Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Aggressive German Comfort Meets Disco Ball.

Hi there! This week I'm wearing a new favorite with an old favorite. I know the more blog-weary of you are probably all, "Girl, you say everything is your favorite." To that I say: favorite is a tier not a single object. Also, it's really not true - I have stuff I keep wearing that I complain about every single time. Delightful! Anyway:

I love this dress. It's from LOFT last year and it just makes me happy. The colors are fun, the fit is forgiving, it works for a night out with heels or for work with flats or sandals. Loft makes this kind of dress every year - this striped version looks very summery but you're gonna need a slip (which you should be doing anyway.) I also love this fun print version. There's also this amazing ikat dot print dress with sleeves, which will be nice if you work in a freezer office like I do. There are also quite a few options in the dress sale section including this adorable zebra print dress

I am giving up on cardigans right now because it's too much to think about and I'm picky. Instead I've been throwing a chambray shirt over everything because why not. The one I'm wearing is J.Crew via Poshmark - I'm pretty sure it's this one. Let me tell you, this shirt is LEGIT. It's a good, weighty fabric, excellent snap buttons and a comfortable fit. It's just really damn good. If you're not into J.Crew how about this sharp version from Levi's? I can also recommend Old Navy chambray if you want something a bit lighter. Also, how cute is this chambray blazer from Loft? I might have to track that down. Details:

I'm keeping things light today and just wearing my silver necklace from My Precious Studio. That shirt tho. It's just...really good. 

I'm carrying my same old MBMJ hobo which is still available in black. It's a good one! But let's get down to the thing my title is referencing, my amazing Birkenstocks. Yes, I caved and the silver Birkenstock Arizonas are MINE ALL MINE. You guys, I do not regret this purchase one tiny bit. They are so good and I love the shiny metallic craziness of them. If you're considering them, just go for it. They also come in a lovely rose-gold/copper which is pretty great. 

What, you want another picture of them? No? Here's one anyway! They must be popular because all the foot fetish creepers have been liking my IG pic of them. Heh.


  1. How do you find the size on that shirt? I feel like I'm always between a 6 and an 8 in J Crew shirts like this, and often go with the 8 due to my shoulders (I have a 34C bust). Ty in advance!

    1. I took my regular size (6) but I have narrow shoulders. But, take that with a grain of salt - mine is an older incarnation so the sizing may have changed a bit.

    2. Thanks for the info! This outfit looks so cute and effortless :)