19, 2011

Marianne: Firework.

My dear sister gave me this completely great J.Crew dress for my birthday in May and I only JUST got the top taken in so it fits. Once I got it back from my fantastic tailor I couldn't wait for a reason to wear a strapless dress, so I chose to throw a cardigan on top and wear it to work.
What I'm not sure of is the color of the cardigan. From day one I had this idea of yellow shoes (um, CHECK), and a wide black and white/ivory striped cardigan over top. This has been remarkably hard to find without spending many dollars. Dollars I don't have and certainly don't want to invest not even knowing if it would look good.
So, what do you think? Have I gone mad with the pattern mixing? Should I think of a different solid color to pair with it? Are my yellow wedges TOO AWESOME (answer? Yes.)?
P.S. Speaking of awesome, my sister-in-law gave me this amazing Marc by Marc Jacobs cuff for a late birthday present, which I think MORE than qualifies. Also, Lu calls this my Pink Firework dress, another awesome thing that I forgot to work into the post, rendering my title useless. Dang.

dress: J. Crew (similar here)
cardigan: Grace Elements (similar here)
belt: anthropologie (similar here)
shoes: Chie Mihara Hito in Curry (more fun yellow suede wedges here and here)