Monday, August 1, 2011

Fashion Math.

M: Garance is talking about fashion math, but she's doing it wrong.

A: That's totally fashion math...if you're A FAMOUS RICH PERSON. Goddamn.

M: Is this some big secret? Hey have a lot of money! Use that money to buy things, then wear the things!

A: And! If you have vintage expensive things, "mix" those in with the new expensive things! Fashion math!

M: BRILLIANT! Give this woman a degree! Doctorate of Privilege! Fashion Math, Cumma Sum Laude!

A: The trick to true fashion math is to (maybe) throw in one super duper dirt cheap item from, like, Topshop or J Crew.

M: Just to show you are still Of The People.

A: Just like you and me!

M: Yes, today I have decided to show I am Of The People by wearing a skirt I bought for $4. I just forgot to grab my grandmother's Hermes to go with it. :(


M: Dangit.

A: I like to pair my Celine with a little Marc by Marc just to keep it real with the kids today, don't you know.

M: Marc by Marc? How brave.

A: Well, one must make sacrifices where one must. (Not that I must, but you know.)


  1. Zuzanna's comment about vintage finds in Poland is correct. I found some gorgeous antique diamond earrings in a shop in Gdansk. Unfortunately, I did not find the $5000 I needed to actually purchase them.

  2. Bahaha, this is hilarious - I also love the "affordable" sections of fashion magazines that list items as being under $500. So democratic! I discovered you ladies recently and have to say you're becoming my favourite fashion police on the internet.

  3. There are no words. None.
    J. Crew is a splurge for me.