Tuesday, May 8, 2018

We Discuss: Caftan Life.

M: I took a selfie with a drag queen and looked like a mole so I’ve started wearing eyeliner again

A: Haaaaaa

A: I wish I could go back to a simpler time before I started filling my brows

M: Me too dude

M: I will say Kat Von D tattoo liner is insane

A: Oooh

M: I’m about to wash my face and this is literally 14 hours later

M: Including being outside, it’s hot, etc

A: Dangggg

M: So I guess I’m this person now

A: It looks great! Every now and then I decide to do liquid liner before work.

A: It's always a really bad idea.

M: What I need is ANOTHER step and now one that requires extra work to remove

M: But seriously 14 hours

A: Longevity = worth it

A: I still double-cleanse. Pixi Double Cleanse forever!

M: Today in Elio’s Mom Fashion

A: I remember those!

M: They are perfect for my new aesthetic

M: Also I bought this Vince silk caftan thing off eBay and it’s all I want to wear

M: It comes to my knee, that model must be seven feet tall

A: Holy shit I love that!

M: It’s so good

A: Beautiful

A: I'm at Terget buying stuff I don't need:

M: Pretty!

A: I love them. I need a caftan selfie pls.

A: So pretty!

M: Caftan life

A: My favorite Loft dress from last summer DOES NOT FIT so I bought the next size up on Poshmark. I'm so dumb. At this point it would be cheaper just to lose some weight.

M: Hahaha sounds pretty smart to me

A: I’m just tired of my favorite shit not fitting me.

M: I have avoided even trying most stuff on and just keeping buying new stuff if you want to really talk about doing it wrong

Ha! At least you aren’t having your feelings hurt by Old Navy cutoff shorts

M: I’m just avoiding.

M: So I’m asking for perfume and these shoes for my birthday but the color I want is sold out in my size because of course

M: I want the tan but what do we think about this color?

M: I mean this used to be my go to color for everything and now suddenly everything I have is this light tan color

M: Or I could do the natural

A: The natural is really nice but it’s going to get stained. I’d go for the burnt sienna

M: Hm maybe the natural

M: Haha okay

A: Ha! Either is good I’d just worry about water spots

A: BTW, your birthday perfume’s description is cracking me up

M: I know all the perfume I like is so extra

A: “A unisex fragrance that captures a defining image of the spirit of the American West and personal freedom.”


M: Like it is just a good smell calm down


A: But! The actual notes sound amazing.

M: It’s great. I have tried so many at this point and this is the only one that lasts (looking at YOU TOM FORD with your $300 perfume that lasts 30 minutes)

M: Plus people stop me and tell me I smell amazing which is always nice

A: Tom Ford is a creep anyway

M: Agreed

A: And now I want to smell your freedom perfume

M: Ugh it’s so great

A: Wah

M: I started with a 5ml decanted rollerball from the Perfumed Court for like $20

A: That's so smart. And a slippery slope.

M: Yeah but a nice way to really test drive and I’ve worn it every day for 2 weeks and still have half of it. A good deal

A: So tempting. 

M: I am just happy to have finally settled on the one for me. I love Tom For Pour Femme and Serge Leutens Chergui but both are like a memory of perfume on me

A: Like La Croix! Sparkling water with a flavor memory

M: Haaaa. Yes but for $300 a bottle.

A: Baller


  1. Le Labo is my FAVORITE perfume. Love it.

  2. Oh dear this is enabling my continual search for the perfect perfume. Mmmmm.

  3. Now I really want those huaraches. I bought a pair from J Crew Factory and they’re not great, as in my toes end up sticking out in weird places.