Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adrien: Completely Out.

I am out of clothes, you guys. Completely. Out. Of. Clothes. It's been a struggle these past few weeks to figure out what to wear that I haven't already worn, to the point that I'm referencing my own blog to make sure I'm not completely repeating an outfit. So, yeah, it's the blue dress. Yes, again. But I'm wearing it with my cute new blister-makers, so that's something different. (Humor me.)

dress: Banana Republic (similar)
wedges: Apepazza Gaia
belt: Linea Pelle (similar)
bag: Coach (similar)


  1. LOL..still look good. And besides, the last time, you didn't have the elbow bandaid accessory!! That's something new. Cheers.

  2. Geesh, I wouldn't worry. I repeat the same clothes week to week!

  3. Well, but I am posting my outfits and don't want to bore y'all with the same stuff over and over.

  4. the perils of a "limited wardrobe" ... :) you look great.

  5. it's beautiful! pretty dress with cute wedges, l love it. And no problem if you already wear something, just match with other items, that's always inspiring. x