Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What About Prom?

M: You know who I love that I had forgotten about? Scott Speedman.

A: I seriously don't think I've ever seen a single thing he was in.

M: You never watched Felicity? Dude.

A: Nope. I've also never seen Dawson's Creek. We got the WB way after everyone else, it would seem.

M: Was he on Dawson's Creek? I didn't watch that, but I don't think so. BUT:

A: Oh, no! I just missed out on a lot of shows that most people watched. Mmmm...rugged.

M: He is really good. I think I watched most of Felicity on DVD after it was over.

A: I also haven't seen My So-Called Life. I'm not sure he's my type, though. I mean, um...

Dude is high.

M: You just leave him alone. ALONE. I want to sit you down and force you to watch Felicity so that you can love him tooo. And Jordan Catalano! I do not dig Jared Leto in the least, but I did like this, back in the day:

A: See, when I was in high school this was what I was into:


M: Heh. This is where our tiny age difference is apparent, isn't it? I first love Johnny Depp in Crybaby. But I just realized that this:

Is this:

Is this:

And...I maybe have a problem?

A: Hee! you do. I was also VERY MUCH about this:

I liked the deep thinking boys with amazing cheekbones. There was also, very briefly, this:

For which I have no explanation.

M: Okay, I was totally on board until the Half Man there. Right? He's the half on Two and A Half Men? I haven't ever seen that show.

A: I know! I know. It was a minor blip. I was so crazy about Pretty in Pink but Andrew McCarthy is such a drip that I felt like I had no other option.


A: Well, that is obvious now, but he was 26 when that movie was made. And looked it.

M: He was my favorite person in that whole movie.

A: Well, NOW he is. When I was 14 he was kind of scary.

M: This would probably be a good time to mention I didn't see that movie until college? I KNOW.

A: Oh my God, Marianne. When did you see Sixteen Candles? Last week?

M: No, I was all about Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller, The Breakfast Club, but no Pretty in Pink. I don't know why, either. Don't ask me when I saw Some Kind Of Wonderful.

A: Oh God, Eric Stoltz was eight different kinds of hot in that. That kiss!

M: You are going to be so mad.

A: What.

M: I watched it lastsummeraftercampdon'tyell.


What did you think?

M: I KNOW. not sure it holds up to the test of time. I'm sorry.

A: I have to go lie down now.

M: Oh my god, I just found this and I may never stop laughing:

A: Oh! That is kind of...sweet. I don't know. He's got to be someone's favorite, right?

M: I think it is genuinely adorable.

A: You know what's genuinely adorable?

M: Aw. Yeah.


  1. It was Duckie's lip syncing to Try a Little Tenderness wasn't it? 'Cause that was kinda hot. How she ever liked BLAINE (that's not a NAME!) over Duckie is beyond me.

    Eric Stoltz may not have aged well, but he's still in my Hot Ginge club. He's got a lifetime membership.

  2. Adrien, I want to sit down on my couch with our cats and have a My So-Called Life marathon with you. Jordan Catalano aside, it's just a great show that holds up (I watched an episode on the Sundance channel the other day). Now I'm old and think the dad is hot, though.

    Ben from Felicity rocked sexy-ugly supremely well. 90% of the time he was 100% sexy, but there were a few cases of bad lighting/crease face where he just looks like an ugly old lady.

  3. I'm so glad Jake Ryan (or whatever his real name is) stopped acting back in the 80s so he will always look like this in my mind. From what I've read, he apparently makes furniture somewhere in Pennsylvania. That just makes me love him more.

    Also, River Pheonix still makes me sad. If you haven't seen Dogfight already, you must.

  4. Oh, and I'm going to have to side with Adrien on most of these. :) Perhaps because I'm 33?

  5. Well...I am 34. I just have a type, apparently.

  6. This is killing me!!!
    I will take Johnny Depp at any age home any day of the week. Rawwr!!!

  7. You got me at "Dude is high" and again at Johnny Deep. Hilarious.

  8. Team Noel for personality, Team Ben for looks. Amirite?

  9. MadameQueen, yes! I loved that scene. He was just so endearing.

    Deirdre, I know! A friend of mine said that I basically was Angela Chase in high school. I really should watch to find out if this is true.

    And thanks for the love, all! I could talk about these boys all day.

  10. I was really into Andrew McCarthy when I first saw Pretty in Pink on HBO sometime during elementary school. Now I realize that in high school, I would have had low enough self esteem to have slept with Stef. Ugh.

  11. These comments are my favorite. I feel I must say that I love love LOVE Johnny Depp. I was just a little too young for 21 Jump Street.

  12. Oh thank god you put Jake Ryan in there! My dreamboatiest dreamboat ever!

    Hey Adrien! I totally had a 21 Jump Street Johnny Depp poster in my room, next to George Michael from the Faith days next to a motorcycle. Sigh.

  13. Teresa PisceanchickAugust 3, 2011 at 8:12 PM

    Team Noel! Could not stand Scott Speedman for some reason. Oohmmm. Johnny Depp and James Spader! <3

  14. Teresa PisceanchickAugust 3, 2011 at 8:15 PM

    Also, I never watched an episode of 24 until the last season, which I watched all of...and Jack Bauer can save me any day of the week.

  15. ahahahah this slayed me.

    Ok so the thing about Ducky is that I really wanted Andy to end up with him until I found out that John Cryer is a staunch Republican. Now I'm glad he ended up with that drip of a dill, Andrew McCarthy.

    And eeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee will allllllllwaaaaaaaaaaaaaays love Spader!!

    MSCL holds up, btw. And I am willing to say that you are wrong about Some Kind Of Wonderful not holding up. "All I care about in this life is me, my drums, and you." ROMANCE!

  16. lmao. This was much needed. Now I need to look back on my childhood crushes.

  17. How about a "hotties in plaid flannel" series, coming this fall to the WB? It can start with James Dean and end with Billy Burke aka Bella's hot dad Chief Swan from Twilight?

  18. Three things.

    1. Duckie in "Pretty in Pink" all the way! I always had a thing for the slightly geeky hipster boys; in fact check out the boy in the middle photo here: Sigh. He was so dreamy.

    2. Spader in "sex, lies and videotape." Amirite?

    3. Johnny Depp in "Edward Scissorhands." Also a weakness for Goth-y hipster boys, apparently.

  19. I adore Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Duckie was too petulant for me. He definitely goes to school for graphic design and is currently a web developer somewhere, still annoying people with his intense desire for quirkiness.

    I'm also wondering why I've never considered one of our sw engineers attractive. He is constantly likened to Jordan Catalano and Johnny Depp. We're watching Gilbert Grape now and Matt and I are laughing because he so resembles T.

  20. And oh, how I hate that whiny Noel.

  21. [dies from loving this post too goddamned hard]

  22. Hi ladies!
    I was totally into Eric Stoltz when I was younger. I have a thing for redheads but as I got older and crushes became "Yeah I'd do him" I realized that he had no lips and kissing him would be a problem. That is the day the love died.