Friday, May 18, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: Summer Dresses!

Ahh, it's that time again. I am all about having a bunch of reliable dress options for summer - something like this little shift dress in alllll the colors, right? So, for this week's window shopping post I've come up with eight summer dress options all under $75 (and most under $50.) Here ya go:



Thursday, May 17, 2018

We Discuss: My Pyro Tendencies

A: I need your help with something very important.

M: What’s up

A: I have a $50 gc for Sephora from my health insurance incentives program. I feel like I should blow it all on something I wouldn’t spend my own money on.

M: Hahaa

A: This is important!

A: I am thinking about that fancy Givenchy powder with the four colors:

M: Hrm

A: I know. It's supposed to be amazing.

A: I could also get some RMS stuff.

M: I personally can’t get excited about powder.

A: Some dumb podcast guest made me want it.

M: 🙄

M: Haha

A: But it’s something I’d never buy.

M: You’ve been wanting to try more RMS.

A: Yes, but WHAT.

M: Have you tried the Un Cover-up yet?

A: No, but I have, like, three different concealers going right now.

M: I also highly recommend my new coconut water primer:

A: I cannot get excited about primer.

M: Haha

A: Not even good primer.

M: Get the powder if you want it!

A: Re. primer, I'm getting ANOTHER sample of Porefessional in my Sephora box. Why.

A: But! I’m also getting your Kat Von D eyeliner along with, I’m sure, some dry shampoo I won't use and a neutral lipstick I can't wear.

M: Lolol

A: I’m excited about the eyeliner even though I'm historically Not Good with liquid liner.

M: I love it but I will admit I was apparently born with the ability to do liquid eyeliner quickly and well.

A: Ugh

A: Anyway, why is it so hard to spend this GC? It’s $50 of free shit.

M: See I think we have different approaches.

M: I would be stoked to get one of my standbys for free rather than possibly blow $50 on something I may not love.

A: Well, everything is returnable at Sephora and, oh! Your primer is being offered as a sample!

M: Oh nice! I got like 6 samples of it from Ulta so that’s how I fell in love with it.

A: Apparently the Givenchy powder is scented like roses so nope to that.

M: Ew no

A: Old lady powder

A: I might get ones of the RMS palettes:

M: Oooh

A: And…the gift card is coming back invalid.

M: Goddammit!

A: I am so annoyed! I’m going to lose my good samples.

A: I am going to burn this GC company to the ground.

M: Argh so annoying.

A: Customer service was like, “enter the number it without the spaces”

A: Like I’m new.

M: Lolol

M: Have you tried restarting the computer.

M: hahahaha

A: I'm gonna try lighting it on fire, brb.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Gap Is Really On Sale.

Dang, you guys. Here's the deal: 40% off at Banana Republic, Gap & Old Navy with code STYLE plus an extra 10% off at Gap with code BEST plus free shipping at $25 plus 4.0% cash back with eBates! Whew. Let’s see what’s good at the Gap because 50% off is a lot of % off!




Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Outfit of the Day: That Red Top!

You guys. YOU GUYS. That red Universal Thread top Marianne and I keep yammering about? I first tried it on here but I didn't buy it. Marianne, however, did and it looked so cute on her that I finally bought it too. It's SO GOOD:

I know! This top is on sale for less than $10 right now and is basically made of gauze but it's just so freaking cute and comfortable and, as Marianne said, just the thing to wear on the weekend with jorts (which is exactly what I did last Saturday.) It's great tucked in but is very freeing just worn as is:

I'd originally tried it on in a small which fit fine but was a bit on the short side so I ordered a medium for the length. It's a departure for me, but this kind of top is just perfect for summer. If you're not into $10 gauze tops, I have options for you! Madewell has a few similar styles - I especially love this pompom blouse which looks like the floaty best thing ever and this yellow one is interesting. I also like this blue striped version of course.  Gap has a nice looking chambray version and LOFT has a cute one in solid red

I'm wearing my Target top with Madewell boyjeans that I bought on Poshmark. These are super comfortable and awesome but definitely go down a size or two - they run big. Just FYI - Universal Thread has some really nicely beat up boyfriend jeans that I haven't had a chance to check out! Has anyone tried them? The reviews look pretty positive. I'm also curious about these button fly jean shorts even though I know better. 

Here's a closer look. I'm wearing the top with my favorite Soko Paddle pendant necklace because it basically works with everything. It also comes in a mini version now, which of course I want. 

