Friday, August 28, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: Only On Sale.

I'm still really mad at Anthro but y'all, the sale going on is good and it's literally THE ONLY TIME you should buy anything from Anthro. (Never full price! Neverrrr.) This weekend only they're giving an extra 50% off sale stuff (discount in cart.) I wish I didn't want anything but y'all know I do. Here's my list:

I adore a floaty Maeve dress and this one is no exception.

I am very into a fun camera bag strap and this one is beaded! So pretty.

This top is both pretty and weird but it's exactly my kind of pretty and weird. 

Crazy fun earrings are all you need to make that Zoom call less boring.

Also, why not a kimono top over that plain t-shirt? 

Why do I want this? Why you gotta be like that, Clare V? 

These aren't super exciting but they do look nice and slouchy.

I love this the most because it's got a zebra butt on the back. 

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Review: Athleta Textured Brooklyn Jogger.

There used to be a day when I wore real clothing - outfits and such - but apparently my pandemic wardrobe is mostly comfy athleisure from Athleta. I don't know if you're okay with that but I certainly am, at least right now. I occasionally browse the sale section to see if something I want has been marked down yet (ugh, not yet) and kept going back to to the Textured Brooklyn Jogger. I love my Brooklyn Ankle pants (worn here) a lot and the Brooklyn jogger appeals because it's sporty but not too sporty. The reviews indicated they run big so I ordered my regular size and the size down:

They both fit, which was annoying. I'm wearing the size down in "mountain olive" in these photos which I've decided are a slightly better fit. If you want a more relaxed look, go with your normal size, but I liked them slightly more fitted on me, because, while I am tucking in my shirt for your benefit, I am generally gonna do this: 

My top is the excellent standard boatneck tee from Alex Mill and it's been a great summer staple for me. It's boxy, so I don't normally bother to tuck it but I wanted y'all to see the joggers. My striped version is sold out but it's on sale in various solid colors and there's also this striped tee. For something similar, this boatneck tee looks pretty classic and this one from the Gap is really fun.  On to details:

It's hard to see the texture but it's there! It's pretty subtle. I also love the tuxedo stripe (which the regular Brooklyn pants also have) because I like a fancy detail. I also like that these pants have real pockets - deep enough for actual stuff as well as a small zippered inner pocket for a credit card or key or whatever. So nice. Also, they're really light and comfortable, which should be obvious. 

I'm wearing such good jewelry today! My earrings are new and they're from Three Flames Silverworks. They're gorgeous sisters-not-twins rainbow moonstones that have fire that I wasn't able to capture fully. I love them so much. Highly recommend. My labradorite necklace is by my friend Maryellen of Twist Style and I've basically worn it every day since I got it. Please go check out these artists! Sure, I buy mass-market jewelry that I like but the pieces I treasure and wear for years are almost always handmade.  

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Preview: Stuff I Bought From Athleta.

I'm going to post an outfit/review tomorrow (because today is already getting away from me) but I thought I'd give y'all a heads up on these excellent joggers that are on sale and which I bought:

They do run a tidge big (I bought my usual size and a size down and they both fit? So, go with your normal size for a bit of wiggle room, size down if you want a bit less volume.) The color is very Me and looks great with red, which is also very me. (They would also look great with this color and definitely with this tee. Ugh, Athleta. You got my number.) Anyway, more tomorrow!

Monday, August 24, 2020

Monday Mood: Stuff To Fill The Void.

Okay, like I mentioned last week, I've been making purchases to fill my sadness void (which is what retail therapy is, right?) and even though I know stuff doesn't equal happinesses, like, sometimes it helps? Anyway, I bought a few things last week that have legit given me some joy. First up:

Okay, don't judge me too harshly but I bought some knockoff EVA Birk sandals on Amazon because I keep walking out to the garden in my "nice" Birkenstocks and getting them dirty and wet. Why not some gardening clogs, I hear you say? Because...Crocs make me sad. Birkenstocks do not make me sad, so I got some Arizona-style sandals and I pretty much love them. When they die I'll replace them with real Birkenstock EVA sandals, but for $15 I thought I'd try out the cheaper version first. Note: they run TTS but I had to adjust the buckles to the smallest holes to fit me.

The other thing I bought was a new Kindle case because mine was getting really worn and looked gross. I wanted one with an easel, so I could read while I eat lunch, but I wasn't sure if that actually existed. Guess what, it totally exists! I bought this grey case but it comes in a ton of colors and fits my Paperwhite perfectly. It also has a stretchy handle for easier one-handed reading. It's a bit chunkier than my last case but no more than a paperback would be. Overall I am very pleased.

