Monday, August 8, 2011

Marianne: Still the One.

Since buying this dress, it has remained one of my very favorites. One of those wear-it-once-a-week-but-no-more-you-weirdo dresses.
It may be 99 degrees outside, but it's a cool 60 in my office, hence the scarf action.
Do you have anything like that? An item of clothing you have to ration, because if you could you'd wear it every day?
I can't remember why I am making that face. Hey! Bracelets.
dress: French Connection (similar here)
sandals: Bobbi Blu (similar here)
bracelets: handmade, Chan Luu, Target
scarf: unknown


  1. You know what would MAKE that outfit?

    Your mustard wedges.

    Just sayin.

  2. They make everything better! This dress is a little short on me, though, so to make it work appropriate I stick to flats.

  3. The dress definitely looks like an outfit you could wear different every day. But then you would be like that weird lady Jerry dated on Seinfeld who wore the same dress EVERYTIME. I like that the scarf's origin is unknown... how mysterious.


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