Still carrying my blue MBMJ bag. I know I always link this blue D&B bag as a "similar" but it's just so good! Very sleek. Also, this Louise et Cie peacock hobo is gorgeous and is under $200 (put it in your cart to get the discount!) Finally, I'm wearing my beloved copper Birkenstock Gizehs which are the best. The end. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Stuff I Swear By: Clothes and Shoes

From time to time I talk about the stuff that I swear by - items I've bought repeatedly and/or brands to which I'm very loyal. Generally I'm fickle and always looking for my next favorite but when I find something I really love and that works for me? I cling to it. Here are a few of my favorites for clothes and shoes, starting with underthings:

I have a drawer full of these and every year I buy a few more to replace the pairs that have worn out. It's the only thong underwear I've ever found comfortable and they come in a million colors. I like the classic rise version. 

These are a newish addition but I bought a few pairs and a few months later bought ALL the pairs because they're that good. Comfortable, stay in place, kind of sporty, inexpensive! 

I stray occasionally but generally Natori is the brand I go to for well-fitting, good quality bras. Currently I have two of this style and I'm REAL TIRED of wearing them (they don't seem to want to wear out) so I think it's time to see what else Natori has for me. 

I have three or four pairs of the Spanx Tight End tights and they are not fucking around. They hold you in and last forever. If you're not into the Spanx part, I also love Commando tights - super black, super opaque and they have a nice soft panel waistband that doesn't cut in. 

Y'all know I love me some Bombas socks. The ankle socks are my go-to gym socks but I also like them for wearing with booties for a no-sock look. They also make no-shows that actually stay on my heels! I have a drawer full of Bombas and always want more. (Go through my link and get 25% off your first order!) 

I mean, duh. Y'all know this. Currently I have three pairs of Madewell jeans and they're the jeans that get worn the most in my closet. They are good quality and just have that look that is cool. I don't know how else to explain it. My current favorites are the Boyjean (size down) and the Skinny High Rise coated. 

I have a ridiculous amount of Everlane cotton v-neck tees. They're $15 each and are the kind of t-shirts that just get softer and better with age. I will say that the heathered version tends to lose it's shape really fast but they'e the best for sleeping in. 

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS. I have four pairs of Birkenstocks (and a silver pair on my brain) and three of them have the soft footbed. They are SO GOOD. Somewhere along the way I just stopped wearing heels in the summer and all I want on my feet is Birkenstocks. It's a slippery slope. Just an aside: my friend Nina, who likes nice things, totally swears by the EVA version of the Birkenstock Arizona. She wears hers constantly and says they're just as comfortable. I cannot attest to this but they are certainly less expensive!

This is kind of a dumb one to include because Marc By Marc is no more (though NR still has a small selection), but you guys know I have a small collection of MBMJ bags and they just work for me. I've also owned quite a few that I ended up selling (some with regret) but I'm always keeping an eye on Poshmark and eBay for bargains. (They're not super popular right now so if you've ever wanted one, get to searching! They're going super cheap.)

It’s expensive and I usually wait for a sale but I have two pairs of the Chaturanga capris and three mesh tanks and they get worn pretty much every week. They look good, hold up well and function properly - nothing rides up or slides down. 

For sport bras I love the Lululemon energy bra (I have three) but I am going to try Athleta’s version because LL has been having continuous quality issues and every time I read the reviews I’m like...nope. 

For casual sneakers I love my Nike Junvenate pair a lot. I really need to get a new pair soon because I've worn my old pair into the ground! They're really light weight, pack well and you don't even have to wear socks with them (though I do.) 

For performance sneakers I don't really have a good answer. My running shoes are...ha, I can't even remember. They were on sale? I don't even know. (They're fine but I can't get excited about them and I hate running.) For other non-running purposes I like Inov-8 because they fit me well and are easy to find on sale. 6pm has a bunch! I have a pair that I bought for Crossfit and also a pair of trail runners for hiking.

I'll post about skincare and makeup later in the week! Now, please tell me what you swear by. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: Madewell New Arrivals.

I'm usually all about the Madewell sales but sometimes you have to snap up the new arrivals because SUMMER IS UPON US. Also, that 15% cash back from eBates is this week only and it would be a crime to not take advantage of it.

