Thursday, May 17, 2018

We Discuss: My Pyro Tendencies

A: I need your help with something very important.

M: What’s up

A: I have a $50 gc for Sephora from my health insurance incentives program. I feel like I should blow it all on something I wouldn’t spend my own money on.

M: Hahaa

A: This is important!

A: I am thinking about that fancy Givenchy powder with the four colors:

M: Hrm

A: I know. It's supposed to be amazing.

A: I could also get some RMS stuff.

M: I personally can’t get excited about powder.

A: Some dumb podcast guest made me want it.

M: 🙄

M: Haha

A: But it’s something I’d never buy.

M: You’ve been wanting to try more RMS.

A: Yes, but WHAT.

M: Have you tried the Un Cover-up yet?

A: No, but I have, like, three different concealers going right now.

M: I also highly recommend my new coconut water primer:

A: I cannot get excited about primer.

M: Haha

A: Not even good primer.

M: Get the powder if you want it!

A: Re. primer, I'm getting ANOTHER sample of Porefessional in my Sephora box. Why.

A: But! I’m also getting your Kat Von D eyeliner along with, I’m sure, some dry shampoo I won't use and a neutral lipstick I can't wear.

M: Lolol

A: I’m excited about the eyeliner even though I'm historically Not Good with liquid liner.

M: I love it but I will admit I was apparently born with the ability to do liquid eyeliner quickly and well.

A: Ugh

A: Anyway, why is it so hard to spend this GC? It’s $50 of free shit.

M: See I think we have different approaches.

M: I would be stoked to get one of my standbys for free rather than possibly blow $50 on something I may not love.

A: Well, everything is returnable at Sephora and, oh! Your primer is being offered as a sample!

M: Oh nice! I got like 6 samples of it from Ulta so that’s how I fell in love with it.

A: Apparently the Givenchy powder is scented like roses so nope to that.

M: Ew no

A: Old lady powder

A: I might get ones of the RMS palettes:

M: Oooh

A: And…the gift card is coming back invalid.

M: Goddammit!

A: I am so annoyed! I’m going to lose my good samples.

A: I am going to burn this GC company to the ground.

M: Argh so annoying.

A: Customer service was like, “enter the number it without the spaces”

A: Like I’m new.

M: Lolol

M: Have you tried restarting the computer.

M: hahahaha

A: I'm gonna try lighting it on fire, brb.


  1. I received a $50 gift certificate for Mother's Day and am having the same dilemma. I'm considering the smaller size of the Bare Minerals serum I received a sample of and loved, and some eyeliner. I want lipstick, but damn, how many do I need?

  2. Warning! I ordered that RMS palette during the VIB sale and I am so disappointed with it. It is teeny tiny so it's really hard to even use the various colors. Just a heads up - I like RMS stuff, individually, but this was a hard fail for me.

    1. Aw, dang. I ordered it before I saw this! At least Sephora takes returns (and I hope you returned it!)

    2. Maybe I'm an alarmist and you'll like it, but would love to hear what you think when you get it.

  3. The problem with $50 at Sephora (IMO) is that it's not enough $$$. Now $150 at Sephora would be great!

  4. I have the hardest time spending gift cards for some reason, even (especially!) at stores where I ordinarily shop. Analysis Paralysis!


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