And since I'm talking about my Kindle, I thought I'd tell y'all what I'm reading. I had been reading Olive Kitteridge which is a big fucking bummer of a book so I am not going to recommend it unless you want to be really bummed out. Since I am already a passenger on the Big Bummer train, I decided to ditch it and check out some other books and settled on The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern, which so far I really love. I like books about books and also fantasy-type adventures, so this one is exactly what I want to read right now.

Okay, finally, I promised to report back on the Athleta Everyday mask pack and you guys were right - they are so good! The are well-made, comfortable and adjustable, and I love that the color range is basically all the same colors I tend to wear and my favorite is the camo mask, which I'm wearing above. They are perpetually back-ordered but mine came sooner than expected, so don't let that deter you. Has anyone tried the Made to Move masks? The reviews aren't great but I'm curious.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: Once More, With Feeling.

 Okay, this is the last Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post and then let us never speak about it again. A lot of the big ticket items have sold out but there's still some pretty nice deals to be had. Here's what I like:

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Marianne: I was Influenced and Bought Custom Hair Products

Hey friends, Marianne here.

There are many, many things that follow me across the internet, whispering in my ear to buy, buy, buy. Countless (seriously) giant house dresses, fancy candles, low carb cereal, meal boxes, all the bralettes in the world, but one that I clicked on over and over again was Prose custom haircare. BTW, this isn't sponsored, but you me. 

ANYWAY like a lot of us, my hair has been on a real journey in these weird AF times. I still have to look pretty put together for work (yes, even from home), so I am still heat styling my hair like a chump, but for the past couple of summers I got a keratin treatment to help battle the heat and humidity. Obviously that didn't happen this year, so I've been struggling with my hair. Enter Prose

After filling out a fun questionnaire, I picked my scent (I went with Perle--white lilac, bergamot, and musk, but you can choose unscented!) and waited a bit for it to be made and shipped. I went for the pre-shampoo mask, shampoo and conditioner, but I skipped the styling oil because I have some pricey products from my salon (this hair serum and this hair oil spray) that I love. I did the mask before showering, then washed and conditioned like usual. Y'all, let me cut to the chase, my hair looks incredible. 

The morning after styling my hair, someone asked on a Zoom call if I had gotten a haircut. Later that day, someone jokingly accused me of getting blowouts during a pandemic. NOPE. Just Prose. Not only did my hair look great that day, it stayed shiny and smooth and held a wave for the next few days. I had a work project outside, in the middle of August, for 8 hours and at the end of the day I didn't have a BIT of frizz. It's truly a miracle. 

Now, I will say the products are pricey and the bottles are small. I have a lot of long, thick, hair so I need 6 pumps of shampoo and conditioner to get the job done. However I also only wash my hair 1-2 times a week, so it will last me a while. And honestly, I've been using Costco shampoo and conditioner for years, so I felt okay treating myself. 

If you want to try it out, I would love it if you used my link--it saves you $10 and gives me a credit so I can continue to maintain this habit! Have you ever tried custom hair products? I have to say I was skeptical but this has proven to be such a treat. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

BUY THIS (Because Ugh): Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

 So, listen. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale isn't my favorite. I do like that you can get discounts on new fall stuff but a few years back I started to get suspicious about the quality of some of the items, which I am pretty sure are made just for the sale. For example, this is my favorite Natori bra and this is it's Anniversary doppelgänger which you know is not the same quality. So lame and I expect better from Nordstrom, you know?
HOWEVER. Not everything is a bait and switch and I'm sure the lesser Natori is still a pretty nice bra at a good price. So, I dug around and found some things that I think are good deals and (hopefully) good quality as well as a few of my favorites.

The best first because it's freaking selling as we speak, my All Saints Dalby jacket is on sale. This is, by far, the nicest jacket I've ever owned (worn here.) It also comes in white which I think is very cool. The Balfern is also included in the sale in a very good dark berry color, but it's nearly sold out. Ugh, this sale is stressing me out.

If you don't want to spend all that on a leather moto jacket I really love this one from Kut from the Kloth. It comes in three colors and it's under $80! It's also very similar to the Dalby, style-wise.

Alright, I am not yet really thinking about jeans for fall but there are a few Madewell styles included in the stupid sale and the Cali Demi Boot is one I've been contemplating for a while. They're really cute and quite fashion-y and I think they could look great with my white sneakers.

Okay, listen. I know this dumb Barefoot Dreams cardigan is A Thing and gets included in every fashion blogger round up of must-buys but that doesn't mean I don't want it. It's basically the perfect work from home gin cardigan. Why haven't I bought it already? It even has pockets! I might have to do it.

Speaking of working from home, I'm going to skip right over the (quite good) Zella leggings and move right to the leggings I really want. These are a lounge jogger/legging hybrid and I am HERE FOR IT.

Finally, it wouldn't be me if I didn't want a new bag even though I don't need a new bag because I don't go anywhere and WHATEVER I still love this All Saints snakeskin crossbody an unholy amount. God, that bag is just the coolest thing. I HATE THIS SALE.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Tuesday Mood - I'm Back, Y'all.