So, Madewell's new offerings. It's all so tempting! This little swing jacket is one to keep an eye on and I am still considering these cut-offs. Ugh, so good. Here's the rest of my "ultimate summer wardrobe" list: 


Thursday, May 10, 2018

We Discuss: Shopping Death Spiral

M: I think these are my exact Rachel Comey boots that are my FAVE for $128! Such a deal!

M: Though mine might be a little more pink than those? More like her polished clay color? Either way that's a deal.

M: Also I want these. I'm not buying them, but I just want to say that I WANT THEM:

M: ALSO if these were my size I would buy them:

M: And I definitely think my boots are polished clay and also I want these:

M: BRB having a Veruca Salt-style meltdown.






M: I want this:

M: Need Supply is 15% cash back this week.

A: The 15% cash back is KILLING ME.

M: I know

M: I don’t need to buy something just for that reason.

M: Udhfweyt084yt0

M: I wanna

A: I am always like that around my birthday and also around good deals.

M: sigh

A: But! I’m trying to save for NYC so I can shop.

M: That’s smart

M: I just closed like three shopping windows what is wrong with me!

A: You’re in a shopping death spiral!

M: I am.

M: I historically don't care for Toms, but I really like these:

A: Oh, I like those A LOT and now I wish I could un-know about them.

M: Whoops.

A: But I am happy with my new gold sandals and really want silver Birks so I am good good good.

M: Good good good so good.

A: But.

M: Oops, I tripped and bought them when I saw they were 15% back on eBates.

A: Hahahaha. They are very YOU.

M: My justification is that they might scratch the Rachel Comey Tulip Sandal itch I've had for over a year now, for a quarter of the price.

A: I just googled those and damn.

M: Actually my search history tells me I've been wanting them for TWO years. So hopefully this will do the trick.

A: I actually think I like the Toms version better if it helps.

M: Fingers crossed.

A: Dude. Madewell:

A: 15% cash backkkkkkkk



M: Unrelated I want the black Arizonas with the black buckles:


A: You think *I* can help you?


A: *flees*

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Practically a Lady.

I actually dressed like an adult today, sort of! The weather has been delightful lately and it's making me want to wear dresses and show my toes. Let's see what I got:

Hey, look! It's one of my favorite dresses from last summer that thankfully still fits me. This dress is from TJ Maxx and I think I paid $15 but I love it so much. It's Chelsea & Theodore and is gone from the world but this one at Nordstrom is very similar and probably better quality. I also found an Eileen Fisher version which is probably what I should buy when mine dies. (OMG WHO AM I.) And, if you're just looking for an inexpensive t-shirt dress, this Alternative Apparel dress looks like a really good option.

Look how happy I am with my bare legs. I will tell you that my secret to wearing a thin-ish jersey dress is to wear a full slip underneath. It prevents my dress from looking and feeling transparent. This is the kind of slip I prefer (and it also comes in a mini version) though there's an inexpensive option at Target! Slips are the key to having your dress float away instead of clinging sadly.

I mean, yeah. My Universal Thread denim jacket is getting SO MUCH ACTION this spring. It's perfect for those days that start in the 50s and end in the 80s. It's the best $30 I've spent in a while. I wear it with everything but jeans, pretty much. Also from Universal Thread: 

These earrings, which I posted about yesterday. They're so pretty and look expensive even though they're dirt cheap (and currently on sale.) I'm also wearing an old necklace from Madewell that's pretty similar to this current style. I also really love this one. Madewell does a nice job with the jewelry.

Aww, here's an old one! I have had this MBMJ bag for a long time but it still sparks joy. I should carry it more. It's hard to find anything truly similar but this blue leather D&B hobo has similar hardwear and I love the simple shape.  There's also this Hedgren nylon version that looks quite similar and look at this suede beauty! Ugh, bags are my kryptonite. On to shoes: 

These are new! I had a cocktail party invite recently and realized I didn't have a single pair of dressy metallic shoes or sandals so I rectified that immediately. I have a great pair of blue suede Kenneth Cole sandals (so marked down!) so I checked to see if they came in metallic and found this pair instead. The block heel is really current and also easy to walk in. Yay! Marianne thinks they'll look great with jeans and I agree. Gold sandals, ya'll! 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

We Discuss: Caftan Life.

