Monday, May 14, 2018

Stuff I Swear By: Clothes and Shoes

From time to time I talk about the stuff that I swear by - items I've bought repeatedly and/or brands to which I'm very loyal. Generally I'm fickle and always looking for my next favorite but when I find something I really love and that works for me? I cling to it. Here are a few of my favorites for clothes and shoes, starting with underthings:

I have a drawer full of these and every year I buy a few more to replace the pairs that have worn out. It's the only thong underwear I've ever found comfortable and they come in a million colors. I like the classic rise version. 

These are a newish addition but I bought a few pairs and a few months later bought ALL the pairs because they're that good. Comfortable, stay in place, kind of sporty, inexpensive! 

I stray occasionally but generally Natori is the brand I go to for well-fitting, good quality bras. Currently I have two of this style and I'm REAL TIRED of wearing them (they don't seem to want to wear out) so I think it's time to see what else Natori has for me. 

I have three or four pairs of the Spanx Tight End tights and they are not fucking around. They hold you in and last forever. If you're not into the Spanx part, I also love Commando tights - super black, super opaque and they have a nice soft panel waistband that doesn't cut in. 

Y'all know I love me some Bombas socks. The ankle socks are my go-to gym socks but I also like them for wearing with booties for a no-sock look. They also make no-shows that actually stay on my heels! I have a drawer full of Bombas and always want more. (Go through my link and get 25% off your first order!) 

I mean, duh. Y'all know this. Currently I have three pairs of Madewell jeans and they're the jeans that get worn the most in my closet. They are good quality and just have that look that is cool. I don't know how else to explain it. My current favorites are the Boyjean (size down) and the Skinny High Rise coated. 

I have a ridiculous amount of Everlane cotton v-neck tees. They're $15 each and are the kind of t-shirts that just get softer and better with age. I will say that the heathered version tends to lose it's shape really fast but they'e the best for sleeping in. 

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS. I have four pairs of Birkenstocks (and a silver pair on my brain) and three of them have the soft footbed. They are SO GOOD. Somewhere along the way I just stopped wearing heels in the summer and all I want on my feet is Birkenstocks. It's a slippery slope. Just an aside: my friend Nina, who likes nice things, totally swears by the EVA version of the Birkenstock Arizona. She wears hers constantly and says they're just as comfortable. I cannot attest to this but they are certainly less expensive!

This is kind of a dumb one to include because Marc By Marc is no more (though NR still has a small selection), but you guys know I have a small collection of MBMJ bags and they just work for me. I've also owned quite a few that I ended up selling (some with regret) but I'm always keeping an eye on Poshmark and eBay for bargains. (They're not super popular right now so if you've ever wanted one, get to searching! They're going super cheap.)

It’s expensive and I usually wait for a sale but I have two pairs of the Chaturanga capris and three mesh tanks and they get worn pretty much every week. They look good, hold up well and function properly - nothing rides up or slides down. 

For sport bras I love the Lululemon energy bra (I have three) but I am going to try Athleta’s version because LL has been having continuous quality issues and every time I read the reviews I’m like...nope. 

For casual sneakers I love my Nike Junvenate pair a lot. I really need to get a new pair soon because I've worn my old pair into the ground! They're really light weight, pack well and you don't even have to wear socks with them (though I do.) 

For performance sneakers I don't really have a good answer. My running shoes are...ha, I can't even remember. They were on sale? I don't even know. (They're fine but I can't get excited about them and I hate running.) For other non-running purposes I like Inov-8 because they fit me well and are easy to find on sale. 6pm has a bunch! I have a pair that I bought for Crossfit and also a pair of trail runners for hiking.

I'll post about skincare and makeup later in the week! Now, please tell me what you swear by. 


  1. Have you tried Athleta Salutation tights? I have 3 pairs of these now: They're so much better than any other workout pants that I've pretty much relegated my whole collection to the back of the drawer and only want to wear these. They're suuuper soft and more cottony feeling than spandexy feeling, which I prefer but I know not everyone does.

    1. No! I haven't tried those yet but I definitely will! Thanks for the rec.

  2. Fantasie bras in the smoothing balcony style (4520). Uniqlo sweats. Silicon dots for your shoes to spare your bunions (all brands seem to work equally well). Basic Nike running shoes (they fit my feet!) EVA Birks in the Madrid style are an excellent flip flop substitute, but I wouldn't walk a long way in them. Maybe the Arizonas are sturdier?

  3. I just got this bra from Athleta
    and I love it. Good for every day and I wore it to pilates, and it was great. I got the DD size, and it was very supportive even though it doesn't have underwire.