Monday, August 29, 2011

Marianne: Would you?

Remember when I got this dress and worried that I wouldn't ever wear it? Well...yeah. After this post I have not worn it once. The other day a friend at work wore an adorable purple tie-dye maxi skirt and I thought...dare I?
I dared. I don't know if this was appropriate for work, but it was Friday and it's August and I don't know. Thoughts?
dress: Calypso for Target (two more fantastic tie-dyed maxi dresses here and here)
shoes: Ann Taylor (similar here)
jacket: Gap (similar here)


  1. I think it looks great on you! I think the jacket helps tone down the potential professional overwhelm by breaking it up. I love your sandals too.

  2. Thoughts on the dress? I don't know, I can't stop looking at your scary feet.

  3. ^don't you have delete power?

  4. Donna, I'm pretty stunned at the vitriol behind your comment... not to mention that I really can't see what you're talking about. Really, now- feet, scary?

    Are yours that much better? If they're half as ugly as your remark, I'd have to go with: no.

  5. More foot close-up photos, you say? You got it!

    And cheri, we do, but we also don't want to be the kind of bloggers who only allow positive comments. (It's more fun to make fun of the troll instead.)

  6. Stay tuned for my ALL FEET, ALL THE TIME post!