M: I took a selfie with a drag queen and looked like a mole so I’ve started wearing eyeliner again

A: Haaaaaa

A: I wish I could go back to a simpler time before I started filling my brows

M: Me too dude

M: I will say Kat Von D tattoo liner is insane

A: Oooh

M: I’m about to wash my face and this is literally 14 hours later

M: Including being outside, it’s hot, etc

A: Dangggg

M: So I guess I’m this person now

A: It looks great! Every now and then I decide to do liquid liner before work.

A: It's always a really bad idea.

M: What I need is ANOTHER step and now one that requires extra work to remove

M: But seriously 14 hours

A: Longevity = worth it

A: I still double-cleanse. Pixi Double Cleanse forever!

M: Today in Elio’s Mom Fashion

A: I remember those!

M: They are perfect for my new aesthetic

M: Also I bought this Vince silk caftan thing off eBay and it’s all I want to wear

M: It comes to my knee, that model must be seven feet tall

A: Holy shit I love that!

M: It’s so good

A: Beautiful

A: I'm at Terget buying stuff I don't need:

M: Pretty!

A: I love them. I need a caftan selfie pls.

A: So pretty!

M: Caftan life

A: My favorite Loft dress from last summer DOES NOT FIT so I bought the next size up on Poshmark. I'm so dumb. At this point it would be cheaper just to lose some weight.

M: Hahaha sounds pretty smart to me

A: I’m just tired of my favorite shit not fitting me.

M: I have avoided even trying most stuff on and just keeping buying new stuff if you want to really talk about doing it wrong

Ha! At least you aren’t having your feelings hurt by Old Navy cutoff shorts

M: I’m just avoiding.

M: So I’m asking for perfume and these shoes for my birthday but the color I want is sold out in my size because of course

M: I want the tan but what do we think about this color?

M: I mean this used to be my go to color for everything and now suddenly everything I have is this light tan color

M: Or I could do the natural

A: The natural is really nice but it’s going to get stained. I’d go for the burnt sienna

M: Hm maybe the natural

M: Haha okay

A: Ha! Either is good I’d just worry about water spots

A: BTW, your birthday perfume’s description is cracking me up

M: I know all the perfume I like is so extra

A: “A unisex fragrance that captures a defining image of the spirit of the American West and personal freedom.”


M: Like it is just a good smell calm down


A: But! The actual notes sound amazing.

M: It’s great. I have tried so many at this point and this is the only one that lasts (looking at YOU TOM FORD with your $300 perfume that lasts 30 minutes)

M: Plus people stop me and tell me I smell amazing which is always nice

A: Tom Ford is a creep anyway

M: Agreed

A: And now I want to smell your freedom perfume

M: Ugh it’s so great

A: Wah

M: I started with a 5ml decanted rollerball from the Perfumed Court for like $20

A: That's so smart. And a slippery slope.

M: Yeah but a nice way to really test drive and I’ve worn it every day for 2 weeks and still have half of it. A good deal

A: So tempting. 

M: I am just happy to have finally settled on the one for me. I love Tom For Pour Femme and Serge Leutens Chergui but both are like a memory of perfume on me

A: Like La Croix! Sparkling water with a flavor memory

M: Haaaa. Yes but for $300 a bottle.

A: Baller

Monday, May 7, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): LOFT Is So On Sale RN.

GUYS. I am trying really hard not to buy things right now but LOFT is making it so hard. They have 40% off of sale stuff and 40% off of selected full-price items. Eep. Don't forget to go through eBates for 2% cash back on your order. (Vaguely related PSA: eBates has a list of stores that are offering 15% cash back right now, including Madewell and Aerie!)

Anyway! Back to LOFT. Unfortunately some of my favorite sale stuff is final sale which is I mostly try to avoid posting... except for these two dresses because, come on:

THIS DRESS. It's so not my style but I still completely love it. Very Liberty print, right? 

This one is also final sale but it's so dreamy that I had to include it. I'm sorry. It does also come in a tank top version that's not final sale so that's an option. Also, this:

This top has a mild case of the crazy sleeves but it's so unusual and quite pretty.

These earrings are super fun and basically free. Seriously, they're like $4.

I don't wear rompers but I LOVE this print. This is how it starts, y'all. 

Throw this perfect, lightweight jacket over a dress or a tee or anything because damn. It's so good.

OR, if you're looking for a denim jacket this one is really cool with the button pockets.

Look, I know this is a sweater but it's cotton and has a zebra on it. Who can resist that? 

Perfectly adorable shorts that you can dress up or down.

YOO GUYS. Red pans! Red paaaaaaans. I need red pans alreddy.