Hi guys, I'm back. I have had some really sad life stuff going on and needed to check out for a while. (Plus, I was running out of stuff to post about, so the break was definitely needed.) Anyway, as I usually do when things are bad, I buy stuff to fill my sad hole and then I'm like, why didn't that work? I mean, sometimes it works, so worth a shot. Here's what i've bought lately: 

I have pretty much only been carrying my Lo & Sons Pearl bag since I bought it back in the spring and I finally caved and got a cute snake charm as well because, hello, 40% off everything + extra 10% off with code SUMMERTIME. Now is the time for snake charm keychains! It arrived last week and it's REALLY CUTE. I dig it. I am also eyeing the grey saffiano leather Pearl because it's definitely something I DO NOT NEED. AT ALL. 

I also bought this beautiful labradorite pendant necklace from Twist Style, my friend Maryellen's jewelry business. Like all her work, it's beautiful and lightweight and basically perfect. 

In an attempt to avoid underwire whenever possible I bought this Yin bra from Athleta. It's on sale (in the mint color) and available for D/DD, so I decided to give it a shot. I like it! The band is good and sturdy and the back is pretty minimal, but it still has reasonably good support for yoga or non-bouncy workouts. Plus, it's cute, right?

Marianne bought a really good dress from Gap Factory, because of course she did. She got the tie-dye version above but it also comes in three solid colors. It's simple, pretty, and flows really nicely. A good around-the-house summer dress! 

Now, for some Mask Talk. Those Target masks I posted about recently are good until they aren't, right? (They're $2 each for a reason.) I decided to try some nicer masks and ordered this set from Athleta. They haven't arrived yet but I'll definitely report back. Marianne also ordered a really pretty indigo dyed mask she loves from Bramble Workshop on Etsy. Not only is it pretty, it fits her extremely well and, in her words, "It's the only mask I can stand." Heh. 

That's all I've got for today! Hope y'all are having a good week and if there's a mask you truly love, please leave a comment and tell us about it. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Old Navy Is Giving Clothes Away.

Okay, Old Navy isn't really giving away clothes but not really but they have some good deals right now. For two days only they're giving 60% off select styles and have 30% off some other good stuff. (Basically, you should never pay full price at Old Navy, like ever.) Here's what I like:

Monday, August 3, 2020

Monday Mood: And Now It's August.

What a weird year. I know that's an understatement but I am quietly shocked that it's August and shit is still crazy. Also, it's Monday and I am feeling really unfocused so I'm just going to tell you about some things I've been liking lately:

Another Movie That Won't Make You Feel Bad.
I'm pretty sure I'm not the target audience for The Half of It on Netflix but I really loved it and can't recommend it enough. It's a coming-of-age queer drama, yes. It's a take on Cyrano de Bergerac, yes. it's an underdog story, yes. But it's also just a beautifully shot story about love, isolation, and the pull of your different worlds. Plus, is there anything better than a Pacific Northwest setting? Just give it a watch - you won't regret it.

This Green Sauce That Makes Everything Better.
Marianne introduced me to this Aji Verde sauce in one of her IG stories and, y'all, it is SO SO GOOD. She puts it on this chicken recipe (also good) but my favorite thing to use it for is shrimp tacos (or taco bowls) and steak tacos. Or, really, anything that needs a bit of super delicious, creamy spiciness. Like any half-competent cook, I've made my own changes to it - I use regular mayo instead of light, add less mustard and have also added lime juice because it needed it. Give it a try! The recipe makes a good amount and it'll keep in the fridge for a week. I found another take on it here which it also sounds really good! I might try that variation next.

This Tinted Sunscreen That Might Be The One.
I am just as easily influenced as the next person so when a regular reader commented suggesting I try SuperGoop CC cream I almost immediately ordered it. I waffled a bit on which color to get (they could certainly work on their color range, if you ask me) but based on the reviews, I went with the lightest option. It arrived and is probably a tidge too light but once it's on my face, it blends well and gives me a nice dewy finish. (I've applied it with a makeup sponge and with my fingers and think it looks good either way.) I go in afterwards with a bit of my favorite concealer and I'm good to go! I love that it's 100% mineral and so far it doesn't seem to break me out like the It Cosmetics CC cream did.

These Slip Shorts That Marianne Loves. 
Unlike me, Marianne has not been dressing like a dirtbag all summer and instead is working on her cult following with lots of floaty dresses and 100% swears by these Thigh Society slip shorts for wearing underneath. She loves the cooling version and swears they're worth every penny. Just to be clear, they are not shapewear, just light, anti-chafe shorts to wear under your cult gear. I haven't ordered yet but I'm absolutely planning on it because maybe then I'll give the denim cut-offs a break.