Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adrien: Too Low.

I will start by stating the obvious: I cannot BELIEVE I wore this to work. When I first tried this top on it looked cute and drape-y, but what I didn't realize until it was too late is that it creeps down and down and down until one of your best friends dryly tells you she knows what brand of bra you're wearing. OH MY GOD. I spent the rest of the day clutching my chest. Next time, I'll wear a camisole even though I hate them. 

But...even though it's clearly not work-appropriate, not so bad for a night out, maybe?

This skirt looks good from the back, yo.

top: Mossimo Cowl Neck Tank 
skirt: Ann Taylor (similar)
shoes: Chie Mihara (similar)
bag: vintage Louis Vuitton (similar)


  1. Ooh, I think it's really pretty! But totally one of those tricky pieces. I hate migrating clothing.

  2. whoa mama! At first glance it doesn't look bad for work but dang blasted! I hate those tops you have to adjust constantly! Definitely for a night out! Meow!

  3. Dude, I just had the same issue with a cowl neck tank from The Gap. Thankfully, I had safety pins and could pin it to my bra strap to stop it from traveling.

  4. I think I'll just save it for a night out. Fashion tape is a great fix, but not for an entire day in the office.

  5. I love cowl-neck tops, but they are so tricky. Sigh. Definitely a great night-out look, though!

  6. I'm having One of Those Days too, except it's extra awesome because I'm wearing a new button-down sleeveless shirt dress that is both gaping at the neckline and at the (gulp) thigh when I sit. Apologies to everyone on the Red Line subway this morning who saw my business!

    I think your outfit would be great for night, though. The cowlneck looks great with that necklace.

  7. Unfortunate about it as workwear, but this is a hawt look for a night out, fer shure.

    And btw, not so *terribly* bad for work, as a one-time thing -- not like HEY Y'ALL LOOKIT MY GIRLS AINT THEY CUUUUUTE? More like, "Well, hello there." You know?

  8. I wanted that skirt, but could never find it in my size when it went on sale. Jealous.

    Hot outfit, I would keep for nights out because I loathe camisoles. But I have done the bra-peeping at work before. It happens!